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"On The Lot"

Posted by Glow on 04-03-07 at 06:38 PM
This looks like a great show! It premieres on May 22nd.

From the site:

"From Mark Burnett, Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks Television, ON THE LOT affords aspiring filmmakers the opportunity of a lifetime: a $1-million DreamWorks development deal. And, 12,000 people submitted their films for consideration. ON THE LOT will feature filmmakers who will produce short films in every genre every week and the viewers will vote on who gets eliminated. The show will premiere with a one-hour auditions episode on Tuesday, May 22."

I like this one.

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"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by dragonflies on 05-03-07 at 12:10 PM
Another new show?! This could be a fun one!

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Agman2 on 02-02-16 at 04:50 PM
It didn't last long!

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Estee on 05-03-07 at 12:46 PM
If that money's supposed to be used on the ultimate movie, it's the most pointless first prize since the film budget for Project Greenlight. And if it's just a creator's salary, it's still pretty pointless. If I remember my Goldman right, a development deal means the studio buys the exclusive right to consider your idea for a film. It gives them no obligation to actually make the thing -- and since they'd own it, you can't shop it anywhere else or try to make it yourself.

Sounds like MB finally got to see the American Idol contract. He must have been so inspired.

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by foonermints on 05-08-07 at 04:53 AM
Pessimist. Or would you just like to buy the rights to Forrest Gump?

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by geg6 on 05-07-07 at 03:40 PM
Freakin' EPMB will sucker me into this one, too. As he always does, damn him.

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"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by cahaya on 05-18-07 at 10:28 PM
They had me at "Steven Spielberg", which makes it a "must see" in my book.

Foo dogs by tribe.

While the EMPB just kind of slid by.

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by pinksparkleguitar on 05-10-07 at 02:11 AM
So, Project Greenlight, remixed?

Tribe rocked me!

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Magnolia_Rocker on 05-21-07 at 11:15 AM
I see this having much more potential than Project Greenlight even thought of having. Stephen Spielberg > Ben Affleck/Matt Damon X 1000.

Tribey made me rock!

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by agman on 05-22-07 at 10:21 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-22-07 AT 10:21 PM (EST)

I missed the first episode, How was it?

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"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by cahaya on 05-22-07 at 11:07 PM
LAST EDITED ON 05-23-07 AT 11:01 AM (EST)

I missed parts of it while posting in the AI EC thread, but from what I did see, it looks interesting, but lacking excitement. Not a good start to draw a viewer base, imo. The initial weed-out to 36 contestants had an AI feel to it, clownish at times. They're now split up into 3 teams of 12 each, each team with one director having to make a short clip in just 24 hours - lots of pressure and you can already see a few personality clashes. A few people look like naturals; others look completely lost; some are into the personality clash thing.

Coming up next will be the rest of the 1-day shoot & edit, probably a view of those, and then the results. I'm not sure how the format for elimination goes (I might check the site after this), so that might be interesting. I'm actually looking more forward to later episodes after they've weeded out at least half of the remaining contestants. There's not much to go on as yet.

Foo dogs by tribe.

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Emily RugBurn on 05-23-07 at 09:03 AM
"... it looks interesting, but lacking excitement. Not a good start to draw a viewer base, imo."

IMO, too, cahaya. I just said the exact same thing to a friend. I don't think the general population is going to stay tuned for much longer (if at all). Just cinephiles and the 12,000 applicants who didn't make the cut. (Including my close friend Damian, whose short-film entry can be viewed HERE.)

Plus, Brett Ratner's pretty much the worst director of all time and watching him give advice ticks me off to NO end! OTOH, I have great respect for Carrie Fisher and Gary Marshall, so I guess Ratner is OTL's Paula Abdul.

Emily's RugBlog

"May 22nd episode...the premiere"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 05-23-07 at 08:05 AM
LAST EDITED ON 05-23-07 AT 09:33 AM (EST)

I enjoyed it.

I thought they scrapped 14 to make 36, but I am usually wrong.

I loved the guy who did his pitch on the priest who falls in love right before he's supposed to be ordained.

Oh, they guy who was over the top about the package at the neighbors....that guy lives within 15 miles of me....disappointed, to say the least.

I love the mix of judges. My son who loves Star Wars couldn't believe that Carrie Fisher was Princess Lee-ah.

"RE: May 22nd episode...the premiere"
Posted by adricharlie on 05-23-07 at 08:14 AM
Actually I think you are right. They weeded it down to 36 and broke into groups of 3 to work on a 2 to 2-1/2 minute clip. Now you can really see the personality clashes and I think that will be what makes it interesting.

I agree with the mix of judges. Gary Marshall is my favorite of the three so far. I'm rooting for either the guys that has two kids or the one who did the pitch about the priest.

Courtesy of Tribe....

"RE: May 22nd episode...the premiere"
Posted by cahaya on 05-23-07 at 11:04 AM
LAST EDITED ON 05-24-07 AT 10:31 PM (EST)

Yup, it's 12 teams of 3 each, with 14 eliminated last night. Sorry for the confusion in my original post (which I've edited). We didn't get to see much of most of those 36, but in a 1-hour show that can be expected.

(I'll get this right one of these days)

Posted by udg on 05-24-07 at 01:04 AM
If I'd known Carrie Fisher was going to be on, I would have made an effort to watch. I saw her last night on the Late Late show, and I was disappointed I missed her.

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"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Glow on 05-23-07 at 08:39 AM
This show looks like it will be really fun to watch. Andrew Hunt seemed like a seasoned professional giving the pitch. It'll be interesting to see what he can do.

