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"Double eviction"

Posted by DearAbby on 08-14-09 at 01:52 PM
So, who would you like to see evicted this week? I'd love to see Chima, the Drama Queen gone, but for the sake of drama in Sequesterville, I'd like to see Natalie and Lydia join Jessie at the same time, so neither one of them can have him all to herself.

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"RE: Double eviction"
Posted by qwertypie on 08-14-09 at 02:20 PM
Russell and Chima would certainly make for an unrestful sequesterville.

Posted by Estee on 08-14-09 at 02:29 PM

"RE: Easy."
Posted by Belle Book on 08-14-09 at 09:02 PM
Well, I'd like to keep Michele around. And for personal reasons if not strategic ones, I'd like Jeff to stick around. Jordan, Russell and Kevin are tolerable, so I don't particularly want them to go home -- at least, not right away. It's Lydia and especially Chima & Natalie that I want to see go home first.

"RE: Double eviction"
Posted by Belle Book on 08-14-09 at 05:15 PM
Natalie & Chima.