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"4:00 - 5:00"

Posted by trigirl on 02-17-09 at 07:29 AM
I love this premise of needing only those they can really trust. What a great way to bring back the golden oldies. Of course....Aaron Pierce. Yippee!!!! One of my all-time favourites!!!!!

So FBI blondie isn't bad? Still think there's something about her that seems a little fishy.

Poor Marika. Don't think that her story is going to have a happy ending. Do you?

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"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 02-17-09 at 03:10 PM
Yay!!! Aaron is back!!!!

I'm surprised creepy FBI guy was the mole- he seemed so obvious.

Bill is hot!!!

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"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by CTgirl on 02-17-09 at 10:04 PM
I like the way Agent Walker is going to force Jack to have a conscience this year.

Loved it when the camera panned to the FBI Agent that Bill trusted and it was: Aaron Pierce! And I loved the way Chloe was dissing Larry for the way he installed his computer system. LMAO. Good episode.

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"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by Jims02 on 02-18-09 at 04:47 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-18-09 AT 04:47 PM (EST)

And I loved the way Chloe was dissing Larry for the way he installed his computer system.

That was a great moment the way they staged that. I also liked the exchange between Janis and Sean that ended in Janis saying to him, "No, you're a little bitch." Sean's reaction made the scene.

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"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by AyaK on 02-19-09 at 03:22 PM
The previews for the next hour show that Marika wrecks Dubaku's car as they are driving away, that Jack and Renee pull her out of the car, and that Jack and Renee face off at the hospital over her regrets about putting Marika in danger. Dubaku apparently doesn't make it through the wreck, and Marika might not either, but General Juma shows up in the U.S. in their wake to attack the White House.

And we're getting close to the return of Jon Voight as Jonas Hodges of "Starkweather" (i.e., Blackwater), but we still don't have any idea about the loyalties of the people surrounding the President. Then again, the only one we've really met is Ethan, the chief of staff.

"On to the double episode"
Posted by AyaK on 02-24-09 at 09:23 PM
Oops, Marika did die. No wonder Renee was angry -- although there is no way on God's green earth that the police get Marika's sister to the hospital that quickly.

An acquaintance of mine was recently watching seasons 1 and 2 again. In season 1, Jack was almost as emotional about what was going on as Renee is this year. In season 2, he was much different, cold-bloodedly murdering a bad guy in episode 1 to get access to the real bad guys, but he still wasn't the gung-ho torturer that he later became -- although he did fake killing a bad guy's kid to get the guy to tell him about a bomb location, which is pretty much what he and Renee did this season.

So, in answer to Renee's question about his feelings, he could have answered that he's seen a lot of friends die over a lot of years, and a lot more enemies.

And it looks like he may see one more friend die next week. Rumor is that either Bill or Aaron Pierce is toast during General Zuma's invasion of the White House.

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by Loree on 02-25-09 at 01:00 AM
I thought this week's episode was the best so far this season. I really enjoyed it. Things moved fast and we didn't get the predictable result everytime. I have heard rumblings that Bill might get killed off. I sure hope it is not true. I would miss him.

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by AyaK on 03-03-09 at 06:39 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-03-09 AT 06:39 PM (EST)

White House invasion in progress. President captured. And the previews show us that one of Jack's group makes the ultimate sacrifice next week.

As far as the "to torture or not to torture" debate, dozens of people died because the President chose not to torture. I thought it was an interesting way to present the debate -- the 'Kobayashi Maru" no-win scenario. Must the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few ... or the one?

We know where Jack Bauer stands on that question. We know where Presidents David Palmer and Wayne Palmer stood on that question as well.

And Bill Buchanan will show us his solution to the Kobayashi Maru next week.

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by Loree on 03-04-09 at 05:39 PM
I just want someone to slap Senator Red Foreman.

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by bondt007 on 03-09-09 at 11:15 PM

Good bye, Bill.

...and, way to go!

