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"Top 48"

Posted by dabo on 07-08-11 at 01:59 PM
Although I've seen some acts I really enjoyed and applauded, this season doesn't seem to for me be generating much excitement.

Anyway, the top 48 have been selected, and many of the idiot acts (selected by Howie and Sharon in order to stick it to Piers) have fallen by the wayside. (I also didn't think much of the internet wonders gimmick.)


Anna Graceman, a singer and pianist from Juneau, AK

Attack Dance Crew, a drilling dance crew from Tallahassee, FL

Avery and the Calico Hearts, a singing trio from Lubbock, TX

Captain and Maybelle, a variety act from Atlanta, GA

Charles Peachock, a juggler from Kent, OH

Dani Shay, a singer and guitarist from Orlando, FL

Daniel Joseph Baker, a singer and pianist from Katy, TX

Dezmond Meeks, a singer and pianist from Pineville, LA

Duo Aero, a trapeze duo from Saint Paul, MN

Dylan Andre, a singer and guitarist from Zieglerville, PA

Echo of Animal Gardens, an animal act from Lake Geneva, WI

Fatally Unique, a hip-hop dance team from Rockford, IL

Fearless Flores Family, a family daredevil act from Myakka City, FL

Frank Miles, a variety act from Los Angeles, CA

Geechy Guy, a comedian from Las Vegas, NV

Ian Johnson, a yo-yo trick act from Hebron, IL

J. Chris Newberg, a comic and musician from Los Angeles, CA

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., a singer from Logan, WV

Landon Swank, a magician from Wasilla, AK

Lys Agnes, a singer from Denver, CO

Mauricio Herrera, a singer and dancer from Pomona, CA

Melissa Villasenor, an impressionist from Los Angeles, CA

Miami All Stars, a dance group from Miami, FL

Mona Lisa, twin singers and guitarist duo from Houston, TX

Monet, a singer from Charlotte, NC

Poplyfe, a teen band from Oakland, CA

Professor Splash, a shallow water diver from Lakewood, CO

Purrfect Angelz, a dance troupe from Los Angeles, CA

Sam B., a dancer from Falls Church, VA

Sandou Trio Russian Bar, a Russian bar trio from San Antonio, TX

Scott Alexander, a magician from Lancaster, PA

Seth Grabel, a magician from Los Angeles, CA

SH'Boss Boys, a young rap trio from Atlanta, GA

Silhouettes, an interpretive dance act from Arvada, CO

Smage Bros. Riding Shows, a motorcycle stunt show act from Elkhorn, WI

Snap Boogie, a dancer from Boston, MA

Squonk Opera, a band from Pittsburgh, PA

Steven Retchless, a pole dancer and aerialist from New York, NY

Summerwind Skippers, a jump rope team from Boise, ID

Taylor Davis, a singer and guitarist from Leesburg, GA

Team iLuminate, glow suit dancers from New York, NY

The Fiddleheads, a bluegrass band from Dahlonega, GA

The Kinetic King, a variety act from St. Paul, MN

The Rhinestone Ropers, a variety act from Jerome, ID

Thomas John, a variety act from Woodland Park, CO

Those Funny Little People, a variety act from Chicago, IL

Yellow Designs Stunt Team, a BMX bike tricks act from Monument, CO

Zuma Zuma, a tumblers act from Las Vegas, NV

Yeah, that's right, you didn't misread it, there's a guy pole dancer.

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"RE: Top 48"
Posted by jbug on 07-08-11 at 04:10 PM
LAST EDITED ON 07-08-11 AT 04:11 PM (EST)

I was wondering when you (or someone) would start this

Some of the acts in the top 48 are just dumb.
I figure they are all Howie's picks.

and too many kid acts;
yes they are cute; but when their voices change, the act will not be the same.
There is & will always be only one Michael Jackson.

oh, & I think the male pole dancer should invite the female pole dancer who didn't make the 48 to join him; he's going to need additional people to carry the act further, right?

"RE: Top 48"
Posted by Max Headroom on 07-09-11 at 12:47 PM
Let's not forget that this is America's Got Singers. The only suspense for the next few weeks is the elimination order of the non-singing acts.

"RE: Top 48"
Posted by susang on 07-09-11 at 01:25 PM
So far, this Season has been lackluster.

Season 5 absolutely rocked.

IMO, Those Funny Little People are creepy. No gnomes for me.

"RE: Top 48"
Posted by taffnic on 07-09-11 at 02:10 PM
I forgot his name, but i hope the male singer with the dread locks that sang like Frank Sinatra goes far. I thought he was great and I would buy his music.

"RE: Top 48"
Posted by jbug on 07-09-11 at 06:07 PM
I agree; if a singer has to win, it should be him

"Sun July 10 Ep"
Posted by jbug on 07-11-11 at 11:13 AM
I was recording it;
turned tv on to get a look & it was all women's golf.
who cares about golf?

Guess they'll show it again sometime.
Guess it wasn't a voting episode.

"RE: Top 48"
Posted by dabo on 07-12-11 at 12:08 PM
LAST EDITED ON 07-12-11 AT 01:58 PM (EST)

Well, the quarterfinals begin tonight, with four acts each week advancing to the Top 24. No idea when the YouTube auditioners will perform. Squonk Opera is one of the acts announced for tonight, yay!

Anyway, while there's still a Top 48 I might as well make a few comments.

1. Too many singers. If this becomes 3rd year in a row for a country boy singer winner, meh.

2. Attack Dance Crew. I'm with Howie on this one. Energetic and likeable, watchable act, but the whole "drilling" thing just seems derivative instead of original.

3. Captain and Maybelle. I really just don't like these sort of acts. Won't win but if they last long enough they may unfortunately be included in the live Vegas travelling variety show headlined by the winner.

4. Dani Shay. Got a rare second chance from the judges and, much as I do like her, I wish they'd made room for another non-singing act. I won't hold that against her, though.

5. Echo of Animal Gardens. Liked the first audition a lot but thought it flopped horribly in Vegas. Wish they'd made room for another human act even if it had turned out to be Leonid the Magnificent.

6. Fatally Unique. They just managed to squeek through but I'm really glad they did.

7. Frank Miles. We only have his word that there's any danger at all, I don't believe it but the judges keep getting suckered.

8. Poplyfe. School of Rock! School of Rock! School of Rock!

9. Professor Splash. I didn't know anyone was still doing this but more power to him. Not much room for innovation.

10. Sam B. Well, whatever, America will decide. Should be considered a comedy act instead of a dance act.

11. Silhouettes. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they can do next.

12. Steven Retchless. Have to overlook the creepy factor.

13. The Kinetic King. Like it a lot but, um, if it takes all day to set up a one-minute performance how would that work as a headline act?

