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"Controversy over Simon's Bird"

Posted by tribephyl on 03-24-04 at 04:53 PM
The following is definitely for adults...

Always on the cusp Drudge digs up a tid-bit.

Seems Simon has found another way to get revenge on Paula. At the same time testing the limits of the FCC.

Article text:

The nation's top TV show is at the center of a fresh decency debate after AMERICAN IDOL judge Simon Cowell gestured a one finger salute during Tuesday night's broadcast from Hollywood.

The obscene gesture came during a heated exchange with fellow judge Paula Abdul. Cowell held his middle finger to his cheek as Abdul railed against comments made about a contestant.

The image came close to being cut, a top FOX executive tells the DRUDGE REPORT.

"We were not sure he was doing what he was doing, quite frankly," the source explained. "It appeared he was simply resting his head on his middle finger, but I now think we made a mistake, the gesture should not have aired."

The top FOX source says flipping the middle finger would not conform to the network's decency standards.

IDOL producers have asked Cowell to refrain from using the provocative pose in the future.

FOX airs IDOL with a slight broadcast delay live in eastern and central time zones.


Boy these are some strange times. Huh, folks?

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"yes or no?"
Posted by qwertypie on 03-24-04 at 04:57 PM
I vote yes.

"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by EnglProf on 03-24-04 at 05:33 PM
I completely saw Simon doing this last night and wondered if it was intentional. Brits don't use the same hand gesture, of course, but that doesn't mean that Simon wasn't playing "when in Rome."

I was pretty sure he was doing it when Ryan was talking to a contestant though, so I connected it more to a reaction of his to Ryan than to something Paula had said.

In any case, give it a rest, FCC. If it isn't an overt action, kids aren't going to recognize it, and if kids do recognize the gesture the they've seen it before. So what?? I can't stand this mountain-out-of-molehills hoopla.

Posted by Angelfood on 03-24-04 at 05:43 PM
I saw it done when he was talking to the contestant too (not to Paula tho).

He had it holding up his cheek, and then adjusted so his first finger took its place (quite oblivious it seemed), so I judged that it was unintentional.

And I know lots of people who point and hold their faces/chins with it, NOT on purpose. They don't notice. I usually notice, but they apparently can't help it.

I doubt it meant anything.
He wouldn't do anything that stupid to get kicked off.

"RE: No"
Posted by Chrissy gal on 03-25-04 at 01:35 AM
I guess you and I are alone on this one Angelfood. I've seen Simon do this numerous times before in previous seasons. I don't think it is intentional.

"RE: No"
Posted by Breezy on 03-25-04 at 02:55 PM
I'll join you two. I don't think he meant anything by it and had no idea which finger he had. He always has a finger by his face.

Just say no to trolls.

"RE: No"
Posted by dangerkitty on 03-25-04 at 06:44 PM
I'm with you on the unintentional. This definitely can fall into that category, and frankly it just doesn't seem like Simon's style to me - he is nothing if not direct. A sneaky bird, on TV and in front of a live audience, just doesn't fit what I've seen of him. He's not threatened by the other's jawing at him, and he gets his point across.

"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by lyrker on 03-24-04 at 09:26 PM
Considering World Idol cast Simon as the representative for America and Simon's been plugging the show biz in America for a few years now... I'm sure he knew exactly what he was doing with that finger and was relying on the fact that he DOES do it without intention to cover the deliberateness of it.

Not that I care. I thought it was funny. Better than almost anything else on last night's show.

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"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by Mistral on 03-24-04 at 09:51 PM

I saw it too, but I thought it was aimed at Fantasia after their little exchange. I also thought that it was what rattled her when she was talking to Ryan.

But I also notice he did it again while talking to John Stevens, then moved so that it was his index finger resting on his cheek.

"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by brvnkrz on 03-24-04 at 10:29 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-24-04 AT 10:30 PM (EST)

I too thought he was doing it towards Fantasia.

"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by brvnkrz on 03-24-04 at 10:34 PM
I thought there was no way that he could be doing what I thought he was doing though. Bad Simon.

"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by IreneMcGee on 03-25-04 at 00:39 AM
yes of course, and anyone who says otherwise pretty much just wants to create a fantasy land

and it was at Fantasia and paula i thought

"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by IreneMcGee on 03-25-04 at 02:32 PM
very clearly a stylized bird

"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by ginger on 03-25-04 at 03:12 PM
My daughter does it more subtly.

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"RE: yes or no?"
Posted by ValleyGirl on 03-25-04 at 07:17 PM
I think Simon was going for either his nose or ear and missed!