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"All Stars General Discussion"

Posted by ARnutz on 01-06-11 at 04:35 PM
I think it's best if we keep all our discussions in one place rather than have a bunch of too specific threads scattered about with only one reply each. What do you think?


After the 1/5 episode...

I never liked Casey. I thought she got lucky in her season. She made many mistakes and somehow made it to the finale. I am glad she is gone, but really Jamie needs to go! When she does actually cook and serve something, it ALWAYS scallops!

Dale and Marcel are still both azzes. So is Angelo... and Michael.

I am still liking Antonia, Tre, the Tiffanies and Carla.

Richard and Fabio are OK.

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"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by Tummy on 01-07-11 at 11:53 AM
Love Casey. Always have. And her exit interview made me love her even more.

In the clip on Bravo it was interesting to watch the judges debate. Padma pushed hard for a Casey elimination, while I think Gayle wanted to eliminate Jaime. Tom was the sway vote and Susur (sp?) pushed him over to Casey.

I'm hoping for a Fabio or Angelo win.

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by weltek on 01-07-11 at 06:18 PM
I really like Casey, but think she's just not quite at the same level as some other chefs, so I wasn't surprised to see her go.

She deserved to go more than Jamie did, based on this week's episode alone. But please for the love of cod, I hope they elimiate Jamie SOON!

-A Tribetastic Creation

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by Tummy on 01-13-11 at 04:45 PM
I hate when they have an elimination that involves someone having to do a dish that doesn't get the same amount of time as the other chefs. I don't think anyone should have to do front of the house duty - they don't get judged on that. I somehow think that those chicken feet would have been better had Casey been about to be in the kitchen the whole time.

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by jbug on 01-07-11 at 12:26 PM
I like Antonia & Carla is a trip! She'd be a lot of fun to hang with.
Wish Tre would get it together - he makes mistakes just like before - he needs to think out his dishes better.

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by weltek on 01-07-11 at 06:19 PM
I agree that Tre just does not perform well. I think he's got mad skills, but under performance pressure, just doesn't focus enough. He needs to get more serious about this and think through a dish.

-A Tribetastic Creation

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by frodis on 01-07-11 at 08:42 PM
I haven't watched yet since the DVR is hooked up to the fire hazard TV. But when I do I'll chime in! I'm enjoying the All-Stars.

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by JessicaRN on 01-08-11 at 03:14 AM
I love Fabio, but it kind of seems that unless it is Italian food, he is lost. I thought it was funny when he was upset that they sold turtles in the Chinese market.

"1/12 episode"
Posted by arkiegrl on 01-13-11 at 01:45 PM
Marcel is an idiot. Wish he had been cut instead of Tiffany. At least Jamie is gone.

"RE: 1/12 episode"
Posted by ARnutz on 01-13-11 at 02:20 PM
LAST EDITED ON 01-13-11 AT 02:21 PM (EST)

I was thinking the same!

I am sick of Marcel and his foam bullsh--!

... and I am sick of the team challenge bullsh--! Antonia would have won except for her team was bad? I am getting tired of that. They need to judge them as individuals. It's Top Chef not Top "Chef-on-a-team"!

I was glad to see Carla win and Jamie go home, but will miss Tiff F. See? Jamie could not make scallops and then she sucks! Ha!

"RE: 1/12 episode"
Posted by JessicaRN on 01-15-11 at 12:37 PM
Jamie sucks when she actually cooks. She should have been voted off then. Other shows, they put on bandaids and gloves and deal with it later. Even on the Cake Boss's show, the guy's hand was on fire and he kept on going - he did put the fire out first!

"1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by ARnutz on 01-20-11 at 10:20 PM
w00t! Marcel is gone!

That was too funny how they were showing that anytime Antonia is on a team, one of her team mates goes... and then, it happened again!

I thought the team that won, Richard, Dale, Carla, Tre and Fabio was excellent. I think they are the real all stars this whole season and I bet one of them will win the whole shebang.

The other team, Marcel, Antonia, Angelo, Tiffany and Michael have no idea how a 'team' works! I am hating Angelo more this season than I did last season and think he's way over rated. I don't see any of these people winning.