14. Those Funny Little People. Cute and creepy, very weird. When the novelty wears off it may only be creepy.

15. Leonid the Magnificent. It really is a shame he didn't get to the next round, he is really a talented and versatile performer. But when he flops, boy oh boy he flops big.

Announced acts for first quarterfinal: Anna Graceman, Dezmond Meeks, Duo Aero, Echo, Fearless Flores Family, Fiddleheads, J. Chris Newberg, Miami All Stars, Sandou Russian Bar Trio, Snap Boogie, Squonk Opera, Those Funny Little People.

"Quarter Final 7/12/11"
Posted by dabo on 07-13-11 at 01:05 AM
LAST EDITED ON 07-13-11 AT 01:05 AM (EST)

Wow, great line-up to start off the live shows.

01. Miami All Stars. Dance group. Fabulous, spot on. Hope they don't suffer from having drawn the first spot, they set a very high bar.

02. Dezmond Meeks. Singer/musician. At first I thought he made a bad song choice, but he owned it and won me over.

03. Those Funny Little People. Novelty act. X by Piers. Honestly, they made the most of their gimmick, but it is gimmick, no real talent involved.

04. Fearless Flores Family. Motorcycle daredevils. Wow!

05. Squonk Opera. X by Piers. X by Sharon. Theatrical troupe. I love the avant garde stuff but tonight's set was really a bit too obscure.

06. J. Chris Newberg. Comedian. X by Piers. "That's probably a bad idea." I enjoyed it, YMMV.

07. Snap Boogie. Dancer. Double-Wow!!

08. Echo of Animal Gardens. Talking bird comedy act. Back in his comfort zone tonight, very funny and enjoyable. Handler Sarah is the real talent, all the inventiveness is from her, she trains the birds and makes it works. Now she needs to find out from that magician how to get a cat to stay perched on her shoulder, that would amp up the danger.

09. The Fiddleheads. Bluegrass band. Like these guys but "Billie Jean" was a bad song choice because the singer struggled with those upper range MJ notes.

10. Duo Aero. Aerialists. X by Piers. I didn't mind so much the retro aspect of tonight's performance, but they slowed down their performance a bit probably because of the skirt in her costume. It makes a difference a bit of wind resistance. (That said, while some acts might suffer from drawing first spot, making some acts like acrobats wait till late in the show can make the performance suffer.)

11. Anna Graceman. Singer/pianist. Love this kid and wow can she hit it big. Takes risks with her song choices but so far has made it work.

12. Sandou Trio Russian Bar. Acrobat. There's a high degree of danger in Russian bar to begin with, so the added danger elements mostly don't really add much more danger, it's just for show. That said... WOW!

"RE: Quarter Final 7/12/11"
Posted by susang on 07-13-11 at 01:11 PM
Squonk Opera: weird (and not in a good way)

Miami All Stars & Snap Boogie: first rate

Duo Aero & Fiddleheads: less impressive this time

Posted by dabo on 07-14-11 at 10:01 AM
Well, it was a good night for the second hour acts as Snap Boogie (07), Anna Graceman (11) and Sandou Trio Russian Bar (12) took the top three spot in the voting. Judges' decision between fourth and fifth turned out between Miami All Stars (01) and The Fiddleheads (09); Sharon and Piers both selected the Miami dancers over the bluegrass band, no need for a Howie vote.

Good-bye Dezmond Meeks (02). This was a bit of a shock to me as I thought he had a very strong performance and should at least have been in it still for the judges to decide, curse of going second.

"RE: Results"
Posted by jbug on 07-14-11 at 10:23 AM
I'll watch (recorded) tonite, but how many of the 12 stay & how many get cut?

"RE: Quarter Final 7/12/11"
Posted by jbug on 07-14-11 at 10:19 AM
I didn't watch results show yet- this is my take on the performances:

01. Miami All Stars. Excellent!

02. Dezmond Meeks. I was disappointed; liked his audition much better.

03. Those Funny Little People. Not a lot of real talent; just people (I guess there are people in those costumes?) playing around.

04. Fearless Flores Family. Impressive but what more can they do besides ride inside that ball?

05. Squonk Opera. didn't see their audition - this was a mess.

06. J. Chris Newberg. funny but not the funniest comedian I've heard by a long shot.

07. Snap Boogie. Best performance of teh night!

08. Echo of Animal Gardens. love the bird but... doing the same thing over & over.

09. The Fiddleheads. another act that was better in their original audition.

10. Duo Aero. okay but I agree w/ Piers - a bit boring

11. Anna Graceman. good but ....

12. Sandou Trio Russian Bar. I wish they had told her NOT to risk her life again - try to find another way to impress them. I can not imagine the horror if she falls...

"RE: Quarter Final 7/12/11"
Posted by dabo on 07-14-11 at 11:04 AM
To answer the question above, eight acts were eliminated. The top three acts in the voting automatically go to the next round. The judges vote between the fourth and fifth place acts to make the fourth pick.

Squonk Opera is a performance art troupe that has existed around 20 years with various changes in personnel. They create their own "operas" and have had some success over the years. Short programs, skits, are just not their thing, and whatever they performed this week just seemed pointless. But it was all for promotion, I'm sure, and I expect their internet traffic has picked up lately.

"RE: Quarter Final 7/12/11"
Posted by jbug on 07-14-11 at 11:44 AM

I wonder how & who decides which acts to pit against each other in the quarter finals. I wish they would put similar acts together.
Singers against singers; dancers against dancers, etc.

"RE: Quarter Final 7/12/11"
Posted by Max Headroom on 07-14-11 at 10:56 AM
America made the right choices for this round, as my top 5 acts were the top 5 in the voting. Moving on:

1. Snap Boogie
2. Sandou Trio Russian Bar
3. Anna Graceman
4. Miami All Stars (judges' choice over The Fiddleheads)

"Quarter Final 7/19/11"
Posted by dabo on 07-20-11 at 10:04 AM
Not as good a show this week as last, but it had some entertainment value. Howie got in a hacking zinger on Piers!

01. Attack Dance Crew. dance group. Started out pretty good but got progressively sloppy, they do need to work more on precision. That said, major complaint is with the producers: too many camera angles and cutting too quickly from angle to angle made it impossible to really judge this act.

02. Dani Shay. singer. I liked the song choice and the staging, thought she did a pretty good job, but seemed to be letting the butterflies get to her.

03. Geechy Guy. comedian. X by Piers. Rapid fire comedy, it was okay, B for presentation, C for material.

04. Daniel Joseph Baker. singer. 2nd best act of the night.

05. The Rhinestone Ropers. western tricks. X by Piers. Flop.

06. Dylan Andre. singer. Managed to get through it, unimpressive.

07. Landon Swank. magician. Neat trick.

08. Smage Bros. Riding Shows. motorcycle stunts. The live audience and judges loved it, I don't see but they do the same things over and over, some overgrown kids with some really cool toys.

