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"Why were you WRONG?"

Posted by FSUGUY on 02-19-04 at 09:15 AM
I'll admit it..... I always thought dennis was the mole.....

even after 7777 7 clues....why?

1. why would the mole go skinny dipping?
just say NO. no big deal to me. and dennis was not there.
just never made sense why she put 10K in the pot there.

2. how could dennis make it so long? I guess he was smarter and the others were stupiderererer.

what messed up your logic?

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"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Loree on 02-19-04 at 09:29 AM
I was wrong because I did not want it to be Angie. I thought they said HIDDEN clues. Angie and the show hit us over the head with all the #7 clues. They were far from hidden.

I was glad Dennis won. I suspected partway through the series that he was getting more into the show and wanted to win. And he has great observation skills to not keep a journal and still answer 17 out of 20 correct.

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by survivorscott on 02-19-04 at 09:51 AM
models two times in a row

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"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by theking0075 on 02-19-04 at 02:46 PM
>models two times in a row

What he said

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"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by tvgeek401 on 02-19-04 at 05:45 PM
It seemed too obvious.

The reveal of the mole was exciting yet disappointing.

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Estee on 02-19-04 at 10:28 AM
Because I thought that as a concealment tactic, the Purloined Letter had worked exactly once.

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Bebo on 02-19-04 at 10:28 AM
I pulled a Corbin. I saw all the clues, and I saw all the foreshadowing that Dennis would win, and I just dismissed it since I didn't think they'd pick a supermodel twice in a row.

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"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by DoodleBug on 02-19-04 at 10:48 AM
Me too. I felt kind of stupid (like Corbin) last night watching the finale. I was saying to myself... but that is too obvious!!!

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"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by LeftPinky on 02-19-04 at 10:52 AM
Me too! I kept saying, "I saw that, yep I thought that." Crap.

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What I should have asked myself was, "Is Angie smart enough to still be in the game if she isn't the mole?" Then I would have known the mole was Angie!

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Jims02 on 02-19-04 at 10:47 AM
Toward the end, I *did* have greater suspicion of Angie, but Dennis' briefcase opening distracted me.

I was very confused this season. I saw the 7s, which I thought were very odd indeed (and obscure too!). And I saw the obvious references to Rodman. Maybe I was just hoping that ABC wouldn't resort to just a bunch of 7s as the clues. I thought it would be kind of cheap, as the #7 could mean a lot of things.

(Although toward the end of the season, Angie made it clear the 7 represented her)

At the same time, I was worried about the Rodman clues. I partially learned my lesson about Boatman last year. If TOO many clues point to one person, it might not be that person. Such was the case with Rodman. But my other options were the stupid 7 clues (which seemed cheap) and Mark's clues (which were incomplete).

I guess it was a lack of clue substance really. I guess I just expected a different kind of clue.

And you know what they say about assumptions...

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by MegsSweetPea on 02-19-04 at 03:41 PM
Yep, that's exactly what I was feeling. The clues were just so blantant. They were hardly "hidden" clues. I'd rather have ridiculous clues like the colors on the Dolphin representing Fred's flag than a bagillion 7's everywhere.

I will give props to Angie, for she played the game in a different way. She was obvious, then went back to being subtle. She did a very good job of being obvious, but yet not drawing enough suspicion upon herself.

But I think the overall main reason Angie fooled me was because I just didn't want to accept the fact that they would have two models back to back. Just like Mark with the noses, bleh.

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Themole4ever on 02-23-04 at 04:28 PM
I thought Denis was the mole. He's perfect for the job! He's already got tons of money why does he need to win and get more??! I was very dissapointed when Angie was the mole! 2 models in a role eh? Gonna get less people to watch!! And the number 7 clues were not anything!! The only thing that made me think that she was the mole was when Mark said a beautiful woman, she painted deformed michal jackson. Mark i knew was NOT the mole b/c he was way to obvisous!


"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by mookiemeister on 02-19-04 at 12:26 PM
I thought Dennis was the mole up until the 2nd to the last episode when Tracey was executed. She suspected Dennis as the mole and answered the quiz accordingly. And she got eliminated so Dennis isn't the mole.

Also, I started suspecting Angie as the mole in the same episode because Angie was able to answer all the question about cerebrity and their noses correctly. Sheesh. No one is that good at matching up noses. So she was probably fed the answer beforehand.

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"i was not WRONG"
Posted by I_AM_HE on 02-23-04 at 06:35 PM
same as mookie. thought it was dennis, but the antipenultimate ep convinced me of angie

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by buckeyegirl on 02-19-04 at 01:30 PM
I was in denial the whole time, kinda like when Bill was the mole. As everyone else said, I just didn't think they would've had two supermodels in a row be the mole. I guess the lesson learned in this mole is to expect the obvious. Add me to the group that felt like Corbin.

Bumbles to Kyngsladye for this creation RMMW!

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by frankz on 02-19-04 at 01:41 PM
The episode 2 quiz is what got me. I suspected Tracey from the beginning but when she left I jumped on the Mark bandwagon, primarily because of our interpretation of the seating order question in Ep 2. According to our analysis the only possible people who could have been the Mole were Tracey and Mark. At the time it was discovered, I used that as reinforcement for my Tracey pick. (thanks to Jims02 for the original analysis, btw)
So where did we go wrong there?
Did we misinterpret what they were talking about? It said Execution Ceremony so did that then actually mean the dinner, not the Execution, since the Execution itself is hardly a ceremony? Anyone know what order they sat in during the dinner? I think thatís where we screwed up.
Or was there no right answer?
Inquiring Molerons want to know.
At least I got Dennis right.
Had fun folks. And wasnít it interesting to note that we had more 7 clue observations than they mentioned, or probably even intended?

