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"ILM #2 Episode #14: The Final Showdown"

Posted by Estee on 04-30-09 at 10:30 AM
VH1's back-for-one-last-fling preview text: 'The remaining five contestants head into the final competitions for all the marbles. The players must lose all their inhibitions, especially their fear of heights, if they don't want to fall short in the first challenge. But it is the final event that will test all their strength, stamina, and brains. Alliances will do no good here. It's every man or woman for them self, and only one person will walk away with the $250,000.'

Not even remotely helpful. To me, the most interesting bit on the website is the duration of the episode: one hour. We're getting through (potentially) three eliminations and a final competition in that much time minus commercials? There's something here we're not seeing...

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"RE: ILM #2 Episode #14: The Final Showdown"
Posted by Snidget on 04-30-09 at 11:15 AM
That does seem to be an awful lot for a single episode.

"RE: ILM #2 Episode #14: The Final Showdown"
Posted by toddE on 04-30-09 at 12:09 PM
True that. There was the double elimination of Brandi C and Toastee last season, I believe. 5th was Pumkin and that was an entire episode.

Fourth was Real and what an episode that was.

I think even Megan's quitting at F3 got it's own episode, then the final.

So that is four episodes from last season compressed into one episode this season, something must indeed happen, and at least one person must quit. Maybe Prancer's injury forces her out? I don't know.

I only know I have a sick feeling It will win.

"RE: ILM #2 Episode #14: The Final Showdown"
Posted by Estee on 05-05-09 at 01:13 PM
Oooh -- it's a final three (and no jury). They started with two people going for the money at the end and added an extra player, just like a certain other series we all know. And also just like that certain other series, the #3 slot was inevitably filled by someone completely useless!

Honestly, what were the odds?

So I guess we have to congratulate Angela here on putting together a winning run of a sort that -- that -- that may make some degree of sense in retrospect, but shouldn't be summed up on two hours of sleep. I'd rather feel just a tiny bit of faux sympathy for George, who looked as if he came very close to wrecking his hands on that block of ice. (Angela is just going to have some really interesting frostbite patterns.) A little bit of luck in just when you spotted the coin, some strategy failure in how you got to it -- and that's all it took. The Dicque of the season came in second: sometimes, alliances aren't enough.

And for what it's worth, congratulations to the editors on their finale comedy beats -- It trying to ascend the ranks all the way into normality and falling back into confessional moronitude was a nice touch, as was the premiere of It Vision and the failure of every power he possessed. (That's right: all none of them.)

Season #3 is no guarantee. But the casting pool? Already overflowing...

Y'know, technically, warm urine might have counted as body heat.

"RE: ILM #2 Episode #14: The Final Showdown"
Posted by toddE on 05-06-09 at 11:01 AM
Agree with everything you said.

I am actually glad It made it, since he did bring the funny. And I actually believed he'd been faking his lameness.

To add another parallel to a show we all watch; the second season, while entertaining, really paled in comparison to the first season.

Now, off to Charm School.

"RE: ILM #2 Episode #14: The Final Showdown"
Posted by sica077 on 05-06-09 at 09:05 PM
>I am actually glad It made it,
>since he did bring the funny.
>And I actually believed he'd
>been faking his lameness.

I am in the same boat as you. I loved It and his stupid ways. And I, too, fell for it when he tried to play the "it was all an act card." But the whole time I was laughing away .

Posted by Estee on 05-10-09 at 01:45 PM
A few notes from the early showtime.

1. No mention was made of the missing -- or at least, no mention was made of why anyone was missing. It almost looked like Craig was about to bring it up at one point, but -- never happened.

2. The most terrifying moment was taken directly from Cheers.

3. It's just not a VH1 reunion without a fistfight -- so this wasn't a VH1 reunion.

4. Angelique sounds very articulate as long as she's speaking her native tongue. Sadly, that was only for two sentences.

5. Oh no, not another cross-show crush...

"RE: Reunion."
Posted by Snidget on 05-10-09 at 07:26 PM
It was surprisingly calm for a VH1 reunion.

"RE: Reunion."
Posted by toddE on 05-12-09 at 02:05 PM
Well, the reunion shows aren't usually that great anyway, but this time I felt a little sad.

Leilene is really pretty pathetic, and that isn't funny. What if she was your daughter, you know?

Heat is kind of on that border as well.