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"Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"

Posted by samboohoo on 08-25-11 at 10:04 PM
When we last left the BB house, we were at the end of Double Evction Night.

Dani vowed to do anything to stay, and she spent the week working deals with anyone and everyone she could.

Dani was evicted by a 3/2 vote. Shelly flipped. The first HOH went to Kalia, who nominated Jeff & Rachel. Porsche won the Veto and left the nominations the same because Rachel would want her to. The votes were tied. Kalia broke the tie and evicted Jeff.

Second HOH scheduled to start and will pick up here.

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"Role reversal."
Posted by Estee on 08-25-11 at 10:17 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-25-11 AT 11:33 PM (EST)

Rachel just had to drag a screaming Jordan away from Shelly. (The subject: betrayal and lots of it, with Jordan now believing Shelly's been DR-mocking her and Jeff the whole time. Shelly denied everything to no effect.) Rachel managed to get Jordan into the ice cream room, where the two are now packing Jeff's clothing for shipment to the jury house. Jordan is using the time to second-guess every game move she's been part of, focusing heavily on Brendon's ouster.

Meanwhile, The Widows Daniele are trying to see which of them can recruit Adam to their side. No luck so far.

"RE: Role reversal."
Posted by zazzy on 08-26-11 at 08:55 AM
The widows Danielle, lol!

Jordan .... can really sling the F word!

"RE: Role reversal."
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 09:47 AM
AyaK premiered 'the Widows Godderz' during Jessie's first season to describe his mourning, vengeance-seeking harem who managed to bond over how many sexual favors each had given him. Take out the blanket activity and it describes Daniele's cult pretty well -- although some of them are now annoying about her reveal of the thefts and denial of her place it it.

A lot of people have said they've never heard Jordan like this, but it's a question of trigger. Jordan really seemed to think of Shelly as not just being a mother figure, but as her own personal Mom Away From Home. Jordan feels she just got backstabbed by family -- and right now, that's something she can't forgive. If this mood solidifies, Shelly's potentially in jury trouble.

"RE: Role reversal."
Posted by samboohoo on 08-26-11 at 10:59 AM
From everything I have seen, I pretty much completely understand Jordan's fury. Not the part about Shelly making her look stupid because she didn't need Shelly for that.

I think out of all of the game play, Shelly made it personal with Jordan to a level beyond gameplay. And I think the whole phone call thing hurts her the most. She genuinely thought of Shelly when she gave her that phone call from home. While it really is "just a game," she wasn't thinking about the game in doing that.

I would say, at this point, Shelly really has no jury votes. She might be a better final 2 partner than Rachel. D/K/P knew what they were dealing with with Shelly, but she was a vote they needed, and they used her. I think J/J had intentions of honoring their deal with Shelly - even knowing she had played both sides.

What bothers me most about Shelly is her attitude about the lying. It's a game play, a game tool, but don't be so quick to call everyone else out about the very thing you are doing.

I'm glad Jordan called her out. Shelly finally had to choose a side. Shelly said Jeff was standing in her way of the money, but Shelly got in her own way.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Role reversal."
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 11:25 AM
Shelly is starting to approach Maggot levels of hypocrisy -- but that one won... (And was never seen again. So at least there's that.)

I think she has some jury votes: there are situations where she can get Kalia, Porsche, and Daniele. But she's lost all of the other boomerangs, and counting on Adam to make a commitment leaves her with a long wait.

"RE: Role reversal."
Posted by samboohoo on 08-26-11 at 11:34 AM
Frankly, I felt like Dani was approach Maggot status as well.

"RE: Role reversal."
Posted by zazzy on 08-27-11 at 05:28 PM
Dani and Rachel are learning how hard the BB game really is. They both thought that winning comps would take them to the end, overlooking the aspect of a social game.

Watching Dani try to flip Adam this week was a laugh. She could not get past her own disdain to appropriately grovel for his vote.

ITA about Maggot status and what you said about Shelly above. On one hand I want to root for her as professional woman but she gets up on a high horse that I can't abide.

"Early nesting."
Posted by Estee on 08-25-11 at 11:09 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-26-11 AT 11:26 AM (EST)

Rachel took a brief time-out from the misery session to confront Shelly and ask for her stuffed dog (a gift from Rachel's mother) to be left in the storage room. Shelly continued to deny having taken it. (She did.) Rachel slumped back to Jordan, continued the session -- and then told Jordan that her period is two weeks late.


Rachel's very worried. Mostly about the stress of the cage creating a miscarriage. Certainly not about her own drinking habits, as she and Jordan are planning on killing Jeff's last bottle of HoH wine. Very soon. Possibly before the next competition. Sure, that's a great way to try and win, except that some of these challenges might make more sense drunk... (To be fair, this is generally too early in any pregnancy for alcohol to do damage. But still.)

Still more misery. Jordan kicking herself over ever trusting Shelly. Renewed vows of loyalty between the last two boomerangs. Rachel sorry for ever having come back, possibly more so for dragging Brendon in, who came only because she wanted the second shot. Considering their odds of winning every last competition between now and the end. Hoping Jeff is murdering Daniele in the jury house. Figuring that Adam, with all his study, threw HoH. Alone together in perfect game suffering. And asking the camera for a Coup.

No Coup appears. No stuffed dog, either.

(Meanwhile, discussion of the POV had Porsche reveal she saw Jeff inadvertently toss one of his clown shoes out of the ball pit: it must have been heaved out while he was shifting balls. No chance at all.)

"RE: Early nesting."
Posted by krismiss2us on 08-25-11 at 11:19 PM
where do you find these live feeds?

*a dear abby special*

"RE: Early nesting."
Posted by Estee on 08-25-11 at 11:22 PM
In an emergency, I follow along with the transcribers at Jokers.


You too can read along as Jordan continues to hate herself for ever trusting Shelly, while Kalia & Porsche just wonder why Daniele sold out the news of the item thefts. After all, they're not bad people. They just take personal possessions! It's not as if they're Natalie or anything!

"RE: Early nesting."
Posted by cahaya on 08-25-11 at 11:31 PM
I track and flip between about four of them. Some give some decent transcripts of the convos in a timely manner.

Google: "Big Brother 13 spoilers" and take your pick among the top 6-8.

"thanks for the info"
Posted by krismiss2us on 08-26-11 at 01:16 AM
cool thanks for that. also have more questions about some of this, but i'll check OT first. thanks for your help

*a dear abby special*

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by cahaya on 08-25-11 at 11:36 PM
The only two real leaders in the house at the beginning of the day are now gone.

Who's going to step up to the plate?

Adam. The only guy remaining, incapable and impotent. No ability to score.
Rachel. Well, she can't even lead herself, so...
Kalia. Looking for a hand to put into the puppet glove that she is.
Jordan. Too shell-shocked to venture out onto the battlefield for a while.
Porsche. Now here's someone who can lead herself. And only herself.
Shelly. Has the potential, but has created so much mistrust that the others will let out their frustrations on her.

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 00:04 AM
I'm 90% convinced Adam will throw this HoH: he's afraid of power. Kalia can't play and Shelly already offered to throw the thing to Porsche: she'll only assume open power if there's no other choice. (Then again, she's out in the open with half her juggled balls on the floor, so this is as good a time as any.) As far as raw numbers go, Rachel & Jordan have a decent chance to take this: realistically, any contest pretty much works out to two-on-two.

HoH is currently in progress. Standing by.

"HoH: Porsche."
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 00:32 AM
No prizes for guessing the nominees in advance.

"RE: HoH: Porsche."
Posted by Round Robin on 08-26-11 at 01:27 AM
I'll guess she'll put up Rachel & Jordan.

"RE: HoH: Porsche."
Posted by cahaya on 08-26-11 at 02:52 AM
While that's the obvious choice, I'd be tempted (just 'tempted') to put up Rachel and Adam, with Rachel as the target. Without Rachel, Jordan is harmless. After Adam refused to help out the newbies, they should be thinking of helping him out. That is, helping him out the door.

"RE: HoH: Porsche."
Posted by AyaK on 08-26-11 at 06:10 AM
I've been off for the last two days, but it seems like both sides realize that Adam threw the last 2 HOHs, since they were memory quizzes, he works on that constantly, and he was the first one out both times.

"RE: HoH: Porsche."
Posted by zazzy on 08-26-11 at 08:50 AM
He definitely threw the before and after!

"RE: HoH: Porsche."
Posted by samboohoo on 08-26-11 at 09:30 AM
As Adam told Rachel & Jordan last night, there is still a lot of game left to be played.

I would guess Rachel and Jordan as the noms. Adam can still be a wild card here. If he wins the Veto, he can move himself up from 4 to potential 3 by vetoing either Jordan or Rachel. Then he and whomever he vetoes control the votes. I would guess Porsche would have to put up Shelly, and Shelly could go. This could happen with whomever is put up.

Then you have J/R/A vs. Kalia for HOH. Adam would likely throw it - again.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 09:38 AM
Porsche received a small stuffed dog in her HoH package.

After spending part of the night happy about how she didn't have to pretend stupidity any more and still more drawing up strategy with Kalia using M&Ms as tokens, Porsche has come up with the following nominee scenario: Rachel as target with Adam as pawn. Which pretty much throws the entire 'obfuscating idiocy' bit out the window because it's leaving the nightmare possibility on the board: Jordan winning Veto and taking Rachel off the block, which forces Kalia or Shelly into her place -- and then, with only three voting slots open, Rachel & Jordan control the ouster.

