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"Wedding special to be televised?"

Posted by pippi_longstocking on 07-08-08 at 04:34 PM
LAST EDITED ON 07-08-08 AT 04:35 PM (EST)

Who thinks that this wedding will be a three part series wedding special followed by a televised wedding on ABC?

For as much as I didn't like Jesse and still a bit suspicious of him seemingly changing his mind so quickly about when he wanted to have children and get married...I'm okay with the outcome. They looked truly happy together although all the 'lets keep kissing and kissing' during the interview with Chris got to be a bit unrestrainted.

Aside from my personal opinions and lifestyle preference of Jason, I'm sure that if they sign a contract with ABC to televise much like Tristan and Ryan...Jesse's income, profession wouldn't ever need to be an issue if they use their money wisely.

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