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 03-10-09 at 04:51 AM

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by trigirl on 03-10-09 at 09:44 AM
I cried....I'm a suckah!

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by Loree on 03-10-09 at 10:34 AM
I knew they were killing off Bill. But I was still upset when it happened.

Juma is dead. Now we have Jon Voight being the main baddie for Jack to pursue.

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 03-10-09 at 10:47 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-10-09 AT 10:47 AM (EST)

I didn't know, I like not knowing. Therefore I try to avoid Ayak's posts 'cause he sometimes slips a spoiler in there with not much warning.

I got something in my eye about the time Bill bit it.

edited to ask: What happened to Karen?

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by CTgirl on 03-10-09 at 02:05 PM
I didn't know either, and my love for 24 just went down a little! He was my favorite character. I got something in both my eyes around the time Bill bit it!

I get daily emails from TVGuide with info and videos etc. I saw a short clip where they interviewed Bill about his character and he said that he was still married to Karen, but as far as he knew, she wouldn't be on this season (I should've known then that he would bite the dust, lol!)

This season has been very exciting while still being quite unbelievable!!

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"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by Loree on 03-10-09 at 02:06 PM
Karen never was mentioned. But I want to know what happenend to Martha Logan. Pierce mentioned her in an odd way.

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by sica077 on 03-10-09 at 04:25 PM
Yeah, the way that he spoke of her it sounded like something bad happened (other than the fact that she stabbed Logan - but that really wasn't all that bad ).

On another note, I am not ashamed to say that I am emotionally connected to this show and I teared up for Bill like I did for President Palmer (and Ryan Chapelle, Michelle, the man in season 2 that had the kamikazee mission, Jack's wife..... ok, too many to list). I love 24!

"24 "The Tearjerker""
Posted by trigirl on 03-11-09 at 01:52 PM
For me it was when George snuck in the plane.

"RE: 24 "The Tearjerker""
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 03-15-09 at 10:47 AM
Edgar's "Chloe" right before he died was a tearjerker for me.

"RE: 24 "The Tearjerker""
Posted by sica077 on 03-18-09 at 08:41 AM
George! That's it... I forgot his name... and Kim thinking Jack was still flying the plane, ugh!

Oh, I had totally forgot about Edgar (now I feel even more bad )! That was so terrible... no "things" in my eyes for that one, it was an all-out cry!

Posted by AyaK on 03-10-09 at 04:53 PM
Well, we know (according to Olivia) that whatever happened with Martha Logan happened four years ago, and we know that Martha stabbed Charles four years ago. It wouldn't surprise me if Martha went in for mental treatment, and it wouldn't surprise me if we never find out exactly what happened.

Olivia's scene with Ethan Kanin was pretty harsh. But Ethan still looks like a baddie from here (and I have no spoilerish foreknowledge, for those who wonder about that). He was gone from the White House during Juma's attack, and he authorized Jack's interrogation of Ryan -- which was completely known by Hodges' staff and, in fact, included in their plans.

Since Hodges also wanted the President dead, we have to presume that he wanted the VP to become President. But we don't have to presume that the VP is in league with Hodges -- although he may be.

And Bill dying was effective in a way that most of the deaths on 24 over the years haven't been. Bill deliberately sacrificed himself to stop Jack from doing it ... thus, my spoilerish reference above (sorry) to Spock's self-sacrifice in Star Trek II.

"RE: Comments"
Posted by sica077 on 03-10-09 at 07:07 PM
For some reason, at the beginning of this season, after watching "Redemption," I was convinced Ethan was bad. I really thought that I had seen him talking on the phone with someone bad; however, the other people I watch 24 with didn't recall anything like that. Maybe my mind made it up... I never got a chance to re-watch it, either.

In any case, he still acts a little skeevy even if it wasn't revealed that he is an enemy.

Bill will be missed...

"Story arcs"
Posted by AyaK on 03-10-09 at 05:04 PM
The first arc included episodes 1-8 and centered around Dubaku.