09. Thomas John. juggler. X by Piers. X by Sharon. Meh.

10. Steven Retchless. pole dancer. X by Piers. Impressive gymnastics, great that he's taken his artform in a new direction, as impressive as it is it probably won't catch on.

11. Mona Lisa. singing sisters. Nice song, good presentation.

12. Silhouettes. dance group. WOW! Very inventive. They may have peeked with that performance but what a way to peek!

"RE: Quarter Final 7/19/11"
Posted by Max Headroom on 07-20-11 at 10:11 AM
Terrible. Just terrible. Even trying my hardest, I couldn't scrape up four worthy acts out of this bunch.

Piers was grumpy throughout the broadcast last night, and I understand why-- he was thinking back to other acts which just missed the cut and wondering how many of them would've been better than the carp he watched last night.

"RE: Quarter Final 7/19/11"
Posted by dabo on 07-20-11 at 10:29 AM
Yeah, singer Baker and the Silhouettes ought to get through on the strength of their performances. The magic act was right on the edge. I couldn't pick a fourth act to vote for, all in all not a good show.

"RE: Quarter Final 7/19/11"
Posted by susang on 07-20-11 at 01:07 PM
Dani Shay: good song choice

Geechy Guy: wonderfully dorky

Thomas John & Rhinestone Ropers: they bombed, big time

Silhouettes: best performance of the night

"Results 7/20/11"
Posted by Max Headroom on 07-21-11 at 08:00 AM
America got it right again, as the three acts worthy of further consideration were passed through. In my opinion none of the remaining nine acts deserved to move on, but the rules say that four acts move on...

Moving on:
Daniel Joseph Baker
Smage Bros. Riding Shows
Steven Retchless

My votes were:
1. Silhouettes
2. Smage Bros.
3. Daniel Joseph Baker
4-12. Don't care

"RE: Results 7/20/11"
Posted by dabo on 07-21-11 at 09:33 AM
Right? Pretty much. America voted through Silhouettes and Daniel Baker, the two acts I thought clearly deserved to continue from Tuesday's show. America also voted through Steven Retchless, who clearly is talented and athletic, I was pleased and surprised by this since his act is a one-of-a-kind effort to expand the art. Good job, America!

But then the judges had to decided between Smage Bros. and magician Landon Swank. Sharon voted Smage. Piers voted Landon. Howie voted Smage. Could have gone either way but I think it went the wrong way. Smage Bros. are exciting, thrilling, but I just see them doing the same things over and over, don't really believe they can win. Landon Swank has done a different trick every time and could possibly have continued on for the win.

Oh well, at least we got to see three more singing acts fall by the wayside.

"RE: Results 7/20/11"
Posted by jbug on 07-21-11 at 09:37 AM
The Smadge brothers don't look much different from the guy last year who did the same things - except on a bicycle - by himself.
Dangerous? yes
Entertaining? no

"RE: Results 7/20/11"
Posted by Max Headroom on 07-21-11 at 10:44 AM
Landon Swank would've been my 4th vote if I would've been forced to vote for 4 acts. Steven Retchless was in the middle of the pack for me.

"RE: Top 48"
Posted by Glow on 07-21-11 at 12:48 PM
I'm so happy that my favorite isn't a singer this year! Snap Boogie is incredible. Love that kid. Just wow.

"RE: Top 48"
Posted by dabo on 07-21-11 at 01:13 PM
LAST EDITED ON 07-21-11 AT 01:19 PM (EST)

This does seem to be the year for a dance or variety act to win. There are still some strong singing/musical acts in the running, but I expect more of them to lose in the next couple of weeks. The three little girls could get through to the semi-finals simply on the cute factor, hope they stick to being the little girls they are instead of resorting to the toddlers in tiaras gimmick which would just be creepy.

I'm getting a little tired of the contention between Piers and Howie, Sharon needs to be telling them both to behave. There are some more "tick off Piers" acts coming up, maybe they'll get it out of their systems by the end of quarter finals.

Of course, there is still the YouTube show to come, no idea what will show up then. And probably a wild card quarter final the following week, which would probably mostly be acts that fell out in the previous quarter finals.

We could use a few more entries in the Wild Card Game!

"Coming Two Weeks"
Posted by dabo on 07-26-11 at 01:17 AM
Just parking this information here, don't know when I'll be watching these episodes.

The slated acts for this week's performance show are:

Captain and Maybelle, sideshow act (ie. a tick off Piers act)
Ian Johnson, yo-yo tricks
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., classical singer
Lys Agnes, opera singer
Mauricio Herrera, song and dance
Monet, singer
Poplyfe, teen rock band
Professor Splash, high diver
Purrfect Angelz, dance troupe
Seth Grabel, magician
SH'Boss Boys, young rap trio
Summerwind Skippers, jumprope squad

The slated acts for next week's performance show are:

Avery and the Calico Hearts, singing trio kids
Charles Peachock, juggler
Fatally Unique, dance crew
Frank Miles, danger act
The Kinetic King, Rube Goldberg variety (for lack of a better name)
Melissa Villasenor, impressionist
Sam B., comedy dancer
Scott Alexander, magician
Taylor Davis, singer
Team iLuminate, glow suit dancers
Yellow Design Stunt Team, BMX bike tricks act
Zuma Zuma, tumblers/acrobats

"Quarter Final 7/26/11"
Posted by dabo on 07-27-11 at 11:13 AM
LAST EDITED ON 07-27-11 AT 12:53 PM (EST)

Pretty good show this week.

01. Summerwind Skippers. jump rope squad. No opinion. Seemed good but I found it impossible to follow the jump roping action thanks to the director changing the camera angles way too much.

02. SH'Boss Boys. rap trio. Cute as the dickens.

03. Mauricio Herrerra. singer/dancer. X by Piers. X by Sharon. It was good for a laugh, he's nowhere near as talented as those he emulates.

04. Seth Grabel. magician. High marks for flash and splash, I was not impressed with this trick.

05. Poplyfe. rock band. The singer couldn't quite reach it in one spot, it was a nice try.

06. Ian Johnson. yo-yo tricks. X by Piers. I liked it. Had a few trouble spots but pushed on, Piers' X didn't rattle him.

07. Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. singer. Very safe song choice, but this guy is made for Vegas.