...but as I said last week, enough of the team challenges now!!!

"RE: 1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by jbug on 01-20-11 at 10:36 PM
Yea! Even tho Dale didn't say it, I'm sure he was hoping that as a team leader it might be Marcel's demise.

Carla is so funny with some of the things she says; I'd love to work with her (but I'm no cook so there's no chance of that).

Shivering in the cold - Agman 2010

"RE: 1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by JessicaRN on 01-21-11 at 01:05 AM
When Marcel said that he really is a likable guy, I kind of got it. When I saw the way Dale talked to the servers, I was thinking that he is much more of a jerk than Marcel. One of the other chefs said that Marcel just needs to grow up and learn how to talk to people. Not sure he is a kid anymore, so he probably will never get it.

Love Fabio and looks like next week will be in his area. Did I say that I love Fabio. Dale seems to have progressed since he was last on his show, but not in personalit. Richard is very intriguing and I could see him winning it all. Tiffany's voice was so annoying and I thought that she was going home because her egg dish was bad.

"RE: 1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by udg on 01-21-11 at 02:32 AM
I was incredibly impressed when Fabio told Dale, if you have a problem with one of the servers, you take it up with me! And to Dale's credit, he seemed to have gotten it and STFU.

Slice n' Dice's Sigpic Chop Shop 2004

"RE: 1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by mindy23 on 01-21-11 at 10:04 AM
Fabio is such a gentleman and a lady's man! I tell you, if he wasn't a chef, he could be just about anything. Actor in a soap, for sure! LOL. He has the moves DOWN!

He really makes you love him, just being who he is. I fell in love with him on his first season with the British dude (who was incredibly rude, but somehow got along with Fabio). He is just gooood stuff! And his food seems right on the mark, too. But I get the feeling that Anthony Bordain is not crazy about him and they seem to butt heads whenever he is there on the judge's panel, for some reason....

I see Carla, Fabio, Michael and Dale as the stronger chefs. But it's really hard to tell. Seems that the judges draw straws at times to figure out who's going home. I have seen things that I didn't feel was fair in their judging, considering a person has been strong in other areas, yet one mistake has sent them home that week. But Jamie kept hanging on while doing practically nothing, and when she DID do something it was all wrong. Oh well...they ARE the judges, right??

"RE: 1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by JessicaRN on 01-21-11 at 05:30 PM
This is one show that I don't always agree with the judges, but I don't think they have an agenda. I've seen Tom say that they judge each chef by the dish that is served that day. Maybe it's not as true here, where they have gotten to know some of these chefs through the years.

(Or maybe I just want to believe it because of my crush that I have on Tom.)

"RE: 1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by jbug on 01-21-11 at 09:13 PM
Marcel says Mike sabotoged him...


"RE: 1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by ARnutz on 01-21-11 at 10:50 PM
...and my response to that is exactly what one of the posters on that article said: (with the typos fixed)

reminder to Marcel...the diners voted on the food not the judges this time...and only 17 out of 90 voted for his team...no sabotage involved...just mediocre cooking

"RE: 1/19 Restaurant Wars"
Posted by Tummy on 01-24-11 at 10:58 AM
I've never heard of Marcel's Quantum Kitchen on Syfy. I always like the episodes that featured his molecular gastronomy techniques so I'll have to search around and see if it's airing yet.

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by crs3192 on 02-03-11 at 02:39 PM
No surprise that Tre got booted this episode.
Right when he said that he was making the same risotto as the one he won with in his last season, I knew his days were numbered. It's dumb, though, if he really did make the same one - the judges like it last time enough to give him the win but this time he got kicked off? I mean, he must have really screwed up the recipe this time around.

I get why people don't like Mike I. I have no idea what makes me like him so much haha. I don't want to see him win but I don't want to see him go.

It seems like everyone agreed that Antonia didn't deserve that win. I don't really know much about Italian or French cuisine, but if they're all saying that the mussels were more like French food, I believe it - considering the Italian FROM ITALY thought so.

I love Blais. That's all I have to say about that.

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by jbug on 02-03-11 at 09:56 PM
Tre did say he was going to change his recipe up a bit;;;
he shoulda left it alone.