If you nominate both Rachel & Jordan to start, you avoid this. No more than one can escape, and there's only a single vote to deal with: no concern when you control the other two. But putting up just one leaves them with an escape hatch. Sure, the odds of their escaping through it are low -- but you never should have left it open to begin with.

Hamsterwatch has bemusedly noted one bit of extra fallout from all this: some BB fans have now switched to openly rooting for Rachel. And wondering how the hell that happened. Personally, I think it's because she's the most sincere person left in the cage.

Go ahead and laugh. But if Rachel is nothing else, she's direct. She hasn't been running a Six Faces Of Shelly play, she doesn't have Kalia's hagfish clamp-on lips, nor does she just let herself float in the wake like Porsche or flee from power like Adam. You may hate Rachel's actions, but at least she takes them and owns up to it all the way through -- and given what else is left, a lot of backers found themselves with just one option left.

"RE: Whose?"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 08-26-11 at 10:11 AM
>If you nominate both Rachel &
>Jordan to start, you avoid
>this. No more than
>one can escape, and there's
>only a single vote to
>deal with: no concern
>when you control the other
>two. But putting up
>just one leaves them with
>an escape hatch. Sure,
>the odds of their escaping
>through it are low --
>but you never should have
>left it open to begin

Exactly, and on top of that. The same thing that happened last time Jordan played will happen again. Jordan because she is so nice (sneaks under the radar)...she makes it to the end and you can not beat her on a jury vote. She needs to go now!

"RE: Whose?"
Posted by michel on 08-26-11 at 10:57 AM
You pointed out the problem with nominating Rachel and Adam, (Jordan winning POV) but does Porsche realize this or not?

And, as for Rachel being the most sincere, you are forgetting Jordan. If fans are looking for sincerity, they'd be in Jordan's corner. No, I'm guessing they were already Rachel fans but were shamed into silence (Look at the number of votes Brendon received from "America" as proof. If you are a fan of Brendon, you don't really hate Rachel). Now that the others have shown their faults, it's less shameful to say you are rooting for Rachel so her fans are coming out of the woodwork.

"RE: Whose?"
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 11:30 AM
You pointed out the problem with nominating Rachel and Adam, (Jordan winning POV) but does Porsche realize this or not?

She might figure it out eventually or have one of the other brain cells notice the flaw, but she was clueless as of last night. As was Kalia, given that they were chocolate-working this out well into the dark.

And, as for Rachel being the most sincere, you are forgetting Jordan.

See 'Shelly, saving over Brendon' and the whole stand-aside policy during that Veto competition. Jordan may be halfway to personally clean, but she perception-shares in Jeff's actions.

And it looks more like people switching to Rachel than admitting they were backing her all along. Maybe it's more of a Janelle situation. 'Who's left that we can stand? ...okay, who's left that we can stand now?'

"RE: Whose?"
Posted by axbridge on 08-26-11 at 04:15 PM
I don't believe for one minute that Brendon received those votes from America. He got them from Alison Grodner. America would never vote for Brendon. My guess is that Dominic got way more votes than Brendon.

"RE: Whose?"
Posted by michel on 08-26-11 at 08:38 PM
I'll ask again then: Why did Brendon even get asked to return for the season?

CBS has its own website. They get their own posters there and those posters are very different from those here and at Sucks. CBS would only let their favorites return. If Brendon and Rachel were asked to come back, it's because CBS knew they had many, many fans and they'd be good for ratings. Duminic was a nobody.

"RE: Whose?"
Posted by samboohoo on 08-27-11 at 09:59 AM
Agree. And fans wanted someone there who would do something. I wanted Brendon back over the other three because I know what Brenchel can do in terms of stirring things up, etc. And for driving Dani nuts. Dani was Kalia and Porsche in her season.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Whose?"
Posted by axbridge on 08-27-11 at 10:56 AM
We definitely aren't going to agree on this topic. Regardless of the posters at CBS, every single message board I read is dominated by people who can't stand Rachel or Brendan. Almost no one is pro "Brenchal". I do agree that it stirs up things and makes for dramatic stories, but I still believe that the votes were tampered with.

"RE: Whose?"
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 05:34 PM
"All those boards" represent about 1% of total viewers. Casual viewers, the ones that don't even read internet boards, are even less informed than the posters at CBS and, while they aren't all going to vote, they represent probably 95% of the audience.

"Rachel's Dog"
Posted by samboohoo on 08-26-11 at 11:01 AM
They need to just give it back to her. I'm not sure I understand taking someone's stuff. Hiding household items is one thing - whether or not they are doing it out of spite or in an effort to trick others about upcoming comps, but to take somone's personal stuff is another thing altogether.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Rachel's Dog"
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 11:07 AM
Part of the joke here is that when Rachel initially realized there were thefts going on and who was responsible, she tried to go on a mini-rampage of retaliation, grabbing things to hide -- and the DR stopped her. As we learned during Natalie's reign of scent-terror, there are no rules about personal possessions, treatment of in the book -- unless the rats want only you to suffer.

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by samboohoo on 08-26-11 at 03:01 PM
Shelly somewhat taunting Jordan. She keeps speaking to her, then making snide faces to the others or comments to Jordan when Jordan won't speak to her. She has told K/P that Jordan is immature acting this way because things didn't go her way. She seems to be oblivious to the fact that it has nothing to do with gameplay.

Shelly is an idiot.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by cahaya on 08-26-11 at 03:32 PM
Indeed. It's obvious Jordan is heartbroken by being separated from Jeff and now she's alone (except for Rachel to some extent, who is consoling her). It has little to do with Jeff being evicted in gameplay.

Shelly is not only an idiot, she's being crass and insensitive. And the others see it, including her allies. Say good bye to any jury votes, Shelly.

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 03:41 PM
No, I'm pretty sure crass and insensitive is the perfect way to get Kalia's vote...

"Nomination Talk"
Posted by samboohoo on 08-26-11 at 03:44 PM
Porsche is telling Adam she wants to nominate Adam and Shelly because she still doesn't completely trust Adam. Porsche seems awful cocky that Jordan won't win the Veto.

At this point I would really love for this to happen, and I would really love for Jordan to win.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Nomination Talk"
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 04:07 PM
Adam and -- Shelly? Double-pawning and hoping to backdoor their chosen one, or has Shelly somehow managed to burn that many bridges in the course of one day?

"RE: Nomination Talk"
Posted by samboohoo on 08-26-11 at 04:41 PM
Sorry. Adam & Rachel.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Nomination Talk"
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 04:53 PM
Well, so much for Porsche obfuscating stupidity.

The secondary question of the week is now 'What's the Veto format?' Primary is 'With Daniele gone, who does Grodner love most?' Because if she wants to keep Rachel & Jordan as a pair, Veto will be something where Jordan has improved odds. Of course, this means finding something Jordan excels at, but spontaneous cursing as a competition has to come up eventually...

"RE: Nomination Talk"
Posted by cahaya on 08-26-11 at 05:24 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-26-11 AT 05:29 PM (EST)

You aren't the only one to get those two names mixed up. I wrote drafts of blog entries with them mixed up more than once and (hopefully) caught all of the switches in the edits.

"HoHitis sets in."
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 06:42 PM
Porsche doesn't want anyone talking to Jordan & Rachel. For any reason. Whatsoever. Up to and including 'did you know you're on fire?'

This may make it slightly difficult to talk Jordan out of using any Veto win. But it's not as if that could ever happen.

"RE: HoHitis sets in."
Posted by michel on 08-26-11 at 08:41 PM
I guess she saw that it worked for Boston Rob in Redemption island so she's parrotting the strategy, not realizing it's a different game.

"A split-second of realization."
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 07:37 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-26-11 AT 08:50 PM (EST)

From Jokers:

"@4:02 (PDT) Shelly finds the sweater she had given Jordan placed on her bed, puts it away and sits quietly, sniffing a bit, possibly crying NT - Chasing_Normal"

It won't last.

ETA: And it didn't. Post-Pandora, she's gone to telling people that she won't pick up the phone when Jordan calls to apologize.

Meanwhile, J&R start to talk about eventually voting for a Kalia win.

"RE: A split-second of realization."
Posted by michel on 08-26-11 at 08:48 PM
A Kalia win? *barf*

Then again, I'd have the same reaction if Porsche, Adam or Rachel wins.

"Pandora's box"
Posted by rjrabbit on 08-26-11 at 08:19 PM
Joker's is reporting that Porche opened pandora's box and won $5000. It also says that the remaining hamsters will play as duos. RJ, SA and KP are the pairs.

"Twist: Pandora's Box appears."
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 08:22 PM
Porsche opened it. As a result, she and Kalia each received $5,000. And why did two people get a benefit? Because for the upcoming Veto competition, paired play is back.

The pairs are:

Jordan & Rachel
Adam & Shelly
Kalia & Porsche

This has perked J&R up somewhat, but they're being careful not to show it in front of the others. And that happiness could be seriously premature -- note that nominations haven't hit yet. If Porsche isn't sure whether the Veto can be used to save a pair, this could affect who goes up.

