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"ohhhhhh....camile....la toya....amy adams?"

Posted by hilary_stacie on 03-19-04 at 09:52 PM
they have such a nice voice .... can fight mariah cariey voice....what r their secret....tell me i want 2 know???????????

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"RE: ohhhhhh....camile....la toya....amy adams?"
Posted by Angelfood on 03-20-04 at 01:11 AM
Its all in the genes, sweetie.
pure talent, musical aptitude, & perfect complexion

that's all.

"RE: ohhhhhh....camile....la toya....amy adams?"
Posted by justenougheducation2perform on 03-20-04 at 05:14 AM
Actually, their secret is Mike & Ikes. Loads and loads of Mike & Ikes. Anybody can sing like that, provided they consume enough Mike & Ikes.

It's a fact, dontcha know.

"RE: ohhhhhh....camile....la toya....amy adams?"
Posted by zeffy on 03-20-04 at 12:57 PM
Sometimes genes, and sometimes a lot of singing, experience and practice. I'll say it's a mixture of both.

I view it like learning a new sport.. Some people are naturally talented and pick everything up right away and be the next MVP. Other people eventually become strong or outstanding players but start off weak and having to learn a lot of the stuff from stratch. Then there are those who just naturally... suck...

Then again, it's been proven if you have the will (and the pockets full of money) to be a singer and willing to take years of singing lessons on a weekly basis, people with little skill over the voice can drastically improve.

That's just my take on singing... =\

"RE: ohhhhhh....camile....la toya....amy adams?"
Posted by qwertypie on 03-20-04 at 01:10 PM
And I suspect, some people like me would not significantly improve no matter how much money and time and effort was spent (as you said, some people just naturally SUCK). My contribution to humanity is not to do Karyoke