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SYTYCD-4 5/28 Auditions ECUT [View All]
Please keep all sigpic free discussion of tonight's auditions on this thread until the West Coast un-stanks face from someone that is so good or so
124 messages
05-30-08 09:19 AM
Don't forget the rest of the auditions *TONIGHT*
8:00-10:00 EST tonight (5-26-08) shows: Dancers try to impress the judges with their moves at
8 messages
05-27-08 01:00 AM
SYTYCD 4 Season Premiere ECUT [View All]
Please keep all sig pic free squees, *thuds*, and discussion about tonights season 4 premiere of SYTYCD until the West Coast has a chance to r
185 messages
05-25-08 12:04 PM
SYTYCD Season 4 Open Auditions... [View All]
A little act of uberfandom by presenting the list of cities and dates for the SYTYCD4 auditions. Just in case...oh you know, someone here might see
22 messages
05-23-08 08:20 AM
Finding dance clips onlien
We've been searching to find the videos of some of our favorite dances last years' show. Fox isn't any help. Any help? Can't
2 messages
04-30-08 03:50 PM
What questions would you most want to ask of your fave SYTYCD dancers?
What witty (serious or humorous) dance related questions would you most want to ask to any of your favorite SYTYCD dance performers (form any se
0 messages
04-21-08 01:59 AM
so you think you can dance 3
I am from Scotland, so we get SYTYCD much later than in the States. I am appealing to everyone who watches this show to please tell me the singer a
1 messages
03-05-08 01:54 AM
I'm for Sabra
Sabra, I think. Danny a close second. Just don't let Lacey win. ds/User_files/46
5 messages
11-16-07 07:39 PM
Hok and Lacey are dating!!!
Never saw this one coming. u-think-dancers-lacey-schwimmer-hok-konishi-confirm-dating-577
3 messages
10-22-07 10:19 AM
SYTYCD - Marathon on MTV
MTV is showing a SYTYCD season 3 marathon today starting at 1pm and running all weekend. Thro
2 messages
10-21-07 02:02 PM
Favorite Dances - Season 3
Now that the Performance Shows are over for Season 3, I thought it would be fun to list our favorite dances. I am going to list my favorite couple
13 messages
08-31-07 06:17 AM
If only... thread [View All]
What do you wish had happened differently this season? Here are mine: More mixing up the couples early on. Some people got "stuck"
25 messages
08-25-07 00:08 AM
I can't believe it's over already!! :-( [font color = blue size =3][b]WILL GO[/FONT][/b] We
10 messages
08-22-07 03:20 PM
Who here DOESN'T know that Lacey has been selected to win? [View All]
It's been so obvious to me from the beginning, that Lacey has been selected to win. Especially when the best dancers were voted off be
71 messages
08-21-07 06:15 PM
Donyelle MIA. Why?
Okay, I'm off my painkillers and can finally post something halfway intelligible. Here's something I wondered about all season long. Where's
Sagebrush Dan
6 messages
08-18-07 09:44 PM
I wish they'd put out seasons 1-3 on DVDs
After last season, I asked Fox TV if they were going to issue a video of SYTYCD. I (surprisingly) got an answer. They told me that DVD product
6 messages
08-18-07 10:37 AM
Final 4 Rankings
Wow that was great First the solos 4. Lacey 3. Sabra 2. Neil 1. Danny WOWSA that was fabulous...I think he'
10 messages
08-17-07 12:52 PM
SYTCD Season 3 Final 4 ResultsEast Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all sigpic free discussion of tonight's filler, more filler, even more filler, son of filler, filler 3D, filler vs filler, n
116 messages
08-17-07 09:37 AM
SYTCD Season 3 Final 4 Performance East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep your sig pics to yourself as well as all discussion of the final 4 dancers performing tonight until the 12 hour (ok 2 hour) final perf
146 messages
08-16-07 04:17 PM
Should Win/Will Win Final Four edition
So who do you think should win, and who will be America's Favorite dancer even if they are not yours. For me the big distinction was th
13 messages
08-16-07 01:32 PM
I'm is on both tonight (Wed) and Thursday?
Sorry to be so dense, but since it was on Monday, is tonight and tomorrow night the grand finale..or is it over tonight? (Wed 15) I am a bit
6 messages
08-15-07 07:05 PM
PTTE SYTYCD Week 8 results/Finale Week 9 entry
[font color = blue size =3][b]WILL GO[/FONT][/b] Our leader stays the same! [font color = red si
5 messages
08-15-07 04:54 PM
SYTCD Season 3 Top 6 Results East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all sig pic free discussion of tonight's not at the same bat time but thankfully still on the same bat channel, why do they think they
52 messages
08-14-07 06:39 PM
Spoiler Alert [View All]
*nervously opens thread* Wow. This is my first time posting a spoiler. I usually stay away from them because I like to be surprised,
65 messages
08-14-07 05:44 PM
Tracking the styles
I thought it would be good to keep track of which styles the dancers do each week. I remember last year thinking that Benji got an awful lot of Hip Ho
18 messages
08-14-07 11:47 AM
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