"Now she knows"
Posted by cahaya on 08-26-11 at 09:22 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-26-11 AT 09:28 PM (EST)

This from BBN with Porsche reading it out loud:

All the original duo rules apply. Duos will be nominated as a pair. If the Veto is used, they’ll be removed from the block as a pair. If the duo remains on the block, they’ll be forced to campaign against one another in order to stay in the house.


Porsche checked with DR. Duos are self-assigned, but obvious. If the duo not on the block wins the Veto and uses it then they’d have to go up on the block. So that’s obviously not going to happen.


Couple of potential scenarios. Porsche will nom Rachel & Jordan, she’s confirmed that. If Rachel & Jordan win the Veto then Shelly & Adam go up. Kalia, Rachel, and Jordan vote. Rachel & Jordan would vote out Shelly. If Rachel & Jordan don’t win the Veto then they remain on the block. Rachel is the real target this week. Jordan stays.

"RE: Now she knows"
Posted by michel on 08-26-11 at 09:47 PM
This is cooked up to save Jordan. The only two people that can leave this week are Rachel and Shelley. Had Rachel won a regular veto, Jordan would have been in danger. Or it's cooked up to save Porsche from her own stupidity but I doubt that.

"RE: Now she knows"
Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 11:24 PM
And with that, Kalia went back to sleep and stayed there for the next five days.

She knows she's safe. Any effort beyond basic life support is therefore wasted.

Posted by Estee on 08-26-11 at 09:07 PM
You might want to dearly believe someone at Jokers got this wrong or made it up completely, but it's multiple transcripts.

Shelly, Adam, and Porsche were debating what the Veto competition might be. Adam apparently proposed it should be having medicine balls thrown at your stomach. Porsche told the others that would just save Rachel four hundred dollars.

And with that, sans humanitae goes into effect.

"RE: Unforgivable."
Posted by ellenclf on 08-26-11 at 09:25 PM
If we loose Rachel (and I can't believe I said that because I HATED her when this started) and Jordan then I'm out.

The rest of these people need to be thrown into a woodchipper.

"RE: Unforgivable."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-26-11 at 11:08 PM
I've always been rooting for Rachel and Brendon or for Jordan and lastly Jeff. While Rachel is deeply flawed and has the most annoying laugh, she is sincere and she also happens to hate people that I hate.

I don't mind her being bitchy because I only wish I could say those things to those idjuts. Shelley is a disgusting slimy hypocrite, so of course I want Rachel to kick her arse. Kalia ugh, so bummed she won that HOH.

Another season down the drain if the JR pair loses this veto. I don't think for a moment they will let Jordan slide. She will have three jury votes locked even though she and Jeff did screw it up by keeping Sh over Br. They have to get her out.

I sure would like to see Shelley go hang with Brendon and Jeff this week.

Adam needs to step it up and try to win an HOH. Pawns don't have infinite lives. Not that I care as I think he is a doofus.

"RE: Unforgivable."
Posted by samboohoo on 08-27-11 at 10:01 AM


"RE: Unforgivable."
Posted by Jetty on 08-27-11 at 11:25 AM
AMEN! Once again we are getting down to the last couple of weeks with people that are disgusting to look at. Am *stunned* at the conversation about what the veto competition should be. Makes me laugh to think about Kalia's previous comment about how the people watching the feeds really know what's going on versus what CBS is putting out there. Yep Kalia, we sure know.

Posted by rjrabbit on 08-26-11 at 10:58 PM
Feeds are back and it looks like Rachel and Jordan are nominated

"RE: Nonminations"
Posted by cahaya on 08-27-11 at 00:23 AM
Hah, your subject is Non-minations!

Which is exactly what Production intended.

"RE: Nominations"
Posted by rjrabbit on 08-27-11 at 09:36 PM
Ha. I was in a hurry.

"Isn't this ironic."
Posted by Estee on 08-27-11 at 12:42 PM
From Jokers, late last night:

"Rach asks if everyone wants to play poker. Kalia agrees. When Rach leaves, Shelly says "I wasnt invited. Im not playing". Porsche and Kalia say "She invited the whole house to play, you included".
Shelly: "No, I dont care, they didnt invite me"
Kalia: (something about starting a fight if they win veto tomorrow)
Shelly: I'm not picking a fight with anybody, because I'm way more mature than them - Mandy55"

She doesn't listen to herself very well, does she?

Everyone's currently waiting on Veto so they can see what their next move is. There was an Adam/Shelly-free conference last night between the other four, discussing whether to knock those two off in the event of a Veto win, keep things civil for a few days, and then go after each other at F4. (This will work out as well as all deals have this year: not at all.) Oddly, at no time during the meeting did Porsche offer Rachel the use of a medicine ball. Go figure. However, we did get a brief leak from the DR which had Porsche basically saying she'd opened Pandora's Box in the hopes of another Diamond Veto and wanting to know where hers was. Because this current twist may just destroy her entire HoH week. Sorry, Porsche, the main thing which got forever wrecked this time around is your reputation. But thanks for playing. Now go find a nice corner to die in.

Adam is boasting about how the cage is now newbie territory. If Jordan or Rachel had won, Adam would be boasting about veteran comebacks. That's Adam all over.

Today may premiere something you've never seen before: Shelly actively trying to win a competition. Because Adam? Very likely doesn't care. If J&R save themselves, the resulting vote leaves him safe. And in his eyes, standing between two pairs next week just might leave him covered in clover. He doesn't win Veto? Fine by him. Shelly can look out for herself. Not that she has so far, but there's a first time for everything.

And Shelly? Cry, mope, whine, everybody-hates-me-and-I-didn't-do-anything. Repeat until none of it makes the edit.

"RE: Isn't this ironic."
Posted by michel on 08-27-11 at 05:44 PM
I can understand Shelley's frustration: This twist screws with her and her alone while it's like giving a golden key to Jordan.
If Porsche had faced a regular nomination, she could have nominated Rachel and Jordan and one of them was going home no matter what. Now, either Jordan is safe because the pair wins veto or she is safe because the house hates Rachel more. Shelley could be placed on the block by an ally that has her hands tied and, with Rachel and Jordan controlling the votes, she'd have absolutely no recourse.

Totally unfair. Totally production manipulation to help the fan favorites. Beurk....

"RE: Isn't this ironic."
Posted by Estee on 08-27-11 at 06:22 PM
The person I see as having the real Golden Key in this situation is Comalia: nothing that happens this week can put her on the block. But sure, you could easily argue that Shelly got her own medicine ball from this one. It's just hard to feel sorry for her because

A. On this show, strategy is frequently only permitted as long as it's funny and
B. It's hard to say that on some level, she didn't earn it.

I kind of like the thought of Grodner hitting her yearly one-second moment of 'What did I cast?' and making a desperation move to keep the cage CBS-watchable without needing forty minutes of camera tracking shots per episode. (She never learns -- but as said earlier in the season, she doesn't have to, so why bother?) But Shelly is on her own desperation moves, and she's conducting them on the fortune teller booth. A few minutes ago, she got it to work. Eyes spinning, lights flashing. And that's just Shelly, who is convinced that the newly-functional state means it's about to spit out a power that'll save her.

Or it could just turn her into Tom Hanks. Again, stand by.

"RE: Isn't this ironic."
Posted by michel on 08-27-11 at 07:31 PM
I don't feel sorry for Shelley per se, I feel sorry for the strategy of the game. The more random the game becomes, the more likely we are to see Adam or Kalia win.

"RE: Isn't this ironic."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-27-11 at 06:58 PM
All twists have potential to screw someone over, but at least in this case the twist is a fair version of expect the unexpected, as it's only a reversion to the early season rules.

Certainly it does give Kalia a free pass for the week, but at F6, whoever is the closest ally of the HOH already has a free pass. Actually the two people closest to HOH would normally be completely safe.

The reason this is tough on Shelly is that due to the way she and Adam played, playing everyone, she ends up with her fate half in the hands of someone who doesn't care about her fate, whereas the other two pairs are actually working together -- but that was her choice and Adam's choice.

If Shelly hadn't broken her nice mom persona to turn into backstabbing beeyotch, then she would stand as good a chance or better than Adam to avoid eviction. Adam stuck it out as a floater, but Shelley decided to make a "big move" and flip, so that could cost her.

Part of why I can't stand Shelly even more now is that I am appalled by people who justify lying and backstabbing by saying they're doing it for their child(ren). (Referring to what she said when she voted to evict Jeff.) If you want to play that way, then own the strategy, but don't try to put yourself in a morally superior position because you're playing to win money for your offspring and the others people don't have children.

I would play for my family too, but I wouldn't try to argue that it gave me a pass on breaking trust with my allies.

Also, I cannot trust a woman who has never heard of eating guacamole.

"RE: Isn't this ironic."
Posted by michel on 08-27-11 at 07:29 PM

>Certainly it does give Kalia a
>free pass for the week,
>but at F6, whoever is
>the closest ally of the
>HOH already has a free
>pass. Actually the two
>people closest to HOH would
>normally be completely safe.

And who is the second closest person to Porsche if not Shelley? See what I mean? A twist at F6 is always bad.

>The reason this is tough on
>Shelly is that due to
>the way she and Adam
>played, playing everyone...