The second arc included episodes 9-13 and centered around Juma.

Now we're on to the third arc, apparently centered around the "shipment," but it could be centered more generally around Hodges and his defense contractor company. The only thing I'm sure of is that the show took a two-week production break around episode 18 to determine which direction they were going with the remainder of the season, and I have no idea how that came out.

"RE: Story arcs"
Posted by trigirl on 03-11-09 at 01:51 PM
I like how they are framing the story this year. Unlike season 1 with two ridiculously long story arcs, we are getting these shorter plot-lines. Much better storytelling.

When Ethan had to "go to the pentagon" during Juma's invasion, I immeditely thought "bad guy". But I have to say that Olivia sure seemed a little nasty when she was speaking with Ethan. Maybe she really hasn't forgiven Mommy Dearest.

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Is that the last of 'just call me Aaron Pierce? <sigh>

Posted by blacknwhitedog on 03-12-09 at 09:44 AM
ah the silent ticking clock tribute when Bill died (sniff)
Jack's reaction was so awesome

really liking the writing this year and the female FBI agent is great- looks like Morris O'Brien is back mext week

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"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by Ahtumbreez on 03-17-09 at 07:19 AM
Just as I was starting to like the Senator - bam, bam, bam. I liked how they wrote the exchange between Jack and the Senator.

"Red is Dead!"
Posted by blacknwhitedog on 03-17-09 at 09:06 AM
yikes that made me jump!

"RE: Red is Dead!"
Posted by sica077 on 03-17-09 at 01:07 PM
I was not expecting that at all! However, I did mention to DH that I was perplexed as to why they (the FBI) didn't just break down the door. In the middle of speaking that sentence, Senator Foreman is kaput! I am glad to see that Tony is back in the mix... there is a hole where Bill used to be!

On another note, I think Olivia is giving off the strongest mole/rat stench ever. Maybe it just the writers trying to throw us off track, but her facial expressions and reactions to accusations are sketchy. My personal feeling: she is still mad at mommy for whatever she did, and this was an ample opportunity to continue her evil work "from the inside out." Haha, I think I am grasping at straws though....good ol' 24 keeping me on my toes!

"RE: Red is Dead!"
Posted by bondt007 on 03-17-09 at 03:42 PM
I need to watch the Whitehouse take-over again. I was too busy taking it all in, but I think she did some odd things that Ep as well...

"Me neither!!!!!!"
Posted by DrKegel on 03-18-09 at 08:36 PM

>I was not expecting that at



However, I did mention
>to DH that I was
>perplexed as to why they
>(the FBI) didn't just break
>down the door. In the
>middle of speaking that sentence,
>Senator Foreman is kaput!

Well, the thing is the guy at the door identified himself as the police. It seemed totally normal that the police would be in the area and the first to arrive - and the senator's life and safety was paramount!!! It didn't raise any red flags though. I was like oh, the police were in the area and ... then BOOM!!!!!!

I also had already begun to daydream about if the senator was really going to be able to pull this off - NOT!!!!


>On another note, I think Olivia
>is giving off the strongest
>mole/rat stench ever. Maybe it
>just the writers trying to
>throw us off track, but
>her facial expressions and reactions
>to accusations are sketchy. My
>personal feeling: she is still
>mad at mommy for whatever
>she did, and this was
>an ample opportunity to continue
>her evil work "from the
>inside out." Haha, I think
>I am grasping at straws
>though....good ol' 24 keeping me
>on my toes!

I'm getting the same vibes from her!!!!! That story she had about who leaked the information was thin at best. If she had been sleeping with that guy or offering him a bigger story, he would have lied for her!!!!

The thing that keeps crossing my mind is this ... did she hate her mother enough to join the dark forces of evil? In that case, she would have even been involved in the death of her brother!!!

