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"Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"

Posted by sica077 on 01-18-10 at 10:14 PM
Anyone still watching? Initial thoughts?

First reaction: I really don't like the appearance of the new CTU.

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"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by trigirl on 01-19-10 at 08:33 AM
I kinda like the new CTU but it is over the top. New computer girl and her abusive trailer trash boyfriend are annoying. Chloe is going to have to b!tch slap her soon.

I really like Jack's whole outlook this year.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by Loree on 01-19-10 at 09:16 AM
I wish the new CTU leader Hastings would stand up tall. He is walking around all crouched over and it is annoying me.

We really have Dark Renee this season. She has Jack freaking out. Interesting twist. What won't she do this season?

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by Tummy on 01-19-10 at 10:05 AM
I've only watched the first two hours so far, but I don't like Chloe being shown as incompetent. I don't think Chloe would still be struggling to catch up if she's been there almost a month.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by Tahj on 01-19-10 at 01:52 PM
That's not the new CTU is it? It's the Washington D.C. CTU isn't it? The original CTU was always in L.A.

I'm not sure how much I'm going to like this season. Same plot, some new faces. I'm glad we are seeing a lot more of Chloe.

I found myself really annoyed at the reason created for Jack to remain in the action--he has to babysit Renee. PUH-leeze! We all knew that Jack didn't REALLY want to go back to L.A. and be daddy and grandpa. It would have been more honest for him to just say, This is my life. This is who I am. I'm not coming to live with you in L.A. I will die in this job." They are better off without him.

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"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by bystander on 01-19-10 at 02:05 PM
It is really the same old plot and same old situations. It was really painful to sit through. How many more seasons of Jack yelling at people do we need to endure? Who would've thunk there was a mole? I've got to ween my family off of this show and FAST!

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by CTgirl on 01-19-10 at 03:28 PM
Let me know what works!
That was the stupidest opening 4 hours yet. I can't stand the new CTU chief or Dana/Jenny.

Who else thinks they're trying to groom Freddie Prinz to take over when Keifer leaves?

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"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by dragonflies on 01-22-10 at 09:11 AM
I agree. My kids got svcked into this show 2 seasons ago, the same time I stopped watching. They talked me into watching together with them, and I find myself completely bored.

Let me know what works to wean the family.

yay, thanks capn!

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by grit on 01-22-10 at 09:53 AM
By, I just saw your post. I haven't watched the 2nd 2 hours yet and all I can say is Holy Ship! There's a mole? Who'da thunk it? I really shouldn't read these forums before watching the show!

another agman creation

Now you went and spoiled it on me!

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by Dakota on 01-19-10 at 06:46 PM
My thoughts:

1. I thought they (CTU) were in NY.

2. I was hoping that Chloe would be taking her meds so her intelligence would come out but not her problem personality traits. It gets tiring.

3. I like Jack's new attitude, or maybe just a commitment to life.

4. Everyone, including Hastings, should know to listen to Jack. It happens every year. They should know by now.

5. Renee is messed up, but we'll see what develops. Could be interesting if she doesn't get killed. Jack's women don't usually last, one way or another.

6. Whatshername, the one with the problem ex-boyfriend. Bad writing. If she has some kind of shady past, how'd she get a job at CTU? Not buying that even a routine background check wouldn't have come up with some kind of red flag.

7. I'd like to see someone sharp and competent at CTU. Hastings is being shown in a semi-negative light so far. He screws up but is nice afterwards, admits he's wrong.

8. I still love that Jack can solve problems in 24 hours. Who doesn't need someone like that? Give Jack my address and tell him to bring Chuck Norris.

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"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by Tahj on 01-20-10 at 05:07 PM
1. Yeah, it is NY, not DC as I first thought.

2. I think Chloe's personality is a highlight of the show. We didn't get to see enough of her last season.

3. New attitude, same as the old attitude, IMO.

4. That's why the plotlines have become so hackneyed. The director is a cliche. By now, Jack's rep and record should precede him and everyone should have his back.

5. We'll see how the Renee plotline develops. So far, it's a little ridiculous.

6. Agree.

7. Freddie Prinze's character is that, so far.

8. Well, yeah, but we all have to have a willing suspension of disbelief in order to keep watching. Plus, we have to keep the drinking games alive, "Damn it!"

It's a Tribe!
I may have to quit watching this season due to the strain of excessive eye rolling.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by sica077 on 01-19-10 at 08:00 PM
Now that everything has sunk in and DH and I have more than mulled it all over... I reflect a lot of the opinions already stated. Although it has been a somewhat tedious start, I simply can't let go of 24! I love me some Jack . On to my list:

1. I was under the impression that this CTU was new and was in NYC, but I may have read into/missed something.

2. I do not like how CTU's technology is supposedly too difficult for Chloe to get a grasp of in a month. I do, however, like how her character is given the ability (although somewhat hindered, at this point) to think like Jack.

3. Why do they insist on having the new CTU characters be so narrow-minded? Also, Dana/Jenny... over it already.

4. When in the heck did Renee become a hard-nosed bad-a$$ that worked undercover? Before or after last season took place (I thought they referenced her being out of the FBI for six years after her undercover stint... did I make that up)? I just don't see it. Last season she could barely handle applying pressure to a gun wound to gain information needed. Now, she can cut off fingers just for the heck of it? Maybe it is just because I never really liked her character, but something isn't adding up for me.