I can't believe you equate Shelley's game to Adam's. Adam has been Lydia while Shelley has made moves inspired by Cesternino.

>-- but that was her
>choice and Adam's choice.

Really? They had a choice? Who else could have been Shelley's partner?

>If Shelly hadn't broken her nice
>mom persona to turn into
>backstabbing beeyotch,

If she hadn't flipped on Jordeff, she was doomed to lose, especially because they were attached to Rachel. There was no place for Shelley and we even said she had to go over to the other side.

>Shelley decided to make
>a "big move" and flip,
>so that could cost her.

But see, it isn't her big move that cost her, it's production interference. And the funny thing is that even if she had stayed with Jordeff and voted out Rachel, this twist would have hurt her in exactly the same way: Jordeff would have partnered up, Porsche would have nominated them and Shelley would have been the automatic replacement nominee if Jordeff had won veto.

>Part of why I can't stand
>Shelly even more now is
>that I am appalled by
>people who justify lying and
>backstabbing by saying they're doing
>it for their child(ren).
>(Referring to what she said
>when she voted to evict
>Jeff.) If you want
>to play that way, then
>own the strategy, but don't
>try to put yourself in
>a morally superior position because
>you're playing to win money
>for your offspring and the
>others people don't have children.

Live and let live.
Anyway, I believe that her moral rationalization isn't for us but for her daughter. Hollow rationalization to our ears but the start of an explanation for an 8 year-old.

>I would play for my family
>too, but I wouldn't try
>to argue that it gave
>me a pass on breaking
>trust with my allies.

I'd be surprised that she thinks it gives her a free pass and it really doesn't because she will have to answer to the jury. Not us, the jury.

"Dignity goes first."
Posted by Estee on 08-27-11 at 07:27 PM
Shelly is now begging the fortune teller machine for power. She hasn't quite gotten to the prayer level, but telling it how often she's cleaned its shrine room sounds like a worship-tier point of svcking up.

She also feels the feedsters are laughing at her. But gee, there's only like three of those, so they don't count.

"Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by cahaya on 08-27-11 at 10:29 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-27-11 AT 11:12 PM (EST)

From Jokers:

7:23 PM Feeds back;

Shelley won Veto and drama ensues:Shelley won VETO, Jordon initially thought she had won and wouldn't give Shelley the Veto, then took it and threw it in Shelley's face chipping her tooth. Jordan was ejected from the game. Rachel has left after confirming her pregnancy. Dani and Jeff are now back in the house and Jeff is threatening to stab Shelley family to death.

(eta) This is a false Jokers post. Disregard.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by cahaya on 08-27-11 at 10:37 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-27-11 AT 10:50 PM (EST)

Now this is weird. I pasted that a few minutes ago and suddenly it has disappeared. What's going on? Is Jokers playing jokes?


7:34 PM BBT Trivia hits an hour and 50 mins! NT
7:29 PM BBT For people who do not have feeds still trivia! NT
7:26 PM BBT Trivia continues. NT
7:25 PM BBT Feeds dow again NT

Is Jokers in the habit of playing jokes? If so, never mind the earlier post. It sounded too wild to be true. Also, no 'NT' after that post either, so it looks like someone unauthorized threw it in.

Now it looks like Rachel won the PoV. That'll put Shelly and Adam on the block and Shelly might as well kiss the House goodbye.

7:39 PM Rachel wins veto, Adam offers himself for the block to porshe as a replacement NT
7:39 PM Rachel won the veto. sounds like Jordan second out. They are in bathroom talking about if someone threw it. NT
7:39 PM Jordan says shelly is going to fight with jeff in jury NT
7:39 PM Feeds back. Sounds like J/R won veto. NT
7:38 PM Rachel won the veto NT
7:38 PM Feeds Back NT

I normally don't paste the feed lines, but felt compelled to in this case, given the false Jokers post.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by TWoman on 08-27-11 at 10:49 PM
Someone's been planting false info on Jokers all season. It usually shows up momentarily before the moderators take it down.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by cahaya on 08-27-11 at 10:51 PM
Roger that. It certainly happened here.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by rjrabbit on 08-27-11 at 10:58 PM
It would have been fun to see Shelly get hit in the mouth though. I'm terrible.

Porche comes in to the bathroom where Rachel and Jordon are. They talk about the competition. Sounds like it was an endurance. Rachel talked about her arms being cut and Jordon said that her mistake was letting her feet get too low. Porche congratulates Rachel.

Adam and Kalia in the kitchen. Shelly must still be in the diary room.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by rjrabbit on 08-27-11 at 11:05 PM
No they just called Shelly to the diary room. Live feeds aren't showing shelly.

"Rachel wins PoV"
Posted by cahaya on 08-27-11 at 11:08 PM
Confirmed through several sources this time.

Adam now offers himself for the block. How noble of him.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by bdemoney on 08-27-11 at 11:05 PM
Is this posting true? Did Jordan really get ejected from the game? Did they really bring Jeff and Dani back in the house? If so, it would be Jeff against the entire house without Rachel or Jordan there. That's crazy!

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by rjrabbit on 08-27-11 at 11:07 PM
No it's not true. Someone was playing a joke over at Jokers

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by bdemoney on 08-27-11 at 11:08 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-27-11 AT 11:09 PM (EST)

Oh, glad to see that Rachel won POV and that the other info was just some bizarre postings! I couldn't believe that could all be true!

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by cahaya on 08-27-11 at 11:10 PM
See above.

This time, I made sure the Rachel win was confirmed by other sources before posting that result.

Jokes were awful quick to get that false post removed, but not before at least a few eyes saw it.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 02:21 AM
LAST EDITED ON 08-28-11 AT 02:30 AM (EST)

I wonder if it was the work of Seraphaem?

How many remember that name?

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by suzzee on 08-28-11 at 10:16 AM
I do remember that name, evokes a scary feeling of dread though.

Hamsterized by D'Abs

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by AyaK on 08-29-11 at 11:12 PM
I can say unequivocally that Seraphaem was not SurvivorAntartica. Seraphaem also was not Jesus. And Seraphaem was not in the EBT. As far as I know, Seraphaem was just someone who wanted to appear like she knew what she was talking about when she really didn't.

Hey, maybe Shelly is Seraphaem!

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by michel on 08-29-11 at 11:24 PM
Seraphaem was a woman??? That I didn't know.

One day, you should post all you can about the insides of spoiling.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by Corvis on 08-30-11 at 09:05 AM
I didn't know she was a woman either. Are you sure about that?

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by kingfish on 08-30-11 at 10:28 AM
For some reason that I can't pin down, I always assumed that she was a she.

Could be just that Seraphaem just sounds like a woman's name, although I couldn't say why I think that, either.

"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by AyaK on 08-30-11 at 12:33 PM

I'm getting to be an old fogey now, so I'm not necessarily sure about anything after S3. As I remember it, Seraphaem was one of Cygnus' chums from SurvivorAddicts during S2 and (at least we thought) was female -- as you probably remember, Cygnus had a lot of religious stuff on the Web back then in addition to SA.

But then the name Seraphaem showed up again, after I'd given up Survivor spoiling, and I have no idea if it was the same person. I remember thinking it probably wasn't, but I can't remember why. Must be early-onset Alzheimer's....


"RE: Veto comp gets ugly with an ejection"
Posted by zazzy on 08-28-11 at 02:13 PM
People post false stuff in the discussion section of Jokers all the time...trying to fake out the people who are reading it.

Less so in the updates, but one day some twerp got on there and posted pornographic things about the house guests whuile the Joker mods were asleep.

Eventually those posts were obliterated.

What is good to look for is two or three different posters posting the same update after an HOH or POV comp. Then it is more likely to be true. Or, have the live feeds and do a flashback to the time the poster mentions the feeds are back.

"More POV competition talk."
Posted by rjrabbit on 08-27-11 at 11:15 PM
Shelly is out of the diary room. She is really trying to to sound positive about losing the veto. She was complaining that it wasn't the competition for her back. She said she has pins in her back and she knew 10 minutes in that she wasn't going to make it. Telling everyone in the kitchen not to feel bad. She doesn't feel bad. Adam asking if BB is going to give them heating pads, then Trivia

"RE: More POV competition talk."
Posted by rjrabbit on 08-27-11 at 11:33 PM
Shelly talking to Kalia. She just said that she only made a couple of enemies this season. Is she joking? She's got more than two.

"RE: More POV competition talk."
Posted by AyaK on 08-28-11 at 00:51 AM
Shelly says she's going to be influential in the jury house, and she'll make sure Rachel doesn't win.

She's delusional, as usual. She couldn't influence Brendon and Jeff about anything. If she told them the sky was blue, they'd figure she was lying.

"Boring wait"
Posted by AyaK on 08-28-11 at 00:57 AM
Thursday can't get here soon enough. Since Jordan and Rachel have two of the three votes this week, Shelly is gone, gone, gone, Right now, it looks like there are three teams left after Shelly's ouster: Jordan-Rachel ** Adam ** Porsche-Kalia. It all comes down to the next HoH and POV. Until then, it's just dead time.

"RE: Boring wait"
Posted by cahaya on 08-28-11 at 01:21 AM
Yup, the 'twist' guaranteed that.

Now it's time to figure out the FF draft order before the live draft date and set BB aside for a while.