I thought Fabio should have won this one.

I love Blais. That's all I have to say about that.
bears repeating

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by ARnutz on 02-04-11 at 04:23 PM
I really like Tre and was sad to see him go, but I had a feeling he was the one getting the boot. His dish did not look very appealing.

I agree that Fabio should have won!

I love Blais too! ...and Tiffany, Fabio and Carla too. Antonia is fine.

...but I am hating Dale, Angelo and Mike and really hope none of those three win!

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by jbug on 02-04-11 at 04:31 PM
but we like the 'other' Dale that already got booted, right?

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by ARnutz on 02-04-11 at 05:16 PM
Yes. Of course! I miss him

This Dale, while talented, is annoying.

Are you following me around today?

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by jbug on 02-04-11 at 09:14 PM
......... .......
"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by JessicaRN on 02-05-11 at 01:12 PM
I made Antonia's mussels last night. They were really good, but not that different than any other mussels that I've made, although the fennel was a nice touch. I make mussels like this as a quick, easy Friday night dinner quite often.

Seems like Fabio's Chicken dish would have taken more skill. It's pretty easy to cook chicken like that too long.

"RE: All Stars General Discussion"
Posted by crs3192 on 02-05-11 at 03:53 PM
I'm so shocked by the lack of Angelo, lately! He seemed like such a rockstar in his season, and this season he's just kind of fading into the grey-area.

I'm not really a fan of Dale or Tiffany. Neither of them are terrible, but I just don't like them all that much.

Carla is fantastic. LOVE HER.

"RE: Can't believe Fabio is gone...."
Posted by mindy23 on 02-10-11 at 10:52 AM
As I sit here, hankies in hand, I have to try to pull myself together and remind myself that this is just a reality show. Life will go on. But without Fabio, I just don't see how....

He was my rock, my inspiration, my reason for waking up in the morning. And now....because of one, stupid, meat-loaf tasting, hambrugrer, he's gone. Out of my life, off my TV, off of Top Chef. But hopefully not forever.

They can make him pack his knives, but they cannot destroy the MAN behind the apron!! He is the most suave, sophisticated chef that has ever graced this show, and I can guarantee you, HE WILL RETURN!!! My Fabio will be back!

Eat that, Padma!

"RE: Can't believe Fabio is gone...."
Posted by Tummy on 02-10-11 at 11:23 AM
I think even Padma was sad. I know I was.

On a side note: I recently watched a movie on HBO, The Mistress of Spice, and Padma played this spoiled Indian girl. It was hilarious to watch.

"RE: Can't believe Fabio is gone...."
Posted by arkiegrl on 02-10-11 at 04:08 PM
I can't believe my Fabio is gone.

"RE: Can't believe Fabio is gone...."
Posted by ARnutz on 02-10-11 at 07:05 PM
Let's have a group {{{hug}}}, Fabio fans! We shall console each other.


I was so hoping Dale would go home instead.

"RE: Can't believe Fabio is gone...."
Posted by jbug on 02-11-11 at 10:28 AM
more Fabio {hugs}
maybe we'll see him on a reunion show again - or maybe as a co-host?

Does anyone else think Carla is beginning to look more and more like Side-Show Bob?

......... .......

still following the Nutz around...

"RE: Can't believe Fabio is gone...."
Posted by ARnutz on 02-11-11 at 11:23 AM
*snort* Maybe they are long lost twins!

pfft. *stalker*

"RE: Can't believe Fabio is gone...."
Posted by VisionQuest on 02-12-11 at 09:29 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-12-11 AT 09:31 PM (EST)

Double snort on the sideshow bob comment. That may have made my night.

I am still giggling.

Edited to add - booger. I loved the way he kept saying it that way.

"RE: Group Hugs it is....."
Posted by mindy23 on 02-11-11 at 02:21 PM
>Let's have a group {{{hug}}}, Fabio
>fans! We shall console each
>I was so hoping Dale
>would go home instead.
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} and lots of snotty hankies all around. I think it would have been only right for 'salt-lick' Dale to have gone home!!! First NO taste, then he's feeding cows to cows. WTH???

