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"TAR12 episode 2"

Posted by banzai on 11-09-07 at 02:01 AM
LAST EDITED ON 11-09-07 AT 02:24 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 11-09-07 AT 02:02 AM (EST)

The Amazing Race season 12, episode #2, Sunday November 11th at 8 PM EST/PST on CBS!


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"RE: TAR12 episode 2"
Posted by banzai on 11-09-07 at 03:54 AM

lol, another one from Dreamer

"RE: TAR12 episode 2"
Posted by CTgirl on 11-09-07 at 08:34 AM
The pole vaulting is going to be hysterical - those clips were great. I liked the way the last clip also ran in slo-motion, you can really see everyone. Thanks.

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