"RE: Boring wait"
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 02:30 AM
If you want Shelley gone, it'll be more than a boring wait: The whole thing will be boring.

Does anyone really want to see Jordan, Rachel, Porsche, Adam or Kalia win? As an unbiased judge, the only one that played a game that I couldn't call horrible out of those 5 is Porsche. Therefore, Porsche would be the most deserving! That's how bad this season has turned out.

My only hope is that Rachel realizes she can only win if she has Shelley with her in the F2 and votes to evict Adam. That isn't going to happen.

"RE: Boring wait"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-28-11 at 03:03 AM
Obviously we don't all agree on this, and won't.
I have disliked Shelly all season, so I'm thrilled she's gone. I don't care if she played more game than the others. Good game is game that lasts to the end and doesn't blow up in your face when people start putting two and two together.

For some reason I can't explain, with BB it matters more to me if the person has attractive qualities and pure game doesn't count if the person disgusts me. Example: Natalie, or Maggie.

Survivor is one where I really prefer the winner to be strategic.

Maybe it has something to do with the 39 days in adverse surroundings as compared to a whole summer in a house. In BB, with people talking constantly about each other, alliances rarely stay strong, whereas they often do in Survivor.

This is just my feeling, not right or wrong. We all have the right to have a different take on what entertains us or makes us feel good, and BB to me is just trashy entertainment with a tiny bit of strategy and a lot of luck involved.

So NO to Shelley, NO to Kalia, NO to Porsche because she had no presence for way too long and she has no depth to her.

YES to Jordan, Rachel (unlikely but I would laugh so hard if it happened), and a distant third to Adam for making all those stupid metal cries and playing as a caricature. But hey, if Adam can pull it off then I won't begrudge it to him, because he's probably not winning it without some effort at this point.

Posted by Flowerpower on 08-28-11 at 09:28 AM
OFG, couldn't agree more. I, too, am rooting for either Jordan or Rachel (SHOCKING!), but in order for me to root for Adam at this point, he needs to finish strong and go all out in these competitions....he has floated through every single week. He showed some loyalty to Jeff, but so far not to anyone else. Pick a side and fight for it!

Now for the question. Since this week they were put back into partner mode, Kalia was protected as she was bound with Porshe. Does that mean that neither of them can play for HoH at the next HoH competition??? Leaving one of R/J/A to win it? Even with Kalia in the mix, the odds are pretty strong that one of R/J/A will win it...then again, if Adam throws it....ugh!

"RE: Question?"
Posted by Estee on 08-28-11 at 09:37 AM
If they're all the way back to original format for the full week, then Kalia can play for HoH. Adam tossing it may be the question of Thursday -- if Shelly goes, then he has to either commit to one of the pairs or make his first-and-only stand on the spot. Assuming he even remembers how to play any more.

"RE: Boring wait"
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 10:21 AM
>I have disliked Shelly all season,
>so I'm thrilled she's gone.
> I don't care if
>she played more game than
>the others. Good game
>is game that lasts to
>the end and doesn't blow
>up in your face when
>people start putting two and
>two together.

But, again, Shelley's game didn't blow up because people talked, it blew up because production decided to blow it up. She's leaving ONLY because of that twist.

Rachel has a game that simply will never win. Even if she and Brendon were to win every HoH comp in a season, she'd still lose the jury vote.

>For some reason I can't explain,
>with BB it matters more
>to me if the person
>has attractive qualities and pure
>game doesn't count if the
>person disgusts me. Example:
>Natalie, or Maggie.

Well, if you can't explain it than neither can I.
From my POV, game is always game, I always prefer the one that plays a good game but BB is much more random than Survivor. Maggie did play a good game even if she was detestable. One of the best listeners ever, at least the only one that could intimidate someone just by listening to him.

>Survivor is one where I really
>prefer the winner to be

You mean like Andrea and Fabio?!!!!

>So NO to Shelley, NO to
>Kalia, NO to Porsche because
>she had no presence for
>way too long and she
>has no depth to her.

Porsche didn't have presence because of that stupid Golden Key twist and the fact that Keith was a doofus that had to be eliminated first, leaving her with nothing to do. At least, Porsche was the first to see the future was with the veterans. And she had her eyes opened wide enough to realize they were only using her, so she switched. That is game.

>YES to Jordan,

She's an adorable moron. She has a game that is equivalent to absolute Zero and an IQ to match. I would only enjoy seeing her win as proof that someone can win twice (ie Sandra) and be a dumb player.

Rachel (unlikely but
>I would laugh so hard
>if it happened),

It won't...

"RE: Boring wait"
Posted by zazzy on 08-28-11 at 02:07 PM
What is the model from Survivor when it comes to game playing?

Something about the fox, the goat, the bunny and what is the other one? The snake?

Jordan may win because all the alphas were too busy picking each other off instead of staying banded together to rule the house. Idiots. That means you, Dani.

So who is the better player? The bunny who mostly stays likeable, has a good social side, and is non threatening who gets herself to the end stage of the game...or the competent comp player who rules the HOH with an iron will (only to be taken out later).

I'd like to see the bunny rule here...because they all would have done it to themselves. Go ahead, Jordan! Win this thing!

"RE: Boring wait"
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 02:34 PM
Bear is the 4th but that is just one model. The Family Final 4 is another but I always prefered Game Theory analysis where, to simplify it a lot, things depend on the number of leaders and followers.

We are out of Leaders already in this season of Big Brother so a follower is going to win.

Posted by samboohoo on 08-28-11 at 05:24 PM
"But, again, Shelley's game didn't blow up because people talked, it blew up because production decided to blow it up. She's leaving ONLY because of that twist."

First, Shelly's game somewhat blew up before this twist - if Shelly was going to win it all. I think they only way she would have won was to be next to Jordan or Rachel at the end. If she's against anyone else, she doesn't win.

She, IMO, completely screwed herself, not by lying, but in the manner she lied. It's one thing to float between, but Shelly pretty much called everyone else out to everyone else for doing exactly what she was doing, and she was holier than thou in defending herself as honest.

Second, Adam has not really proven loyalty to anyone this season, but the most loyal he was was to Jeff. Rachel and Jordan were going up. Adam could have won Veto and saved one of them, therefore holding the majority of the votes. Or Rachel could have saved herself, and Adam or Shelly could have gone up in place. Unlikely, but possible.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Disagree"
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 05:43 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-28-11 AT 05:48 PM (EST)

What we know for sure is that, without the twist, Shelley wasn't leaving this week, As for jury votes, just being a mom makes a very good jury case going up against someone like Porsche, and being a player makes a strong argument against a Kalia or an Adam. It would have been tough but we do not know the results.

Anyway, $50K makes a very good college fund for an 8 year old and she has been heard saying that staying with Jordeff was giving them the whole $550K. She does have second place in mind and with J/J/R she was practically guaranteed 4th place and a big fat 0 paycheck.

ETA: Adam winning veto? LOL! I think the guy is allergic to winning.

"Lost cause."
Posted by Estee on 08-28-11 at 09:15 AM
Good luck trying to talk Rachel out of her plans this week.

"Rachel, you can't use the Veto! We found out Jordan's the secret mastermind behind everything and we were double-faking to get her out all along!"

"Rachel, you can't vote for Shelly! We found out Adam's the secret mastermind -- did we do this one already?"

"Rachel, you have to let us vote you out! We found out Dani's been trying to come between you and your man!"

So instead, they're working on Jordan, trying to convince her that Rachel's betrayed her multiple times, is the mastermind behind everything, and needs to be backstabbed by voting Adam out. (This has mostly been coming from Shelly, who apologized in a manner which threw her out of Christianity and turned into her into the First Priestess Of Janus.) For Rachel, they've just been taking special pains to tell her she'll never get the votes to win.

Jordan may not be dumb enough to fall for this and while news of a second-at-best future is not encouraging to Rachel, I think she's quickly approaching the point of 'I don't care if I win. I care that you don't.'

Good luck talking her out of that.

Say, Porsche -- would you describe the feeling of a Rachel veto win as being like a medicine ball to your stomach?

"RE: Lost cause."
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 10:29 AM
"Rachel, you have to let us vote you out! We found out Dani's been trying to come between you and your man!"

I can imagine it right now: Rachel walks into the jury House, yelling to surprise everyone but sees Brendon and Dani naked on the couch, going at it. Imagine Rachel's yell then!!!
Ratings gold, I tell ya!

"No longer just a game?"
Posted by zazzy on 08-28-11 at 02:20 PM
Read on Joker's that Shelly's family is getting death threats for Shelly's actions against Jeff Thursday. Even threats on her 8 year old daughter.

Family thinking of bringing in FBI and taking threats very seriously. Link was to TMZ; didn't grab the link, sorry.

"RE: No longer just a game?"
Posted by cahaya on 08-28-11 at 03:09 PM
No link necessary, it's the main news item.

UPDATE: "Big Brother" Executive Producer Allison Grodner released a statement on Twitter ... saying, "No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!"

"RE: No longer just a game?"
Posted by Estee on 08-28-11 at 03:23 PM
*tries not to consider the source*


No, true show fans let Grodner ruin lives for them!

"Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by cahaya on 08-28-11 at 04:13 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-29-11 AT 09:41 AM (EST)

Allison Grodner's twitter was posted 21 hours ago with reference to Yakkity Yaks.

agrodner22 allison grodner
yakkityyaks.com/some-big-broth… #BB13. No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!
21 hours ago

Yakkity Yaks reports and gives commentary about a certain FB page that is seen as the culprit behind promoting RL activity against HGs and families. The article declines to give a link to the FB hate page but shows some snippets from the FB hate site and points a finger at posters in the TVGrapevine BB forum.

Apparently TVGrapevine is involved in the fray due to activities of poster(s) in their forum in the America Hates Shelly Moore Page thread. TVGrapevine has since set up banner on their main page linked to a Stop the Shelly Moore Hate FB page.

At the center of all this is the FB hate page in question. Read at your own risk. There is too much activity to recapture the earlier ugliest posts referred to (with two of them displayed) in YY.

(eta: to revise updated YY page link.)

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 05:53 PM
I can't understand why anyone would love or hate someone they've only seen on TV so this? Is ridiculous.

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by zazzy on 08-28-11 at 09:11 PM
The same way people get caught up in sports teams, I suppose.

I've been at a pro football stadium, leaving as a game ended and felt really uneasy around the opposing fans (many who had been drinking heavily), wondering if a fight was about to break out.

Why? Over a game? People get over involved!*

* But, of course, college basketball is entirely different ;)

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by cahaya on 08-28-11 at 09:27 PM
Well, sort of and not quite sort of. While sports fans might hold an enmity ("hate") for rival teams, you won't see them organizing ways to harass the football/basketball players' families and employers, people who are not at involved in the rivalry. There's a line that shouldn't be crossed and it was clearly crossed here, so much so that it might involve law enforcement.

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by AyaK on 08-29-11 at 11:22 PM
Sure they do. That's why teams go to such lengths to protect their players. They have full-time security staffs. They block calls from being put through to players' rooms. They go way out of their way to prevent exactly this.

The poster boy for such nonsense was a high school football/basketball player named Ronald Curry. Curry went to Hampton High and was subjected to withering harrassment after he decided not to go to UVa and instead go to UNC.

Interestingly, the second-best QB in Curry's district went to VaTech. Because of all the hate directed toward Curry, he got virtually no attention in HS -- and he had to wait until he turned pro to see a real hate campaign directed at him.

His name was Michael Vick.

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by zazzy on 08-31-11 at 06:09 PM
Cahaya, tell that to Carson Palmer of the Cincinnati Bengals, who had trash dumped on the front lawn of his home by angry fans.

Palmer later decided enough was enough, between the trash on his lawn and the head of the organization never really beefing up the team and said if he weren't traded then he was retiring.

He sold the home where the trash was dumped and moved to California. The Bengals organization refused to trade him and so, he is retired. For now, I suppose. He's good looking enough and well spoken enough to wind up in tv sports.

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by zazzy on 08-31-11 at 06:30 PM
Another anecdote comes to mind...the famous tree poisoning at Auburn:


The guy who did it is 62 years old! A retired state trooper. *shakes head*

And here are some other notable college pranks:


" ....1. The Rutgers-Princeton Cannon War
In 1875, Rutgers students created national headlines and tense negotiations when they stole a cannon used in the Revolutionary War from the campus of Princeton (then called the College of New Jersey). It took months for the two universities' presidents to come to terms, but the cannon -- which had long been claimed by both colleges' towns -- was eventually returned.

2. College of Idaho and Northwest Nazarene University
The rivalry between these schools dates back a century. Things came to an unpleasant head in 2007, when NNU students put soap in a fountain on the Idaho campus. Sounds pretty mundane, right? Except when the NNU crew tried to flee, their car hit a 21-year-old security guard/student, according to local news station KBOI.

The two LA-based schools have a long-standing grudge that's usually playful, if perhaps destructive, in nature -- defacing a statue, stealing a bell back and forth, once even a backfired attempt to dump manure from a helicopter. But things went too far in December, when two were stabbed in a brawl between rivals just before a USC-UCLA football game. "People from USC and UCLA were fighting against each other," one witness said.

4. Georgia Tech-Auburn
In this case, Auburn was on the offending side. In 1896, Auburn students actually greased the railroad tracks into town so that the train carrying Georgia Tech's football team and fans was unable to stop for 10 miles. The team and fans had to walk back into town, and the players were apparently so drained that they were creamed, 45-0.

5. Intra-Harvard Publications
In 1954, two Harvard student publications, the Lampoon and the Crimson, were engaged in a prank war that could have had international consequences. Staff members of the Crimson stole an ibis statue that belonged to the Lampoon, then told a Soviet ambassador that it was a gift of friendship from the Lampoon. ..."

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by kingfish on 09-01-11 at 09:55 AM
Texas-Texas A&M: (Year?) Texas Aggies beat Texas 13-0. Aggie cadets kidnapped the Texas mascot longhorn steer after the game, and returned it after branding 13-0 on it. With some imaginative re-branding by Texas students, 13-0 became BEVO, which is the official name of the Texas mascot to this day.

No one asked the poor steer to give his opinion of this stunt.

(Disclaimer - ther are various versions of this event).

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by michel on 08-28-11 at 09:43 PM
Not to excuse any excesses but I'd say that attachment to sports teams goes back many years, even across generations for teams like the Cubs, the Packers, etc...

These people, we had never seen them before the month of June and we will never see them after September. Live and let live.

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by suzzee on 08-29-11 at 09:12 AM
Mob mentality. Insanity. There are a ton of truly unstable people out there and I thought at the time that CBS interviewed Shelly's daughter that it wasn't the best thing to do.

Note to future reality show contestants, leave your IRL off the air. Like Coach, bring total fantasy world with you.

Hamsterized by D'Abs

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by michel on 08-29-11 at 05:30 PM
What? You don't believe the Amazon story:


Coach was an expert on rivers and he even showed us how good he was:

Ils sont fous, ces Romains!

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by zazzy on 08-29-11 at 06:38 PM
I haven't watched Survivor in years except for the first Russell tour. This is a hoot! Thanks for posting.

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by suzzee on 08-31-11 at 02:14 PM
That was epic. No not Coach, the funny115 guy. The inserted pictures were perfect. Thanks for the laugh michel.

Hamsterized by D'Abs

"RE: Dig a little deeper..."
Posted by samboohoo on 08-29-11 at 09:16 AM

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"Shelly on the Internet."
Posted by Estee on 08-29-11 at 12:21 PM
This is from last night, in a conversation with Rachel & Jordan (who are still voting her out, possibly with company -- the newbies don't trust Shelly any more either). It's odd timing to be discussing this -- but the DR may have dropped a subtle hint. (Minor editing here for sentence structure: no words changed from the transcript.)

"Tony understands... we had a long talk about this. He realizes there are all these people online, and half of them will hate me, and half of them may like me, but you're going to read stuff that is going to hurt your feelings about me. People are going to say stuff on the show. They might hate me and be calling me every name in the book, he said, but they don't know you. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out -- because he's probably going to ask me "why did you do what you did?" Tony is very direct: he can't lie, he can't exaggerate. So I'll get it straight, and I'll know right away, looking at him, whether it's good or bad."

"Rachel talks sequester."
Posted by Estee on 08-29-11 at 12:35 PM
She was telling Adam about last year's jury house, and the feeds amazingly did not go to fish while she was dishing out more detail than we've ever had about the place. Each arriving juror gets a personal food basket similar to the HoH package: all their favorite treats. Movies are freely available, and Rachel's original house featured a Wii system with a good selection of games. There were also some classic board games on the premises. Some scant reading material was allowed, and jurors could make requests -- Brendon went for cookbooks. And there was a party every Friday, with drinks. Compared to the day-to-day boredom of the cage, it's virtually a luxury hotel, or at least a well-furnished cell.

In other minor news, Shelly (still trying to save herself) told J&R about the fortune teller being functional, but couldn't make it a complete truth and lied about not having let anyone else know.

Adam, sensing a Shelly ouster on the wind, has realized where this puts him: as the potential swing position between two pairs. Or it would if this was Survivor -- but it's BB and he's trying to work it anyway. For now, he's courting Jordan & Rachel, talking about his being used and abused by the other side, respecting those who truly play the game, and wanting to hit F3 with them. (Adam's truly played the game?) It's the usual deal-making, with promises of safety in non-HoH weeks that no one likely intends to keep.

Overall, it's a pretty quiet cage right now -- too much apparently decided in advance with a lot of time to kill. Things can still be shaken up -- but that fortune teller would have to start spitting cards. The hamsters might believe it over Shelly.

But then, at this point, the hamsters might believe Natalie over Shelly.

"RE: Rachel talks sequester."
Posted by zazzy on 08-29-11 at 01:01 PM
Ah, I will be left wondering, after this season, what could have been if Shelly had not made a move too soon.

She's seen the show. She knows about DE's. She knows the comps are varied and she could have stepped up and won a comp.

Too soon, Shelly, too soon. And, CBS never gave you much of a good edit except for the whole phone call and then showing your daughter. So...CBS's unfavs don't win.

Maybe you will come back and host a comp like you have wanted.

Maybe you will be so reviled that they will bring you back for another season as the one people love to hate, like Rachel. Who know? The problem is, people are on to your tactics now. Like Matt last year, you got one shot of blowing smoke up people's bums. You blew it. Figuratively.

