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24 - Ep. 5.18 - 12-1 AM
Ayak must have been off running the Boston Marathon today. . . . . I avoided the spoilers until after the episode. They are
11 messages
04-24-06 09:18 AM
24 - Ep. 5.17 - 11-12 PM
First, we learn that not [i]everyone[/i] is at risk this season. Not Jack Bauer, for one. Three more seasons have been set:
17 messages
04-14-06 05:15 PM
Patriot, Patsy, Traitor or all Three
We all know that Henderson is the bad guy, right? He [b]is[/b] the bad guy [i]right?[/i] I remember when Jack figured out th
1 messages
04-13-06 03:47 PM
need tv appearance of Kiefer sutherlands
Hello just wondering if anyone have tv appearance of Kiefer sutherlands on tv show such as Jay leno show David letterma
0 messages
04-09-06 09:44 AM
24 - Ep. 5.16 - 10-11 PM [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-03-06 AT 11:06 AM (EST)[/font] OK, right off the bat, we're told in the previous thread
21 messages
04-06-06 09:34 PM
24 - Ep. 5.15 - 9-10 PM [View All]
Is Audrey evil? Or has she been set up? And what kind of a "distribution center" is Bierko targeting that could kill 200,000 p
21 messages
04-02-06 06:05 PM
24 - Ep. 5.14 - 8-9 PM [View All]
Palmer's dead. Michelle's dead. Edgar's dead. Lynn's dead. Tony's dead. And Christopher Henderson is very much alive. You kn
38 messages
03-28-06 08:46 AM
24 - Ep. 5.13 - 7-8 PM
Sorry about the misnumbering last week. So, the chickens come home to roost this week. Two deaths among featured players. And Henderson
17 messages
03-15-06 02:27 PM
24 -- Ep 5.12 and 5.13 -- 5-7 PM -- Minor SPOILER [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-06-06 AT 10:58 AM (EST)[/font] Special double-episode tonight -- and the Boston Herald has bee
40 messages
03-10-06 10:05 AM
24 - 5.10 - 4-5 p.m.
More quotes - it's the lazy way out. It's to late to do analysis and express opinions. Logan: It's going to happen Mike. We gave
19 messages
03-03-06 04:59 PM
24 - 5.09 - 3-4 p.m.
For this week I've just copied down some quotes from the episode to get things rolling. Someone must pay. I agree. You are th
20 messages
02-24-06 10:59 AM
24 - 5.08 - 2-3 pm - don't be're going to be all right
Hey - we've got the room (thanks Webby!!!), so let's stretch out and have a new thresd each week for the lvoers. And, the haters ca
7 messages
02-16-06 04:56 PM
Feb 13 Funny moments
When Jack Knows how to turn the gas canister off! I laughed my head off! Jack stopping everything to save the girl and the feel good moment
1 messages
02-14-06 04:47 PM
bashing last nights episode 2/6/06
Could last nights episode be any more inane? I don't know which part was worse terrorist using tracable land lines, the first lady telling
8 messages
02-14-06 12:57 PM
24 - "You've read my record" - hours six through ten [View All]
I'm starting a new thread to deal with the next 5 hours beginning with last night's episode. Jack was Jack last night - good to see he
27 messages
02-08-06 03:22 PM
Our own forum!
Jack has his very own forum. Thanks Webby! Woo hoo! Give Webby some love, people. http://community.realitytvworld.
15 messages
02-05-06 01:23 PM
24 [View All]
I'm taking the liberty of startging a new thread for discussion of the first four hours that'll be aired on Sunday and Monday. I also w
44 messages
01-31-06 10:13 AM
24 Season 5 spoiler stuff
Episode 1 airdate January 15 @ 8:00pm on FOX takes place between 7:00am and 8:00am Episode 2 airdate January 15 @ 9:00pm on FOX%
17 messages
01-09-06 04:46 PM
24 news- season 6
Well I have to post one little piece of scoop I heard today- Sean Astin (LOTR) will be joining the cast of 24 this season at CTU. (I can't rea
8 messages
09-13-05 03:45 PM
I got yer 24 Spoilers RIGHT HERE! [View All]
Only 4 hours left for Jack Bauer and Former President Palmer to save the day! May 9 episode From Fox: [i]FOREIGN NATIONALS APP
40 messages
06-01-05 11:55 AM
24 - Episode 22 discussion, episode 23,24 spoiler info
The Schedule Episode 4.23 The show is on right now and I'll be watching later. Use this thresd for discussion. Below is
7 messages
05-24-05 06:54 AM
24's Newest CTU Field Agent! [View All]
Chloe - you ROCK! ds/User_files/412147e402aa760a.gif Everyone is entitled to
40 messages
05-07-05 07:36 PM
motherload of 24 Spoilers
S P O I L E R A L E R T hidden text [font color=ddddd] From th
5 messages
05-04-05 01:44 PM
24 - April 11
So the prez is alive and the veep looks like he is going have a coronary. Mike Novak seems just as shifty as ever. We are seeing less and less of no
9 messages
04-19-05 09:10 AM
How far will "24" go ...? (April 4 episode) [View All]
Where does everybody else think that 24 is headed in tonight's episode? Let's see: the previews promise us that something especially shockin
31 messages
04-10-05 09:08 AM
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