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"Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"

Posted by Snidget on 10-09-05 at 09:31 PM
So no one but me is watching?

DSL was down for a bit, but I'm back.

Happy Haunted Halloween!!

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"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by volsfan on 10-09-05 at 11:07 PM
I liked this show better than the others. Just remember...

it is church and people will be judging!


"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by frisky on 10-10-05 at 00:59 AM
This episode was thankfully less silly and quirky than the last two.

The thought of Bree being in love with George makes me gag. They should have found an actor with some physical appeal to make this more believable. That actor reminds me of wishy-washy Michael from the second Bob Newhart show. Interesting how he was shown passing the lie detector test (regarding poisoning), while Bree failed hers (regarding being in love with George).

When the man burst out of Alfre's basement, I jumped! Way to scare the audience! Finally livened things up. (I think it was a black man BTW)

I wonder how Gabby's revelation will affect her feelings about her "pregnancy." As I said in the episode 2 thread, I think Gabby screwed up the test and that she isn't pregnant.

Susan's story wasn't as idiotic this time, but I still feel that it's more filler than anything else.

Mrs. Huber's sister, whatsername, is still creepy as ever.

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by Snidget on 10-10-05 at 06:02 AM
I think with Bree and George he was cast to set off most people's creep alert and that doesn't always track with truely handsome. I could see Bree having some "see I'm not really that shallow" attitude that could make her go with someone that isn't the most attractive.

For me I can see her going for him because he seems to be the only one that understands and celebrates the OCD-ness of her that seems to drive everyone else nuts. The stuff people put up with because they love her is the parts of her he loves.

I'm not that suprised George could pass the lie detector test as he kinda tracks as that sort of sociopath that could not have any emotional reaction about their lies.

It does seem they found their rhythm a bit better with this episode.

Happy Haunted Halloween!!

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by samboohoo on 10-10-05 at 07:31 AM
Agree about George. Ick, ick, ick.

The only thing I could think when George passed the test was that he is a pharmacist, so it's probable that he was under the influence of some sort of relaxation medicine, etc.

We knew about the man bursting through Alfre's door from the previews, but you're right, it was still scarry. Definately a black man. Now I wonder if it's her husband or her other son.

Re Gabby's revelation: I wonder if she's more sorry she cheated on Carlos or if she's more sorry about who it was.

Nutzy skeered me

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by samboohoo on 10-10-05 at 07:32 AM
Snidget: I watch, but no laptop so I can't run up and down the stairs to post. Always have to do it after.

Nutzy skeered me

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by Snidget on 10-10-05 at 08:55 AM
What? You mean you haven't moved the computer down into the TV room, yet!

We'll send the "Two Men and a Truck" guys over this afternoon to fix you right up

Happy Haunted Halloween!!

I don't know if they are local or nationwide but the ads run all the time around here. They will clear a room for painting or just move your furniture around in your house for you in addition to the move from one place to another thing

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by samboohoo on 10-10-05 at 09:30 AM
Ha! We really just need to move one of our 5 TVs into the computer room.

Nutzy skeered me

I think I've seen their ads around here too.

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by Rhyn on 10-10-05 at 09:57 AM
Lynette: I am finding her story a little tiresome. Yes, yes, she needs to find a balance between work and children, but really, that's already been established, and I feel as if her story line is a little stagnant. She is, by far, my favorite character, and I lover her humor, but I am really worn out on this plot point, and it's only the third week.

Bree: I adore what's in store for her. She is certainly the focus this season so far, and what Andrew has planned for her is so scandalous and fun, I cannot wait. I totally adored the scene where she sent her mother-in-law packing.

Gabby: I miss her great, scintillating plot points. I wish she were a little more sneaky and devious, like she was last season. Her chemistry with Carlos on screen is just delightful and funny, and for that reason, I hope he is released soon.

Susan: I liked the story line last night. It's something most kids have to battle with when they come from split families. I remember something similar with my mom and step mom when I was little, and it was horribly awkward, because they didn't like one another. I wish we had more of Julie's perspective on that, but having Carl deliver the information to Susan about Julie's feelings was a nice second-place for me. I love Carl; his whole character is just fun.

Betty: I LOVED her story last night. I just wish the normally snoopy housewives would get involved more with her. I like Matthew a lot, too.

Edie: She's so much fun. I love her scenes. I really didn't like her at first, but she has grown on me so much, and she's so trashy and snarky. I wish there was more with her.

Mike: Miss him being on the show. He's far more charming when he's paired with Susan. When she's not with him in a scene, it's not as intriguing to me, which surprises me a lot.

