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When are they gonna change the intro???
I thought it was odd the very first episode when it was still all of last years performers....but now its really irrating me! If they were able to
6 messages
07-20-06 11:53 AM
Solo Dances
Nigel mentioned tonight that the dancers will be doing solo dances in a few weeks. This could spell trouble for my boy Benjie, who did not do well
Sagebrush Dan
24 messages
07-20-06 12:38 PM
Googling Benji
Being the obesessive/compulsive stalker that I am, I decided to check out my favorite compeptitor (Benji, of course) on Google. He and
Sagebrush Dan
14 messages
07-20-06 12:41 PM
07/19 two-hour show - general thoughts
I'll let someone else do an official recap if they wish, because there was just so much that went on tonight. The dancer I thought di
36 messages
07-21-06 10:32 AM
Horrible Show....Where did they find Cat Deeley?
I read about this show in the "forum" and decided to give this show a shot this week. I saw about half of the competition show, and it was ok%2
mocha madness
22 messages
07-21-06 11:13 AM
Conjectures and gossip.....
This stuff may be entirely unprovable, but I wonder what the other dancers think of each other. Healthy competition? Jealousy? Rivalry? %0
Sagebrush Dan
4 messages
07-21-06 03:27 PM
Could We Please Have a Week Without Hip Hop
This show could really be pleasing if we could at least do away with Hip Hop crap for one week. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its cu
Former CBSer
13 messages
07-25-06 12:21 PM
SPOILER: Next Week's Pairings and Dances
I'm not quite sure what the protocol here is for posting spoilers rather far in advance, but just in case, I'll put buffer space here. %0
25 messages
07-25-06 08:57 PM
Did anyone else get last week's results show tonight?
'Cause I sure did and I'm a little disappointed about it.
2 messages
07-26-06 09:11 PM
And then there were 8—comments and chatter
So...... it was Martha and DMITRY that got voted off tonight. What do y'all think about that one. I was surprised about Dmitry. Loved h
Sagebrush Dan
65 messages
07-27-06 01:09 PM
Who do you think has the best chemistry? Does anyone think there are any romances brewing? I think that Natalie and Musa have an awesome connectio
18 messages
07-27-06 01:14 PM
PTTE Week 1 Results Week 2 changes
Ok, I want a recount!! They should have Dmitry come back each week and end the show with a shirtless no.! Well EVERYONE had Ryan g
15 messages
07-27-06 03:49 PM
07/26 show - comments and thoughts
My favorite pairing of the night: Travis and Donyelle. They are really sweet together, and they have a nice chemistry. I think this has been th
31 messages
07-28-06 03:38 AM
The grand prize
We're getting down to the final 6 tonight and I was thinking (again) how much I want Benji to win this thing. Then I thought...can I really
14 messages
07-29-06 12:19 PM
And then there were 6—comments and chatter
I watched the results show before watching my tape of last night. I was horrified that Travis was in the bottom 2 until I saw last night's show. C
Sagebrush Dan
26 messages
07-31-06 08:09 AM
what do you guys think?
found the pic in my sig on another site and love it. ivan is my favorite dancer, and with allison gone, travis is my next favorite. the pic is pre
6 messages
07-31-06 10:44 PM
From one of those other sites.......
Apparently Benji spent the weekend in the hospital with strep throat. There were too many reliable sources on this one to make it a rumor... ...
Sagebrush Dan
8 messages
08-01-06 05:12 PM
kat,what do you think.
did anybody elese notice the the dress she was wearing. I think she needs a boob jod. At least a good set of D's would hould the dress stay up.What
8 messages
08-02-06 06:34 PM
I can't say enuff about Alli! She can do anything! She's pulled off everything so far without a hitch! Tango, Hip Hop, Contemporary%
16 messages
08-02-06 08:11 PM
The OTHER forum (at FOX)
Have any of you been to that other forum? It is just horrendous! The Corruption, the bashing, the manipulations, the stabbings%2
8 messages
08-02-06 08:27 PM
if true, does anyone smell conspiracy?
not sure how much truth there is to this, but a poster on another board released spoilers today with the following info: IVAN/N
5 messages
08-03-06 12:27 PM
Anyone with TiVo please help me with Donyelle's performance!
Unfortunately, the show didn't get recorded last night. Did Donyelle injure herself last night in her solo? About half way through, I though
7 messages
08-03-06 01:45 PM
Ok, Natalie has more pizzazz (or is it pizza) than Allison! Also, Cat said there are only 3 weeks left, so they are going to h
21 messages
08-03-06 04:17 PM
does anyone know what was the artist or name of the acapella song the group opened with on last nights elimination show? i really am dying to know%2
2 messages
08-05-06 09:57 AM
6 Dancers, 3 couples, and the judges "get real"
First things first: My name is MTopaz, and I'm a Benjelleholic. That's the first step to recovery right, admitting you have a problem. Th
45 messages
08-07-06 11:41 AM
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