08. Purrfect Angelz. dance troupe. X by Piers. I enjoyed it, a bit hard to follow again Mr. Director Bad Angles.

09. Monet. singer. Bit rough at the start but got going after that.

10. Captain & Maybelle. sideshow freaks. Awful, disgusting, no thanks.

11. Lys Agnes. singer. Stand-out of the evening IMHO.

12. Professor Splash. high diver. Excellent, give him his world record and send him home.

Couldn't vote this week because it was way too late when I finally got to watch this. I'll be surprised if Landau and Lys don't both move on to the next round, otherwise I can't call it. The magic trick may have looked better live than on TV but it was pretty obvious it wasn't him in the "cannon."

"RE: Quarter Final 7/26/11"
Posted by jbug on 07-27-11 at 11:48 AM
Didn't get to watch...

SH'Boss Boys. rap trio. Cute as the dickens.

I read "cute as the chickens" and wondered what they had done! LOL

"RE: Quarter Final 7/26/11"
Posted by dabo on 07-27-11 at 12:14 PM
The kids are, respectively, 5, 6 and 7 years old, need I say more. They also brought in some age appropriate dancers to participate in the routine, so in this instance kudos to the producers for going the extra mile.

Unfortunately, the kids are so dutchy I can't understand a thing they say. This act, cute as it is, self destructs when it reaches puberty.

"RE: Quarter Final 7/26/11"
Posted by susang on 07-27-11 at 01:07 PM
Poplyfe: good song choice, likeable young people

Mauricio Herrera: train wreck

Lys Agnes & Landau Eugene Murphy Jr: both have amazing voices and stage presence

Captain & Maybelle: couldn't bear to watch them

"RE: Quarter Final 7/26/11"
Posted by mindy23 on 07-27-11 at 06:13 PM
It took me about ten minutes to get my eyes to stop watering after watching the freak show of Captain and Maybelle. Hopefully will be the last time we have to endure that. IF they go on, I'll know better and just FF when their act appears.

I guess 'some' people are in to that sort of thing (what would you CALL THAT??), but no thanks. Not for me. And how much can they do day after day in a Vegas act? Sooner or later, they'd lose a limb or vital organ.

Posted by dabo on 07-28-11 at 00:30 AM
Well, America decided, it was a good night for singers. The top three acts moving on to the semi-finals:

Poplyfe (teen rock band)
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. (classical singer)
Lys Agnes (opera singer)

Piers was pretty upset when Summerwind Skippers were eliminated in the first batch. He should call an executive meeting and have the directors called on the carpet, visual acts getting messed up by horrible directors has been going on in AGT for far too long.

The judges wound up having to decide between magician Seth Grabel and high diver Professor Splash. Mixed feelings for me as Seth's trick last night had several flaws and was easy to see through, but while Professor Splash always delivers it isn't the sort of thing you would want the man doing several times a day.

Sharon voted for Seth.
Howie voted for Splash.
Saying he decided based on which act had a better chance of winning AGT, Piers voted for Splash.

Guest acts tonight were Stevie Nicks and Fighting Gravity.

"RE: Results"
Posted by Max Headroom on 07-28-11 at 08:37 AM
Once again I had a hard time coming up with four acts worthy of my vote. This has been a crummy season.

My votes:

1. Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
2. Poplyfe (I agree with Piers, the singer is much better than the band)
3. Lys Agnes
4 (reluctantly). Professor Splash, a one-trick pony if there ever was one.

"RE: Results"
Posted by Untrugby on 07-28-11 at 11:34 AM
How did Poplyfe advance? Their performance was awful. The singer the only good part to their group picked a song that was out of her range. Her voice went so flat that it went silent at one point. Then all of the judges acted like it was the best thing they have ever heard. Their performance was one of the only disingenuous judgings ive seen this season. The producers must really want them to go on.

"RE: Results"
Posted by dabo on 07-28-11 at 11:51 AM
I think the judges have been disingenuoous more often than just that once, and in that episode there was another act that got unreasonable praise, Seth Grabel. Maybe it was a youth vote. There were a lot of youngsters this week, SH'Boss Boys, Poplyfe, Monet, Ian Johnson. Don't know the ages of the Skippers, perhaps some of them. Possibly the tween, teen and low 20s voters wanted to keep them on.

That said, while the show was more enjoyable this week, the level of competition wasn't as high as the first week of quarter finals. Aside from the clear talent votes for Lys and Landau, other placements were probably decided by popularity votes. I cannot think of another explanation why Seth and Splash finished 4th and 5th.

At that, the judges got lucky the SH'Boss Boys were eliminated before they had to decide.

"RE: Results"
Posted by mindy23 on 07-28-11 at 11:52 AM
Here we go again with the musical finale. Geez, why don't we just plan on it being the show that takes the older and younger of what AI won't??

Darn, I was so upset that not one, but TWO magicians were eliminated! What's the deal with the belly-flopping high dive? Do they really think he's THAT talented? How would he fill up a 90 minute act?

OK, as someone else said, let him have his world record, enter it into the book, and move on!! Maybe he'll sing on his way down thru the fire, next week??

I'm just too tired of it ending up the same every single year. Not saying that these singers/musicians aren't good. There are just TOO many other shows and places for them to be. HERE is where I want to see magicians, ventriloquists, high-flighing acts, entertainment that is out of the box (as in "Defying Gravity" who should have won last year)!

Oh well. America definitely loves their music and singers. But what do we do with them once they win?? Nada. Until last night, I had no idea what Michael was doing with his life. I don't think he did, either. Thanks to Stevie Nix, who may break a hip if she doesn't chill it with the moves, at least he has ONE tour on hand.

BTW, I am NOT against older singers!! I am just a tad bit younger than SN, myself. Love it that she is still rocking!! But the last time I saw her, she was accompanied by a cane and someone helping her on stage.

"RE: Results"
Posted by dabo on 07-28-11 at 12:59 PM
LAST EDITED ON 07-28-11 AT 01:05 PM (EST)

I'm hoping at least one magician gets brought back as a Wild Card. Two, actually, I really loved the low-key Fig and Newton act. No way he was ever going to win, but I enjoyed it.

One thing (of several, actually) I do not understand is the judges' collective love affair with danger. Some acts are dangerous by their nature, I don't mind that, but added unneccesary risk factors turn me off. Next week we get to see the guy who claims everything he does is dangerous but it's just talk in my opinion.

This week had six singing acts, three were eliminated (Mauricio Herrerra, Monet, SH'Boss Boys). Glass half full or half empty?

(Take heart, there are only two singing acts next week, or perhaps three depending on what the impressionist does.)

"RE: Results"
Posted by jbug on 07-28-11 at 03:12 PM
I agree Untrugby (& welcome).

She was totally off key; I was shocked when they complimented her.

"RE: Results"
Posted by dabo on 07-28-11 at 03:44 PM
But hey man it's rock and roll, mistakes are just part of rock and roll dig.