On another note, anyone else notice that Porsche speak has diminished and she now speaks in regular sentences as opposed to, like, um, like other sentences?

"RE: Rachel talks sequester."
Posted by axbridge on 08-29-11 at 05:09 PM
I did notice that Porsche sounds like a normal human now. Unfortunately, Kalia STILL can't speak more than 2 words without using "like". She desperately needs to go to elocution school.

"PoV Ceremony"
Posted by cahaya on 08-29-11 at 03:19 PM
And of course, as if there was any option, Shelly and Adam go on the block.

It's now a vote between the Balloon Mouth Girl and the Floating Balloon Boy.

"RE: PoV Ceremony"
Posted by Estee on 08-29-11 at 04:27 PM
So much for that valiant attempt to convince Rachel that Jordan was the real target and everyone else in the cage was her BFF. (There's four seconds no one's ever getting back.) Which means we're now looking at -- three really boring days. Admittedly, if Shelly can talk her way out of this one, applause, kudos, and possibly a muzzle on the DR. But she now has to convince two out of three for a betrayed foster daughter, a redheaded missile powered by vengeance, and wake Kalia up long enough to register someone else's opinion. It's not Mission Impossible, but the next challenge category up would be convincing Rush Limbaugh that the President didn't go out Sunday and murder people to create a higher hurricane death toll. The jury has already convicted based on no evidence and the admissions docket is closed -- good luck.

Better hope for a luxury competition. Or at least for someone to throw Kalia an extra pillow.

"Kalia hate"
Posted by realityshowgeek on 08-29-11 at 05:59 PM
Why does everyone seem to hate her so much? Because she sleeps to much? What else is there to do in that house if you're not a smoker or in need of a tan. I'm pulling for Kalia because she is just as worthy as anyone else in the house. The only thing that has pissed me off about her is how she allow Jeff and Jordan to bully her during her first HOH. I've watched this show most seasons and I honestly cannot recall when a sitting HOH was shown such obvious disrespect. Even the HOH's that are hated by everyone in the house get their asses kissed during their reign of terror. Why was Kalia not afforded that level of respect. She should have demanded it. From where I'm sitting she is just a worthy as Jordan. Really, what has Jordan done as far as game play. I like Jordan and if she won that would be a hoot. She is adorable and I felt sorry for her after Jeff was booted, but remind me again why she deserves the win. Jordan has spent equal, if not more time, tugging at the front of her hair as Kalia has spent sleeping. Oh yeah, Kalia was HOH twice.

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by Estee on 08-29-11 at 06:17 PM
Personally, I dislike Kalia because:

* She's a human hagfish: find something big to hide behind, clamp on and slime away. For the first few weeks, Kalia was the best friend of every HoH for as long as they were HoH -- and everyone else? Err...

* Her skill in her declared profession is -- well -- I understand she's got an audience: I'm just not sure why. Go ahead, read her blog -- for as long as you can.

* She's a do-as-I-do-but-only-if-I-do-it hypocrite. I have not forgotten that opening night speech about Rachel, thankee -- the speech against the buxom made while displaying about 86% of her own cleavage. And that was just the first salvo: her gameplay went exactly where you'd expect after that.

* She has demonstrated a few elements of stick-with-your-own-kind racism: everyone is created equal, so you stay on your equal side of the line. Granted, she's not an open homophobe like Jeff, but the subtypes aren't any more welcome around here.

I'll respect Kalia when she does something to earn it. For me, she hasn't.

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by cahaya on 08-29-11 at 06:56 PM
Well, there went two bags of potato chips in the time it took you to post that.

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by Estee on 08-29-11 at 07:24 PM
Why were you eating potato chips in the first place?

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by zazzy on 08-29-11 at 07:45 PM
Oh, Estee! LOL! I have a feeling I could drop 10 lbs very quickly if I had a tape of you in my ear all day saying things like that!

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by cahaya on 08-29-11 at 11:48 PM
And who said I was eating all of those potato chips?

BB is already way over budget in food and other consumable items such as Kleenexes as it is.

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by realityshowgeek on 08-29-11 at 07:15 PM
I don't have the live feeds and watch Showtime rarely, but she seems no less vile than any of the others. And everyone is a hypocrite in this game. They work so hard getting the friends of their enemies out, but when the tables turn, the other side is being cruel and hateful, lol. I try to pick a favorite early own and usually pick the person I have something in common with. Jeff's from Chicago so he was my guy until the bullying of Kalia. Now she's my fav to win. I saw the episode where she compared herself to Pres. Obama because she also speaks proper English, which was laughable and a tad delusional, I'll continue to root for her to win

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by AyaK on 08-29-11 at 11:30 PM
I have one thing in common with Kalia: we both want her in the jury house. She wants to go into the jury house so she can spend time with Dani without Dani-Porsche present. And I want her to go into the jury house so I don't have to watch her any longer.

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by kingfish on 08-30-11 at 09:00 AM
The only positive thing I can say about Kalia is that she gave Estee the excuse to provide us with the ultra apropos description for her. Hagfish.

While we here in the oceanic community are generally very egalitarian, even we don't associate with hagfish.

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by samboohoo on 08-30-11 at 10:34 AM
LOL. Where is her blog?

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by Estee on 08-30-11 at 10:46 AM
Prepare to be underwhelmed.


"RE: Kalia blog?"
Posted by zazzy on 08-30-11 at 12:31 PM
This may also be Kalia:

Kalia said she wrote about relationships. Is this it?

Blog: http://www.thatbitchstolemyline.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/blackiecollins

Other media: http://www.bvonlove.com/bloggers/blackie-collins/
(several articles)

No blog posts or tweets since June 2. Plenty of blog posts every month for quite some time before that.


Blackie Collins is a Manhattan turned LA girl with a big heart and a closet full of girly things like skirts and heels. She loves laying on the beach, dogs with people names like Linda, hoop earrings, and sky-high platform heels. When she isn't writing, she can be found scouring blogs, brunching with friends, or enjoying happy hour at any hour of the day. Her true passion is boys. It is perhaps the reason she can't get anything done. She lives in a great, rent controlled apartment with a great, uncontrolled dog. She has quite a few parking tickets, and dreams of the day DVF or YSL decide to slum it with a line in Target.

From a Dec 2009 blog post:

"It goes without saying that I come from a house of divorce, but the happiness that ensued when my parents realized they were better off apart was wonderful. I grew up in the perfect divorced Huxtible household, so don't start with the "she doesn't believe in marriage because she has issues" conversation. It's a dead one. I understand marriage. I understand divorce. I just don't know who said we all had to run off and get married in our twenties in order to ensure a happy and balanced life. My aunt got married at the age of fifty-four and when someone asked her what took her so long, she shrugged and said, "I was waiting for the right one." I plan to do the same and if it takes longer than these roaring twenties, well that's fine too. Things get better with age anyway."

In another blog post from 2010 she said she had been dating for over 12 years...

Anyway, this could be Kalia.

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by suzzee on 08-31-11 at 02:22 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-31-11 AT 02:22 PM (EST)

Your question here:

Why was Kalia not afforded that level of respect.

You answered it in your next sentence:

She should have demanded it.

A Tribe masterpiece

"RE: Kalia hate"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-31-11 at 04:49 PM
Excellent point! but but but HOH responsibility is so confusing and stressful, I need my committee!

Respect, something given when a person won't settle for anything less.

"False alarm."
Posted by Estee on 08-30-11 at 09:59 AM
Rachel talked the rats into giving her a home pregnancy test: it came up negative.

The hamsters have been comparing notes on Shelly and realized most of what she's been responsible for (while just blaming the rest of her). This has resulted in a brief proposal by Rachel to keep her, since having such a devious player around could be a benefit. This is very probably a joke, or at least a DR-scripted event to make the week less boring. And meanwhile, Shelly goes around apologizing to anything which can't get away in time, which means the dining room table is confused about just what she did to offend it in the first place.

Jordan & Rachel are now filming DR sessions together. (Do not expect phone calls.) The current plan is to try and create bonds with Porsche & Kalia. (Maybe they can bond over a medicine ball. Say, stuffing it down Porsche's throat.) This plan will fail. Because they all do.

Oh, and yesterday, Rachel admitted she had no social game. Let's have a round of applause!

"RE: False alarm."
Posted by zazzy on 08-30-11 at 12:08 PM
Oh my. In trying to catch up on the BB house doings, I ran into a description of comments made about Rachel, including the medicine ball throws, the stairs and the coat hanger. I think those comments cover Shelly, Porsche and Adam. Thank goodness she is not pregnant so those comments will stop.

Then, reading on, I find that Kalia feels compelled to share with the other players that she threw her dog against a wall. Something about she picked the dog up and scared it, and it bit her and she threw it against the wall. Later she said something about wanting to get another dog and Rachel and others told her no, she did not need a second dog. Others agreed.

So, that leaves irrational at times Rachel. And Jordan, or course.

Still rooting for Jordan at this point.

What is it about BB that people start revealing such ugly things about themselves?

"RE: False alarm."
Posted by Estee on 08-30-11 at 12:19 PM
Combination of running out of things to talk about after two months, forgetting anyone else is listening, and the never-ending offenses of the casting department.