Felicia: THANK GOD she is back. She's leaving for a while, I guess, and that sucks, and I cannot wait to see her back on in a more regular fashion. She's so much fun, like Mrs. Huber was. I was sad when Mrs. Huber got whacked because her scenes were just catty and fun, but was delighted with Felicia as a replacement. Now she's gone too often, and I cannot wait for more stuff with her.

Paul and Zach: I hope they come back.

The only thing I am really missing this season is (as someone said last week) the housewives getting together like they used to. I hope they start to suspect something weird at Betty's and start getting together (with Tom taking Lynette's place for now) to discuss the mystery, or maybe the Young's story line will get them back into regular and impromptu meetings. There isn't near enough interaction between the main characters so far this season, and I really, really, really hope something happens to change that. I also hope they pull Betty into their circle, and that in addition to befriending her, they also suspect something odd about her. I would love to see them being nice to her face at little meetings (like Poker) then having second, subversive meetings later that she isn't privy to.

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by shabalaba on 10-10-05 at 10:48 AM
Just had to add, I could not STAND it that Susan forced her daughter to choose between herself and Edie. I think that was just WRONG!!!! A loving mother would never do that to her daughter for her own selfish reasons. It showed a very ugly side of Susan. She put her own feelings before that of her daughtrer and I hated that. I know this is "just a tv show" and that she supposedly tried to "redeem" herself later at the church; but as was shown, it was too little too late. She let her daughter stand up there and squirm just to take pleasure in watching Edie sink (and then film it!). They are really taking my dislike for Susan to an all new high!!

Also, I agree that this whole storyline with Lynette is getting tedious. It bugs me the way she just gives in to her little kids every whim due to her own guilt. She needs to just tell them that this is the way it is going to be and let the kids learn to deal with the fact that in life, you will not always get your way.

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by ropefish_3 on 10-10-05 at 12:24 PM
Couldn't agree more with you about Susan. Her daughter seems to be doing okay despite the atrocious parenting skills Susan exhibits. In real life that kid would have some serious issues by now. I really want to like her character but the ditzy, klutzy, all about ME act is getting so damn old. I find myself picking up something to read when her storylines are on, something I never thought I'd do with this show.

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by Bucky Katt on 10-10-05 at 11:39 AM
This show has become unusual in that it is showing the protagonists as being quite unpleasant people.

Susan - Jealous and vindictive towards Edie and her ex.

Lynette - Doesn't get what she wants from her boss so spills hot coffee on her lap.

Gabrielle - Has affair and dumps her boytoy and then has a jealous rage when he is with someone else. We did seem some redemption at the end of the episode but who knows how long that will last. Buys herself a new Aston Martin for her anniversary while her husband is in jail.

Bree - At this point she is the least offensive despite her passive-agressive, manipulative, OCD personality.

I wonder if we are going to see more "redemptions" like Gabrielle had or whether they think that it is funnier to have the wives so unpleasant. At this point, Mary Alice the Stabber is starting to look like the good one!

It is a known fact that history has been systematically distorted by humans ever since the first slack-jawed, cracker magnon started spitting paint onto a cave wall.

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by sisyphus on 10-10-05 at 12:02 PM
Actually I think lynette/tom storyline would have been better if the twins were in place....I think the two of them were much funnier than just the one kid...and the baby really serves no purpose......

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by shabalaba on 10-10-05 at 02:30 PM
I agree that the twins were interesting together. They haven't shown them. It would have been funny to see Lynette's hubby trying to get the kids ready in the morning, breakfast, drop off the baby and twins (where, we do not know) and then take the older one to school. We saw none of this which creates so much less dimension.

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by Rhyn on 10-10-05 at 04:46 PM
twins (where, we do not know) and then take the older one to school

The twins go to Barcliff (Barclift?) Academy, which is where Parker now goes. He is actually one year behind the twins. They are going on 7, he's going on 6 and the baby is going on 1.

Because of child labor laws, you don't always see all the kids. Sometimes you get just the twins (like in the episode where they poainted the little girl blue, when they were attending public school and the one where Lynette needs their ADD meds to get energy). This one (and the one where she gets him into the gym daycare because they think he has cancer) just happened to feature Parker.

It is weird, though, that Tom didn't have all the boys with him for Parker's first day. I guess they are able to explain it, because where I live, bus kids will still take the bus on the first day, even if a younger sibling is carted to school by a parent. Still, it's just creepy, like they can only deal with half of the kids at a time... do they lock the unluckies in the attic in the interim, I wonder?

"RE: Season 2 Episode 3 discussion"
Posted by Sahara on 10-10-05 at 11:09 PM
I was thinking maybe the twins were in Betty's basement, but this episode shot down that theory.