And this season, the people giving off vibes are the ones that are guilty!!! At the beginning of the season, I thought Sean couldn't be involved because he was Bad Vibe City, but it was him!!! The suprise was it was also that stupid idiot he was having an affair with!!!

Olivia is on my suspicious list!!! Or maybe she's not involved with the evil forces, but still just involved? And she acted so squirrelly with Aaron!!! Remember she wanted to come along!!! Did she want to get caught????

"RE: Me neither!!!!!!"
Posted by sittem on 03-20-09 at 02:02 AM
While I think Olivia stinks to high heavens I don't think she's dirty with the evil forces, just full of herself and her desire for power. She's the young hotshot who wants to take down the seasoned Ethan and run the presidency with mommy. She'll end up being fully chastised at some point. Or not.

I was suprised by the senator going down as I was considering whether there was any way to pull off defending Jack's theories as he opened the door. I actually thought that he was going down when he first entered the house but that ended up being Jack.

Glad to see Tony is back in the hunt. Jack's assets are rapidly dwindling. will Aaron get back in the mix? Any chances for Chloe, hubby and Renee? When will Larry Moss discover what a dork he is?

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"RE: Me neither!!!!!!"
Posted by sica077 on 03-21-09 at 03:14 AM
LAST EDITED ON 03-21-09 AT 03:17 AM (EST)

Omg, Larry drives me nuts! I can't remember which episode it was (near the beginning of the season); but Larry can't get ahold of Renee, so he figures out where she physically is and takes a HELICOPTER there! I was so annoyed... how pathetically obsessive can one be? C'mon, there are bigger things to worry about!

The fact that Morris was back in the mix this week makes me hope (with fingers crossed) that he will be here for a while. I really enjoy his sense of humor and how different yet somehow compatible he is with Chloe.

"Olivia .... ?????"
Posted by DrKegel on 03-21-09 at 11:15 AM

Re: While I think Olivia stinks to high heavens I don't think she's dirty with the evil forces, just full of herself and her desire for power. She's the young hotshot who wants to take down the seasoned Ethan and run the presidency with mommy. She'll end up being fully chastised at some point. Or not.

Sittem -

Don't know about this. I mean, obviously there's animosity between her and Ethan - and Ethan actually tried to make nice-nice. I know that they had to get her picture to identify her so ... and they didn't know she was in the White House ... wait!!! How did that guy get into the White House records to begin with? Does that mean he just hacked into it or that there's someone on the inside feeding him the access?

I guess it would seem Olivia was not involve based on needing her picture and not knowing she was there and taking her hostage. And it wasn't her idea to be there. Still ... that leak. I'm trying to think of who knew about Jack being in on the interrogation? The yutz at the FBI (God, is he stupid!!!) and ... ???? Who else? Walker of course, but now she's in prison.

I'm suprised Chloe didn't slug her husband!!! And why did he have to break the code that quickly? They were asking how long it would take and he could have taken a couple of hours - giving Jack time to do whatever he wanted to do! They wouldn't have known any difference!!! Stupid!!!! You think Chloe is going to hop on that computer in the conference room and do something?

I'm not sure about Olivia. There are many layers of this operation so it could very well be that she wasn't involved in one thing, but involved in another. And she hated her mother and now we know she's vindictive in trying to get Ethan in hot water.

In watching this, I now think that only single people without stupid family members should run for President!

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by sica077 on 03-24-09 at 00:37 AM
That little sneak, Olivia! Ok, so maybe she isn't working for the ultimate bad guy... but seriously, what she did tonight is just pathetic! Plus, no matter who the blame is placed on, her mom did hire and work closely with Ethan, so how does she know this will not fall negatively on her mother? Sounds like an evil, spoiled brat!

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by DrKegel on 03-24-09 at 05:06 PM


Well, you, Sittem and me called that one right!!!

As for me, it takes a lying, stinking, cheating little #itch to know one!!!! I'm sure in both your cases, you're just very intuitive!!!