Personally, had I been able to vote, I think I would have voted for the Angelz. They belong in Vegas. As showgirls maybe, but Vegas certainly.

"RE: I think they complimented the band because..."
Posted by mindy23 on 08-01-11 at 02:14 PM
of the announcement that the girl had just had a throat infection.

I think that caused most to feel she wouldn't be able to get through the song at all, and in fact she did. Wasn't all THAT, but she did sing well.

I actually enjoyed that they were able to include a few mini-solos by the guitar and drums, so it wasn't all about her.

But, in reality, there is no way they are ready for a show of their own, or even a record. IMHO, anyway...

"RE: Results"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-02-11 at 08:52 AM
The Angelz were hot but not vegas show girls hot and their dancing wasnt anything special. I agree with howie when he said "where are my wings? ...because this is the best hooters ive ever been to"

"RE: Results"
Posted by dabo on 08-02-11 at 10:15 AM
BTW, welcome aboard. Should have said that earlier.

Still, you got to admit, watching that one girl climb that rope was pretty neat. What little of it the director let us see.

"Quarter Final 8/2/11"
Posted by dabo on 08-03-11 at 00:44 AM
LAST EDITED ON 08-03-11 AT 00:45 AM (EST)

Another week where it is tough to decide on four acts to vote for, with some failures knocking themselves out of the running IMHO.

01. The Kinetic King. kinetic artist. X by Piers. X by Howie. Total failure. But at least he took it well and with humor. Shame it failed though ultimately it was never a headline act.

02. Zuma Zuma. tumblers/acrobats. Highlight of the show, these guys were great and even some bad directing couldn't sink them.

03. Avery and the Calico Hearts. singing trio. Cute kids, off key and bad harmonies, didn't work for me.

04. Charles Peachock. juggler. X by Sharon. X by Howie. i have seen this sort of juggling before and it worked for me. Well done, though a bit slow at the start, and the break to rip off his shirt before continuing did disrupt the flow of the act somewhat.

05. Sam B. comedy dancer. X by Piers. Took himself too seriously and left out some of the more amusing Chris Farley moves, fail.

06. Taylor Davis. singer. X by Piers. Nice song, off key, unemotional performance, fail.

07. Melissa Villasenor. impressionist. Did include some singing in the set. I liked it and thought it passable, but this sort of material needs to be honed with audiences, even just groups cornered at the pool or in the smoking area.

08. Scott Alexander. magician. Didn't know where he was going for awhile, simple trick pulled off with flair and showmanship.

09. Fatally Unique. dance crew. I thought they blew it with a tight but lifeless performance, gushing judges maybe saw a different show but I don't recall any stunt moves at all. Horrible lighting and staging, nothing song had no connection to the routine.

10. Yellow Designs Stunt Team. BMX bike stunts. Despite a fall they otherwise performed well, it was exciting, and the production tea party aspects ... (couldn't help myself, I got the giggles).

11. Frank Miles. danger act. Well, he says it is all dangerous, and maybe this time there was a little bit more danger than in his previous appearances. Good showman with stage presence, but I've seen enough of it.

12. Team iLuminate. glow-light costume dancers. Fun, enjoyable performance, nice way to end the show, wouldn't mind seeing them go on to the next round.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/2/11"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-03-11 at 12:40 PM
ZumaZuma, Peachock, Yellow Designs and iLuninate were so far above the rest IMO i dont see any others going through. Unless ppl vote for those kids, I hate when they do that.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/2/11"
Posted by dabo on 08-03-11 at 07:23 PM
It'll be awful if the kids get by on cute, they really didn't sing well together. Frank "Danger Man" Miles might get by on personality even though he didn't hit the doughnut. Hope not.

I like your top four of Zuma Zuma, Peachock, Yellow Designs and iLuminate. The judges gushing over Fatally Unique still mystifies me, the whole thing just seemed an awful mess.

We may be headed for a rare sweep tonight by variety acts! I wouldn't object if impressionist Villasenor or magician Alexander managed to make the cut, Zuma Zuma was the only act to really put on a perfect set.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/2/11"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-03-11 at 07:43 PM
Alexander was pretty good there was just something that rubbed me the wrong way about him. Villasenor was okay but ive seen much better impressionists and her best one was the kathy griffin which she did in auditions. Zuma Zuma was great but i thought iLuminate was by far the best barring a major mess up from them i cant see any way they dont win.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/2/11"
Posted by susang on 08-03-11 at 01:10 PM
Zuma Zuma: more entertaining than pole dancer Steven Retchless

Charles Peachock: didn't get it

Sam B: so bad, it was good -- loved the 80s theme

Melissa Villasenor: very witty

Team iLUminate: excellent -- like Fighting Gravity from Season 5

"RE: Quarter Final 8/2/11"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-03-11 at 02:12 PM
Villasenor was ok but not even close to the level of someone like Frank Caliendo and if you have to tell the audience who youre impersonating youre not good enough.

Posted by dabo on 08-04-11 at 00:57 AM
Groups and variety won this week! 'Ray!!!

The first of the top three acts to be announced was dance crew Fatally Unique. Bit of an upset, you ask me, as I thought their performance this week was technically good for the dancing but the production was horrible.

Next to move on, tumblers/acrobats Zuma Zuma! No surprise, they were clearly the winning act this week.

Third to move on, glow-suit dance team Team iLuminate! No complaint, they are wonderful. Though I do think they should work closer with the directors how their shows are presented.

The judges were left to decide between juggler Charles Peachock and impressionist Melissa Villasenor. Of the two I would have given the nod to Charles.

Sharon voted for Melissa. Piers voted for Charles. Howie voted for Melissa. (Considering that both Sharon and Howie had Xed Charles this wasn't a surprise, just a disappointment.)

Nick announced that next week is the YouTube audition winners Quarter Final and the following week is the Wildcard Quarter Final! Oh, and there is someplace on the NBC AGT site where you can vote your favorite Wildcards.

"RE: Results"
Posted by Max Headroom on 08-04-11 at 08:48 AM
Once again I agree with America's choices. I thought the acts collectively were better this week than in past weeks, but there were fewer standouts. And I was surprised that Kinetic King made the top 6 after his epic fail on Tuesday night.

The only acts I thought were excellent this week were Team iLuminate and Zuma Zuma, but I'm ok with Fatally Unique and Melissa Villasenor moving on.

"RE: Results"
Posted by dabo on 08-04-11 at 10:10 AM
LAST EDITED ON 08-04-11 AT 12:39 PM (EST)

America gets to decide, no problem. I do think the acts decided by the judges decisions unfortunately may be affected by the judge rivalries.

