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Any auditions coming up?
Anyone know of any auditions coming up or contest to enter?
3 messages
02-15-12 07:17 PM
Piers is leaving! -morgan-leaving-talent-1026441.php Well, darn, he was
8 messages
11-19-11 02:14 PM
Final Four!
End of season in sight, hurray! The four remaining acts are scheduled to battle it out live in a one hour program on Tuesday. Results in a two h
19 messages
09-16-11 12:00 PM
Semifinals [View All]
Next week they begin the process of stretching out the semifinals for a month or two, and the field is wide open. Usually at this point I have a fe
43 messages
09-01-11 08:32 AM
Prince Poppycock
In case anyone missed the announcement blasting through the feldergarb to see this weeks' performances, Prince Poppycock is scheduled to appear on
5 messages
08-25-11 10:55 AM
Top 48 [View All]
Although I've seen some acts I really enjoyed and applauded, this season doesn't seem to for me be generating much excitement. Anyway
83 messages
08-20-11 04:35 PM
Wild Card Game
Let's be honest, it has been a pretty lackluster season this year, and probably there will be another singer winner in the end. But that is no
19 messages
08-16-11 11:42 PM
Best act of the night, by far....
Whatshisface in the black shirt tumbling face first off the stage! I'm sorry, I'm really not a sadist, but I had to laugh...and laugh, an
3 messages
08-15-11 01:32 PM
or America's Got [s]Talent[/s] Commercials one act; 3 to 4 minutes commercials repeat http://comm
5 messages
06-15-11 01:09 PM
2011 Season
Starts next Tuesday (5/31) and Wednesday (6/1). Oh boy, auditions! Just keep in mind, at this stage of the game standouts are rela
2 messages
05-31-11 10:08 AM
Slightly Off Topic - Australia's Got Talent
Hope this is o.k. to post this on the America's Got Talent forum but as the show is not currently airing hoped it would be o.k. I just sa
0 messages
05-08-11 10:47 AM
Who wants to go to Hollywood?
Do you have a crazy dance video that you shot? Is it a dance that you invented? A dance that you think everyone in America should see and start do
1 messages
04-11-11 01:27 PM
America's Got Nothing
For the most part I find reality TV to be a waste of time. This season I happened to have a bit of time to flip through the channels and must say I w
2 messages
01-10-11 08:37 PM
Can we not have a singer win?
This is the 3rd time a Singer as won AGT. 1) Bianca Ryan 2) Neil E Boyd 3) Kenny Something.. 4) Micheal G.
3 messages
10-04-10 12:59 PM
Should Jackie Evancho be allowed to compete?
I don't believe someone with an album out should be allowed to compete. Should we let stars trying to revive their careers compete, like Whitney
17 messages
09-19-10 05:17 PM
Last critique of the season from the peanut gallery
Enjoyed what you had to say, Max Headroom! But I thought I'd start this post so the acts from the finale wouldn't get lost in that post.%0
7 messages
09-16-10 11:13 AM
Audience members
Watching this show, I've noticed something lately. Whenever the cameras are on the judges, look at the audience members in the background. The
2 messages
09-15-10 06:54 PM
Tue. 9/14/10 9-10(8-9c) performance Wed. 9/15/10 8-10(7-9c) finale
4 messages
09-15-10 09:05 AM
I think the caller's made a terrible mistake not advancing Studio One.
I think they may have been the best and probably would have had a very good chance of winning. Each time they come up with several new dance moves th
1 messages
09-10-10 03:54 PM
Top 10 Rank-'Em
Well, we've got two more weeks of this madness. Next week the top 10 perform to see who will make [i]dudududuh[/i] the final four! I
16 messages
09-10-10 03:07 AM
Wow, the race is on, and I say 'too close to call'!!
Last night, EVERYONE, and I do mean every.single.act. brought it on! I really think this is THE best top 10 ever, that I can reme
10 messages
09-09-10 10:00 PM
Show and a few tidbits from 8/31
My cable had a few misfires last night, due to the monsoon season here, but I think I heard and saw enough to be as unbiased as Howie and Piers ar
6 messages
09-02-10 10:57 AM
Antonio Restivo
Hello everyone, If you are as upset as I am that Antonio Restivo was let go from AGT, please go to the following facebook page and log your c
3 messages
09-01-10 08:15 AM
A few good choices, and a not-so-great choice...
Well, folks. This is what happens when America is left to vote. This is why Ruben Studdard won American Idol (no offense to our Velvet Teddybear%
8 messages
08-29-10 01:26 PM
Should We Petition?
Next year they should have singers-only quarter-finals and/or semi-finals. Like the idea, yes or no?
4 messages
08-27-10 02:22 PM
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