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"Anyone else bored to death by this cast?"

Posted by AprilNY on 12-23-07 at 11:55 PM
1. They never do anything but hang in the house, eat and sleep. Ok I can watch my dogs do that at home and it's probably more exciting.
2. They're too wrapped up in eachother. I said it before, I'll say it again, if I were in friggin Australia, I certainly wouldnt be hanging with the boring guys in the house when there's likely a million hot Aussie guys out there!
3. They arent motivated to do their job at all. I guess it doesnt matter that a trip to Europe is on the line. Lets wait til the last minute to pull our heads out of our a$$es.
4. Ashley - speaking of a$$es! She's a square-headed, fake, annoying twit who tries to hard.
5. Dumbar needs to get over himself. I can see him locked up in jail someday for spouse abuse.
6. Isaac is cool as hell, but he needs to step up his game and get some action going in that house.
7. Cohutta - would love to see him hook up with a cute Aussie chick and give KA a run for her money.
8. Kelly Anne - one word...YAWN!
9. Parisa - she seemed to disappear into the wordwork after the drama ended. Why isnt she out hunting Alex down now that Trisha's gone? uh hello???

Im beginning to think this show was more interesting with the two blondes and all that drama. Since they left I have to force myself to stay awake to watch this season.

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"RE: Anyone else bored to death by this cast?"
Posted by bored8 on 12-24-07 at 11:02 AM
have to agree with you here..however, I think we got so used to all the dysfunction caused by the two blonds that normal conflict between 6 young "adults" living under the same roof seems boring.
Agree that Parissa has faded into the woodwork..shes probably worn out from all she had to go through in the early weeks before she got rid of Trisha..and as for Alex..she probably realized she was wasting her time.
There are still afew reasons to watch though..
Hopefully Julie will dump Dumbar long distance and he'll get so mad he'll give himself a heart attack.
Issac & Cohutta are always enjoyable, though Cohuttas "relationship" with Kelly-Anne is getting tiresome.
Almost forgot about Ashley..wonder what she will do with her time now that her pursuit of Dumbar is over???