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"The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"

Posted by VampKira on 10-01-01 at 10:18 PM
That's right folks.. Hot topic in the bar is what a bit.ch Lisa is.. Peeps wanna vent?? This is the place to do it!!!

I'll be HAPPY to start! Hey Lisa! You know.. ummm. I think Greg was being nice to you when you thought he was flirting with you.. It's called being a nice guy! ( or strategy ) I mean c'mon!!! What you did to Toni was EVIL..... I hope the clown pies you in the face tomorrow....

( ohhhh that felt GOOD.. it's been a while.. )

"The trick is to keep breathing...." - Garbage

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"What we have here..."
Posted by boomerang on 10-01-01 at 10:46 PM
...is failure, to communicate. Yes, kids, even a cheesy reality show can teach us something. Don't believe gossip, especially on a reality show. Did Toni ever confront Greg with this rumor? Apparently not. She just believed someone who is playing a game and then got herself all twisted up over it. I think Lisa should be the next to go. I think she can't stand on her own merits, so she has to spread gossip in order to stay in the game.

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by LadyT on 10-01-01 at 10:57 PM
Lisa hon, its called being one of the good guys. Why did you run your mouth off like that. Jealous much? Because Toni gets the guys and you don't? Get a grip girl


"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by moonbaby on 10-01-01 at 10:59 PM
From the small bit of the show I saw it appears Lisa is a lying sneaky b-word. That's right, a sneak! YAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! It hurt to see the trouble it caused Toni and Greg! I hope you get it back in spades Lisa. Nyah!

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by LBIslander on 10-01-01 at 11:42 PM
I'm with you Vamp...Excuse me Lisa but..(splash splash aw shucks) weren't you trolling for compliments?? Who was flirting with whom? "you're all sooo kissable..and "you'd have a great time with me".
I'm done with any sympathies I had left for Lisa! She's a confused woman who can't figure out why she has no sex appeal. Lack of dignity is the answer there..I believe the term used before.. "emotionally promiscuous" says it best!!

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by arkay on 10-01-01 at 11:50 PM
Unbelievable. I can't believe that Lisa set Greg up the way she did ... and then got all the rest of those airheads to believe her story! If the promo for tomorrow night's episode is any indication, it looks like curtains for Lisa ... and good riddance. Here's a possibility. Do you think that if Toni wins the Switch Card, she will consider bringing Greg back?
My guess for the overall winners will be Melissa for the women and either Ralph or Darin for the men.

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by Ioway on 10-02-01 at 01:23 AM
Yeah, on first thought I thought she was horrid. On second thought..

I know I'll get bashed for this, but I am really starting to feel sorry for these people. Even horrible Lisa. To bare your a-- like that to the world.

I dug what Michael did, "I don't have conversations like this.. I am OUTTA here!" Poor Lisa. A bigger loser than even she thought. DOens't she know that "pretty is, as pretty does"?

I will be interested to hear what Michael has to say about his sojourn. I know he is trying to be a player, but it is easy to get swept up in stuff.. I think maybe the experience affected him a little more than he might admit.

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by Drive My Car on 10-02-01 at 10:54 AM

>>My guess for the overall winners will be Melissa for the women and either Ralph or Darin for the men.

Darin is on the show?
I though he was only on the comercials

"It would be safe to say the I HATE LISA!"
Posted by supershirll on 10-02-01 at 01:42 AM
LAST EDITED ON 10-02-01 AT 01:43 AM (EST)

Jealous women like her make me sick! She couldn't stand to see Toni happy, so she tells Andrea (who loves to hear her own voice) knowing she will pass the rumor on as if it were the gospel truth. Toni is so insecure, she didn't even talk to Greg about the rumor. This is a real case of good guys finishing last. Warning: do not be nice to Lisa, she will get you for it!

"RE: It would be safe to say the I HATE LISA!"
Posted by Loree on 10-02-01 at 01:22 PM
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa... you are playing naughty games. Nobody was really flirting with you. But of course you had to brag and pretend. Plus it hurt Toni so it was worth it to you. What next? Will you accuse someone of having beef jerky?

"She may just be playing the game."
Posted by ulalame on 10-02-01 at 01:54 PM
I was sitting there, feeling a wee bit badly for Toni (although really, what a dope, voting off the guy she liked without even talking to him to see what was up, based upon the word of a fellow contestant), when it occurred to me that maybe Lisa (I mean, despite her overt insecurities, she is a smart girl) was actually playing the game. Don't get me wrong, I agree that what Lisa did to Toni was not very nice but, think about it, who is Lisa bunking with this week--that master of backstabbing, Anthony! How convenient! Methinks there might be an alliance afoot.