5. I love the somewhat new Jack. Hopefully, people will begin (finally!) to understand that he is always right and should have complete power to go with his instincts with whatever backup is necessary.

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"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by msquared on 01-20-10 at 09:10 AM
My impression is that CTU got moved to NY from LA and the main entrance is located across the river from the UN. I think we are seeing the UN building in the background when Dana is outside with the Ex.

Renee was undercover for the FBI with the Russian mob 6 years ago. Then she came out of cover, and had her day with Jack 2-3 years ago. Then she had issues and was fired/let go after her experiences with Jack.

She seems to have issues similar to what Jack had back in seasons 2/3. She does not seem to care if she lives or dies. I think Jack senses this in her. It is odd to see Jack as the voice of reason. Cutting off a hand with a grinder is something he would have done a few years ago. Now he is the one who is appaled.

I was even able to tolerate Kim this year. And Jack seemed happy. That does not bode well.

How many years have passed in Jack's world? Only 8 have passed in our world, but it seems like 1-1/2 to 3 years is common and that would mean at least 12 -18 years have passed for Jack. There have been what, 4 Presidents? Even if some have died in office or only done a few years, Jack has to be getting old.

This is almost the exact opposite problem other shows have, where the actors are too old to play the character. Keifer is almost too young to play Jack anymore.


"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by AyaK on 01-22-10 at 07:17 PM
>She seems to have issues similar to what Jack had back
>in seasons 2/3. She does not seem to care
>if she lives or dies. I think Jack senses
>this in her.

Yes, this is where the potential in this storytline is. Remember Episode 1 of Season 2, when George Mason has to call Jack out of retirement (like Hastings did with Renee) ... and he beheaded the federal prisoner who was giving them information on the terrorist cell and used the severed head to gain admittance to the cell? At the time, Jack was supposed to be nihilistic after the death of Teri and Nina's betrayal, and he was estranged from everyone, even Kim (who ended up as cougar bait).

So he's been where Renee is. For this to be interesting, he needs to show Renee how to get from there to where he is supposed to be now. I have my fingers crossed.

>How many years have passed in Jack's world? Only 8
>have passed in our world, but it seems like 1-1/2
>to 3 years is common and that would mean at
>least 12 -18 years have passed for Jack. There have
>been what, 4 Presidents?

Season 1: D. Palmer running for office. Let's call it year x.
Season 2: D. Palmer in office.
Season 3: D. Palmer withdraws from re-election campaign. Year x+4
Season 4: New President dies in office and is succeeded by Logan.
Season 5: Logan arrested at end and succeeded by VP.
Season 6: W. Palmer newly elected to succeed Logan's VP. Dies in office just weeks after election and is succeeded by Daniels. Year x+9.
Season 7: Taylor is newly elected to replace Daniels. Year x+13.
Season 8: Taylor still appears to be in her first term, but Kim's former baby Teri appears to be 3, so let's say that two years have elapsed. That makes it year x+15.

Which fits, since Kim was supposed to be about 16 in season 1 and now appears to be about 31. But even if Jack was just 18 when Kim was born, he would have been about 35 in season 1 and would be about 50 now.

In real life, Kiefer Sutherland is only 43. But he looks like those have been some hard years.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by trigirl on 01-20-10 at 01:27 PM
CTU got moved to NY from LA

This is the New York field office. I do love the whole underground bunker vibe.

I was confused about Renee a little as well. If she spent that much time undercover with the Russian Mob, how was she such a wuss when Jack met her last year. Do like that Jack is the voice of reason however.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by kingfish on 01-20-10 at 03:36 PM
With the character development for Rene last season, her evolvement (devolvement?) from a humanistic and emotional agent to one who begins to see why Jack is the way he is, and empathizes, and begins to be like him, I expected to see her take on the Jack Bauer role, relegating him to a advisory type presence. I think that's still the way the show is heading. Jack is much rougher and older in appearance. He's definitely been rode hard and put away wet, and yearning for the grandfather role.

If this show is to get out of the rut it's dug for itself, Jack has to become less of a lead character, and other agents have to assume preeminence. IMO.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by grit on 01-20-10 at 04:00 PM
He's definitely been rode hard and put away wet.

Let's leave my fantasies out of this, okay?

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"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by Tummy on 02-09-10 at 09:23 AM
24 is getting on my nerves.

Hastings irritates me beyond belief and Dana's whole storyline drives splinters under my fingernails.


I found the President exceptionally stupid last night. Has she never watched 24? There was no reason to give as much info to whatever diplomat it was that she was re-assuring.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by AyaK on 02-09-10 at 05:10 PM
I disagree about the President but totally agree about the Dana Walsh/Director Hastings storyline.

The Dana storyline is one of those incredibly stupid plotlines which 24 throws in at the start of each season to waste time and keep us from noticing that Hastings is completely unqualified to be running CTU. The sooner it ends, the better.

But there was every reason that President Taylor should tell the British ambassador what's really going on after the British ambassador committed his government to sticking with Taylor's peace negotiations (despite Ethan saying previously that the rumor was that the British were wavering). In fact, that was one of the few parts of the whole show that made sense to me.

I fail to understand what is going on with President Hassan. We haven't been given any context for his belief that people in his delegation other than his brother are working against him. Obviously, there is some twist that we aren't supposed to know yet, but I think I'd rather have him blown up in week 4 right about now.

