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SYTYCD 8 Top 12 Results ECST [View All]
Keep all the results, pimpage, pro reveals, special guest stars or mysterious disappearances of members of the judging panel on this thread unti
31 messages
07-15-11 02:40 PM
SYTYCD 8 Top 14 Results ECST [View All]
So keep all discussion of the results, the filler, the pimpage, the inexplicable, and Travis! on this thread until the West Coast finishes f
29 messages
07-12-11 10:53 PM
SYTYCD 8 PTTE Week 2 results/Week 3 changes ds/User_files/4df5d0bdb17e81f4.gif Ya think Chris had a pretty good idea he was toast
5 messages
07-11-11 09:38 AM
SYTYCD 8 Top 14 Performance ECST [View All]
Here we go again, keep all the pimpage, embarrassing video clips and dancing here until the show finishes airing on the west coast. Pro
77 messages
07-07-11 05:33 PM
A trip down memory lane
Ivan (Season 2) takes his hand-held camera backstage as the dancers wait around for the reunion segment of Season 4. Hilarious stuff....Travis ma
Sagebrush Dan
3 messages
07-03-11 01:09 AM
SYTYCD 8 Top 16 Results ECST [View All]
Swooping in, you know what to do.
24 messages
07-01-11 08:36 PM
SYTYCD 8 PTTE Week 1? results/changes ds/User_files/4df5d0bdb17e81f4.gif It's Week 1 for us! I knew as soon a
0 messages
07-01-11 10:45 AM
Top 16 Ratings
1. Caitlynn Mitchell-this was FANTASTIC I would have put them on the Hot Tamale Train. Caitlynn is one of my faves. Mitchell really can dance%
3 messages
06-30-11 06:52 PM
Top 16 Will Go/Should Go
Should Be B3 Sasha Alexander just ICK Alexander Tadd Jordan ICK the hook up Melanie Marko ICK the kiss Will Be B
3 messages
06-30-11 06:14 PM
SYTYCD 8 Top 16 Performance ECST [View All]
You know the routine, keep discussion here until the West Coast comes to after the pimpage, dancing and tongue baths. (Note, for wh
58 messages
06-30-11 03:11 PM
SYTYCD 8 Son of Top 20 Results ECST [View All]
Keep all the results, filler, judgery, on this thread until the West Coast finishes googling who got sent home trying to figure out which ones t
31 messages
06-29-11 01:33 PM
Top 20 Will Go/Should Go
Will Be Bottom 3 Jordan Tadd Caitlyn Mitchell Miranda Robert Will go: Unfortunately I think Mir (pgh gal :-%2
6 messages
06-23-11 08:32 PM
Top 20 (Take 2) Rankings
I always look forward to reading everyone's comments and rankings. We had a big variation last week. This week: Caitlynn%2
3 messages
06-23-11 08:19 PM
SYTYCD 8 Top 20, again, Performance ECST [View All]
Please report to the PTTE and get your picks in before you discuss, on this thread, the dances, the pimpage, who is smelling the bus fumes and
77 messages
06-23-11 02:31 PM
SYTYCD 8 Top 20 Result ECST [View All]
No...I don't want any of them to go.... Keep it here until the West Coast Sees for themselves.
42 messages
06-17-11 04:56 PM
SYTYCD 8 Top 20 Performance ECST [View All]
Keep all pairings, disappointments, judges insanity, and Cat's wardrobe comments on this thread until the West Coast finishes seeing what happ
51 messages
06-17-11 01:06 AM
Whither goest Benji?
After a brief discussion on Benji Schwimmer, I googled him. Nothing for the past two years. I looked for a fan club website. Nada. I'm no
Sagebrush Dan
2 messages
06-14-11 10:34 PM
SYTYCD 8, Meet the top 20 [View All]
Two hours tonight, hopefully I'll stay awake the whole time. Here we go. Snack of the night: Fried Green Tomatoes, first time
58 messages
06-14-11 10:52 AM
SYTYCD 8 Audition Show 3 ECST
Keep all discussion about the auditions, filler, stories, undead Beatles, etc. here until after the West Coast sees it for themselves. %0
19 messages
06-13-11 10:01 AM
Put in your earplugs: Mary Murphy is comin' back. [View All]
They've been running commercials during AI. ds/User_files/40b63fe135a9661f.jpg %
28 messages
06-11-11 02:51 PM
talk smack about SYTYCD and win!
Being the SYTYCD obsessed fan that I am, I was checking out this website They have a SYTYCD fantasy game that you can play against your
0 messages
06-10-11 04:48 PM
SYTYCD 8 VEGAS! [View All]
What happens in Vegas stays on this thread until it has finished airing on the West Coast.
28 messages
06-09-11 06:40 PM
SYTYCD Season 8 Premiere ECST [View All]
The really important part of the confetti last night, not who it was for, not who ate the confetti as it fell from the sky, but that it announce
62 messages
06-03-11 12:46 PM
SYTYCD 8 Audition Show 2 ECST [View All]
Keep all discussion of people we will never see again (and hopefully a few we will) on this thread until the West Coast has a chance to see who wi
51 messages
06-02-11 11:08 AM
Since Glowie probably doesn't get the Canadian show I thought I would give her a little glimpse of Blake. He performed last night on the Canadian f
3 messages
05-30-11 12:46 PM
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