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"As the World Turns"

Posted by trigirl on 01-14-04 at 05:14 PM
Any fans out there? Who killed Rose? I love the new Paul. You are never really sure if he is a good guy or a bad guy, but you can't help rooting for him. Is Simon coming back?

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"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by Bebo on 01-15-04 at 08:27 AM
*raises hand*

New Paul rocks. I'm glad they've finally figured out a direction for that character.

And yes, Simon's coming back, but it's not permanent.

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"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by Lisapooh on 01-15-04 at 02:09 PM
I think there are going to fin danother Lily twin named Daisy. And I'm glad to see Rose go cause now Lily will be n more and that means more Holden. I heart m some Holden.

I lov Paul - and they've got a great actor playing him now. That's a character with great history and it'll be great to see how he handles it.

Inever get to watch ATWT anymore! I love it though. Been watcing pretty much since birth. Can you tell my mom was a Lisa fan?

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by Bebo on 01-15-04 at 03:49 PM
I miss the days of Tom and Margo and their kick-booty adventures.

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"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by Esbea on 01-17-04 at 01:22 PM
I love Lisa, she cracks me up to no end. Did you know that Eileen Whatshername that plays her had it written into her contract for a long long time that they couldnt make her a grandmother on the show?

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"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by trigirl on 04-13-04 at 07:38 PM
baawaaaa! Lisapooh you were so close...not Daisy, but Violet, Lily's new persona! LOL.

"Used to"
Posted by weltek on 01-15-04 at 03:57 PM
My mother was inspired to name me Kim after the Kim on AWT (as in "Bob & Kim"). How dumb is that?!

I haven't seen it in years. That and Guiding Light are still my favorites, though.

"RE: Used to"
Posted by Esbea on 01-17-04 at 01:20 PM
Not dumb at all. Shes been freakin gorgeous since the dawn of time. Still is, even though shes got to be older than dirt.

Ive always disliked Barbara (though she was tolerable married to Hal) but shes got the same kind of never-ending physical beauty.

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by LadyT on 01-17-04 at 12:13 PM
I think Mitzi has more to do with it than they are saying. I think Barbara is lying. The actress who is playing Mitzi is pregnant, which would coincide quite nicely with her leaving.

I love Katie and Mike, but the Simon wrench will be nice. Even though he is leaving, it is still nice.

And as much as I like Paul, I still call him Todd Manning and look for the scar. But I love him. And Dusty makes me swoon.

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by trigirl on 01-19-04 at 10:45 AM
I'm liking Dusty less and less all the time. I want to see more Holden and less Dusty! I loved the actor who plays Dusty when he played Morgan on "Another World".

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by LadyT on 01-21-04 at 12:29 PM
Was anyone shocked that Will did it? It made sense to me, and the actor did a great job. He will be aged and we will see him in about two years, having been released from juvie.

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by managerr on 04-14-04 at 12:53 PM
*sigh*, I turned to this show the week of Rose's death for the first time in a couple of years only to find that the there were a bunch of new people playing old characters. I hate soap opera recasts. The only one of them I really liked was the new Craig. New Paul and New Dusty I don't really like.

Personally, I would have rather killed off Lily instead of Rose, as Lily really got boring when Rose came to Oakdale. (Didn't see the resolution but heard that some little kid killed Rose...)

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by kelli_blue on 04-14-04 at 06:44 PM
I would rather have had Lily killed instead of Rose too. That would have freed up Holden to do something else besides just watching his kids all the time.

Overall though, I'm still really enjoying the show.

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by LadyT on 04-15-04 at 07:25 PM
I have to disagree. I want Lily to go loony and Holden and Molly to fall back into bed together. I know, it's weird, but it would be fun!

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by trigirl on 04-15-04 at 07:42 PM
Both Molly and Holden could use a good storyline and that one would work!

"RE: Craig Montgomery"
Posted by goldie1000 on 10-03-06 at 09:56 PM
Is there anyone else, who is having a hard time adjusting to the new Craig Montgomery ?
I sure am.
I loved Hunt Block,
I thought he played a great part, and he made the character funny.
They wouldn't give Hunt the money he wanted,
so he opt not to come back to the show.

