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"BMB Blue Shirt versus Black Shirts (spoiler maybe)"

Posted by jeffred on 08-28-03 at 06:42 PM
I just had a thought about the coming episode of Boy Meets Boy. Do you think there might be one more elimination, before James' final decision. It just seems a little odd, that the producers would allow such a glaring stand out as Brian in a blue shirt, while everyone else wears black. What if they take the 3 to 2, and James' final choice is between Franklin and Wes? I mean a whole hour to sit through for 1 vote? I can't imagine anything more boring. Although, if they wrapped it up in the first half hour, and the second part was a where are they now kinda reunion might be fun to. What do ya'll think?

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"RE: BMB Blue Shirt versus Black Shirts (spoiler maybe)"
Posted by cmlee on 09-02-03 at 07:15 PM
C M Lee
Maybe a second half with NUDE mud wrestling to EVOKE a physical, let's get physical !!