I see we're back to baddies torturing Jack next week. I didn't think he could survive much more torture, since he actually died during torture in season 2 and then was tortured by the Chinese for 18 months after season 5.

The bad part is that the main plot with Jack, Renee and the now-deceased Laitanan has been going well. I liked that Renee snapped and killed Vladimir this week, and we've already seen that Bazhaev will kill his own son to protect his big score, so the main plot has been constructed fairly well. Too bad there are such holes elsewhere so far.

"Dana Walsh"
Posted by trigirl on 02-09-10 at 08:09 PM
Is it too late to cast a mountain lion?

"RE: Dana Walsh"
Posted by AyaK on 02-09-10 at 08:17 PM
No, as long as this mountain lion is hungrier than the one in season 2.

Dana/Jenny might make a delicious appetizer before it moved on to the main course: Hastings.

"RE: Dana Walsh"
Posted by Tummy on 02-24-10 at 04:40 PM
I never thought I would dislike anyone more than Kim. I was wrong.

Posted by blacknwhitedog on 02-09-10 at 10:38 PM
all I keep thinking in Forrest Gump

Syren 2007

"Regarding that mountain lion..."
Posted by Gothmog on 05-11-10 at 05:33 PM
Interesting that Executive Producer Howard Gordon doesn't see that (the mountain lion) as one of the show's worst decisions.

Zap2it: What was your worst decision?

Howard Gordon: "I feel as though the story made a very wrong turn in season 6. I don't think the idea of Jack's family was a wrong turn, but I think the way we accelerated the story was wrong, and we paid for it the balance of the year. That, to me, is one of the narrative gaps I don't think we ever quite recovered from. We did, on an episode-by-episode basis,or on a certain arc-by-arc basis, but the DNA of the season never really recovered from it.

"Honestly, other than that, I'm remarkably free of regrets, because even the moments that one would imagine we'd regret -- like the cougar or amnesia or shooting JoBeth Williams in the leg, the moments people would point to as being gaffes -- I have to say, they occurred in moments when the story needed them to happen. They were really just collateral damage of the real-time conceit."

Full interview here.

Well, Gordon's right about the family drivel in season 6. But as for the justifcation of the other stuff, is he that delusional, or does he honestly believe that the "Pam-Ewing's-dream / We-can-do-whatever-we-want-and-dramatic-logic-be-damned" method of story writing makes for good TV?

"RE: Regarding that mountain lion..."
Posted by AyaK on 05-11-10 at 07:14 PM
Actually, Gothmog, I agree with Gordon on the cougar. Kim's story line was so weak at that point that it just resembled the Perils of Pauline, with a cliff-hanger every week. It didn't "taint" season 2, just the character of Kim.

This year shows the weakness in the 24-hour format, in the person of Dana Walsh. Every part of her storyline was unbelievably weak until we got to her being allied with the Iranians and being a Russian mole. If we'd left out the rest, it wouldn't have hurt the flow of the season one bit. Yet I'm sure Howard Gordon would argue that the Jenny storyline served the needs of the clock, and the ending has shown us that it didn't taint season 8.

By contrast, everything about season 6 was wrong, from Jack's return from China to Graem being Jack's brother to the entire Philip Bauer plot. The only thing they did right was (at the last minute) dump the silly twist of Graem's son actually being Philip's son.

"10:00 pm - 11:00 pm"
Posted by Loree on 02-09-10 at 09:03 PM
I hate the Dana storyline. A big waste of time. In fact this season is moving a little slow for me. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

"RE: 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm"
Posted by AyaK on 02-10-10 at 10:49 AM
The nuclear material storyline has needed this much time. But Dana/Jenny and Hassan's crackdown feel like filler with no purpose other than to pad the hour.

"2:00 AM - 3:00 AM"
Posted by Loree on 03-09-10 at 01:39 PM
I really liked this episode. The pace is finally picking up. The storyline moved along and I did not have any boring moments on this ep.

"RE: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM"
Posted by sica077 on 03-09-10 at 05:22 PM
I agree. The more Jack and the less filler made it much more enjoyable for me.

Hopefully, the Jenny/Dana storyline will draw to a close soon. I cannot wait for this soap opera-esque drama to be over with. However, I did like that Cole didn't let the parole officer rattle him as it did Dana.

"3:00 - 4:00 AM"
Posted by Loree on 03-15-10 at 10:01 PM
Great episode. Lots of action and a twist at the end. The season is definitely picking up.

"RE: 3:00 - 4:00 AM"
Posted by sica077 on 03-16-10 at 01:35 AM
I agree. For the first time this season, at the end of an episode, I found myself thinking, "Ugghh, the hour is over??!!"

My only wish is that the whole Jenny/Dana saga would be over and done with... honestly, who cares???

"RE: 3:00 - 4:00 AM"
Posted by Loree on 03-16-10 at 10:19 AM
I hope there is going to be some payoff for dragging us through this Dana subplot. They could have ended it by now. But they haven't. So I ask WHY? Is there a reason we should continue to care about what happens with her? Is the parole officer going to turn out to be somehow involved in something bigger?

"RE: 3:00 - 4:00 AM"
Posted by DrKegel on 03-16-10 at 06:04 PM

Really? You all liked this week's episode?

And this was the week I was sitting there going, "Oh, come on now!" and wishing the hour would have been over about 5 minutes in!

