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"The Benefactor Episode 5: 10/18/2004"

Posted by volsfan on 10-18-04 at 09:18 PM
I taped this episode and haven't watched yet. However, I did get home in time to see the last like 45 seconds and I saw that MB's man crush was saved!

Let's chat about it!

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    • RE: The Benefactor Episode 5: 10/18/2004,skeetergirl87, 02:31 PM, 10-19-04
  • SO Sorry!,volsfan, 08:08 PM, 10-19-04
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"RE: The Benefactor Episode 5: 10/18/2004"
Posted by Loree on 10-19-04 at 09:51 AM
We knew that Mark would find a way to save Dominic. Nobody doubted it. I don't care what Mark said. I think he made up that rule when he saw Dominic was the one that was going to be booted.

And as for Dominic's test in Cancun. Why wouldn't Dominic think he was being tested? The cameras were following him around. So of course even Dominic should have been able to figure out that Mark would watch the tapes. So he acted like he thought would make him look good.

And now we get to where Linda was seen with Mark visiting her. That was the gossip that said they thought she won. He visits Femia and Dominic too.

OK who has lied about their wealth? I hope it's Linda. I can't stand her. And she was the one that kept going on and on about being raised poor and not having anything. I don't remember hearing much about the other 2. And Linda was said to be driving an expensive car.

And that female squeal we hear behind the closed door at the end. Was that Femia? Or do they invite back all of the contestants and it's just one of the other females exclaiming. It definitely didn't sound like Dominic or Linda.

"RE: The Benefactor Episode 5: 10/18/2004"
Posted by skeetergirl87 on 10-19-04 at 02:31 PM
That episode totally sucked. I can't say I was surprised about Dominic being "saved" - I don't know if any of the other contestants would have been given that chance. Why doesn't Cuban just give the money to Dominic and get it over already!!

The task was kind of ironic - go out and do totally planned random acts of kindness!! Isn't that missing the whole point of "random" acts of kindness? They're random - not planned and contrived based on what you think somebody else is going to like. Anyway, I think that Femia and Tiffany totally won that one - I don't think that Spencer and Linda quite grasped the concept. And, boy howdy, did the gloves come off when they got a chance to tear apart, I mean constructively criticize, each other!!

I also think that Linda's the one that lied about her past. First of all, she looked like she was about ready to wet her pants when he told them he was going to their homes. Also, I listened to the Bob and Tom radio show when they interviewed Cuban before the show started. He said that he was totally betrayed by one of the women. So that narrows it down and Linda's made such a big deal about how poor she is and how her mom needs new legs or whatever. It would be a riot if her mom is totally healthy and Linda's story was all a lie.

I just don't know if I can watch another show, but I guess I'll tune in to see Linda get exposed and Dominic get the $$$. Hopefully this little experiment will not be repeated with a new set of DAW's!!!!

"SO Sorry!"
Posted by volsfan on 10-19-04 at 08:08 PM
I had no idea that The Benefactor has it's own forum! TOO KEWL!

Director of Public Relations for GAWKUR!

"RE: SO Sorry!"
Posted by Agman2 on 02-29-16 at 04:18 PM
See, you learn something new every day! Hopefully tomorrow you learn to spell cool.