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"The Apprentice Episode 10, It's Time to Vote!"

Posted by ARnutz on 11-09-04 at 08:03 PM

Welcome to The Apprentice Voting Thread.

The purpose of this thread is to predict who will be fired in this week's (11/11) episode. You have until 5 minutes before the episode starts (EST).

The Rules:

1. Please put the name of your choice for this week's firing IN THE SUBJECT HEADING! This is really easy. Just highlight and delete the bit where it says "Re: The Apprentice Episode 1, It's Time to Vote!" and replace with your vote, i.e., Rob.

This is important -- in the subject header, please ONLY use names. This avoids confusion and time-wasting to do the tallies. If the title has no name listed, we won't count the ballot.


Jennifer M.

Already fired:

Bradford (2)
Elizabeth (8)
Jennifer C. (4)
John (6)
Pamela (5)
Raj (9)
Rob (1)
Stacie J. (3)
Stacy R. (7)

2. Reply ONLY to this post! Curves on women are good. Curves on vote threads are bad.


If it just so happens that you want to change your vote for whatever reason, REPLY TO YOUR ORIGINAL POST! Your new post heading should read "VOTE CHANGE: Name".

3. Make any other predictions (who will be PM, which team will win the task, etc.) or comments in the body of your message.

4. THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD! This is a voting thread! There are plenty of places on the Spoilers Forum to debate the merits of people's arguments. Let's keep it out of here, please. Feel free to explain the reasoning behind your vote, though.

5. Have fun!

A J Slice original (c)2004

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Posted by banzai on 11-10-04 at 02:20 AM
Wes for the car accident. Oh well!

Posted by djandy on 11-10-04 at 11:51 AM
Probably just my usual wishful thinking.

Alt: Chris

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Posted by trigirl on 11-10-04 at 11:58 AM
Here's hoping.

Posted by Pepito on 11-10-04 at 08:09 PM
Losing PM with a horrible marketing plan and a traffic accident to boot. Get thyself to The Loser Motel, Maria, and make out with Raj...

Posted by ARnutz on 11-10-04 at 08:43 PM
Just have a feeling the arrogance will be his demise. Is his storyline coming to an end? We shall see.

A J Slice original (c)2004
I know, I know... I didn't vote for Maria again. I thought I'd try NOT voting for her to see if maybe then she would be the one!

Posted by xserver on 11-11-04 at 02:12 AM
His marketing plan goes awry, as it says. Perhaps the accident isn't with Wes & Kelly as the previews implies, maybe it's with Apex.

Posted by jae on 11-11-04 at 06:18 AM
(I wish it were Maria)

Posted by Loree on 11-11-04 at 09:30 AM
I hope if I keep picking her she will eventually leave.

Posted by Serendipity on 11-11-04 at 11:34 AM
The title "Runaway Pride" convinces me that Mosaic loses. Chris doesn't think any team can win so he's not being boastful for a change.

I would really like to see all of them fired and a new cast brought in.

Posted by Jims02 on 11-11-04 at 12:45 PM
Too much face time + Stupid boardroom comment = fired

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Posted by AyaK on 11-11-04 at 03:02 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-11-04 AT 03:09 PM (EST)

I'd love for Chris to be booted after last week's boardroom, but I have a feeling that they charge the damages from the accident to Wes' team ... leading to a crushing defeat ... and Wes then gets booted.

Another possibility, BTW, is that someone gets injured in the accident and has to leave ... and then they STILL have a boardroom. I haven't seen any discussion of this possibility, although it fits in with the "six are left" teaser for Nov. 25 -- and with the need for a recap episode.

Posted by fairyprincess on 11-11-04 at 03:27 PM
Stupid big mouth

Posted by Wolfcat on 11-11-04 at 05:30 PM
I can hear the branch cracking I'm so far out on the limb here...
Just want to take the higher odds ;)

He hasn't been PM for a while. Teasers suggest two things.
1. Its a guy to go home
2. "Someone is riding anothers members coat tails, and with a wedding panner on their team...

If some folks here are right in assuming title "Runaway Pride" is a clue (reallly I think that describes Chris, but oh well), then Kelly seems like he may be most prone to fit the mold for that in this task.

Posted by Twickb1 on 11-11-04 at 06:16 PM
Theres no way a women is oging home cant you tell that caroline says send HIM home in the preview and that is pretty beliveable. I dont think there is a chance it will be a women, and i dont think it will be Wes because i have confidence in Sandy.

Posted by VA Slim on 11-11-04 at 07:06 PM
Haven't been right yet!

"Vote total #1"
Posted by AyaK on 11-11-04 at 07:23 PM
This is post #16, summarizing 15 votes. We're almost evenly split as to who loses the challenge and who goes to Trump-never-never-land. I wonder who the exit polls pick?

Losing team:


Posted by seahorse on 11-11-04 at 07:34 PM
He is slipping up lately.

Posted by DHerder222 on 11-11-04 at 08:28 PM
I hate him so.

"Three out of four right"
Posted by AyaK on 11-11-04 at 10:01 PM
Despite no help from me, we got this boot right (9 picked Chris, 5 picked Wes, 3 picked others).

That means we've gotten three of the last four right, with only last week's miss with Ivana blocking us from a huge winning streak. But we're still on a roll!