Let's see, you're in a hotel with someone that's you know is a terrorist and going to use you as a hostage and you don't just lay down on the ground and make him carry you at least? He's not going to shoot you cause he needs you alive so? No, let me get up and run when he tells me to run.

I would have laid down on the ground like a wet noodle. If he wanted to take me anywhere, he would have to freakin' drag me. Or how about cutting your arm so you're bleeding all over the place and leaving a trail of blood or smearing it cause you're dragging your arm? No, she's just an idiot who's as weak as a kitten and can't even open a window. Love her grunting and groaning to open a stupid hotel window.

And the parole officer is allowed to wander around CTU because ... ??? They're in the middle of an emergency situation and he just walks into the hallway - twice - and is looking at all the pretty screens with no one stopping him? And Dana is talking to him why? And when he says do you want me to talk to your supervisor, she doesn't say, "Go ahead, pal!" Again, because CTU is in an emergency situation and a freakin' ex-con is where on the list of things that are important? He would have thrown his butt out of CTU so fast it wouldn't have been funny!

Absolutely ridiculous! And why is CTU having the daughter drive alone in the car back to CTU once she's escaped? I would think once they found out her position (and it's strange how she can't read street addresses - myopic?), they would have driven to meet her or had a police car meet her until Jack could get there or someone else. Or had her go to a police station. Oh, that's right, NYC police officers are yokels who don't guard their back and just get mowed down by a wily coyote because he was head of security? They don't have SWAT teams of anything because of course the UN is in NYC in case they've forgotten. And they don't wear bullet proof vests? What? Are they talking about the same NYC that I know and love? Nope, only Jack is smart enough to know what the guy is going to do and again the compliant hostage doesn't scream out, "Watch out!" or "We're here!" Love submissive bingo brained women. Really do.

The most half-a@@ed, ridiculous, implausible, stupid, full-of-holes episode that they've had on this season. And I've loved this season thus far.

"RE: 3:00 - 4:00 AM"
Posted by AyaK on 03-23-10 at 04:38 PM
One of the few things that had been spoiled this season is that Dana/Jenny was actually part of the terror plot. All season I've been waiting to see if they'd cause her to move in a Nina-esque direction, pretending to be supporting Jack's effort, or a Sean Hillinger from last season, trying to subtly sabotage things.

So far, it seems as if she's a Sean. Zzzzz.

"Over halfway home"
Posted by AyaK on 03-23-10 at 06:27 PM
We just had hour 13, 4am-5am. Yet no one was yawning, and Chloe did a complicated rewiring without even an energy pill to go on. It's supposed to be after 4am, dammit!

There's never been a season of this show in which the 24-hour concept has seemed as artificial as this one. Anyone who has ever driven for an hour in NYC knows that the distances being traversed in the time frames allotted are preposterous. Maybe it's time to abandon the concept of the show taking place in real time, because the only way for these people to get from place to place in the time allotted is if they are using Star Trek's transporter, and I didn't think I was watching science fiction.

I expected Renee to show up to save Jack, as long as she had the right transporter coordinates. Other than that, she wouldn't have been within miles of the place. It explains why she didn't have a car when she arrived.

"RE: Over halfway home"
Posted by Loree on 03-23-10 at 11:18 PM
I was never worried for Jack. I knew Renee would show up and save him. Chloe had told us Renee was out looking for Jack.

So Dana is the mole. That still doesn't explain why we had to suffer through the Kevin plot.

I am liking Hastings more and more. And we all knew the young kid (Owen?) would die eventually.

"RE: Over halfway home"
Posted by AyaK on 03-24-10 at 08:13 PM
We had to suffer through the zKevin plot because the writers underwrote the lead-in to the season.

Really, all we needed to know was that "Dana Walsh" was a fake name for a small-time criminal turned computer expert, that she was engaged to Cole, who was completely deceived by her, and that someone very sophisticated had to help her fake her credentials to get the CTU job. Instead, they gave us a silly subplot to get us there.

So far, there have been very few high-level decisions that needed to be made. We haven't seen much of Cherry Jones or Bob Gunton. Instead, it's been a basic chase, similar to season 3 and the first part of season 4. Let's see where it goes.

When this is over, maybe Jack can go work for Google to get back at the evil Chinese.

"5:00 AM - 6:00 AM"
Posted by Loree on 03-30-10 at 11:06 AM
It still seems odd to me that nobody questions Dana and all her private calls and whispering to herself when she is working. But at least now we realize she is working for someone other than Samir. She is just helping him as a sideline from her real plan.

Will Taren let the bomb go off? He seems a little hesitant about it. I suppose he could just be upset that he is the one that has to stay and blow up with it. But still...

Like the way Renee told Jack that she was not leaving and she was coming with him. Although the Prez requesting Jack to be the escort seemed rather convenient.

"RE: 5:00 AM - 6:00 AM"
Posted by AyaK on 03-30-10 at 03:45 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-30-10 AT 05:21 PM (EST)

I liked this episode a lot. I liked the debate over the terrorist demand at the meeting with the President; it's always nice to see Bob Gunton play a good guy. And this is the first time I can remember since Season 2 that we're had an insurrection against the President without someone behind it being evil (assuming that Rob Weiss isn't a secret accomplice of Dana/Jenny's).

I like seeing President Taylor take the same approach as President Bush: we don't negotiate harm to our friends with terrorists.

