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What THE DANCERS have to say...
There's been some buzz among those closest to the show that the dancers (mainly the top 10) are aware & angry that fanz are bashing each other
1 messages
08-07-06 07:23 PM
I cant understand why everyone likes her. Each week she looks the same, her style doesnt really change at. All her moves are fast...she isnt sensua
17 messages
08-09-06 01:31 PM
PTTE WEEK 3 Results
Tribey, were you in tears when Travis was safe!!! I thought of you :-) He deserved it in imho Well only one more week to go...
17 messages
08-09-06 08:38 PM
Who won tonight?
I was late getting home & missed tonight's vote off. Who was voted off tonight? I wish that were posted first on this site so I could skip that
7 messages
08-10-06 01:25 AM
Benji = closet gay?
I have heard rumors from insiders of the ball room world that Benji is gay! has anyone else heard this? Also since Iím on the topic w
29 messages
08-10-06 07:55 AM
Finale (Part 1) SPOILERS
Leaving buffer area here - if you don't want to see who's dancing what [b]and what the judges reportedly thought of it[/b], don't sc
10 messages
08-10-06 10:21 AM
Technical vs. Show Dance
Any thoughts on this? I found Mia to be right on this, but also more than a little patronizing to Benji in the [i]first[/i] p
Sagebrush Dan
26 messages
08-11-06 03:07 PM
Finally, the finale.
Is that the proper way to title the thread? I know there is a format we must follow otherwise the great gods and goddesses of whateverdom will stri
Sagebrush Dan
23 messages
08-11-06 05:36 PM
Thoughts for next year
Yes, I am getting ahead of myself. Maybe for the finale, have the same choreography repeated by the two couples. I think the guys did a bett
11 messages
08-12-06 10:53 AM
Amazing Mary Murphy Montage
Sorry if this has already been posted, but I didn't see it: p?gfid=30-1043798
7 messages
08-14-06 09:39 PM WARNING: SPOILER
Has anyone heard of this site? They forecast the votes by measuring the phone line signlas Are they truly accurate?
3 messages
08-15-06 12:22 PM
I came across this interesting news article about season 1 runner-up Melody Lacayanga, and thought I'd share it with you all... http%3
0 messages
08-15-06 05:50 PM
SYTYCD Tour Info
The tour starts in the northwest folks! Sagebrush Dan, Pumpkinqueen? Mark those dates on your calendars! 12-Sep Seattle, WA
23 messages
08-15-06 10:46 PM
To all you SYTYCD fans - if you haven't purchased tickets for the tour, there are some good deals on eBay with GREAT seats! Check it out if you
6 messages
08-16-06 04:59 PM
Donyelle - eh
I am not an expert on dance, so I don't have the technical terms to discuss the following. It seems to me that Donyelle's moves are n
14 messages
08-16-06 06:22 PM
Can anyone youtube?
Can anyone Youtube Demitry and Natalies Routine from todays show? I really want ot see it but only caught the last second of it because I
1 messages
08-17-06 09:56 AM
Dmitry was kicked out early by producers of SYTYCD
I have been hearing that he was kicked out because of his appeal to an older audience. Much of the audience for SYTYCD is teen to pr
11 messages
08-17-06 02:12 PM
Season 2 Finale
I guess this is technically considered a spoiler thread since the West Coast has not had a chance to view the whole program yet, so I will just babb
19 messages
08-18-06 02:52 AM
Injuries abound
I do have the link for this one. The final four discuss, among other things, their injuries. So Travis is the one with the bad back. It so
Sagebrush Dan
2 messages
08-18-06 05:00 PM
Sorry this took a while to post. For scores, I put Heidi and Donyelle together at 3-4 like the others at 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10 because they didn't
8 messages
08-21-06 07:59 PM
Travis is already a.....
winner with me. He's the only one I ever voted for. There was something about him when I saw him in the first couple audition shows. He just seem
16 messages
08-22-06 11:33 AM
Anyone know who sings the song?
Hey there...just wondering if anyone knows who sings the song that was played when they did the montages of the dancer that was going home at the end
6 messages
08-25-06 08:58 PM
Late breaking, you heard it here.....
Nigel sez that appearance on the Celine Dion show has always been an option for the winner. Here's the link.... http://www.mediavillage.
Sagebrush Dan
26 messages
08-27-06 10:50 AM
I want 2 b on this show, but 2 bad because i am only 16, but i'll b on there one day. AMERICA LOOK OUT BECAUSE I AM FULL OF TALENT. I AM A VERY
3 messages
09-12-06 10:02 PM
did anyone get tickets for the tour?
Hey peeps - I know it's been quiet on this board since the show ended (naturally), but I'm wondering if anyone here was able to get tickets
39 messages
10-19-06 09:37 AM
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