Rewatched the performances, still don't get how Fatally Unique got through. I see the precision drill, I also see some bad camera angles and the strong distracting lights going on and off make it hard to watch. For me anyway, I just get very very annoyed watching that set.

But I was also able to nail down the problem with Team iLuminate (which isn't nearly as bad). The thinner green lines of the costumes don't stand out very well except in close shots, and reds tend to vanish into black. It's something they should work on.

"RE: Results"
Posted by dabo on 08-04-11 at 12:32 PM
Did Kinetic King make top 6? I've never seen anything to pinpoint a placement in the results show revelations, only that we know the top three acts in the voting are the ones that automatically go to the next round, and we know the 4th and 5th acts in the voting are the ones decided by the judges.

If he did make top 6 of the week, chalk it up to the way he handled the disaster. When things first started going wrong he tried a few times to salvage the performance, then when it got hopeless he laughed and joked and made as amusing a show of it as he could, even got Nick into it. His off-beat personality was always a big part of how he made a show work.

"RE: Results"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-04-11 at 07:49 PM
I dont know how Fatally Unique moved on. They wernt very sharp, they didnt have any "WOW" moves, and they have to many people in their group their routes look to busy.

I dont think Fatally or Villasenor makes it any farther. Zuma and iLuminate are going far though

"RE: Results"
Posted by dabo on 08-05-11 at 04:21 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-05-11 AT 04:21 PM (EST)

Agree about Fatally Unique, in that while I did like their previous performances I thought they blew it this week. They gave up their daring bold moves in order to perform a precission drill.

As for chances of winning... it would be nice if this year America's Got Talent broke from the traditional winners trends. Four of the five winners are singers, one ventriloquist, all solo acts. Three groups getting through this week is something I take as a good sign.

"RE: Results"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-06-11 at 02:43 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-06-11 AT 02:52 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 08-06-11 AT 02:46 PM (EST)

i dont think theres much chance of a singer winning this year

iirc the singers that went through

kid singer
kid band
gay singer
opera singer
lounge singer

The kid singer is ok but shes no jackie

The kid band i dont like the singer, the song choices or the band

The gay singer is just to over the top and hes not a great singer

The opera singer is good i guess but im not really into opera and i dont see that being a vegas show

The lounge singer has the best chance but i think the other atcs are better

The only group that didnt get though that i though was good was the attack dance crew, i thought howies racist remarks jaded people away from voting for them.

"RE: Results"
Posted by Max Headroom on 08-08-11 at 08:10 AM
There's still YouTube week plus the wildcards-- plenty of chances for more singers to get into the mix.

"YouTube Acts"
Posted by dabo on 08-08-11 at 11:14 AM
LAST EDITED ON 08-08-11 AT 11:53 AM (EST)

As best as I can determine the following are the acts that were up for voting this year on YouTube. One of these acts will appear tomorrow courtesy of having received the most YouTube votes. The other acts that appear tomorrow are by selection of producers and judges. The acts which from this group do not appear you probably didn't want to see anyay.

Abby Hwang. scat singer.

Victor DiMarko. country singer.

Brett Daniels. magician.

The Reliques. singing duet.

Matt Wilhelm. blacklight bike stunts.

Gymkana. gymnastics/dance(?) group.

West Springfield Dance. dance group.

Kalani Basketball Freestyle. basketball tricks.

Allie Bridges. singer.

Joe Ann & Kwiesi Davis. rapping singing duet. (gramdmother/grandson?)

Trey Thomas. singer.

TNC Elite. tap dance group.

Breena Bell. dancer/tumbler. (tot)

Aeon Fever. acrobatic dance group.

Matt "Rockstar" Sikorski. flaming boards breaking guitar torturer.

Beth Ann Robinson. ballet dancer.

Akata. a capella girl group (quintet).

Maddox Ross. country singer/band. (singer is grade schooler)

Megan Piphus. singer-ventriloquist.

(If there were other acts up for consideration I did not find them, so acts not here named might appear as well.)

"RE: YouTube Acts"
Posted by dabo on 08-08-11 at 11:24 AM
If I've done the math correctly we are guaranteed a minimum of three singing acts tomorrow night, of a possible maximum of nine.

"YouTube Acts +3"
Posted by dabo on 08-08-11 at 01:05 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-08-11 AT 04:23 PM (EST)

Found a playlist with 9 of the above named acts plus three additional. Are these the performers this week? (Possibly the three additions were to replace previously removed segments, all were added this month.)

Aeon Fever. acrobatic dance group.
Beth Ann Robinson. ballet dancer.
Breena Bell. dancer/tumbler (tot).
Brett Daniels. magician.
Gymkana. acrobatic dance group.
Kalani Basketball Freestyle. basketball tricks.
Matt Wilhelm. blacklight bike stunts.
TNC Elite. tap dance group.
West Springfield Dance. dance group.

Gabe Rocks. dog act.

Kevin Colis. singer.

Powerhouse Choir. glee group.

"RE: YouTube Acts +3"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-09-11 at 10:59 PM
Tonight was awful there was only one good act, Matt Wilhelm. If I had to pick 3 more to go through I guess it would be Brett Daniels, Beth Ann, and Kevin Colis but they were nothing special.

"RE: YouTube Acts +3"
Posted by toad8098 on 08-09-11 at 11:08 PM
yep, most of the YouTube acts were quite boring.

my rankings:
1. Matt Wilhelm
2. Gymkana
3. Kevin Colis
4. TNC Elite
5. Gabe Rocks
6. West Springfield Dance Team
7. Powerhouse
8. Aeon
9. Beth Ann Robinson
10. Kalani Basketball Freestyle
11. Brett Daniels
12. Breena Bell

only Wilhelm has a real chance and possibly Gymkana if they step it up.

"Quarter Final 8/9/11"
Posted by dabo on 08-10-11 at 00:54 AM
Not an overwhelming night, and the bickering between the judges and even Nick got out of hand. I did think the directors did better than usual this week, with only one act that might have been hurt by some poor choices.

01. TNC Elite. clogging group. Could have used more clogging, passable.

02. Brett Daniels. illusionist. X by Piers. The tricks were alright but it was a very slow set and boring.

03. Gabe Rocks. dog act. X by Piers. I'll give them a break on the slow pacing because you can't throw an animal act into an unfamilier venue and expect it to go perfectly, very impressive well trained dog. I wouldn't waste a vote on it but it wouldn't bother me to see if Gabe can do better next time.

04. Aeon. parkour group. X by Piers. I enjoyed this act but it wasn't as good as it should have been, they should have given themselves more room and not had the dancers.

05. Breena Bell. dancer/contortionist. X by Piers. Amusing cute kid, appropriate attire for her age (her audition outfit, on the other hand...). Talanted but not an impressive performer.