I loved Jack's intuition that something was wrong when he couldn't get a response from Ethan -- and his action made sense considering his history, even though that action seemed like sheer intuition to anyone who didn't know his history.

The only part that seemed contrived was Dana/Jenny being able to knock out the trunk line for 30 seconds so that the terrorists were able to escape. But that was a minor flaw in what I thought of as a good episode otherwise.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by Tummy on 03-30-10 at 03:43 PM
This season seems to be the poorest written season ever. It's sad that it's going out with such a bad storyline.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by AyaK on 03-30-10 at 03:49 PM
Last night's episode finally made sense. And the upcoming plot developments make sense too, at least based on the previews. I think this season is finally going to get going, albeit a few months late.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 03-30-10 at 04:10 PM
President Logan is coming back!

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"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by AyaK on 03-30-10 at 05:24 PM
Apparently, his role is to help with the Russians, with whom he still has good relations despite the fact that he tried to kill their first couple when he was in office.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by Tummy on 03-30-10 at 04:35 PM
Well, that gives me hope.

Last night's is still in the DVR. I just keep forgetting to come here and complain.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by AyaK on 03-30-10 at 05:40 PM
There's been a lot to complain about this year. The gimmick for bringing Renee back (infiltrating the Russian mob) was weak and pointless, since that whole story line went nowhere. The Dana/Jenny story was worse than pointless and just seemed to be low-quality filler. The IRK storylines (the premier cheats on his wife; the first couple are de facto separated; the US is upset as he cracks down on his enemies (in an operation that seemingly took minutes)) were just dumb.

Last week was the first time that we started to focus on the real plot -- the Manhattan nuke -- and this episode really got it moving. The silly Dana/Jenny stuff came to an end with the murder of the parole officer. The silly "we don't trust Chloe" plots came to an end with last week's "el stupido" topper over fighting about the recovery from the EMP. (You know, if we wanted to have a silly Chloe backplot, I would have enjoyed learning how she was dealing with her baby when she had to stay at work all night. But her family has disappeared. Probably just as well, since we were stuck with Dana/Jenny's.) Renee came back in after the crazy meltdown. The diplomatic crisis gives us a reason to get Logan back in.

Let's hope there's no more filler from here on out. We've had to watch too much already.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by HistoryDetective on 03-30-10 at 05:02 PM
Yeah, for the first time this season I was interested enough to actually pay attention to what was happening instead of just having 24 on while I did work around the house.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by kingfish on 04-06-10 at 11:56 AM
In spite of competing with the Butler/Duke game, 24 this week was very good, IMO. The ending wasn't formulaic (Bauer didn't save Hassan), Chloe pulled off some competent CTU support work, the Rene character continued to be rehabilitated into the uber practical yet sensitive type of persona that is Jack, and the (unfortunately typical for 24) plot inside the President’s circle was exposed.

Good stuff. If he had saved Hassan, they might have achieved world peace, and we all know that's a bit much to swallow, even in the fictional world of 24.

Also, Katee Sackhoff is one sexy lady. As a tomboy/man starship fighter pilot, as a loyal American fighting terrorist threats, as a desperate person willing to kill to hide her past, and as a evil mercenary/traitor to her county. I think I like the evil Katy the best, but man, does she come across.

"6:00 AM - 8:00 AM"
Posted by Loree on 04-06-10 at 03:00 PM
Loved these 2 hours. And the part where they were chasing Dana was a callback to Nina. It was just the same. Instead of Jack after Nina in the parking garage it was Cole and Dana. I swear they used the same script and just changed the character names from Jack/Nina to Cole/Dana.

I expected Hassan to be dead when Jack found him. But it was still emotional when it happened.

Arlo almost got it from Dana. I still have a problem with Dana. She was so obvious and yet she got away with so much before being caught. Even when she was making up stories about her migraine medicine the guard didn't see any red flags when she changed her mind? Her acting just doesn't do it for me.

Can't wait for Logan to return.

"Hours 6 to 8 a.m."
Posted by sittem on 04-07-10 at 08:51 AM
This season I've been putting in my time to get through it all and to be able to say I never missed a 24 episode in 8 seasons. It isn't as fresh or creative as it once was. There aren't a lot of new storylines, though Hassan biting it last night was a surprise to me. There are new characters and it's fun to meet and get to know some of them. There's Chloe, though it's taken awhile for her to get in the swing this season.

But, last night I realized near the end of the episode that that old familiar adreneline rush was there. And, that's a good feeling.

Let's finish strong.

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"RE: Hours 6 to 8 a.m."
Posted by kingfish on 04-07-10 at 12:23 PM
8 seasons? Wow.

"RE: Hours 6 to 8 a.m."
Posted by AyaK on 04-07-10 at 11:20 PM
The models for bad seasons were seasons 3 and 6. Season 3 was when Tony betrayed CTU to save Michelle's life, and despite playing off the contrast with Jack and Teri, it just felt forced. Season 6, of course, was the horrible Bauer family season, with the evil Chinese in the background.

This season won't be as bad as either of those, thank heaven.

"RE: Hours 6 to 8 a.m."
Posted by trigirl on 04-12-10 at 11:07 AM
Maybe they can bring Phillip Bauer in to resolve the bad taste he left with that stinker of a season.