I will never forget my Fabio. NEVER!

"RE: Group Hugs it is....."
Posted by JessicaRN on 02-11-11 at 05:12 PM
Although I don't think Fabio's cooking came across all that well this season, it just didn't matter. I think he needs to be given his own show, either a cooking show or a reality show. If Marcel can get his own show and Buddy Valastro can get several shows, including the latest when he makes Italian dishes while yelling, then surely, there is something out there for Fabio.

Posted by ARnutz on 02-17-11 at 07:42 PM
So Dale wins both the quickfire and the elimination challenge. He actually didn't annoy me as much this week. I wonder why? Either he wasn't as bad or maybe I'm just getting used to him. *shrug* As I said before, he does have talent, but I don't like him much.

The guest judges in the quickfire were awesome! I loved it.

I am glad Angelo is gone. I haven't cared much for him for two seasons now. Funny how the guy who has his hand in everyone else's dishes may have been done in by another cheftestant... but, I thought Michael said "no more salt" rather than "needs more salt"?

So now we're down to six... Antonia, Carla, Tiffany, Dale, Richard, & Michael. 3 ladies, 3 men. I cannot see Antonia, Tiffany or Michael winning. Carla - maybe. I feel it may come down to Richard or Dale. How 'bout you?

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by crs3192 on 02-17-11 at 10:07 PM
I never thought I would say this, but I actually cried after last night's elimination. I really liked Angelo, and then when he announced he got kicked off and Mike was so shocked, I just teared up. It was weird.

I kind of hope Tiffany goes next. I really thought she would be kicked off last night, but oh well. I guess putting something inedible out once trumps putting out something boring consistently.

I REALLY want Blais to win. I love him so much.

Antonia gets on my nerves. If she goes home next time or the time after, I will be perfectly happy.

If I had my way, this would be how the rest of the competition goes:
6. Antonia
5. Tiffany
4. Mike
3. Dale
2. Carla
1. Blais

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by ARnutz on 02-18-11 at 08:42 AM
I would like it if your top 6 order is how it goes!

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by jbug on 02-18-11 at 10:13 AM
Loved the cookie monster & his friends.
One of the other chefs mentioned that Dale's cookies weren't baked; but the judges didn't - so I guess it didn't matter to them. I've had no-bake cookies before.

Interesting elimination challenge.
So, in the past few years, I've become more & more aware of germs - and especially about cleaning things.
I never use a utensil or anything to cook that I don't wash first. Even new electric appliances - I at least give them a wipe. Who knows how many germie (germy?) fingers have touched those pots & pans and knives & spoons, etc.
And? no water around to wash their hands while they are preparing the food? or the produce? I always wash potatoes after I peel them - and all vegetables BEFORE I peel or cook them.

Slicey took out the wrinkles '08

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by frodis on 02-21-11 at 12:43 PM
I had a similar thought about whether they had a chance to wash the brand new pots and appliances before using them. Not so much because of germs, but brand-new appliances and pots tend to have a coating on them that stinks when it gets heated for the first time.

I decided that since they were at Target, they had access to all kind of wipes (Chlorox) and plenty of hand sanitizer. There's also a veggie wash spray that they might have used. (Or maybe they did have access to hot soapy water and we just didn't see it. Or maybe they didn't wash a thing.)

Oh, and I would love a late night shopping spree through Target. Heck, for that opportunity, I'd eat potatoes with dirt on them.

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by JessicaRN on 02-21-11 at 05:11 PM
I couldn't believe that Carla got so crazy about finding "linen" in Target.

I have never liked Dale, but I'm going to look for both of his recipes. Considering the challenge, he soup and sandwich looked really good. I also love the sweet and savory, so his cookie to me was intriguing.

The quickfire was fun. It was fun to see them laugh (except Angelo). I suppose the "puppeteers" were the actual judges, but you really forget they are there.

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by frodis on 02-22-11 at 02:54 AM
Oh, I plan to look up the recipe for Dale's quickfire cookie. Anything that promises salty, sweet, chewey and chocolatey sounds like perfect food, to me. Plus, hey, if Cookie Monster liked it I need to give it a try.