I don't believe the forced miscarriage jokes will stop now that Rachel is confirmed not pregnant. I think they'll just switch to debating which of them caused the emotional upheaval that made her lose it. There may be a prize.

I can understand accidentally throwing a small dog if you're trying to shake off a hand bite. (Toss arm outward and hope the whip motion makes the dog turn loose.) Deliberately... well, it's not as if Kalia hadn't firmly cemented her charmer status before this.

"RE: False alarm."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-30-11 at 02:46 PM
Did she kill the dog? Not clear if the second dog would be a replacement or she needs more to mistreat.

Kalia seems like she was one of those kids whose parents told her she was amazing and talented and charismatic and who fully bought into their hype despite all evidence that they were just trying to make her feel special.

Well, she loves herself and she has at least one fan. Every DAW should have a fan.

"Nailed it OFG"
Posted by suzzee on 08-31-11 at 02:30 PM
Explains every last thing she's done or said.

Hamsterized by D'Abs

"RE: Nailed it OFG"
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-31-11 at 04:44 PM
@ suzzee

"Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by zazzy on 08-30-11 at 03:02 PM
Peeking in on BB in mid afternoon...

Jordan and Adam asleep in respective beds in the candy room.

Porsche and Kalia, I am guessing, are asleep in the HOH bedroom.

That leaves Rachel and Shelly in the backyard. And here's what is going on:

--Rachel gives Shelly total rundown of Shelly's entire game and flatters Shelly for her strategy.

--Shelly feigns a thrill over being flattered, and sensing an opening, goes so far as to offer her diamond ring that was a gift from her parents to Rachel so Rachel will believe her and have Rachel and Jordan take Shelly to the F3. The diamond is to be proof of her word to Rachel and Shelly claims that she, Shelly won't leave the BB house without the ring. (she's saying Rachel can keep the ring if Shelly backstabs her but she won't backstab her)

--Rachel wants Shelly to win F4 HOH so Rachel can win the POV and thereby decide who else gets into the F3. Rachel wants Rach or Jordan to win the F5 HOH.

---Shelly selling Rachel on the point that Shelly can't win any comps (whereas, imo, she's been throwing some/many of them).

To use an old phrase: who's zooming who?

Meanwhile, Adam has now awakened and is in the by to do laundry and Shelly and Rachel continue the discussion while Adam is out of earshot.

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-30-11 at 04:46 PM
Thanks zazzy!

I can see not wanting the F5 HOH so as to be a player at F4, but why not win F4? You can still win the veto but if you fail you are still safe.

The only possible jury game Rachel has is to start winning comps as she has had no social game.

If Rachel saves Shelley, won't Jordan be mad at Rachel, or would she approve the strategy? Is the ring about as real as Matt's wife's disease?

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by zazzy on 08-30-11 at 05:16 PM
There is a ring... but I can forsee Shelly yanking it away before she leaves the house. Or sobbing for it.

Anyway, Rachel did not bite on the ring. Yet.

She did talk to Jordan about reevaluating their vote strategy shortly after the Shelly convo, so she was considering what Shelly had to say.

Jordan shot her down, reminding her of how Shelly acted before the most recent POV comp.

Meanwhile, Jordan had just finished reassuring Adam all was good.
So even with few peeps left in the BB house, there is still some game afoot!

Earlier, Shelly, btw, was throwing her latest BFFs Porsche and Kalia under the Shellybus to Rachel, and driving over them repeatedly, saying she would puke if she had to vote for one of them in F2, etc.etc.

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by AyaK on 08-30-11 at 05:55 PM
Shelly just put Rachel's stuffed dog under Rachel's pillow then took off, so she could lie about who took it and who put it back. At least she hasn't given up trying to deceive people, even though she's been a dead woman for days now.

I tried to watch BBAD last night, but I fell asleep. Between Kalia talking and Porsche baking, there wasn't much going on. But I missed the Yorkie story!

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by samboohoo on 08-31-11 at 10:43 AM
Did you miss the "chubby" story?

Our power went out for about an hour last night. When I checked this morning, it came on at this point. I will defend Jordan on this one because I'd never heard the term either. LOL.

Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by michel on 08-30-11 at 10:16 PM
Doesn't everyone play for F4 HoH? It really only is immunity after all because the POV winner decides every thing.

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-30-11 at 10:30 PM
LAST EDITED ON 08-30-11 AT 10:32 PM (EST)

My recollection is the F5 HOH can't play at F4. Everyone plays at F3. F5 HOH is risky unless you really need it and have no other protection or you have strong faith you can make it through F4 without playing for HOH.

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by AyaK on 08-31-11 at 08:33 AM
Right. F5 HoH can be powerful, though -- look at BB11. Kevin won the F5 HoH and nominated Jeff and Michelle, which led to Jeff's ouster that season -- then he won the F4 POV, which he used to oust Michele. From being down 4-2 in the house, the Lying Twins (Kevin and Natalie) ended up with a 2-1 edge going into the final 3.

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-31-11 at 04:34 PM
Thanks for the reminder, AyaK.

F5 is certainly a good time to have power. All I would say is that the HOH often faces an immediate backlash, so if you (outgoing HOH) are not good at veto competitions, you could be a sitting duck at F4 when there are few left to hide behind.

"RE: Diamonds are for negotiating..."
Posted by zazzy on 08-31-11 at 05:22 PM
You say PO ta TO and I say Po TA To but,

immunity - automatic F3 if you win HOH at F4!

"America's Worst Dog Owners."
Posted by Estee on 08-31-11 at 09:14 AM
In case you were wondering whether this group had anything in common...

Kalia: Throwing a Yorkie into a wall? The highlight reel. You should hear about the rest of the season. Or maybe you shouldn't.

Jordan: Liked to let her dog ride on her shoulder when they were in the car, the better for the canine to sniff out the open window. And then one day, the dog wound up putting more than its head out. Say, the entire body plus tail...

Porsche: Found that her five-pound chihuahua had eaten 1lb of chocolate, including the foil wrappers. Take the dog to the vet? Of course not! That would totally detract from Porsche Time!

Rachel: Took her rottweiler out for a walk -- on the surface of a frozen lake. Guess what happened next. Just guess.

"RE: America's Worst Dog Owners."
Posted by Outfrontgirl on 08-31-11 at 05:09 PM
You're such a tease, Estee. I hate it when you hold back on the details. I really find my imagination deficient when it comes to guessing what hamsters are capable of.

"RE: America's Worst Dog Owners."
Posted by Estee on 08-31-11 at 05:31 PM
You call it teasing, I call it professional skill.

While Rachel's incident can possibly be explained as Kids Are Dumb -- given her current residence, any situation with lakes and ice involved almost automatically throws it to her childhood -- and Jordan's entire life and IQ set her up for the cruelty of speed bumps, excusing Kalia and Porsche is harder. Not that I particularly want to find an excuse for either one. The episodes and live feeds are turning into interactive games of Name That Complex. So far, I've got Kalia as borderline narcissist and Porsche -- you don't want to know where I've got Porsche, but it's being sterilized every hour. But having both of them care nothing for animals fits right in with the other remnants of their personalities.

This is how Rachel is suddenly finding fans in the endgame. The rest of the cage has managed to make her look like the normal one.

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by michel on 09-01-11 at 07:37 AM
Since that veto competition was a repeat of the season's first comp, it isn't surprising we had the same winner. Everything was done to protect Jordan and Rachel and throw Shellley under the bus and, not surprisingly either, Shelley had her best edited episode now that she is doomed..

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by Jims02 on 09-01-11 at 07:49 AM
Yeah, for a show where the reality is already pretty dodgy, this was a pretty ballsy Veto competition to throw out there. The moment they revealed that Veto competition, everyone knew Rachel had it in the bag. It seemed like it should be pretty obvious to most viewers what the producers were wanting right there. It would be akin to them having a Veto competition about heavy metal this season.

Although Adam would still probably find a way to mess that one up.

A 2003 IceCat original

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by kingfish on 09-01-11 at 09:43 AM
I find myself oddly turned on by the thought of those inner thigh muscles in Rachel's legs.

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by michel on 09-01-11 at 05:54 PM
Yeah, those thighs grip like crabs. Wonder why...

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by zazzy on 09-01-11 at 06:27 PM
Some times your posts need a warning! I was drinking some milk and almost spattered it on my screen, lol!

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by michel on 09-02-11 at 06:30 PM
Brendon probably didn't get any warnings either...

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by Estee on 09-01-11 at 10:57 AM
If the show had two more months of episodes, Adam would eventually reach the point where he could crash out on 'What is your name?' But then he'd win anyway and use the money to start his own drug ring. Not because he's a criminal: he's just that big a fan!

I look at last night's Veto format as the scrambled electrons from the WWE scriptwriter's keyboard. When you want your designated underdog tag team to win, you put a selection of convenient folding chairs on their side of the ring. As everyone said, they identified Rachel's strength and went right for it. The only way to rig this any further would have been to hold Who Misses Their Partner Most. (Kalia: out in 0.000001 seconds.)

Which turns the next question into 'What's the HoH format?' The rats want to throw this one somewhere...

"RE: Big Brother 13, Live Feeds Week 8: Double Eviction Week"
Posted by michel on 09-01-11 at 05:59 PM
Adam would only win a challenge in which ranking would depend on alphabetical order.