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Posted by fullofgrace2470 on 03-07-07 at 09:08 PM
LAST EDITED ON 03-07-07 AT 09:21 PM (EST)

Did I miss something? They said tonight's challenge winner would win an amazing reward. I don't remember them ever revealing what it was. Am I as dumb as Kathleen? Wait, please don't answer that lol.

ETF reward winner to challenge winner. This isn't Survivor. Is it?

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"RE: Reward?"
Posted by amea_gari on 03-07-07 at 09:57 PM
Spoiler for West Coast.

Did you miss the great big tacky trophy? Evidently that was the reward. LAME as can be.

"RE: Reward?"
Posted by fullofgrace2470 on 03-08-07 at 06:34 AM
THAT was the reward? What's with the rewards this cycle? Last week Jael got to sign the check, and this week a tacky trophy? What happened to the shopping sprees and racks of clothes and stuff?

"RE: Reward?"
Posted by mistyrose52 on 03-08-07 at 10:51 AM
If this is an indication of the rewards to come, the girls should start doing whatever they can to get themselves kicked off!

Next time, they could end up with an Elk head to hang in their bedrooms, or something as glam! Talk about a losing show! Oh, I know-a giant poster of Tyra! That's what they all want!! LOL