I also have to mention that I'm enjoying Anthony Bourdain this season. I've gone back and forth about whether I like him or think he's too full of himself, but I've finally decided that even though he is full of himself, I like him anyway. His blog entries about each episode are insightful with a big dose of laugh-out-loud funny.

(It's snarky, rude, not-PG-13 laugh out loud funny so if you haven't read his blog and decide to do so, you've been warned. His description of Dale's loser-season butterscotch scallops from Ep. 1 killed me.)

A Mmmmmmmoonie plate special!

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by ARnutz on 02-23-11 at 07:29 PM
Perhaps the dishes/cookware was cleaned in the bathrooms or employee break room? ...and they didn't want to bore us with showing it?

I love Anthony! I watch his show on the travel channel all.the.time. and I was happy to see him on this season. On his show, he is a lot less full of himself and very embracing of various cultures, but still has his snark.

What are you doing posting at that hour, missy? You need your rest!

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by JessicaRN on 02-23-11 at 08:56 PM
Anthony Bourdain is a great writer and I love his blogs also. If you haven't read his books, they are pretty fun. The first was Kitchen Confidential.

I found Dale's recipe for his soup, but couldn't find the cookie recipe. I was also going to make Carla's chicken pot pie, but the recipe had several steps and realistically, I'll probably never make it.

"RE: 2/16"
Posted by Tummy on 02-24-11 at 12:54 PM
LAST EDITED ON 02-24-11 AT 01:02 PM (EST)

Try this blog: http://thecreativityexchange.blogspot.com/2011/02/spicy-tomato-soup-top-chef-recipes.html

Oops, just followed the link to make sure it worked and saw she'd edited. But here you go: http://www.bravotv.com/foodies/recipes/search?st=%22top+chef+season+8%22&cost=&skl=&tot=&ftr=1&page=11&sort=owner_name

remember to add butter and salt to ganache. I guess just guesstimate or look up another ganache and see how much is used.

Posted by ARnutz on 02-24-11 at 07:05 PM
So we got another episode of Fabio! Yay!

...but then he had to leave. Boo!

...but he helped Richard win! Yay!

...and Richard is taking him to Barbados as a reward. Awww!!!

I think Mike is a douche! I am hoping he's gone next.

At this point, I would be baffled if Richard doesn't win. Baffled, I say!

Even though Antonia is starting to come on strong, she still makes mistakes from not thinking.

"RE: 2/23"
Posted by Tummy on 02-25-11 at 11:03 AM
Agree with everything you said! Especially the "awwww".

I'll be very surprised if it isn't Richard. Makes me said that I missed his season.

As a side note - I made Dale's cookies last night for company we're having this weekend. Ummm....I have to make another batch.

"RE: 2/23"
Posted by jbug on 02-25-11 at 11:19 AM
I looked at the recipe.
How big are the bags of chips & pretzels? I mean, this could be a small snack size bag or the huge tail-gate party size!

"RE: 2/23"
Posted by Tummy on 02-25-11 at 12:55 PM
I didn't go by his measurements on any of it. I used just the regular size bags and only used a patial of each maybe a half. I make a strawberry desert that has a preztel crust so kind of went by that. I probably quartered the recipe, but I should have only halved it. And for the salt on the ganache I have some Australian Murry River salt that I sprinkled on top.

"RE: 2/23"
Posted by jbug on 02-25-11 at 01:24 PM
Did you make rounds of yours? or cut into squares?
Rounds would be pretty for presentation, but I'd have all those scrap pieces!!! & I'd have to eat every crumb!

"RE: 2/23"
Posted by Tummy on 02-25-11 at 03:19 PM
I just cut it up with a knife. I should have used a cookie cutter...then I would have had an excuse to snarf on the cookies. Can't let a good crumb go to waste!

"3/3 - going to the final four five!"
Posted by ARnutz on 03-03-11 at 05:52 PM
Sooo... nobody was eliminated.

The final five remains because they were all so awesome.

Antonia and Mike are now cousins and lurve each other.

Antonia is psychic.

Tom now likes okra because of Tiffany.

Richard dumped Fabio like a hot potato and expressed his love for Dale.

Carla met her hubby on match.com

Oh boy!

