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Hi my name is Donovan Gibbs. I am 16 years old. I am a hip hop choreographer. Email me for head shot, resume, or video reel at hi_def_101@yahoo.
1 messages
07-18-10 07:02 AM
SYTYCD7 Top 7 Results ECST [View All]
Please keep all discussion of how the BB saboteur is taking out the SYTYCD kids one by one on this thread until after the West Coast has seen the show
34 messages
07-17-10 11:58 PM
SYTYCD 7 PTTE Week 5 results/Week 6 changes ds/User_files/4835e2a43cb7dbf9.gif Will there be a 3rd season ending injury???
3 messages
07-16-10 04:36 PM
Cat not catty aka cat lvoe thread
List of the Cat's meow: 1) She has a sparkling personality 2) She actually seems to have a solid understanding of dance (unl
2 messages
07-16-10 11:15 AM
SYTYCD7 Top 7 Should Go/Will Go
Predictions, make your predictions here. Who Should Go, Who will Go, will it continue to be an injury a week until they rename the sh
6 messages
07-15-10 05:24 PM
Top 7 er 6 Rank Em
This was a tough week for me to make a list...this was probably the best week of the show this season. 1. AdeChike/Kent-I loved this d
2 messages
07-15-10 02:32 PM
SYTYCD7 Top 7 Performance ECST [View All]
Please discuss tonight's dances, parings, music, injuries, overly catty judge's comments, etc. on this thread ONLY until the show has ai
68 messages
07-15-10 11:07 AM
Become an SYTYCD commentator!
Go to or download the app on your iphone/ipod touch/blackberry to join the party every time SYTYCD is on! Let people know what
2 messages
07-14-10 10:38 PM
SYTYCD 7 PTTE Week 4 results/Week 5 changes ds/User_files/4835e2a43cb7dbf9.gif Imho, I think they picked the bottom 2 them
5 messages
07-14-10 06:28 PM
Mia's "apology"
This is the second time (that I know of) she has had to apologize for remarks to a dancer she obviously is not fond of. I don't buy her "I lo
15 messages
07-14-10 04:16 PM
SYTYCD helps more than just dancers
Unsigned Christina Perri climbs up the charts after her song was played on SYTYCD. I bought it!
1 messages
07-13-10 06:36 PM
SYTYCD7 Top 8 Results ECST [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's results here until the West Coast has seen the filler, special guests and the occasional result for themse
30 messages
07-09-10 07:36 PM
SYTYCD7 Top 8 Performance ECST [View All]
Please join in the discussion of tonight's top 8 performances here, but also discuss it only on this thread until the show has aired on the West C
67 messages
07-09-10 03:55 PM
Should Go/Will go Top 8
Although I fear it will be Alex who will be gone way too soon because of the Achilles tendon injury, who do you think will join him in the bottom th
5 messages
07-08-10 08:08 PM
Uggh!!! Someone please help me w/season 4 question!
I am racking my brain, and for the life of me I cannot remember whoes show came off or something during season 4 I believe and Cat stopped before th
2 messages
07-08-10 08:54 AM
SYTYCD 7 PTTE Week 3 results/Week 4 changes ds/User_files/4835e2a43cb7dbf9.gif No brainer on Melinda. Although Billy is good I th
3 messages
07-07-10 04:50 PM
SYTYCD7 Top 9 Results ECST [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's guests, filler oh and the inevitable all male revue this show is turning into on this thread until the sho
30 messages
07-02-10 03:27 PM
Top 9 - Rank 'em
Hope this isn't a duplicate thread. Haven't seen one started, so here goes.... 1. Alex and Twitch - loved the concept, choreograph
4 messages
07-02-10 09:57 AM
SYTYCD 7 Top 9 Will Go/Should go
As we continue our journey to SYTYCD's version of He-Man Woman Haters Club which of the three remaining girls should go this week and who will go.%0
7 messages
07-01-10 05:00 PM
SYTYCD7 Top 9 Performance ECST [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's show on this thread until the West Coast has finished seeing the performances.
76 messages
07-01-10 11:09 AM
SYTYCD 7 PTTE Week 2 results/Week 3 changes ds/User_files/4835e2a43cb7dbf9.gif Cristina was robbed! [font color =
2 messages
06-28-10 10:24 AM
Rank 'em Top 10
1. Lauren and Dominic Tessandra Chavez Lyrical hip hop I usually don't like these soft hh routines but the story was so compelling and
18 messages
06-27-10 10:59 PM
SYTYCD7 Top 10 Results ECST [View All]
Please discuss tonight's results and filler here and only here until the West Coast has seen it for themselves.
37 messages
06-26-10 00:24 AM
SYTYCD7 Top 10 Performance ECST [View All]
Keep all discussion about dances, pairings, shirtlessness, pantlessness and anything else you see on this thread until the show has aired on the
50 messages
06-24-10 04:35 PM
SYTYCD 7 Top 10 Will Go/Should go
Should Robert Alex just for week Melinda should go Will Ashley Adechike will go bc Nigel said didn'
3 messages
06-24-10 03:47 PM
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