"RE: Season 8 Premier - Hours 4pm to 8pm"
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 04-12-10 at 11:27 PM
ok- I am really shocked they killed off Renee- I thought she and Jack would end up together at the end, sniff

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"8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"
Posted by Loree on 04-13-10 at 00:51 AM
I heard about Renee's death before I watched the ep tonight. So I was prepared for it. But it was still sad watching Jack's face. And he was in his barefeet. Somehow that made it more sad.

I did enjoy having Logan back. And Chloe is the head of CTU for now. Hastings is out. I doubt we have seen the last of him.

"RE: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"
Posted by Tummy on 04-13-10 at 12:58 PM
I'm glad I didn't know Renee was going to die.

Let's say you can color me surprised if Jack doesn't die at the end of the series after last night.

"RE: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"
Posted by AyaK on 04-13-10 at 03:57 PM
Very good episode last night.

Renee's death, just after the long-awaited sex scene, was shocking, even if I was expecting it. Chloe as head of CTU is so wrong yet so logical that I presume the writers stunned themselves when it occurred to them. And Logan is in bed with the bad Russians, who are the real villains behind the IRK plot!

I like the idea of having an evil government behind the terrorists. I especially like that it's evil Russians, which brings us back into alignment with the geopolitical realities.

Many seasons of 24 started fast and then died off as the writers ran out of ideas (see seasons 1 and 3). This season, like season 4, started off slowly and then picked up steam all at once midway through the year.

"RE: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"
Posted by Tummy on 04-13-10 at 04:01 PM
I agree with the way this season has built up momentum, I was thisclose to writing off the season and moving on. They did wait quite awhile to really move things along.

I also agree, (I know, wonders will never cease) that it's better to have an evil government behind things than just random terrorists.

"RE: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"
Posted by Loree on 04-13-10 at 05:05 PM
I noticed Logan's aide is Reed Diamond. That means I don't expect him to blend into the background.

"RE: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"
Posted by trigirl on 04-14-10 at 01:36 PM
I noticed that too! Goodie or badie, we'll have to wait and see.

"RE: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"
Posted by sittem on 04-14-10 at 07:52 AM
This was another episode I enjoyed. I was pretty surprised that Renee bit it, but from the beginning I've assumed that's what is going to happen to Jack so everything can be wrapped up.

Again, I was surprised by Chloes temp promotion, but in the contect of this day it seems to make sense and she's already doing a good job because she can work intuitively.

Logan - hate the dirty b tard, but it's interesting to see him back to help close down this season. (I'd have rather had David Palmer resurrected, but that's another story - I still think of him as our first AA president) I will be interested to see what kind of leverage he has - that's intriguing. But, he's still a slimy bugger.

I also liked the solution to the succession issue with Mrs. Hassan - lots of interesting things to wrap up in these last few hours.

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"RE: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM"
Posted by trigirl on 04-14-10 at 01:38 PM
D'Oh. I forgot I hadn't watched my DVR when I came here. Spoiled by my own foolishness!

Let's say you can color me surprised if Jack doesn't die at the end of the series after last night.

That's what I was thinking, except for all the talk about a "24" feature film. I actually would like to see Jack die at the end of the series. Never really been a fan of happy endings and sadly, Jack does not seem destined for one.

"interview with "renee""
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 04-16-10 at 02:54 PM


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"9 AM to 10 AM"
Posted by sittem on 04-20-10 at 10:46 AM
I'm the first one here to comment? Wow. I got up at 5 a.m. this morning to stream it. It was worth it.

It was actually quite a quiet episode. No chases, no gun fire. The loudest sound may have been when Jack slapped Dana silly. Still, the adreneline was going a few times.

It didn't take Logan long to go slimeball. He so reminds me of a certain former president...

Interesting moral delimna (or do you spell it dilemma? - looked it up and there's a real question about this - I grew up spelling it with the n...) for the pres on this. Jack obviously doesn't see it the way she does and is going to do it his way. What would you do? Peace in our time or justice and let the chips fall where they may? I like justice myself, but maybe I'm blinded in my dislike of Logan.

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"RE: 9 AM to 10 AM"
Posted by AyaK on 04-21-10 at 09:53 AM
I'm out of town on vacation (hello, Orlando!). I thought this was another great episode, built on the dilemma of whether you can build a lasting peace by suppressing justice. Obviously, I believe you can't. You certainly can't build peace by cover-ups, even if you can get photo-ops out of them. Could you imagine he reaction in the IRK once they find out that the Russians killed their leader and the U.S. helped cover it up?

In the show, only the secretary of state seems to realize that this isn't a road to peace. And Jack Bauer, of course, although not for reasons of diplomacy. but rather in his role of the Right Hand of God.

The parallels between Logan and Nixon are apparently intentional. Nixon was considered to be an expert on the USSR, even dating back to his role in getting Pepsi sold there. Reagan sent him to meet Gorbachev when Gorby took office.

"RE: 9 AM to 10 AM"
Posted by Loree on 04-21-10 at 02:05 PM
No big fireworks this ep. But it was still intense. I did love Jack slapping Dana around.

And why do I still think there is more to Arlo? Probably a red herring. But I keep expecting a surprise with him.

Freddie Prinze Jr might have to help Jack now. I think they are both thinking alike. Poor Chloe.

And I love to hate Logan.

"RE: 9 AM to 10 AM"
Posted by trigirl on 04-21-10 at 03:12 PM
Great ep! I love how they are writing and how the Pres is being portrayed. She is likeable but don't think things are going to end well with her decision.