"RE: 3/3 - going to the final four five!"
Posted by crs3192 on 03-03-11 at 10:09 PM
Oh my goodness, Antonia and Mike...those two are crazy. I do like when they laugh at each other. It's cute!

Richard is BY FAR my favourite, and I'd love to see him win, but he needed to stop being so depressed at judges panel!! Is he insane or what? Obviously, he wasn't going home!
(I'll admit, though - I had a mini panic attack when Tom said his dish was alright...before correcting himself and saying it was all right! )

K, I know she deserved to stay this time...but Tiffany really needs to go home. That's all I'm saying.

"RE: 3/3 - going to the final four five!"
Posted by mindy23 on 03-04-11 at 10:54 AM
I think it's a given that Tiffany should have been gone a long time ago. What has kept her going through just goes beyond my brain capacity. But at any rate, here she is. I don't think she has won any challenges, has she??? Can't recall..

At any rate, the whole 'cousin' thing between Antonia and Mike was hilarious! And I have been rooting for Mike since he first showed up a few seasons ago, with those arrogant bro's and Jennifer, the beotch from way down under (like in heLLo!). He's cool, funny, and just the way he is. I just hope he doesn't flick buggars in the food of people he doesn't like!

"RE: 3/3 - going to the final four five!"
Posted by crs3192 on 03-04-11 at 02:57 PM
Haha, we clearly feel differently about the Voltaggio brothers and Jennifer...I loved all three Sure, Mike and Jenn could be arrogant, but for good reason. Bryan was never arrogant, in my opinion - he always seemed like quiet, sweet one.

Anyways, Tiffany and Mike both have a no-win streak going for Elimination Challenges.

"Previews of the finale"
Posted by weltek on 03-08-11 at 11:38 AM
Loving the concept of them going head-to-head with the winners from their season! But we have two chefs from Season 4 still in the competition...hmmm. I assume this isn't for the final challenge, but rather the quickfire.

Antonia and Richard vs. Season 4 winner Stephanie
Mike vs. Season 6 winner Michael V.
Tiffany vs. Season 7 winner: Kevin
Carla vs. Season 5 winner: Hosea

-A Tribetastic Creation

"Final Four"
Posted by ARnutz on 03-11-11 at 11:56 AM
You were right. It was the quickfire! I thought that was pretty cool!

So they flew 5 of them to the Bahamas just to eliminate one more.

I will miss sideshow Carla! She was fun!

That sucked when the kitchen caught on fire and they had to redo their dishes for the elimination challenge. Too bad it was after they knew it wasn't a real king's fancy party they were cooking for, because they second guessed their dishes.

We're down to Antonia, Michael, Richard and Tiffany.

Antonia is hit or miss, but I like her. I don't see her winning given her previous errors and her ability to psych herself out.

Michael is a jerk and I would hate it the most if he wins.

Richard is who I'm rooting for and he definitely has the talent.

Tiffany????? I can't believe she's still here. Hasn't won anything (except finally this quickfire, which wasn't really a quickfire win, given there were several winners of $10,000) and winds up in the bottom all.the.time.

"RE: Final Four"
Posted by weltek on 03-11-11 at 12:13 PM
I agree with you on all our finalists, except that when Antonia is on, she's ON. So if she can stay focused, and Richard gets in his bad headspace, it could be a toss up. And I don't like Mike, but he seems to have just needed some confidence to kick his cooking up a notch. He's going into the finale with that confidence.

Tiffany just isn't TOP Chef material. Good chef, yes. Top chef, no. Kind of like that Kevin dude that was on last night as a previous winner...just doesn't wow me. Forgetable.

-A Tribetastic Creation

"RE: Final Four"
Posted by JessicaRN on 03-11-11 at 08:38 PM
I realized when I watched this, that this is one of the All-Star type shows that worked. I think it has made it more interesting to get to know this bunch better.

I can't imagine having to re-do the entire planning, prep, service and judging. I thought both the chefs and the judges looked totally whipped at Judges Table (especially Richard).

I was surprised that none of them thought about how royalty doesn't exist in the Bahamas (except the Queen, maybe???)

