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"Benefactor Love List version 1.0"

Posted by Lisapooh on 09-14-04 at 11:42 AM
there's nothing on my desk I want to do this morning, so I figured we might as welstart one of these.

Go ahead and rank the contestants based on your first impressions of them.

1. LInda - well, she's playing so her mom can get a couple of 100K prosthetic legs. That alone is classic! Plus, she could probably kick my ass, so I'll just go on record as liking Linda and that horrid accent of hers right from the get go.

2. Kevin - he asks himself "what would Oprah do" when faced with a crisis. I guess it's good to model yourself after a self-made gazillionaire Kevin, but who's show are you on right now? Oprah might give you a car just for showing up, but Cuban is gonna give you a million if you can win Should you ask yourself WWOD? No, ask yourself WWCD? duh. But he's a local and a nanny so I'll give him a boost this week for that.

3. Mario - seems like a nice, normal guy - and therefore woefully out of place on this program

4. Chris - no airtime with which to offend me.

5. Christine - even less airtime so she probably wins.

6. Katherine - little airtime, sorta snotty and superior.

7. Femia - she's a disease intervention specialist and her name sounds vauely like a skin rash - that's cool. I kinda like her.

8. Latane - poor, pretty Latane. His name sounds like a new wave band from the 80s. He should be on tour with Kajagoogoo and Haircut 100 and no where near this game.

9 Dominic - ugh - if you are going to go on and on about how you are a gorgeous rock star, shouldn't you be remotely attractive?

10. Tiffaney - let me get this straight: Tiffaney is an unemployed, virginal watermelon queen who writes nightly in a journal to her as-yet-unknown husband. I bet War and Peace would be easier to read than this journal of hers. And don't you know she dots all her "i"s with hearts? And trophy wives have to put out before they get the ring - trust me on this.

11 Spencer - he looks like a geekier Ray Romano - who even knew that was possible? He irritates the snot out of me and I don't know why. Oh, yeah I do - anyone who proclaims themselves to be one of the smartest players in the game inevitably proves to be an idiot.

12. Shawn - bug-eyed shrews do not have a good history in reality shows Shawn. Perhaps you aren't familiar with Toni from Love Cruise and Paradise Hotel. The eye bulge is not gonna end well for you. And you aren't cute or adorable and somehow your mission to buy inner city kids kites just doesn't ring true to me. I see a meltdown in your near future - and I'm looking forward to it cause it promises to be pretty entertaining.

13. William - the millionaire histologist. Whatever dude. He is completely annoying. William I know you want to be the fat funny guy, but right now you're just the fat guy. And no more dancing. You look like you are churning butter.

buhbye to our booties:
Richard - a florist named Dick would have been nice for summary purposes but oh well

Lauren - Cuban was right - that's pathetic to be naked on your audition tape and be too skittish to sing AC/DC in person. Maybe she' stoo punk rock for this show - she should talk to Frankie about it.

Grayson - she seemed like a smart, lovely, interesting person so of couse she's out of place on this show.

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"RE: Benefactor Love List version 1.0"
Posted by I_AM_HE on 09-14-04 at 08:49 PM
Hi Pooh!

1. Linda - yeah, call me a sap too, but her story gives her #1 for the week.

2. Mario - just like the guy

3. Tiffany - sweet

4. Shawn - think she's going to be fun to watch

5. Chris - more for his end-show confessionals than for his entire non-existence in the epsiode

6. Femia

7. Katherine - i honestly have no idea who this is
8. Christine - see whatshername at #7

9. Latane - nice guy, but kind of boring

10. Kevin - mildly annoying, but in a mildly humorous kind of way

11. William - really annoyed me with his actions in Jenga, but not before. will be interesting to see how he reacts to his near dismissal

12. Spencer - thought he'd be the first to go. hope he'll be the next. well, right after:

13. Dominick - OMH, what a vapid, self-absorbed idiot. how does one make the cut for final 16 people when your dominant personality trait / topic of conversation is your HAIR? (which probably has a higher IQ than its wearer)


Richard - liked you, and felt the reason for your ouster was indeed taken a bit out of context. that said, it was a really, REALLY stupid thing to say, and i can't fault Mark's decision either

Lauren - ditto what Pooh said. pretty easy elimination

Grayson - if Mark didn't hate WIlliam so much, just as easy an elimination. that was a really lame answer to the question. too bad, i was interested in seeing you in action

The Fanatics Love List is back!

"RE: Benefactor Love List version 1.0"
Posted by johnstexas on 09-18-04 at 05:57 PM
>7. Katherine - i honestly have
>no idea who this is
>8. Christine - see whatshername at


"RE: Benefactor Love List version 1.0"
Posted by Agman2 on 03-05-15 at 06:36 PM
This show is so over to me!

"RE: Benefactor Love List version 1.0"
Posted by kidflash212 on 05-04-15 at 12:06 PM
i think you mean lvoe.

"RE: Benefactor Love List version 1.0"
Posted by Agman2 on 05-04-15 at 04:44 PM
No, I think they meant "lurve"

"RE: Benefactor Love List version 1.0"
Posted by Agman2 on 02-19-16 at 12:08 PM
All the contestants are quite unsatisfactory for my taste.