"RE: 9 AM to 10 AM"
Posted by PsychoKitty on 04-23-10 at 10:45 PM
Me too! The season is getting back to the old days with the intenser pace and more surprises. I was ready to scream every time I saw Dana - what a drag and soap opera storyline - and then she turns out the be a double agent and a mass murderer! Well that picked things up! It's much more of a ride. I'm back to paying attention!!!

That agony of Jack's when Renee died - that was the wonderful original feel of 24 - I've missed it. . . what great acting

Not that I have an opinion one way or another ;)
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"11am - noon"
Posted by AyaK on 05-04-10 at 03:52 PM
Wow. Jack killing Dana in cold blood last night was especially powerful for being so unexpected.

I liked the end of Dana. She was evil but conflicted. Probably not an uncommon situation among traitors.

So Jack has the visual evidence of the Russian involvement. And Chloe's been shunted aside at CTU in another of Charles Logan's nefarious plots. Anyone else think Chloe goes into the field looking for Jack after he survives the Russian assassination attempt next week? After all, even Milo did fieldwork. Chloe never has, and this is the last chance.

Meanwhile, you have to wonder how long President Taylor can so deceptively pretend to be Dalia Hassan's friend. In the real world, not the 24 world, her deception so far would sabotage any attempt at peace in our time. I'm curious how the show will handle it.

In other news, apparently the plan for a "24" movie is going forward. Kiefer Sutherland implied that the movie would include Jack having to fly to Europe over the course of the day, which has never been possible under the TV format.

"RE: 11am - noon"
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 05-04-10 at 06:45 PM
Chloe did have to go out in the field once with a gun- I can't remember why - for Jack

Syren 2007

"RE: 11am - noon"
Posted by Gothmog on 05-04-10 at 10:11 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-04-10 AT 10:16 PM (EST)

Day 4--she went into the field to retrieve a chip or something from a terrorist's girlfriend, and ended up saving her by shooting a hitman hired to remove the girlfriend.

Edited to add: Here's the episode. She was retrieving data from the chip, not the chip itself.

"RE: 11am - noon"
Posted by AyaK on 05-04-10 at 11:48 PM
Thanks. At the time, I thought of the last part of that episode as anti-climatic because of the impending arrival of Palmer and the subsequent Chinese embassy invasion. But it's nice to know that others have better memories than I do for Chloe's activities!

"RE: 11am - noon"
Posted by Loree on 05-05-10 at 06:05 PM
I am glad that Dana is finally dead. She could never be trusted and Jack got what he needed from her. Cole will probably wish it was him that got to do it.

Taylor has really gone downhill. She is turning to Logan for advice. Yikes! I don't think her presidency can be salvaged.

"Spoiler alert"
Posted by AyaK on 05-05-10 at 11:00 PM
I put this in invisible text; highlight it to read.


Question: I’m literally dying for some 24 scoop. Please, give me some! – Daniel

Ausiello: The May 24 series finale will find Jack squaring off against his most formidable adversary yet: Chloe! “Chloe and Jack are in a real face-off,” reveals executive producer Howard Gordon. “And Chloe has to decide between her duty and her friendship and allegiance to Jack. Their relationship gets put to the test in a way it’s never been tested before. It’s a collision course that culminates in the finale. It’s about as hairy a confrontation as you can possibly imagine, and it’s a nearly lethal one.” Playing those scenes was “really fun” and “very emotional,” says Mary Lynn Rajskub. “ kind of crazy…what happens between Jack and Chloe. I’ve never done anything like that.”

"RE: 11am - noon"
Posted by sittem on 05-06-10 at 03:34 PM
Wow - two and a half days since I saw this and I'm still shocked and surprised. Jack has really gone off track and it looks like he may not get back on, though he will, of course, save the day. Interesting spoiler, Ak - I wouldn't have expected that. This is coming to a nice close. I think it will be a satisfying last four hours.

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"Noon - 1:00 pm"
Posted by Loree on 05-11-10 at 01:18 AM
Well that was a dramatic ending. Jack and Logan showdown coming up.

"RE: Noon - 1:00 pm"
Posted by AyaK on 05-11-10 at 07:32 AM
I'm just surprised that Jack was able to recover a working SIM chip after gutting the Russian agent. Wouldn't mind seeing him gut Logan in the process of getting to the Russian leaders.

Meanwhile. President Taylor's drive for peace at any price has left her administration incredibly vulnerable.

"RE: Noon - 1:00 pm"
Posted by kingfish on 05-12-10 at 09:34 AM
I'm guessing that at least in the context of "24", whether or not waterboarding is torture or not has receded to the back burner as an issue.

Without having actually tried it, I agree, a Sim chip that has gone thru an acid bath in the stomach and has been dipped in blood and wiped off with a rag is not likely to function.

I liked this hour, that Russian deserved to be gutted. I'm hoping that since "24" has no compunction with killing off main characters, and since it is scheduled to end as a TV series, that Logan can also fall victim to Jack's rage.

"RE: Noon - 1:00 pm"
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 05-12-10 at 02:31 PM
that was really gruesome even for Jack and 24

"RE: Noon - 1:00 pm"
Posted by HistoryDetective on 05-12-10 at 05:17 PM
Word. I was watching it and thinking: "24 --- Season 8 --- Now with 50% more disgusting!"