06. Kevin Colis. singer. Nice song, good performance, passable but out of his league.

07. Beth Ann Robinson. dancer. I enjoyed it, another year or two she'll be ready for prime time.

08. Gymkana. acrobatics team. Impressive gymnastics, need to work on honing their performance, might want to consider breaking into two squads rather than having everyone crammed into center stage.

09. Kalani Basketball Freestyle. basketball tricks. X by Piers. Didn't go well, sorry. (Even had it gone well, the directing made it impossible to follow all of the basketball tricks.)

10. West Springfield Dance Team. theatrical dance. Good set flawed by a horrible (annoying) backdrop, too many of them to follow all the action under any circumstances, passable.

11. Matt Wilhelm. blacklight bike tricks. Winner of most votes of the YouTube auditions. Very neat and fun act, the costume unfortunately needs more work as it doesn't stand out as well as it should when it is supposed to stand out. Best act of the night (not that that means much considering the night it was).

12. Powerhouse Choir. glee club. X by Howie. Singing just didn't live up to the powerhouse billing, no thanks.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/9/11"
Posted by susang on 08-10-11 at 01:16 PM
TNC Elite: corny cloggers

Gabe Rocks: cute bulldog

Kevin Colis: enjoyable, good song choice

Beth Ann Robinson: terrific dancer

Matt Wilhelm: best act in this round

"RE: Quarter Final 8/9/11"
Posted by mindy23 on 08-11-11 at 09:52 AM
>TNC Elite: corny cloggers
>Gabe Rocks: cute bulldog
>Kevin Colis: enjoyable, good song choice
>Beth Ann Robinson: terrific dancer
>Matt Wilhelm: best act in this


"RE: Quarter Final 8/9/11"
Posted by KoalaChick on 08-10-11 at 02:33 PM
>Not an overwhelming night, and the
>bickering between the judges and
>even Nick got out of

I really thought adding Howie Mandel was a good move...last season. I'm so tired of the "Look at me" juvenile pranks this year and they're getting worse with each show. This is not the Howie Mandel Show, it's a show to find some real raw talent that would never have a chance to be discovered.

I'm over Howie.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/9/11"
Posted by Max Headroom on 08-10-11 at 10:17 PM
For the first time in a while, I would willingly vote for four of the acts this week. The other eight? Not so good.

1. Gymkana
2. West Springfield Dance Team
3. Matt Wilhelm
4. Beth Ann Robinson

Posted by dabo on 08-11-11 at 00:16 AM
America spoke, and the three acts movng on from the less than par YouTube QF were three of the stronger acts of the week, amid a night of youtube sensations performing basically boring nonsense, though the final youtube hand-dancing act was somewhat enjoyable.

Acrobatics/gymnastics team Gymkata got the good news first, followed by blacklight stunt biker Matt Wilhelm, then singer Kevin Colis. Not bad, America, not bad.

The judges were left to decide between interpretive opera dancer Beth Ann Robinson and theatrical dance troupe West Springfield Dance Team. Flip a coin as far as I cared, both acts were pretty good and likeable high school kids.

Piers voted for Beth Ann.
Sharon voted for West Springfield.
Howie voted for Beth Ann! YAY!

Then Sharon made the whole judges decision thing moot by announcing WSDT would be one of her wild card selections for next week. (More on the wc's in my next post.)

As far as the youtube sensation performers I saw tonight, three were a complete waste of time, the singer was an ok singer, but I do like those hand clappers or whatever that's called.

"RE: Results"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-11-11 at 01:46 AM
I didnt care much for gymkana. It was just vaulting onto a mat over and over and over. Id prob do my self in if i had to watch it for 90 minutes. Their act was even that tight either. They hit one of the people on the ladder while jumping at least twice. You might say well it was their first live performance but if you look at youtube they routinely perform for entire stadiums. They were good but just not up to the level of talent that should be in the next round.

I think ive seen the hand clappers on a mcdonalds commercial they did they same routine pretty much

"Wild Card Acts"
Posted by dabo on 08-11-11 at 00:47 AM
The following wild card acts were announced on the 8/10/11 results show as the acts for the final Quarter Final week.

West Springfield Dance Team. theatrical dance troupe. eliminated QF week 5 (youtube week) by judges.

Landon Swank. magician. eliminated QF week 2 by judges.

The Kinetic King. kinetic artist. eliminated QF week 4 by voters.

Summerwind Skippers. jump rope team. eliminated QF week 3 by voters.

Charles Peachock. juggler. eliminated QF week 4 by judges.

Yellow Designs Stunt Team. BMX bike tricks. eliminated QF week 4 by voters.

Shevonne Phillidor. singer. eliminated Las Vegas week night 1 by judges.

J. Chris Newberg. comedian. eliminated QF week 1 by voters.

Those Funny Little People. novelty act. eliminated QF week 1 by voters.

Seth Grabel. magician. eliminated QF week 3 by judges.

The Fiddleheads. bluegrass band. eliminated QF week 1 by judges.

Avery and the Calico Hearts. singing trio. eliminated QF week 4 by voters.

"Quarter Final 8/16/11"
Posted by dabo on 08-17-11 at 00:48 AM
Finally, the final QF of the season, Wild Cards. No idea which acts will be the top three for this week, what I do know is I am totally fed up with the judges trying to be the show. Quit it all of you!

01. The Kinetic King. kinetic artist. (Piers WC pick) Bigger isn't always better. I enjoyed this, lot of stuff going on, but I was more impressed in his earlier auditions when he had those trails of tongue depressors flying up in formation. Okay show, his quirky personality is his selling point.

02. Those Funny Little People. novelty act. (Howie WC pick) X by Piers. Honestly, Howie picked these guys to get on Piers' case, and it worked, and enough already. Is it entertaining, yes. Is it talent? Mainly it is gimmick. They don't sing, they really can't dance, in terms of being in a talent competition it is a complete waste of time.

03. Avery and the Calico Hearts, singing trio. (Sharon WC pick) X by Piers. Individually they may be good singers but as a group they are not a good singing group.

04. Seth Grabel. magician. (Howie WC pick) Up until the end when he finally did a magic trick I thought he'd hung up his wand, I'd have buzzed him and don't know why Piers didn't.

05. Shevonne. singer. (Sharon WC pick) Finally, an act worth voting for! Much better than the youtube singer that got through last week.

06. West Springfield Dance Team. theatrical dance troupe. (Sharon WC pick) Enjoyable performance, not as strong as last week but it was only a week between shows for them. Passable. But if America seds them home, well they should be getting back to school about now anyway.

