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Surreal Life - Janice VS Omarosa
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-22-05 AT 09:06 AM (EST)[/font] [B]The Main Event: Omarosa versus Janice Dickinson[/B
0 messages
11-21-05 11:27 PM
Surreal Life - 10/2 Episode
I guess its official. I'm the sole survivor watching this show. Dirty Laundry. Anyone surprised to find out that the O-woman (no no
6 messages
11-20-05 09:20 PM
Surreal Life Finale
Well the worst season of this God-Awful show is finally over!!! Who watched "The Last Straw" and who was suprised at the outcome? %0
14 messages
10-17-05 02:07 PM
The Surreal Life [View All]
The new season premiered last night. Did anyone else catch it? First off, I must say that I was so looking forward to seeing Bronson P
52 messages
09-23-05 05:28 PM
Official RTVW Surreal Life #5 Episode #8 Summary: The Knife.
Pre-summary warning: due to the controversial nature of this episode, all cast member quotes have been captured as accurately as possible. This
4 messages
09-13-05 10:34 PM
Official RTVW Surreal Life #5 Episode #7 Summary: Be Careful What You Wish For...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-07-05 AT 08:40 PM (EST)[/font] *sigh* And here we are again. The season of the true real
1 messages
09-08-05 02:16 PM
Official Surreal Life #5 Episode #6 Summary: (No-)Star(s) Wars: Clone Wars
Okay. We're past the halfway point. We [i]have[/i] to be past the halfway point. No VH1 series in network history has ever gone beyond
1 messages
08-22-05 03:41 AM
Official RTVW Surreal Life #5 Episode #5 Summary: Vroom, Vroom, Vroom, Let's Go Back To My Room
Is everyone rested? Feeling better after that week away from Janice's aura of death? Not quite as ready to storm the VH1 offices (second thr
5 messages
08-20-05 01:03 PM
Official Surreal Life #5 Episode #4 Summary: They Battered The Wrong Women
This is my punishment, isn't it? Honestly -- what did I do that was so horrible? If you kill a half-dozen people, they just se
12 messages
08-08-05 07:18 PM
Official RTVW Surreal Life #5 Episode #3 Summary: Put It On, Put It All On!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-25-05 AT 04:36 PM (EST)[/font] And once again, welcome back to VH1's new hit show, [b%
9 messages
07-26-05 04:52 PM
(Quasi)Official RTVW Surreal Life #5 Episode #2 Summary: Yo, Ho, Bowl The DAWs Down
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-20-05 AT 05:13 PM (EST)[/font] The bad news: the series was not canceled after the first ep
5 messages
07-25-05 09:52 AM
(Un)Official RTVW Surreal Life #5 Episode #1 Summary: There is a DAW -- Born Every Minute...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-12-05 AT 05:17 PM (EST)[/font] [i]Every time that casting agent calls 'round the clock%2
11 messages
07-21-05 03:13 PM
Surreal Life #5 Summary Sign-Up Thread.
Please don't leave out here all by myself. Janice is still at the Estate and rabies shots hurt... Since you should know what you're ge
1 messages
07-13-05 06:21 PM
The Surreal Life #5 premieres July 10th.
And, given the weird scheduling VH1 put it through last season, should wrap up somewhere around November 19th. Just to remind you of
4 messages
06-15-05 09:14 PM
The Surreal Life
I didn't see a spot for Surreal Life chat... Come on, don't you all just love that show! This most recent one is bizarre! Mini-me is c
9 messages
06-04-05 07:10 PM
Surreal Life Stumbles On
I lost the plot with this season (chalk it up, if you will, to Brady envy), but a new Surreal season is coming our way. I'm torn -- I lik
3 messages
04-29-05 10:24 PM
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