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"Now I'm totally confused!"

Posted by Brooke on 10-10-01 at 09:09 AM
We all know Toni is a drama queen/cry baby, but I don't get it. What's her angle? Is she in love with Greg? Does she really like Jeannette? Or was EVERYTHING part of her and Ralph's plan to win? It seems like Jeannette is conniving as well, so it makes me wonder whether she blew the "proposition" out of proportion or if it was just time for Toni to have yet another dramatic moment.
Toni reminds me of the kind of girl who was popular in elementary school or middle school because she was bigger than all of the other girls and they were too afraid to tell her to go away.

Man, I really wish I was on the show now. I would have frustruated the hell out of her, the only thing you'd ever hear me say is "Aw shut up and quit your whining." What a bully/baby.

By the way, what's this about "Series Finale?" Really? LC is no more??

For the record, I think Anthony is an idiot with a big vocabulary. He must have brought his pocket Webster's Thesaurus along for the trip.

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"RE: Now I'm totally confused!"
Posted by Thrill Seeker on 10-10-01 at 01:29 PM
I would say that Toni genuinely loves Greg. I think she also likes Jeannette but Anthony caused trouble between them. Because we never heard the actual conversation about the $20,000, it's hard to say who really is lieing.

And what was up with Andrea making Toni come and get coffee when she was getting down with Greg? What a biotch!

"RE: Now I'm totally confused!"
Posted by Brooke on 10-10-01 at 04:42 PM
LOL- yeah that was kind of cruddy huh? I wonder what he thought when he saw her go off on Jeannette, I would have thought that would be a turn off. Obviously she has no class and a guy that hot needs someone who does. -- Like me

"Toni only cares about Toni"
Posted by supershirll on 10-10-01 at 04:37 PM
Toni is the kind of person who only cares about what other people can do for her. "I got kicked off, Greg can make me feel better." "I want to win, Jeanette step aside." She tries to get her way with kissy sweet talk and crying, when that doesn't work she tries to intimidate with yelling and posturing. I fell for Toni's act in the beginning, but when I look at all the bloody backs on Loser Island and the ship that were caused by her I can't help but see the truth. Toni only cares about Toni!