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by JulieMc on 10-02-01 at 03:28 PM
Lisa is just completely clueless....for future reference Lis, when a guy is hitting on you he usually doesn't keep himself at least one car length away from you like Greg did, lol! What a twit! Poor Greg, look where being a nice guy got him, a spot on Loser Island

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thread"
Posted by Circe on 10-02-01 at 07:12 PM
LAST EDITED ON 10-02-01 AT 07:13 PM (EST)

Lisa...my dear, misguided Lisa. You remind me of when fishermen talk to each other. They throw out a line, wait 5 hours, get a nibble, and pull in a 4 inch sea robin. Then, when they get home, they tell their friends at a two feet fluke just happened to jump right onto the boat.


~~Beware of Greeks (or a gal named Lisa) bearing gifts~~

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thread"
Posted by Kramer on 10-02-01 at 08:26 PM
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black here...Lisa conveniently forgot to tell the girls that she baited Greg into flirting with her...what a LOSER!

I have worked with women like Lisa and they are not nice. They are conniving and evil, and yet they somehow always find a way to make themselves look innocent. She builds sympathy with her sob stories so that when she stabs people in the back they will not realize that she is being maliscious and is being so with the full intent of being maliscious. She knows full well what she is doing.

It looks like Ass-phoney and Micow are on to her game (thankfully) I just wish the girls would wise up a little bit to her. The guys need to get rid of her, even though they were talking about getting rid of Adrianne, because destroying relationships and people's reputations goes beyond playing a stupid game, in my opinion. Lisa is a bad person. She needs to examine her actions and take a good hard look at the type of person that she has grown into.

At the beginning, she said "I am a professional". She wasn't lying about that. She is a professional liar, backstabbing, selfish, evil, ill willed, spiteful, vengeful #####. She deserves to be alone in life.

OK...hows that for a little Lisa bashing?


"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thread"
Posted by nottie on 10-03-01 at 04:00 AM
Couldn't agree more. I cannot believe that someone is either that stupid or naive. Lisa had to be playing the game. Or perhaps that's her personality...to be a manipulative #####. Maybe that's how she grew up and got through life -- by crying, whining, playing the poor, poor, pitiful me routine just before she sinks in the knife.

I don't really know what to make of her...misguided or pure evil. Either way, I'm glad I don't have to think about it anymore because she's outta here! Loser Island finally has a fitting resident.

Nah, nah, nah, nah; nah, nah,nah, nah; hey,hey , hey , goodbye!

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by ItzLisa on 10-03-01 at 06:48 AM
LAST EDITED ON 10-03-01 AT 10:19 AM (EST)

For your listening pleasure, a quick imitation of Lisa: "Whine whine whine, cry cry cry, I used to be ugly so no one likes me now that I'm not ugly anymore and I have low self esteem... of course, I won't lose a moments sleep after I've plunged my knife in your back! Other than that, my own petty dramas sure DO keep me awake at night! AWFUL things, like having cute, nice guys flirt with me, and upsetting a whole boat full of people because I KISSED" (keep in mind here, kids - that's "kissed" - not "slept with", KISSED!) two different guys, booo hooo for me..." How many people think Melissa had this big huge crybaby's number when she was doing a rather GOOD imitation of her to Andrea and Toni? With as obnoxious as Gina and Jeanette are, I DO feel bad that they're now stuck with her on Loser Island! *Giggle!* Maybe Greg will flirt with her some more...NOT!

Edit to Note: I borrowed Sami's pink ribbon - thank you, girlfriend!


"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by PepeLePew13 on 10-03-01 at 07:05 AM
Ummm... are you talking about yourself here, Itzy?? Hey welcome back to the boards, btw... knew you'd come back!

I had a good laugh at Lisa's pathetic efforts in Ep.4 -- she's a poster child for 'overplaying' the game that all future Reality TV contestants should study before starting any show. Not only did she show herself as a backstabber and a pity-me figure but she also demonstrated that she's a tramp by kissing two guys in a span of hours and that effort to play off two guys with what they said about each other was truly sad and pathetically done. Good riddance and enjoy your time on Loser Island! Now she'll probably bemoan herself so much that Greg, Jeanette, Tony, Laura, Gina and Bob will all decide they'd rather swim back to the USA amongst the sharks than to put up with her on the island...

"Permit me to introduce myself. I am Pepe Le Pew, your lover."

"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by ItzLisa on 10-03-01 at 10:21 AM
>Ummm... are you talking about yourself here, Itzy??

*** HEY!!! Watch it there, Senor Skunk!!! LOL!!! Don't make me come to Toronto and "ItzSlap" you!!! (Hey! That's funny! 'Cos I AM going to Toronto tomorrow! And now Vamp and I have our own phrase for keeping youse wiseguys in line, heeeeee heeee heeee!)


"RE: The Official Lisa Bashing Thresd"
Posted by VampKira on 10-03-01 at 10:43 PM
*vampslaps the wiseguys*

Hey does that include Shakes? Cuz If it does... I wanna slap EXTRA hard... *snicker*

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