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SYTYCD #9 Final Performances ECST [View All]
And it's Tuesday? *boggle* Here we go!!!
74 messages
09-14-12 01:55 PM
SYTYCD #9 Top 6 Performance/Results ECST [View All]
Who knows what tonight will bring? Which format and how many dances will we get? Spin the wheel of random show format and find out! %0
67 messages
09-11-12 01:04 AM
SYTYCD #9 Top 20 Reveal [View All]
We get to find out who, and see them dance live.
46 messages
09-06-12 10:05 AM
SYTYCD 9 PTTE FIRST WILL GO/SHOULD GO LISTS ds/User_files/4df5d0bdb17e81f4.gif PTTE Picks to the End Please put
6 messages
09-06-12 09:53 AM
SYTYCD #9 Top 8 Performance/Results ECST [View All]
Here's the thread, I may be home in time, I may not, if not, please have fun without me!
55 messages
09-04-12 10:13 PM
SYTYCD #9 Top 10 Performance 2/Results ECST [View All]
How many leave tonight, who knows? 2,4,6,8 how many weeks will Fox let them air this thing, sure seems Fox doesn't really want to keep
45 messages
08-29-12 11:11 AM
SYTYCD #9 Top 14 Performance 2/Results ECST [View All]
*taps mic* Is this thing on? Will anyone else remember this starts back up after the Olympics. I think we are at 14 left, still on
46 messages
08-20-12 10:00 AM
SYTYCD #9 Top 16 Performance 2/Results ECST [View All]
16 left, who will win the choreography lotto and who will feel the dreadful smite from the muse of dance.
36 messages
07-26-12 01:05 AM
SYTYCD #9 Top 20 Performance 2/Results ECST [View All]
sorry a bit late, will be on a bit of a tape delay unless I catch up. Group performance Beautiful People Marilyn Manson.
34 messages
07-19-12 10:45 PM
Hilarious recap of the Top 20 show 2-sytycd-top-20-season-9-live-show/#more-2819
1 messages
07-18-12 01:08 PM
SYTYCD #9 Top 20 Performance ECST [View All]
and maybe results, we don't yet know how the once a week thing is going to Check out the PTTE discussion on the Top 20 rev
55 messages
07-13-12 10:44 AM
SYTYCD #9 Vegas Call Backs ECST [View All]
Keep all the drama, darma, dogma, karma, and kar krashes/train wrecks/bus run overs of Vegas on this thread until the West Coast gets to w
26 messages
06-22-12 06:26 PM
SYTYCD #9 Auditions #4 ECST [View All]
Put down the caffeine and alcohol, we're going to Salt Lake City. Keep the discussion of the show here until the West Coast has seen it for themse
21 messages
06-15-12 08:50 AM
SYTYCD #9 Auditions #3 ECST
What Drama, Sob Stories, People who should dance like there *is* somebody watching, someone armed, with a big hook, or high powered pro
18 messages
06-11-12 07:24 PM
Want to DANCE and win some CASH?
Hey SYTYCD Fans! I'm currently casting a brand new DANCE REALITY COMPETITION SHOW! It features all kinds of male/fema
0 messages
06-07-12 01:02 PM
SYTYCD #9 Season Premiere ECST
Post any commentary about the first round of auditions here. I'm competition showed out for the week, but will come back and snark abou
13 messages
06-01-12 12:50 PM
SYTYCD: Caley Carr - Season 9 (L.A. Auditions)
Well this guy is really cool jejej, he is a surfer but he dance really well im surprise [|Introducing: Caley
0 messages
05-31-12 12:42 PM
SYTYCD #9 Auditions #2 ECST
Keep all discussion of tonight's auditions here until the West Coast has seen them for themselves.
16 messages
05-31-12 12:34 PM
Scandals just in time for the Season to start
Someone claiming Mary Murphy has issues. Who woulda thunk. y-so-you-think-
2 messages
05-23-12 10:51 AM
Canada's Got Talent
To all those fans like me who are really bummed out that SYTYCD Canada is off the air, you need to check out Canada's Got Talent. There is an 11
0 messages
03-31-12 09:44 AM
Alex da Silva sentenced nce-choreographer-alex-da-silva-gets-10-years-in-jail-for-rape-1027676.php Good.
0 messages
01-28-12 03:11 PM Giving Away Tickets to Sold Out SYTYCD Show
Wanted to pass along that is giving away four tickets to the Oct. 29th Sold Out So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Tour show at the Nokia T
0 messages
10-05-11 02:58 PM
So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Season 4 [View All]
I'm looking forward to this season. I've been watching the various selection levels and there are some dancer that are clearly a cut above. Geis
30 messages
09-21-11 10:09 PM
Alex Da Silva arrested
Oh.My.Heck. This really doesn't sound good. I don't know what to think, I mean I want it to not be true, but I know this sort of thing happe
16 messages
09-21-11 03:52 PM
SYTYCD 8 PTTE FINAL RESULTS ds/User_files/4df5d0bdb17e81f4.gif [font color = red size = ]WILL GO WEEKLY RE
9 messages
08-23-11 12:58 PM
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