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"ILM #2 Episode #11: You Can Scream All You Want"

Posted by Estee on 04-11-09 at 06:58 AM
VH1's preview text -- has an error. There's only a small exert showing on the schedule page, with no functional link to the episode listing. Go directly to the episode listing, and you get -- nothing. So all we've got is a sample, which reads:

'A last-minute deal before the previous elimination threatens to completely crumble a struggling alliance, while behind closed doors, a new secret alli...'

Wonder who Alli is.

The struggling alliance here should be Nico and Saph. We know Saph is on the vengeance train, and she may not care about running off the rails as long as Nico's tied to the lead car. But a secret alliance? How many alliances can we have in this game? Has anyone thought about trying to work with Craig? Might this be a team-up between It and It's Strange Choice Of Confessional Outfit?

Regardless, Nico has to win Paymaster again: a promise from George's crew likely isn't worth the sewage it's written in. Without that, we could see the classic alliance-for-a-day: no matter who else wins, he'd be out. Should he take the position again, this might be It's last hurrah. (Quick, someone ask It to spell 'hurrah'.

Lots of questions. Very few certainties. No sanity.

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"RE: ILM #2 Episode #11: You Can Scream All You Want"
Posted by Snidget on 04-11-09 at 07:09 AM
Secret Alli?

Someone decided the "stars" are getting a bit chunky and slipped some of that weight loss product into the food or water?

Hope none of them are wearing white pants.

"RE: ILM #2 Episode #11: You Can Scream All You Want"
Posted by Snidget on 04-14-09 at 10:37 AM
Poor Taylor Made, did he really think he was running the alliance and that everyone in his group would do everything he said even if they really weren't part of the negotiations and everything was really all about making him friends on any jury that shows up?

I always kinda thought they let him be the leader of the group because that makes it so he's the one thrown to the wolves when the time came.

"RE: ILM #2 Episode #11: You Can Scream All You Want"
Posted by toddE on 04-14-09 at 05:44 PM
Well, i accidentally posted in the wrong thread to say...

Although I am a fan of the original alliance, 20 Pack got what he deserved for being so unbelievably stupid last week, believing that empty promise. He even compounded it by throwing the challenge, thus costing his 3 person alliance all hope of remaining intact.

I was a fan of 20 until last week. He's right...karma is a beeyutch. Sucker!