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East Coast Spoiler Thread - 08/07
Let's chat about tonight's episode here. ds/User_files/44bb3f2b05bf0f63.gif %
0 messages
08-07-06 09:10 PM
Treasure Hunters OFFICIAL episode summary #7 - "The French Connections"
Previously, six teams left from a random bed & breakfast near Savannah, Georgia, to board a flight to Paris. Along the way they made stops in
5 messages
08-06-06 03:01 PM
Not enough action on these boards
I realize that this show doesn't have the fan appeal that TAR does but I really look forward to it coming on. Between TAR episodes, I get my fix
1 messages
08-06-06 09:30 AM
The good, the bad, and the future of TH
While I think that they have done a few things right (more difficult clues, occasionally having teams work together), they have done more wron
0 messages
08-06-06 02:54 AM
Is Treasure Hunters a successful show? [View All]
What do you think? Will there be more seasons?
Earl Colby Pottinger
37 messages
08-02-06 06:36 PM
Since we don't have a Bashers forum
A couple of things that just make me go *wahh?* Last night, one team finds the map clue 'early'. They appear (but with the ed
3 messages
08-02-06 09:05 AM
Treasure Hunters episode summary #6 - "It's All About the Benjamin"
Previously, a lot of stuff happened in South Carolina and Georgia, and the Browns were eliminated. Six teams remained. Who would be el
0 messages
08-01-06 01:51 PM
New Thread [View All]
Back to France we go!
Earl Colby Pottinger
41 messages
08-01-06 11:22 AM
How can the Finale Be live?
Considering the amount of time the teams seem to be taking in solving the puzzles how can the finale be structured to fit into a hour-2 hour??%3
4 messages
07-31-06 10:01 PM
New Thread - Off to France [View All]
They finally leave the USA.
Earl Colby Pottinger
39 messages
07-29-06 03:22 AM
Not the brightest bunch.
How long did they spend in that church before they figured out that clue? As soon as I saw the clue at the castle, I noticed the large amount
12 messages
07-27-06 05:09 PM
Can we give some love to the Geniuses?
I know everyone thinks those Air Force and Southie boys are dreamy, but I'm sure [i]someone[/i] else loves the geniuses. If I
13 messages
07-25-06 03:52 PM
Season 1, EP. 6- TH Fans, It's Time To Vote!
Air Force Ex-CIA Southie Boys Fogal Family Miss USA Geniuses x- Browns x- Wild Hanlons x- Grad Students
6 messages
07-24-06 12:23 PM
Treasure Hunter Thread [View All]
And it begins with Kathy screaming.
Earl Colby Pottinger
48 messages
07-24-06 01:58 AM
Did Young Hanlon Sink His Team?
The youngest Hanlon seemed sincere when he told Tonny Brown that he was sorry about the boat incident. He also said something to the effect of "let
9 messages
07-23-06 09:20 PM
Team Air Force, my favorite team
I like them. I really, really like them. Brooke and Matt R. are married and Matt Z. is godfather to their son. And, just as an aside, could
19 messages
07-23-06 02:56 PM
The Good and the Bad of Treasure Hunters [View All]
As a TAR fan I can't help comparing the two shows and noting the things I really like in Treasure Hunters, plus a couple of things I dislike:
Earl Colby Pottinger
31 messages
07-20-06 09:36 PM
Treasure Hunters OFFICIAL episode summary #5 - "Digging Their Own Graves"
[i][b]NOTE:[/b] We had some severe weather in the area last night, which means there might be a few holes in this recap. First,
7 messages
07-20-06 06:18 PM
Season 1 Ep. 5- TH Fans, It's Time to Vote!
Ex-CIA Miss USA Southie Boys Air Force Fogals Genuises x- Hanlons x- Grad Students x- Young Professionals%
2 messages
07-18-06 03:02 PM
Thoughts on the team split option.
I'm surprised nobody has started a thread to discuss the (possible) dumping of a team member and all that it entails. Just why would
9 messages
07-18-06 02:23 PM
Nation-wide (& Canada too) request...
I'm curious about the logistics of the viewer contests ... obviously, there are different winners for each time zone -- at least, that's my co
2 messages
07-17-06 02:09 PM
Skip Religon: How good do the Fogals play the game.
Personally, I am thinking not well. It seems to me the Fogals have built up an early warning to the diffirent teams. There are
Earl Colby Pottinger
11 messages
07-16-06 10:51 AM
Official RTVW Summary: Treasure Hunters, Episode 4
[center][h2]Cutting the Dead Weight[/h2][/center] Last week on Treasure Hunters, the Mullet Man along with the other
7 messages
07-13-06 11:15 AM
Starting a new Ep 3& 4 thread [View All]
The show has began - review time.
Earl Colby Pottinger
39 messages
07-13-06 00:11 AM
Treasure Hunters OFFICIAL episode summary #2 - "The Blind Leading the Blind"
Previously on "So Not An Amazing Race", nine teams left a bed & breakfast near Mount Rushmore and they had to follow clues along a trail that
5 messages
07-11-06 04:23 PM
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