Why couldn't As the World Turns Exec's
just give him the pay raise and suck it up.
Instead they hired a new Adam Monson for the show.
What a waste !!
I know the new Craig hasn't been on long, but so far he is nothing like the old Craig !

It's all in good fun

"RE: Craig Montgomery"
Posted by trigirl on 10-04-06 at 02:36 PM
I totally LOVED Hunt Block. Not an easy guy to replace. Not feeling the love for the new Lucy-Howser MD yet either. That was the fastest undergrad and med school I've every seen.

"RE: Craig Montgomery"
Posted by goldie1000 on 10-04-06 at 08:15 PM
Yes, me too, I am not too fond of the new Lucy either.
And today I couldn't help thinking what bad acting this new guy is doing. He is still absolutely nothing like the old Craig. It is almost like they have created a new character all together, for Craigs part.
This new Craig is totally unlovable, unfun and scary.

It's all in good fun

"RE: Craig Montgomery"
Posted by LadyT on 10-06-06 at 07:24 AM
I agree that Hunt Block WAS Craig, he wasn't even asked. Bad blood I think between him and the producers, plus when they fired him last time, his girlfriend, Cady McClain (Rosanna) took off too.

As for Adam, they are bringing him back for Hal's funeral. They are going to deal with his passing now. I heard he will die off screen in the line of duty. Adam stays though

"RE: Craig Montgomery"
Posted by Yoakie on 10-02-07 at 01:47 PM
I too loved Hunt the most, but I remember Scott from early days, so it made the change a little more bearable. Here is what I think. The writers decided to make Craig less likeable than he had been, and thought we viewers just would not believe Hunt as evil (not that I see Craig as evil, even now, just selfish) and I think that was a big part of the reason Hunt was let go. He just came across as too likeable. BTW, does ANYONE know what he is doing these days? If so, please email me at Yoakaholic@aol.com because I may not be back at the message board.

"RE: Craig Montgomery"
Posted by Bebo on 10-03-07 at 11:42 AM
LAST EDITED ON 10-03-07 AT 11:43 AM (EST)

Hunt Block left ATWT for one simple reason - $$$$$. They weren't willing to pay him what he wanted, so he didn't get a new contract.

He's well-respected in the business, but with the decline in ratings all soap operas are seeing, the money isn't being offered like it once was. Even some of the bigger stars in daytime are being asked to take salary cuts - some of whom won't do it. And there have been multiple shows that have requested an across-the-board percentage decrease for its contract cast.

ETA: Welcome to our forums. Our guidelines advise people NOT to put personally identifying information, like an email address, into a post because then spammers and other non-desirables who troll the Internet can use it. Our forums allow people to send you PMs and emails without divulging that information.

Posted by trigirl on 10-27-06 at 11:35 PM
Was it just me or did Carly look a little 'thick' around the middle as Grace Kelly at the costume ball. I know the actress is teeny tiny in real life.....is she pregnant? Could make for an interesting story-line if she is. If she isn't...shame on you costume department.

"RE: Carly"
Posted by Bebo on 10-29-06 at 08:05 PM
I seem to recall reading in Soap Opera Digest that she is indeed pregnant.

Posted by nanrabbit on 12-12-06 at 11:21 PM
O.K. Is it just me or does it seem that every time I turn ATWT on, Adam seems to be played by a different character! It is getting a bit annoying. Also I do not like that he is with Jade (who is such a pain) after he found out all the trouble she cost his family. Plus I do not want to see Will dumped by his wife as she has an affair with Adam. It seems like the writers are heading that way. It would be nice if they had some time together before they split up again!

I do not like the new Craig either. When he first came on the scene he was so pale that he looked even scarier.

Posted by trigirl on 03-02-07 at 09:50 AM
I read somewhere that Grayson McCouch got a pilot for next fall. Does that mean that something is going to happen to Dusty. They have not given him an interesting storyline since Jennifer died. Come to think of it, the writing has been dull, dull, dull since Carly and Simon left. What's up?

