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"RTVW money lovers: It's time to vote!"

Posted by Estee on 04-29-09 at 12:11 PM
All you have to do for this thread is predict the order our F5 will finish in, from fifth to last. This ranking is placed in the title of your post. For example, if you believe the order will go like this:

It (Winner)

because the end of the universe is just that close, you would have a title of P/M/S/T/I and a deep-seated faith in the total injustice of life.

Good luck predicting -- and remember: VH1 already has enough failed contestants from other series to stock the next six seasons...

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Posted by Estee on 04-29-09 at 12:15 PM
It goes out as the Dead Last Loser again (preview confessionals notwithstanding), Saph runs out of alliances and promises alike, George is removed by the reappearance of the jury, and then Mercedes' leg injury slows her down just a little too much in the last competition. Angela (the first person shown in the title sequence) takes the whole thing and sets a half-UTR standard for seasons to come.

Posted by ohmyheck on 04-29-09 at 02:44 PM
It goes out as dead last loser, Tailor Made taken out by Prancer, Prancer taken out by jury, Myammee refuses to get her hair wet in the finals, and Saaphyri wins.

Posted by Snidget on 04-29-09 at 02:47 PM
Because I think Vh1 is cruel enough to do this to me.

"RE: P/T/S/M/I"
Posted by ssinmd on 04-30-09 at 05:56 AM
Previews show It talking normally and saying he is not a blind moron. Vh1 website shows topless pics of Prancer with new breasts (but claims this is not a spoiler). So I am going with: M/S/T/I/P.

"One problem with the 'implant theory'..."
Posted by Estee on 04-30-09 at 07:20 AM
It presumes there's no such thing as second-place money. Say the runner-up gets 25k: that's more than enough for a decent surgeon. And she could always have an alternate source of income, savings... you get the idea.

I do think she could win: I've got her in the F2. I just think her leg injury is real enough to slow her down in any multi-stage race -- and last season's finale was a mini-marathon.

"RE: One problem with the 'implant theory'..."
Posted by ssinmd on 04-30-09 at 04:47 PM
I am giving this waaay more thought than I should - I even bored the tar out of my husband at dinner trying to figure this one out. Yep, I remember last season's final challenge. And the previews look like this will be a retread of the last two challenges. Assuming the jury doesn't take Prancer out -- huge possibility - the only person I can see beating her in a long term race is It (assuming he is a bigger faker than Becky the homegirl -- to which the previews allude). Georgie is a megawuss, Wanda is a smoker (though she does have stamina - she did outrun the law for 3 years), and from the jiggle in Myammee's legs when she did that victory dance when she won the screaming challenge, I don't get the feeling she gets much exercise.

Posted by toddE on 04-30-09 at 11:55 AM

Yes, I do indeed feel the universe is just that cruel.

I prefer Prancer to win, of those remaining. But with Angelique's ouster, there is no one for me to really root for.

Prancer is almost as stupid as 20 Pack. I'd pick Myammee but she is just such a hooch I can't pick her. Tailor Made is too sleazy, It is just....ewww, and Saaphyri--what possible challenge could she win?