And you are so right about not hurting her mother!!! Ethan stepping down is going to make her look good??!!! In what universe?!!!

And, of course, Jack made the blunder of all blunders. He should have just let the bio weapon release whatever it was because then the bad guys would have been exposed to it!!!

Hey, you think that's how it's going down? I mean Jack is toast and he's even being complacent and passive (which is a sure sign he's been sprayed with something!) But do you think that ultimately, it's ends up a suicide mission and so they let Jack go because they figure he's dead anyway. And of course he has that hero thing so he'll do it. And he ends up not getting killed, but maybe touching that evil Mr. Jones and infecting him????

Could be interesting?!!! And I am so sorry the Prez Mom came out of that lockdown to save her sorry a## daughter!!!!

I wonder how mom will find out? Ooooohhhh!!! I know!!!! That paper is running with the story that Olivia gave them!!! It's the midnight edition or something!!!! And the Prez will be alerted that the FBI have Jack and that he's actually a good guy and didn't kill anyone!!! But the paper with the story in it will hit the stands or be on TV and the only people that knew that part of it were Ethan, Prez Mom and big-mouth saboteur Olivia!!!!

It'll be like being called into the Dean's office at school.

"Olivia! Olivia, please report to the Oval Office immediately!"

Is she too old to spank???

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by AyaK on 03-25-09 at 11:02 AM
We know that Jack Bauer will be back in Season 8, which is set six weeks after the day of Season 7. So there is no suicide mission in Season 7 for Jack, but we also know that Jack gets sick (or, at least, that Renee tells Kim that Jack is sick in a later episode during this season).

Jack didn't want to let the bioweapon keep releasing because he was in the middle of the Virginia suburbs of D.C. (around Alexandria), as they made a point of showing us. Little did he know that the bad guys were about to commandeer a helicopter.

As far as evil Olivia, leaking the "Jack Bauer murdered Senator Meyer" story was a huge mistake, because not even the FBI believes it any longer. Since Larry Moss only told his staff and Ethan Kanin, and Ethan only told it Allison and Olivia, it pretty much fingers Olivia as the source of the leak, doesn't it?

"RE: 4:00 - 5:00"
Posted by DrKegel on 03-27-09 at 01:01 PM
>We know that Jack Bauer will
>be back in Season 8,
>which is set six weeks
>after the day of Season
>7. So there is
>no suicide mission in Season
>7 for Jack, but we
>also know that Jack gets
>sick (or, at least, that
>Renee tells Kim that Jack
>is sick in a later
>episode during this season).

I'm not so sure. Does anyone believe that Jack will be in quarantine and looking like a passive puppy dog for the rest of the series? Only so long Jack can stay down - so to speak. He's gotta get involved in the action.

>Jack didn't want to let the
>bioweapon keep releasing because he
>was in the middle of
>the Virginia suburbs of D.C.
>(around Alexandria), as they made
>a point of showing us.
> Little did he know
>that the bad guys were
>about to commandeer a helicopter.

Well, I know that! But it was leaking slowly so he could have driven in the opposite direction ... or another direction ... and called the authorities to come stop the leak. If he had done that, the bad guys would have walked right into their own trap and taken the leaky weapon right to Mr. Big!!!

>As far as evil Olivia, leaking
>the "Jack Bauer murdered Senator
>Meyer" story was a huge
>mistake, because not even the
>FBI believes it any longer.
> Since Larry Moss only
>told his staff and Ethan
>Kanin, and Ethan only told
>it Allison and Olivia, it
>pretty much fingers Olivia as
>the source of the leak,
>doesn't it?

Exactly! That was the point I was attempting to make!

If she had just kept her stupid trap shut, but noooooo!!!! She had to make like a bunny and get on the phone to her friend and leak the erroneous story.

Oh, Olivia!!!! Your momma is not gonna be happy!!!

I think there goes her new government position!!! Back to consulting in the private sector!!!