After all of these years, these is still my favorite of the competition reality shows.

"RE: Final Four"
Posted by crs3192 on 03-13-11 at 04:22 PM
You just said everything I'm thinking - except that I have a little soft spot for Mike. I don't know why. It's been there since his season, even. I think he just reminds me of my brother - dumb, annoying, and inappropriate...but when it gets down to it, he's really a nice guy and really funny, too.

But really, now. Tiffany? I would be most upset with her winning. Mostly because that would mean she beat Blais...and I would NOT be okay with that.

My hopeful order is:
1. Blais
2. Antonia
3. Mike
4. Tiffany

"RE: Final Four"
Posted by udg on 03-14-11 at 02:12 AM
I agree. I really wanted Carla in the final 3, but with her gone, it had better be Blais & Antonia in the F2!

I'd love to see Carla in her own show. She has the personality for it, I think.

Slice n' Dice's Sigpic Chop Shop 2004

"Final Three"
Posted by ARnutz on 03-17-11 at 07:29 PM
Well, Tiff finally went home, though it could have been any of them besides *barf* Michael. I hate that he's been winning.

How many episodes is the finale anyway? It's been 3 so far. Have they ever dragged it out this long? I figured they would be done last night.

Oh well.

Still ranking them:
1. Richard
2. Antonia
3. *barf* boy

"RE: Final Three"
Posted by crs3192 on 03-17-11 at 09:24 PM
I don't understand. They seemed to like Richard's dish so much more than Mike's...and then Mike wins. I don't get it at all.

But yes. Thankfully, Tiffany finally went home. It's about time.

I'm not so against Mike - I feel pretty much the same about him as I do Antonia. I really want Blais to win - which is strange because, in his season, I wasn't really a fan of Blais.

"RE: Final Three"
Posted by mom2bjm on 03-18-11 at 09:51 PM
Ditto on the #3 Barf Mike... can't take him...
Didn't really want to see him in a swimming suit either... and then of course, they show us.

I love Antonia - if Richard's head doesn't do him in... he probably can run away with it, but Antonia will give him a run!

"Final TWO!"
Posted by ARnutz on 03-24-11 at 06:08 PM
Jesus H. Christ, they are stringing us along!!!

Richard won and is in! YAY!!!

Antonia went home. BOO!!!

Michael is also still there!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF? Tom said the vote was so close, 3 to 4, on the amuse bouche but I could've sworn Antonia had 4 and Mike had 3. Dagnabbit!

"RE: Final TWO!"
Posted by jbug on 03-25-11 at 11:16 AM
I agree.
Wolfgang had the final vote & he said Antonio;
then he commented on Mike's dish as well.

Discussion must have changed the vote. Or else they used the final meals instead of the final bite

"RE: Final TWO!"
Posted by JessicaRN on 03-26-11 at 12:35 PM
This has been kind of dragged out, but having said that, I love this show and think that these final 2 will make it very interesting.

"RE: Final TWO!"
Posted by crs3192 on 03-26-11 at 10:22 PM
SO dragged out. I wish that they could have just made this last episode the finale, honestly. As much as I love this show...gah...

But YES. Richard is in the finale! Was there ever any doubt? (Yes, but I don't want to admit it.)
Honestly, I'm shocked that Mike is in the final two, but it would have been so annoying if he had gotten kicked off instead of Antonia when they so clearly liked his dish better.

If Richard doesn't win, though...grrr, ##### will go down!

"RE: Final TWO!"
Posted by mindy23 on 03-30-11 at 10:02 AM
These two are so polar opposites, it will be a real showdown tonight, to say the least, of not only culinary talents, but personalities!

Whether Blaze wins or not, he will be sweating it out, freaking, running back and forth, crying, screaming, hitting himself, etc! LOL. Mike, on the other hand, will be laughing, drinking his beer, playing it all up and down, and every which way, just trying to chill out. But I know they both have to be SOOOO wanting this title that eluded them on their last quest.

I personally have been hoping for a Mike win, since my Fabio was knocked off, but these final 2 have come so far, done so well, and either one will be fine. They are both excellent chefs who deserve to be where they are. Good luck to them both tonight!!!