"Craig recast!"
Posted by Bebo on 03-05-07 at 05:19 PM
WOOHOO!!!!! I just read on TV Guide Online that they're firing the Craig recast and hiring back the original Craig, Scott Bryce. That is awesome news. I was always a huge fan of his and loved his work with Meg Ryan when she was Betsy.

"RE: Craig recast!"
Posted by trigirl on 03-05-07 at 06:03 PM
I wasn't around in the Scott Bryce days but this new Craig is definitely NOT working for me. I always enjoyed Hunt Block's Craig and am so excited the role is being recast!

"RE: Craig recast is true here is the info"
Posted by goldie1000 on 03-26-07 at 08:20 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-26-07 AT 08:24 PM (EST)

SCOTT BRYCE who orignated the role of Craig on As The World Turns will take over the role from, JEFFREY MEEKS. Meeks has portrayed Craig since October 2006. Meeks last airdate is April 2. Look for Bryce to start appearing April 10.

Congratulations Maura! (February 2007)
Congratulations goes out to MMAURA WEST (Carly) and her husband Scott DeFreitas (ex-Andy), who welcomed son, Basil John on January 30. Baby Basil joins big brothers Benjamin and Joseph, and big sister, Katherine.

It's all in good fun

"Soap Cruise anyone.."
Posted by goldie1000 on 03-26-07 at 08:27 PM
Soap Cruise
Stars from As The World Turns and Guiding Light will head down to Marco Island for the Southwest Florida Soapfest Celebrity Charity Weekend on Saturday, May 19 and Sunday Mary 20. Events include a celebrity bartender bash, a celebrity golf game and a cruise with the stars. Celebrities tentatively scheduled to attend include ALEXANDRA CHANDO (Maddie), ELENA GOODE (Jade), VAN HANSIS (Luke) and ZACH ROERIG (Casey) from As The World Turns and MANDY BRUNO (Marina), JOHN DRISCOLL (Coop), JORDAN CLARKE (Billy) and MICHAEL O'LEARY(Rick) from Guiding Light. For more information and tickets, please visit www.soapfest.com or call (239) 394-4559.

It's all in good fun

"RE: Craig recast!"
Posted by MandyM on 06-10-07 at 09:37 PM
Awesome to see someone else who remembers Scott Bryce! Hunt Block is a fantastic actor...but his Craig was just not Craig! Glad to have the original back!!! I love how he interacts with Lucinda!! So much history- (and I hope we get some good flashbacks out of this!!!)

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"May '07"
Posted by trigirl on 05-10-07 at 11:57 AM
Yeah Carly's back!

Now Emily will leave soon to have her baby.

Heard a rumour that Cady McClain might come back as Rosanna. Would that be the greatest thing ever!!!!

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by trigirl on 06-01-07 at 02:48 PM
Rosanna is coming back...yippee! So is Aaron.

I hate.hate.hate Katie and Jack together. Pluheese spare us from this misery. He doesn't have to get back together with Carly, but spare us Kack!

"RE: As the World Turns"
Posted by goldie1000 on 06-05-07 at 06:21 PM
WOW, that made my day.
Rosanna coming back is fantastic !
And Aaron also.
All we need now is for Katie to go fly a kite and
leave Jack alone and all would be good in ATWT.

Katie is getting on my last nerve these days.
Bad enough she wrecked Carly's life being the snitch she is but now she wants to take over her family.
I wonder what Katie would do if Mike did come back...

"Carly NOT Dying"
Posted by trigirl on 10-23-07 at 01:02 PM
I don't expect a 'good' Carly, but I don't like when she is bad to Jack. Be bad to everyone else....but not Jacko. Be bad, very bad to Katie (bleh) and make her cry....but not Jacko.

Vent done.

bouncey by Ice

"RE: Carly NOT Dying"
Posted by samboohoo on 10-24-07 at 11:09 AM
I haven't watched in some time. Why did Jack and Carly break up? How did he end up with Katie?

Woo Hoo! I love me some Arkie!

"RE: Carly NOT Dying"
Posted by trigirl on 10-25-07 at 09:14 AM
Jack couldn't handle Carly's lying and stuff so dumped her. She hooked up with Simon, then Jack wanted her back. She and Simon committed a crime, Jack let them escape and off she went (in real life she had a baby).