"RE: Noon - 1:00 pm"
Posted by AyaK on 05-13-10 at 11:28 AM
FWIW, I thought the director went out of his way to avoid showing the really disgusting part of torture. It would have been easy to make the torture so disgusting that we couldn't watch. Ask Salvador Dali for a suggestion about a real form of torture that would be intolerable on TV. But instead, we barely saw any torture,

Jack gave up on his talking and moved straight to gutting him for the SIM chip way too fast for good torture.

"1:00 pm - 2:00 pm"
Posted by Loree on 05-17-10 at 11:39 PM
Well that was a bloody hour. I loved watching Logan cry. He had Darth Vader coming at him and he was trembling like a baby. Pres Taylor is falling more with every move she makes. Can't wait for next week.

"RE: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm"
Posted by esquire on 05-18-10 at 09:25 AM
This is getting silly. In about 20 minutes Jack is able to find the head of the Russian delegation, develop a plan that will kill a room full of Russian agents by himself and escape? I'm getting kinda happy that the show is ending because between the Dana Walsh story line and this, 24 has jumped the shark

"RE: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm"
Posted by AyaK on 05-18-10 at 11:29 AM
Ever since season 4, the time frame has been ridiculous. Last year, we saw people go from one place in DC to places an hour away in five-ten minutes. This year, travel time in NYC has become nonexistent. In the course of today's episode, Jack's buddy left the gutting, went home, found Logan, and told Jack. Then Jack stole a car, went to Logan's motorcade, ambushed it, kidnapped Logan, escaped from the tunnels, went to the Russian's office, attacked it, killed all the Russians there, and then picked up a feed from the hidden microphone he placed on Logan (similar to season 5) -- all in the course of one hour? Not a chance.

But so what? Even if the show has thrown off the "real time" concept, it's still a powerful ending. Jack's body count is approaching Bruce Lee levels, and he still has the president of Russia in his sights.

"RE: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm"
Posted by sittem on 05-18-10 at 05:41 PM
Yeah - the timeframes are ridiculous. But, what are you going to do. It wouldn't be very entertaining if this was actually in real time because we'd just end up watching a lot of driving around. After all, we want action and things to happen and move the story along.

This all is coming to a very entertaining, though very bloody, climax. I can't believe Jack himself is going to survive this all. I always thought he'd bite the big one at the end of the show, but does he have to stay alive for a movie in the future (or is it set somewhere in the past between other season?).

I will be glad when it's all over, but with the power of this ending I may still miss it a bit. It's been a mostly energizing ride over the years.

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"RE: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm"
Posted by grit on 05-19-10 at 09:44 AM
It wouldn't be very entertaining if this was actually in real time because we'd just end up watching a lot of driving around.

And don't forget bathroom breaks. And eating. Poor Jack must be starving right about now.

Chocolately deliciousness by agman

"RE: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm"
Posted by AyaK on 05-24-10 at 06:57 PM
I loved that Jon Voight was shown eating in his office when he was introduced last season.

I thought Howard Gordon might give the CTU staff at least a pizza run during their all-nighter ... but no.

"RE: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm"
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 05-18-10 at 08:12 PM
Loved Jack in the body armor and Logan crying that was Awesome!

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"RE: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm"
Posted by AyaK on 05-18-10 at 09:29 PM
I'm also interested in President Taylor's reaction.

The "national security" arrest of Meredith Reed is by itself grounds for President Taylor's impeachment. Since we don't have long enough to impeach her....

...what will happen? It looks likes Logan is preparing to throw her under the bus for her decisions based on his advice, and I wouldn't be surprised if that happens at the end ... or if she resigns before he can. She should have listened to Ethan.

I think the WSJ blog put it best:


Charles Logan’s actions are unscrupulous, President Taylor’s actions are unconscionable, and Jack Bauer’s actions are totally unhinged on this, the third to last episode of “24.”

Posted by blacknwhitedog on 05-24-10 at 10:44 PM
Bye Jack

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"RE: 00:00:00"
Posted by AyaK on 05-25-10 at 04:40 PM
I really enjoyed the ending. I thought we were having a second-season flashback when President Taylor bullied Dalia Hassan by threatening to start a war against the IRK based on incomplete evidence of which she was suppressing the complete evidence.

And I agree with the viewpoint of, I think, ET that the episodes last night represented Cherry Jones' submission to the Emmys for Best Supporting Actress.

All in all, I thought it was a very strong ending for the series after what had been a weak season until the second half.

"RE: 00:00:00"
Posted by Loree on 05-26-10 at 02:54 PM
I liked the finale. I knew Jack was not going to die because they needed him if they want to do a movie. So this was a good ending for the series on TV. And Taylor did partly redeem herself. Logan proved once again that he can't succeed at anything. He even screwed up killing himself. The final scene with Jack and Chloe was also well done. 4... 3... 2... 1... 00:00.

"RE: 00:00:00"
Posted by Tummy on 05-28-10 at 12:21 PM
Loved the finale. I'm glad that Jack didn't die though I thought he would (forgot about the movie talk), especially after Renee died.

I loved the final shot, but I feel sorry for Jack, poor Jack. *sniff I'll miss this show.

"RE: 00:00:00"
Posted by trigirl on 06-08-10 at 02:03 PM
Finally got caught up. Between hockey and basketball, spring is crazy!

I loved the ending. Even DH was getting misty with the whole "I never thought you would be the one to have my back all these years" stuff. <sniff>

I second the Cherry for Emmy nomination!

A satisfying end.