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Thoughts on the Final Four
So it was kind of a weird night for me. I found myself really loving the fact that Courtney, the underdog, is in the finals. Amazed that Twitch
6 messages
08-08-08 09:39 AM
Cat's Fashions
Since we're coming to the end of another season of is a reminder of some of Cat's sometimes wonderful sense of fashion and fun!%
3 messages
08-07-08 04:52 PM
Should Win/Will Win Top 4 Dancers.
So here we are boys and girls at the end of the season once again. Overall I thought it was a really good night of performances and all of them showe
8 messages
08-07-08 04:14 PM
SYTYCD-4 8/06 Top 4 ECUT [View All]
Please keep all sig pic free discussion of tonight's all boy, all girl, every girl with every boy orgy of dance including all solos on this thre
95 messages
08-07-08 09:37 AM
SYTYCD 4 PTTE Week 7 Scores FINALE Week 8 changes ds/User_files/4835e2a43cb7dbf9.gif :'( [font color = blue s
5 messages
08-07-08 09:22 AM
Dial Idol Rankings [View All]
Well, since some consider Dial Idol spoilers I didn't want to put this in the Should Go/ Will Go thread. * * *plenty of s
28 messages
08-07-08 06:55 AM
Anyone going to the SYTYCD show?
Long time lurker here, and I love reading all your comments on the show and dancers. I was just curious as to how many of the posters will actally
14 messages
08-06-08 01:28 PM
SYTYCD Spoilers [View All]
Pre-show spoilers Post your pre-show spoilers here!
143 messages
08-06-08 11:33 AM
SYTYCD-4 7/31 Top 6 Results ECUT [View All]
Please keep all sig-pic free discussion of tonight's results on this thread until the West Coast has a chance to see it for themselves. %
80 messages
08-05-08 10:33 AM
Gotta love Mary
She has been working so hard at becoming intolerable. There was a day, I can't remember how long ago, that I thought she was adorable. Now?
9 messages
08-05-08 10:16 AM
New Couples--Who do you want to see together? [View All]
Well the couples get switched up next week Who do you want to see together? We will get Spoilers after MOnday on who gets paired togethe
28 messages
08-04-08 09:21 AM
Am I in an alternate universe?
What's going on?? Here on the west coast it's 8:15 but but but it's a repeat of last week's results show?
5 messages
08-01-08 07:28 AM
SYTYCD-4 7/30 Top 6 ECUT [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's repeat from 8-9 EDT and all discussion of the new dances from 9-10 EDT on this thread until after the West C
112 messages
07-31-08 06:28 PM
Rank 'em Top 6
Solos: 1 Josh I was pretty upset with him for the first few seconds (or at least it seemed that long) because he was starting too slow
14 messages
07-31-08 05:07 PM
Should Go/Will Go Top 6 Dancers [View All]
Um...Um...How the heck am I supposed to choose?? Dayum those kids can dance. It looks like from Wiki we didn't get a bottom two, s
21 messages
07-31-08 03:01 PM
Will - didnt have a chance [View All]
Here is why I think he was dooommed from the beginning. 1. They hyped him way to much from the beginning with Debbie Allen 2. I think
31 messages
07-30-08 10:40 AM
SYTYCD 4 PTTE Week 6 Scores Week 7 changes ds/User_files/4835e2a43cb7dbf9.gif I feel so out of the canadian peeps did
6 messages
07-29-08 07:31 PM
TV Guide Poll
Of the remaining finalists, who is your current pick to win 'So You Think You Can Dance'? Poll Results: Top 6: So What Do You T
10 messages
07-29-08 09:37 AM
SYTYCD-4 7/24 Top 8 ECUT [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's filler and results on this thread until after the show has aired on the West Coast. No sig pics%2
146 messages
07-28-08 07:08 AM
RANT ALERT: Nigel -- have you ever heard of google? [View All]
I am seriously pissed off at Nigel & Co. Every other dance genre gets someone that is well known and/or respected in their field (even Doriana
21 messages
07-26-08 10:54 AM
Rank the top 8
Since Emy is in Canada, I'll start this one. Actually, I can't since my DW took off the VCR timer so I missed the first half of the show. Fo
16 messages
07-25-08 10:34 AM
SYTYCD-4 Should Go/Will Go Top 8
Well, I think they all stepped up their game this week. Maybe seeing the obvious boot Comfort slip through lit a fire under their tushies.
7 messages
07-24-08 02:22 PM
SYTYCD-4 7/23 Top 8 ECUT [View All]
Please keep all sig pic free discussion of the scores you get in this [ 6g0w0TwDz_kick-boy|game]
124 messages
07-24-08 01:26 PM
SYTYCD 4 PTTE Week 5 Scores Week 6 changes ds/User_files/4835e2a43cb7dbf9.gif I knew as soon as Cat opened the envelope that it w
15 messages
07-22-08 05:11 PM
Who gets their style more
Someone mentioned Will basically got two dances in his style last night (so did Katee) So I thought I'd look at who seems to be favor
16 messages
07-22-08 01:10 PM
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