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"Thoughts on the comics..."

Posted by lyrker on 08-03-04 at 10:31 PM
1) They really need to get new acts if they want us to vote. We've already -seen- these routines -- several times now. Whatever laugh factor they had is dulled now that we actually have a say. (Not that I'm convinced we really do after that Drew Carey et al. fiasco but still...). Hearing the same routine 3-4 times is tiiiiiiiired.

2) What's with the comics who come out all salty and then expect the audiency to like them? I mean, okay. Some are wild-card pull-backs and they're miffed they almost got the boot but it really doesn't want to make me vote when I hear what's her name complaining that she's bent because she only got 6% of the votes last time and then ending her act complaining that the audience isn't being any nicer to her. And Jay London whining persistently at the audience 'Please like me. Please like me.' /really/ put me off. His habit of berating his own jokes and acting like the audience isn't getting his wit has really worn thin too. If folks don't like you because you're not being funny enough, the solution isn't to whine and moan and blame the audience. The solution is to get funnier material.

3) Does anyone REALLY care who wins at this point, aside from the contestants?

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"RE: Thoughts on the comics..."
Posted by ugibugi on 08-03-04 at 11:09 PM
Jay is not whining, he is entertaining. That is part of his act. He knows he is bizarre and he is using that to his advantage. His material is much more funny than any of the others. Some of his stuff does take a bit of intelligence to get, some of it does not. It is obvious he has taken a lot of time to pick the right words to get the effect he wants. His self-depricating stuff ties his act together, and tells the audience that he realizes he is a different type of entertainer. All the others are the same old comedy club routeins, nothing surprising, nothing new, most of them could swap acts and you wouldn't know the difference.