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60 Acts 60!
Well, the official site monkeys still haven't finished monkeying around with their official page, but these are the [
4 messages
08-31-13 09:56 PM
Quarterfinal #5 8/20/13 [View All]
Four more acts to go through this week. Will we get another country singer? More kids? Both??
21 messages
08-22-13 10:28 PM
Your Fantasy Wild Card Show
Since it's not happening, and it was a really good suggestion, list the 12 acts you'd pick for a Wild Card show. Explain if you like, but i
3 messages
08-22-13 00:51 AM
Quarterfinal #4 8/13/13
Next week looks to have a decent line-up along with the normal batch of singers. 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra (founded in 2012)
20 messages
08-15-13 09:22 PM
Quarterfinal #3 8/6/13
Well, if the line-up this week holds up to the pressure, we could be in for one of the best performance quarterfinals of the season. Results show
13 messages
08-10-13 01:31 AM
Quarterfinal #2 7/30/13
Wish I knew how they determined the line-ups for these shows. This week seems designed to put some acts in head to head competitions, hurting their
15 messages
08-01-13 05:58 PM
Quarterfinal #1 7/23/13
The live shows are here, the live shows are here! We get to vote now! RAY! The judges are done having power, from now on out they only ge
18 messages
07-29-13 12:42 PM
Season 8 Welcome Thread [View All]
Yay, the new season begins JUNE 4 TUESDAYS 9/8c. Set your recorders. Two hours, probably 15 minutes of actual talent in the whole show. %
32 messages
07-18-13 05:29 PM
Sharon's Replacement -replace-osbourne-as-judge-1033554.php Of course it would be a Brit. Our new judge:
4 messages
06-23-13 10:07 PM
The contract gets worse.
We are at the point where if you have enough talent to win this show, the best thing you could ever do would be not applying. http:/%
0 messages
04-09-13 12:35 PM
Semis & Final Thread 2012 [View All]
Hey, everybody, end of the season! If what I've read online is correct we have only three more weeks of suffering to endure. :P %0
21 messages
09-17-12 11:46 AM
Quarterfinals 2012 Thread [View All]
Oops, should have got this thread started earlier, my bad. The thread for all things quarterfinals this season, despite the name there will be
32 messages
08-23-12 10:30 AM
Wildcard Picks
All can play! While we have a two week AGT break for Olympics coverage, seems like a good time to get this game going. When
1 messages
08-16-12 12:45 PM
2012 YouTube20 [View All]
Got a hankering to vote, frustrated that AGT is now in its seventh week of the season and you haven't had one chance yet to vote? Want to get y
25 messages
08-14-12 01:51 AM
Sharon Quits AGT
Piers lasted 6 seasons, now Sharon is out after 6 seasons. Feud with NBC. t/2012/0
5 messages
08-08-12 06:04 AM
Top Ten [View All]
Considering that it was a pretty meh season up through Vegas week, this season has really caught fire approaching the finals. We have a pretty stro
31 messages
07-07-12 02:35 AM
The Vegas Week Thread
Hey, it's Vegas week! This is the thread to post anything whatsoever you want about the Vegas shows, so have at it. Haven't seen tonight%2
6 messages
06-28-12 11:24 PM
Top Spots Pick'Em!
Well, next week it's [i][b]VEGAS![/b][/i] Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday shows, three (3), count'em. Over 100 a
1 messages
06-22-12 09:55 AM
Season 7 Audition Episodes [View All]
Begin airing Monday, 5/14, oh the horror. You've been warned. [|- fficial Site]
24 messages
06-20-12 07:55 AM
AGT7 Fans - Time To Vote!
Things need to liven up around here so I've decided we're going to have a vote. This vote will remain open for an indefinite period, closing si
0 messages
06-16-12 01:22 PM
Howard Stern is going to be great!
As a judge I think that Howard Stern will do a great job! He has started many acts through his radio show and has a great eye/ear for talent. It w
6 messages
05-30-12 05:13 PM
Howard Stern officially joins the judging panel.
Okay. [i]Now[/i] I'll watch. It's not as if the singers won't still automatically win, but at least he'll make them work for it.
11 messages
05-30-12 00:07 AM
You Tube Auditions
Been in bands all my life and want to send in an audition, has to be in by the 1st of June......but how do they work...I read the rules...has to be
5 messages
05-21-12 03:35 PM
Performance Advice
Anyone have any advice on performing? I am thinking about entering this karaoke style contest and they say they are looking for entertainment more t
4 messages
03-10-12 02:44 PM
AGT pays off
Remember the old magician card trick guy w/ the cat on his shoulder? Saw him in a commercial for internet service. So, guess he
0 messages
02-25-12 10:17 PM
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