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Canadian EP4 Spoiler Thread
For Canadians who saw episode 4 this week instead on eisode 3. ***SPOILERS***
12 messages
07-09-06 06:31 PM
Wild Hanlons
Could they have picked a better team to decipher codes, figure out how to refract light, and make use of US history? Why do you think they were
16 messages
07-09-06 12:45 PM
"Curses! Fogaled Again!" :D
Igor, Secretary to the Pope "A M
7 messages
07-09-06 12:38 PM
Treasure Hunters in my backyard!
Well not quite lol I was just watching the third episode being replayed on Bravo (I had not watched the show since the first episode).
2 messages
07-08-06 06:26 PM
Strategery :)
Just a thought ... are any of the teams approaching the game as if it were a computer game, a la Myst, etc.? You know, "click on" everyt
2 messages
07-06-06 07:56 AM
Am I the only one? [View All]
Who despises the Fogel Family already? Was I mis-seeing when he grabbed the girls clue right out of the box that she opened underwa
44 messages
07-05-06 04:34 PM
Anyone want to caption this? es/photos/101/episode/th_101_ep_23.jpg http://community.reality
12 messages
07-05-06 11:33 AM
What Happened
My wife and I caught the 2 hour opener and then last night we saw what was listed on Bell Expressvu as episodes 2 and 3. In ep. 2 the girls were in tr
1 messages
07-04-06 08:11 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread 07-03-06 Episode Discussion [View All]
Let's talk about tonight's show on this thread until the westies have had a chance to watch the show. Tonight, the remaining eight te
53 messages
07-04-06 10:13 AM
Treasure Hunters OFFICIAL episode summary #1 - "Is This A Beaten Pathway?"
Previously, 11 teams of two set out from somewhere in the U.S. in a race around the world for $1 million. They solved clues along the way to get
13 messages
07-04-06 07:58 AM
Official Treasure Hunters Episode 2 Summary "How to Win at Reality Television"
[font size=1]This summary is dedicated to the memory of my family's cocker spaniel, Abby, who passed away on Sunday night. We will rememb
11 messages
07-01-06 10:27 AM
Treasure Hunters East Coast Spoiler Thread: 06-26-06 [View All]
A new episode is on at 9pm EST and let's keep the discussion here until the westies have a chance to see the show. The remaining teams he
41 messages
06-27-06 01:23 PM
To the recap team
As you're probably aware, I did the recap for last week's premiere, and Jim is chomping at the bit, waiting for tonight's eppie so he can
6 messages
06-27-06 10:28 AM
Is Treasure Hunters an anti-terrorist weapon?
Bear with me. Yes, I am Canadian so I could be making a big mistake but it seems to me that if Treasure Hunters is sent/broadcasted in countries
Earl Colby Pottinger
0 messages
06-26-06 11:22 PM
The show is starting - 1 hour recap
It looks like they are starting at 8 pm by playing the last hour of the 2 hour intro show. The new stuff should start at 9 pm.
Earl Colby Pottinger
0 messages
06-26-06 07:51 PM
Wow, was so disappointed. All I saw was participants in various areas of the hunt with lil or no logic shown of how they got there...none of the hu
12 messages
06-25-06 06:33 PM
Second half is on right now.
Looks like there is a repeat of the show on Friday, the second half of the premire started at 8:00 pm and I am watching it now.
Earl Colby Pottinger
1 messages
06-23-06 08:32 PM
Treasure Hunters [View All]
This one looks like fun - TAR meets [i]National Treasure[/i]. It has a special 2-hour premiere on June 18 at 8 PM before settling in on Mon
32 messages
06-22-06 06:36 PM
Team Genius or Team Idiots
Am I the only one who thinks Team Genius will be gone within the next three shows? (1) At the airplane task they spent time wandering
Earl Colby Pottinger
9 messages
06-20-06 03:53 PM
The show has started. [View All]
Decode the morse code telling you your next location. I like it.
Earl Colby Pottinger
89 messages
06-20-06 01:03 AM
Treasure Hunt
AMAZING RIP-OFF?: What do you get when you cross Amazing Race with a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt? NBC's latest reality gamble. According
9 messages
06-19-06 05:28 PM
Thanks for the New Forum!
Whoa! This is awesome. I hope the show is as nice as this shiny new forum us! Thanks Webby!!! http://community
4 messages
06-17-06 10:20 PM
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