Enter Katie to whine about Carly and Simon and help Jack through the difficulty of losing Carly....bleh. Hate Katie and Jack together. A nice and sweet Katie is not what we want, she is much more fun when she is getting into trouble.

Jack and Katie decide to get married and Carly finds out she has a brain tumour. Now Jack is a newlywed but is taking care of his dying ex-wife. Then, oops, Carly was misdiagnosed and is not dying afterall...she likes having Jack around so isn't telling him. Poor Jack.

bouncey by Ice

"RE: Carly NOT Dying"
Posted by Peyton414 on 10-25-07 at 09:23 AM
im sorry jack is just .... dense. not very bright. not the sharpest crayon in the box. how many times has carly pulled the wool over his eyes? and he still doesnt learn.

"Wally Kurt"
Posted by trigirl on 12-29-07 at 09:38 AM
Wally Kurt from GH is on the show now and I like him. I am so tired of Jack being such.a.jerk! I like Sam with Carly. Shake things up a bit!

Who thinks that Sam is the one who set-up Kit so that he could be alone with Carly?

I heard that Rosanna (Cady McLain) is leaving again! Does she have ADHD or something? Just can't seem to stick it out!

Poor Lily. Dumped by Holden. Stood up by Dusty.

bouncey by Ice

"New Lily"
Posted by trigirl on 04-01-08 at 09:37 PM
How can they recast Lily? I am surprised they would even try!

bouncey by Ice

"What the Heck?"
Posted by trigirl on 04-02-08 at 09:13 AM
Martha Bryrne as Lily is recast due to contract stuff. Scott Bryce as Craig fired. Cady McClain's Rosanna let go. Dusty dead. Now Gwen and Will are leaving. What the heck is going on? Are the writers\producers on crack?

"The turnover for this show is rediculous!"
Posted by goldie1000 on 04-08-08 at 11:22 PM
I agree, what the heck is going on!
There have been way to many good people leave the show recently.
But to recast Lily is pretty rediculous,
I cannot see anyone else playing her,
it will be way to weird.
When the veterans of the show start leaving, I will too!

The whole Katie searching for a mate,
story line is getting really really old.
Katie wants something different every day.
Maybe next week she will decide she wants a woman...
And Brad chasing her for the past month is now getting very boring.
And another Mike, just another rehash storyline, to waste time.
(why couldn't they at least get the old Mike back ??)

Alisons hair looks awful,
she is much more attractive as a blonde.
Even my husband thinks she looks pale and sick now,
and he usually doesn't say much.
Alot of the story lines are dragging and boring.
The only thing keeping me watching right now is Vienna and Henry and Carly and Jack.


JULIE PINSON joins the cast of ATWT in the role of Janet Ciccone. Pinson known for her roles on "Days of our Lives," "The Young and the Restless," and "Port Charles." Look for Julie to pop up beginning May 8.

NOELLE BECK joins the cast of AS THE WORLD TURNS in the role of Lily. Martha Byrne, who has portrayed Lily on and off for over twenty years, departs from the role in April. Beck most recently was seen in "Cashmere Mafia." Her credits include, "Rescue Me," "Law and Order," and "Loving." Look for Beck to appear in May.

Congratulations Mick!
MICK HAZEN (Parker) received a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actor - Recurring Role for a TV Drama Series. The awards will be presented on March 30. For more information please visit www.youngartistawards.org.


Soap Cruise
AUSTIN PECK (Brad) and other daytime stars will set sail on Soap Cruise, The Second Voyage on Thursday, January 22 until Monday, January 29, 2009. Please visit www.soapcruise.com or call (248) 855-7918 for more information.

It's all in good fun

"Carly and Holden"
Posted by trigirl on 07-29-08 at 10:10 AM
Since they have written Jack as and a$$ for the last little while and we have not.Lily in the role, this is the perfect time for Carly and Holden to get together. Glad Holden is getting some action for a change. Nice to see him get some good old soap-opera lovin' for a change.

bouncey by Ice

Posted by trigirl on 12-08-09 at 02:51 PM
Oh no! Hope it's not true!