Go Randy! I was so excited to see him make it to the next round. Hopefully we'll see more of him on Thursday's show.

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 05-23-07 at 11:12 AM
Personally I thought the first episode was boring. The task was boring and there were too many people. Maybe it will get better but a new reality show needs to start of strong to keep people and I fear this show did not start off strong.

Also, wondered why Carrie Fisher was a judge. She never directed anything. She also did not age very well in my opinion. It has been a few years since I have seen her but she looks much older than 51. Something about her mouth.

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by MissRaven on 05-23-07 at 11:40 AM
Something about
>her mouth.

I schink sche needsch fixodent...sche scheemed to be holding her teeth in.

"You get the gold star on your collar...."
Posted by aquariaqueen on 05-23-07 at 11:42 AM
Humor award!!!

"RE: You get the gold star on your collar...."
Posted by MissRaven on 05-23-07 at 12:14 PM

I amuse myself.

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 05-23-07 at 11:36 AM
Putting out a pitch is a good way to weed out people in my book. Plus they had their 4 submitted tapes to view as well.

You have to start with a story, and then make it come to fruition. Wish we could have heard more, but maybe they spared us!

This next task is really going to rattle cages, so many contestants, so many styles, nobody knows anyone's talents....next week should give more perspectives about the contestants.

I, too, like the guy with the children....rat/mouse story.

I'll watch it as long as it doesn't interfere with Big Brother!!!

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Loree on 05-23-07 at 06:58 PM
I watched and thought it was interesting. But there were way too many people to start with. I will enjoy it more when there are less people and we can get to know them.

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by jase on 05-24-07 at 01:38 AM
There was no reason to the start off trying to showcase 50 people (even though they cherry-picked only a few to spotlight) in an hour or less. I think that caused the large drop in viewers (11+ mil. to 6+ mil.) from the first half to the second.

We'll have to see how it does tonight given that So you think... will be an hour and 25 minutes long. Overall, a pretty good show.

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Wacko Jacko on 05-24-07 at 09:26 AM
>There was no reason to the
>start off trying to showcase
>50 people (even though they
>cherry-picked only a few to
>spotlight) in an hour or
>less. I think that caused
>the large drop in viewers
>(11+ mil. to 6+ mil.)
>from the first half to
>the second.
>We'll have to see how it
>does tonight given that So
>you think... will be an
>hour and 25 minutes long.
>Overall, a pretty good show.

So this show is on more than once per week??? That's it...I am done with this thing. What do these networks think we want to do with our summers....watch tv every night? There is no reason to have this show on more than once a week.....it is not live....there is no fan voting.

BB Jase rules!

"RE: On The Lot"
Posted by Snidget on 05-24-07 at 10:04 AM
LAST EDITED ON 05-24-07 AT 10:11 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 05-24-07 AT 10:08 AM (EST)

Edit (looked closer at the futon critic summer schedule)

Mondays is the one hour show
Weds is a 1/2 hour (so I'm guessing some sort of elimination on that night?)

They'll probably get to a once a week leaving thing as it is scheduled to go until August.

ETA: From the On the lot official site
It will be FOX viewers whose votes determine which film should be left on the cutting-room floor. On the next night's "Box Office" results show, the director whose feature garners the fewest votes will be sent home.

These are just the audition rounds, which is why there are so many people. I don't think the whole season will try to have dozens of people on.

"Thursday's show"
Posted by cahaya on 05-24-07 at 10:43 PM
We get a look at a few teams efforts, with more tension as the 24-hour deadline nears and some teams discover that they have poor footage for the edit work. Three full clips are shown - the time-stopper one was pretty cool with the special effects of the two main characters convincingly moving around in a time-stopped world.

Twelve went home, 24 remain. Among those cut were prima donna directors who couldn't work with their teammates, or directors who didn't contribute much at all.

Now, coming into next episode, each of the remaining 24 have one hour to direct a set, complete with script, equipment and actors already in place. In a preview of next week, one lady spends half an hour fretting around without a single shot - not a good start for her when every minute counts.

One theme for this series seems to be time management with a lot more pressure than we've seen in other shows like The Apprentice. Time pressure is weeding out the indecisive very quickly, while judging is going to be based on quality - and soon, viewer voting.

Foo dogs by tribe.

"RE: Thursday's show"
Posted by aquariaqueen on 05-24-07 at 11:32 PM
Oh, crud.

I saw that it was on today, and for some reason thought it was a repeat of the first episode.....grrrrr, I hate it when that happens.

"RE: Thursday's show"
Posted by tamarama on 05-25-07 at 11:40 AM
>>time management with a lot more pressure than we've seen in other shows<<

Agreed -- this early stage is a hard-core bootcamp. In addition to the deadline time issues, there was no break between tasks -- so they haven't had real sleep for 48 hours or more.

This will really expose the peeps that would not be able to cut it in a real-world situation. In this age of DVD extras, we all know that directors work around the clock before their films open. So a kid that can't put together a pitch & keep his head after losing ONE night's sleep, ain't gonna make it. A dude that becomes a raging egomaniac filming ONE scene in a 2.5 minute film? Thank you, no.

I agree that there are a whole-lotta people right now, but I'm really enjoying the show, and have great expectations for the next stage of the competition. Yay!

"RE: Thursday's show"
Posted by emydi on 05-25-07 at 01:06 PM
I didn't watch the first show...it seemed too long but last night's was pretty good.. I just kept watching tv after SYTYCD!

I really liked the stopped time one and the first one they showed that was funny with the guy in his underwear...

There's seem to be some prima donnas and they are all men...

I'll keep watching...where's snidge..we need her play by play...I snookered her into SYTYCD!! WOOT!