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Jims02 on 02-19-04 at 02:58 PM
As someone else mentioned, if the question had read "the Mole's BAG" instead of where the mole herself sat, the question would have been legit.

This was probably just an ABC.com error (or intentional... you never know!).

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"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by frankz on 02-19-04 at 03:28 PM
Could be. But what about the dinner beforehand? Does that match? I don't tape the shows so I don't really know.
And who would have noticed the order of the bags except Dennis? He really impressed me. He is not an idiot. But then eccentric people have to constantly battle that classification. I have some personal experience in that area.
As they say, when you're young you are silly, when you get to a certain age (and I won't go into details), you are eccentric.

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Themole4ever on 02-23-04 at 04:30 PM
I knew it wasn't tracey!! She tried to hard 2 be the mole

"Why were you RIGHT!"
Posted by Bucky Katt on 02-19-04 at 07:07 PM
Becuase, I am just that damn good!

"How 'bout a birdy? I got a little birdy right here."

"RE: Why were you RIGHT!"
Posted by Jims02 on 02-19-04 at 07:34 PM
Nice job, Bucky.

You know you have bragging rights now...

"RE: Why were you RIGHT!"
Posted by Bucky Katt on 02-19-04 at 07:41 PM
1/3 odds - I was bound to be right sooner or later.

"How 'bout a birdy? I got a little birdy right here."

"RE: Why were you RIGHT!"
Posted by Chrissy gal on 02-19-04 at 07:36 PM
Because I am

"RE: Why were you RIGHT!"
Posted by FSUGUY on 02-19-04 at 11:07 PM
Don't hijack my thread!!!


"RE: Why were you RIGHT!"
Posted by JimPrufrock on 02-24-04 at 12:41 PM
Only because they showed a "bazillion" correct clues with the 7 in it. Diary 7. Because when I watched the school house quiz, I noticed the answers kept being Antiartica / Equator and other things like Arnold. Because of the Tattoo, because of the 7 on the flagstick in the art gallery picture.

But when Dennis had exposed his clue page and got only one right, I started to doubt my logic and thought they were going to pull one of those lame hints, that no one could have seen.

FInally when I started to wonder how sneaky they could be, I remembered the first episode where Angie tottally blew money on the fake artifact. WHich I think may have been when Dennis just went all or nothing for her, and that's why he didn't keep notes.

How many shows have we seen where players have it right and then get fooled into changing to someone else, and get exicuted. Those fake moley, moleys can get very tricky!

And last of all because I am NOT the mole...

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by 712 on 02-19-04 at 07:35 PM
Her mannerisms, her temper tantrums... and the fact that she just made herself sound like such a clueless contestant in her confessionals and interactions with the others.

I was pretty sure it was her after Tracey's dismissal though. Like that's saying anything...

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Molaholic on 02-20-04 at 00:19 AM
Just like all the other Curry and Dennis FoMos, we pulled the big BERNSEN. Guess we got spoiled by really hunting for clues (hidden messages in telegrams, things flashing by for milliseconds in opening promos, zodiac flashes, even mysterious dolphin flags) why the heck would such a blatant, in-your-face, Stevie Wonder-could-see-it, notClue be the key to identifying la Mole?

Sad to say, but this just proves that THE MOLE series is dead. Beyond resurection, let's give it to Mel Gibson. I can see it now -- Celebrity Mole III, Bimbettes in Paradise 7 All-Silicon Moles. Then maybe Baldwin could win.

But I am happy to loudly proclaim I did spot Rodman as the winner.

One more question, Molerons -- show was advertised as having a potential pot of $500,000. Rodman wins $222,000. Angie Moles $195,000. My math gives that total to be $417,000. What happened to the other $83,000? (Maybe NotAnderson's cigars?)

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"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Chrissy gal on 02-20-04 at 01:16 AM
What happened to the other $83,000? (Maybe NotAnderson's cigars?)

There was money lost by people trying to act like the mole and by people just not being able to complete games - Mark made no money in the Tequila game, Stephen and Tracey lost money in the Maze game, Tracey took the $10K in the classroom game, Dennis and Tracey didn't make much money in the donkey game...

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by skyhoneybear on 02-20-04 at 12:43 PM
I too was looking to deep for clues. Last year's mole, the clues were out of control!

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by Loree on 02-20-04 at 07:14 PM
Ananda, Corbin and Stephen won some of the money when they returned to play against the contestants.

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by memacmur on 02-20-04 at 10:47 PM
The main reason was that I lost my sense of reason when Tracey was voted out. She was my mole up until then. Even then, despite the fact that she probably suspected Dennis was the mole, I refused to accept that she may have guessed the wrong person, and rather that perhaps Angie and Mark had also figured it out.

Besides, whether they were clues pointing to the winner (hard to imagine considering the other clue answers (91 and Trenton)and pinata designs were done before the winner was determined), I thought the Dennis clues were more subtle than bombarding us with the lucky number 7. Heck, I was beginning to think maybe they planted the 7's into the show because Angie would be our winner. Also thought it was rather lame that the 7s were pretty much the only clue (outside the opening credit lineup of letters pointed out by Mr. Bernsen).

That and I'm just not that bright

"RE: Why were you WRONG?"
Posted by xxlindz23xx on 06-19-04 at 08:27 PM
does anyone know if theres goin to be a teen mole??..ive heard rumors...