07. J. Chris Newberg. comedian. (Howie WC pick) X by Piers. Roast comedy without being flanked by two tables of drunk revellers, that's a highwire act without a net. I thought it went well, not as rough as your usual roast comedy but children watch this show so I approve.

08. Yellow Designs Stunt Team. BMX bike tricks. (Sharon WC pick) Exciting act, well presented, but honestly another fall. They previously had a fall, and they previously had an equipment failure, if they do manage to come back they better finally get it right.

09. Charles Peachock. juggler. (Piers WC pick) A rare drop from Charles, and even more surprising Piers forgave it. I like this guy, even voted for him to come back in the AGT poll, so I'll pull a surprising Piers here and say passable.

10. The Fiddleheads. bluegrass band. (Howie WC pick) X by Piers. Poor song choice or just bad sound mixing, I can't decide, but it wasn't a good set, no excuse either way.

11. Summerwind Skippers. jump rope act. (Piers WC pick) Enjoyable performance with another glaring mistake by a bunch of kids who probably should be going back to school.

12. Landon Swank. magician. (Piers WC pick) Great performance, loved how he used pre-recording on the backdrop to do the set-up while also getting the act underway, top act of the night.

vince3 tributes thread

"RE: Quarter Final 8/16/11"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-17-11 at 01:21 AM
it was what you'd expected of acts that had been previously eliminated good but not good enough. The only one that is worthy of going through IMO is Yellow designs stunt team.

The 2 magicians did no magic
The singer talksang half of her song
The juggler couldnt juggle
The skippers couldnt skip

Id guess the 4 that get through are
yellow designs stunt team
chris j newberg

and 2 randoms i just cant say any of the others did that well

"RE: Quarter Final 8/16/11"
Posted by dabo on 08-17-11 at 02:10 AM
Well, escape artistry is considered magic for the most part, and the assistant eye-candy ending up in the tank was part of the trick. I thought that was a great set, but I respect your right to disagree.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/16/11"
Posted by Untrugby on 08-17-11 at 03:04 AM
i agree that escape artistry is magic but when you see him handed the tools and you see him undo the locks it takes a lot out of it for me. the assistant ending up in the tank seems pretty obvious that she just undid the straps jumped in and he strapped it up. the only thing magical is how he got such a hot fiance in alaska.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/16/11"
Posted by Max Headroom on 08-17-11 at 11:02 AM
I think we now know why all of these acts didn't make it through. None of them are even close to being a winning act.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/16/11"
Posted by susang on 08-17-11 at 01:09 PM
Kinetic King: glad he was successful this time

Shevonne: interesting voice, had forgotten her during the Vegas Round

J Chris Newberg: hilarious

West Springfield Dance Team: can't really explain it, but these dancers bore me

Posted by dabo on 08-18-11 at 00:13 AM
LAST EDITED ON 08-18-11 AT 05:21 PM (EST)

Well, America made some unpredictable picks tonight, after last night's show whatever happened tonight was going to be unpredictable.

The first of the top three acts to get the good news was theatrical dance troupe West Springfield Dance Team. Fine by me but they've got some tough competition in the dance category.

Next to get the good news, the Kinetic King! I really do like the guy and it's neat watching what he does, even when things went horribly wrong before he made the best of it. I just do not know how you turn it into a headlining act.

Third of the top three, magician Landon Swank! I thought he had the best act last night so I was pleased, though it didn't suit everyone.

Along the way they lost the two singer acts from last night, maybe this really will be the year of the dance.

The judges were left to decide between The Fiddleheads and Summerwind Skippers. After a longwinded speech that nearly put me to sleep and left the other judges little time to talk Piers voted, no surprise, for Summerwind Skippers. Howie, of course, spoke a bit, then voted for The Fiddleheads. Sharon started to speak, Piers interrupted her, they fought, they could see the passion in each other's eyes and felt the.. sorry, but a torrid romance novel would be more interesting than these childish judge antics. Sharon voted for Summerwind Skippers.

And next week the semifinals begin!

"RE: Results"
Posted by Max Headroom on 08-18-11 at 08:55 AM
After a longwinded speech that nearly put me to sleep and left the other judges little time to talk Piers voted, no surprise, for Summerwind Skippers.

Piers wanted to maximize his gloating time as he picked three of the four acts which made it through this round. (Sharon had the fourth, West Springfield Dance Team.) The judges' banter is somewhat scripted in any case, as they have a few minutes to huddle together before announcing their decisions at the end of the show.

As for the picks themselves, I didn't think any of the 12 acts were outstanding, but I'm fine with the four that went through to the next round.

"RE: Quarter Final 8/16/11"
Posted by jbug on 08-18-11 at 12:16 PM
Those Funny Little People

This - even just 1 of them - would be something cute at a kids b'day party. But you're right; there is really no talent.
Give anyone the costume - it would look the same.

BTW, I can't figure out exactly where the real head/body parts are - so the costumes are unique in that way.

"The Talent"
Posted by dabo on 08-18-11 at 01:21 PM
There was a talent that could have defined the act, if they had ever displayed that talent I would have acknowledged it.

As for the costumes, whoever came up with those gimmick outfits did a brilliant job. I expect their real hands were inside somewhere on the controls manipulating the mouths, arms and such. No idea how they actually see, probably have a very limited view of their surroundings in any case. And though they did shuffle around a bit, I doubt even trained professional dancers could have done much real dancing in all that gear.

Anyway, the talent. Barney and his dinosaur friends, Big Bird, all those people at Disney parks through the years costumed as Mickey and Donald and so on, innumerable drag acts, Lon Chaney, Sr., buried in make-up and devices in those wonderful silent films: Acting.

Unfortunately, except for a couple of them talking with Nick and the judges, staying in character, they never brought acting into it, their routines were always just amusing little skits to recorded music, lip-sync parodies. Big missed opportunity, they could have done some funny stuff if they'd recognized what their talent should be. Mike them up and have them do a scene from "All in the Family" turning drama into comedy. Those Funny Little People present "I Love Lucy."

They just wasted their big chance.

"RE: The Talent"
Posted by jbug on 08-19-11 at 03:16 PM

"*buzzer sound*"
Posted by Max Headroom on 08-19-11 at 03:24 PM
Sorry, I was channeling my inner Piers for a moment there.

"RE: *buzzer sound*"
Posted by dabo on 08-19-11 at 03:37 PM

So, the do do birthdays!

I still think if they'd bring acting into it (more) they could have a more versatile act.

"RE: The Talent"
Posted by jbug on 08-20-11 at 04:35 PM
I figured out - from their web site - that the person's head is up in the hat. If you look at each hat, you can see a small rectangle that is for seeing out of.

This is a Chicago based company w/ 30 employees.

I usually think of AGT as being amateurs but many are already pros.