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Semi #1 / Wild Cards
8/26/14 According to this article rding-artist-ariana-grande-perform-during-%E2%80%98america
7 messages
06-01-21 03:39 AM
Hulu did not immediately respond to Fox News
Kravitz's comment has received more than 1,360 likes while her Instagram post overall has received more than 396,840 likes as of Sunday evening.
0 messages
12-25-20 02:06 AM
AGT Photos and Tweets
I'm a huge fan of America's Got Talent (and TV in general). I just built a new website that shows all the latest photos and tweets from the j
7 messages
04-29-17 00:14 AM
Goin' To Bootcamp!
So, in rooting around the web to get caught up on things, turns out this season there [i]won't[/i] be a Vegas week. Instead, the ne
9 messages
07-10-16 04:06 PM
Gay bashing
Well this show just lost my support - Howard and Howie making jokes about being gay was too much. I hope that the Gay Lesbian Anti Defamation league
4 messages
01-25-16 04:31 PM
8/2 Judges were testy!
I found myself a little put off by their arguing amongst each other tonight. They showed that clip of them trying to pick the 10 to perform several t
1 messages
01-25-16 04:28 PM
Semifinal #1 8/27/13
Should be an entertaining program this time, strong line-up. As best as can be determined, this week has: Angela Hoover, comedian.
12 messages
01-25-16 04:26 PM
comedian Angela lost me tonight
Angela, the comedian who does impressions is good at impressions and her delivery is pretty good. Her scripts need work. I was about to vote for h
4 messages
01-25-16 04:23 PM
AGT Semifinal #2
Dabo must be enjoying a Labor Day Hangover. So I'm just gonna post my usual recap. Feel free to post below with your usual stuff. AGT Se
3 messages
01-25-16 04:19 PM
7/12 East Coast Discussion [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-12-06 AT 08:40 PM (EST)[/font] I could've sworn this was supposed to start at 8:30, but
49 messages
01-25-16 04:17 PM
Where can watch Pilipinas Got Talent 2016 Season 5 Online Free
I want to watch [link: GotTalent5/|Pilipinas Got Talent 2016 Season 5 Online Free] but i have no
0 messages
01-24-16 02:03 PM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:32 AM
Will Howard Stern Host The Apprentice?
This morning Tamron Hall made a very interesting point on the Today Show. The point; Is Howard Stern leaving America's Got Talent to take over hos
0 messages
06-25-15 11:53 AM
if really want to know who has talent they didnt go to the right place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!%2
2 messages
03-12-15 02:24 PM
Finals -- season 9
So, tonight we get our finals performances for this season. Who will win? Depends. Three singers vs. a band with a singer vs. a magician vs. a
8 messages
02-17-15 06:40 PM
Top Twelve! - season 9
So we have the top 12 for this season. Is 12 the magic number this year? Who do you like, what are your rankings of these acts, what outcomes
8 messages
09-15-14 05:29 PM
Quarterfinal #4
and last QF this season. 8/19. Pretty enjoyable night, though not a wowzer. I enjoyed it, anyway. Five acts will move on to the semis, whi
4 messages
08-22-14 00:51 AM
Quarterfinal #3
8/12/14 In order as announced last week, this week our performers will be -- Adrian Romoff (9), pianist Blu Journey%
5 messages
08-13-14 11:02 PM
Quarterfinal #2
8/5/14 Our performers this week (in the order they were revealed last week) ......... Jaycob Curlee: singer Aerial Ani
8 messages
08-07-14 05:35 PM
Quarterfinal #1
Where's Dabo. Oh well I guess I will start this thread myself. Here is tonight's lineup: Sean and Luke, tap dancing duo Valo a
6 messages
07-31-14 05:45 PM
Season 9 Welcome/Welcome Back Thread [View All]
The "remain logged in" function does not work, in fact it kicks you out. If you are new here or haven't been around for awhile, that may be
23 messages
07-16-14 11:26 PM
Reality Television Tourism
Hello Members! I am a doctoral student at Texas Tech University that is obsessed with all things pop culture and reality television. I am compl
0 messages
05-26-14 11:53 AM
Final #2 9/17/13 * Who Wins?
And so we come to the end of the road for this season. Six acts remain, end of the road, time to pull out all the stops. Hey, it has
19 messages
09-24-13 03:45 PM
Season 9 Auditions ca-got-talent-ninth-season-audition-dates-and-locations-announced-by-nbc-15304.php These
0 messages
09-23-13 07:24 PM
Final #1 9/10/13
Well, we have our Top Twelve. And President Obama is planning to address the nation tomorrow night; we don't need to get into politics here,
15 messages
09-13-13 01:14 PM
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