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2/19 (3-4 PM) discussion thread
Starting this thread early for the holiday weekend. Looks like Jack's going to have to save both Milo and his sister-in-law from daddy's thugs,
10 messages
02-26-07 11:13 AM
2/12 (1-3pm) Episode(s) discussion thread
spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoile
J Slice
16 messages
02-19-07 00:15 AM
Chloe & Morris
What's the relationship between the two? Aren't their last names both O'Brien? There was a little romantic tension on a few episodes but n
2 messages
02-17-07 04:33 PM
2/5 (12-1 PM) episode discussion thread
Has anyone ever seen the spelling Graem before? I've seen Graeme and Graham, but never Graem. Why would you call someone named Graem
12 messages
02-07-07 10:14 PM
An Extra Hour of Jack
Set the recorders for February sweeps. Feb 12 is a two-hour Jack fest. 8:00 - 10:00.
5 messages
02-07-07 08:51 PM
Is Sleeper Cell really like 24?
I've been hearing about this show on Showtime and have heard comparisons with 24 (maybe because of terrorism). I see ads for it all the time af
uglier than sarah w
3 messages
02-07-07 05:43 PM
1/29 episode discussion thread
As the battle rages on ... between [i]24[/i] and [i]Heroes[/i], not between terrorists and the U.S ... it's time to note that
7 messages
02-05-07 11:18 AM
Season VI -- Mark your calendars!
[|Finally a date]! Season VI will begin with a 2-night, 4-hour season premiere airing Sunday January 14th at 8/
Emily RugBurn
16 messages
01-30-07 03:09 PM
Bauer Family Values
Yep, that's the subject of Episode 5 ... where we learn ... SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT Don't open if you don't want
14 messages
01-30-07 11:13 AM
All Hail the Power of Bauer
This? is such a great phrase that I had to give it its own thread. Has anyone else heard this from the preview promo? I laughed out loud. It%2
3 messages
01-23-07 02:35 PM
The property values in LA must really suck
I mean, how much damage can that city and its environs sustain? I started seriously watching 24 in the second season, and I swear nearly every
Sagebrush Dan
13 messages
01-22-07 03:44 PM
So, how 'bout that premiere? [View All]
Filler. Filler. Filler. Filler.Filler. Filler.Filler. Filler.Filler. Filler.Filler. Filler.Filler. Filler. Filler. Filler.Filler. Filler.Filler. Fille
J Slice
50 messages
01-22-07 10:45 AM
I come to you for help
Hi, my name is Ice 9, and I was a '24' junkie for 4 seasons. It was on my list of Top 5 shows. Seriously, nothing got my blood pumping lik
Ice 9
15 messages
01-20-07 02:00 PM
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas from Santa Bauer. .htm?g=25045FE0-ED17-45F4-907D-A64AD4F52FDA,B8A
0 messages
12-20-06 10:18 AM
Golden Globes
Word of advice to the Hollywood Foreign Press... You've nominated Keifer and the show, now you have to give it to him. You don't wan
0 messages
12-14-06 11:20 AM
Jack Bauer's cell phone/service provider
Can someone please tell me where I can signup and get Jack's incredible cell phone & enjoy his extraordinary service provider. After watching the
3 messages
12-08-06 12:27 PM
24 things about '24,' Season 5 and Season 6 entertainment_tv/2006/12/24_things_about.html There are a few minor spoilers here. H
1 messages
12-07-06 03:05 PM
Sutherland overacts on this show. He should start comin to work drunk it would be better for the show. They should also cast one of the prostitutes he
0 messages
11-25-06 11:06 PM
Season 6 preview is rolling...
I took it off of You Tube - less junk to sort through nM http://commun
6 messages
10-27-06 11:18 PM
Jack's man purse
You too can own the bag Jack Bauer carries on 24. Danish School Bag available at em/FA1
2 messages
09-01-06 08:50 AM
24 -- Ep. 5.23/5.24 -- 5-7 AM [View All]
Get ready for the two-part finale --- with a surprise twist taking place at the end. Czar of "24 Insider" fame has spoiled most of both
33 messages
05-25-06 10:30 PM
I really could use some help in getting a copy of the final two episodes of 24. This show is my dad and I favorite show ever. I messed up the tivo a
4 messages
05-23-06 09:33 PM
Upcoming episode descriptions for season 5
Seems to me that I'd be better off putting these in a separate thread. So, here are the descriptions for episodes 5.17 to 5.19, and I'll add
16 messages
05-22-06 04:39 PM
24 -- Ep. 5.22 -- 4-5 AM [View All]
Next-to-last week, heading for next week's 2-hour finale. From the trailer, it appears that Bierko escapes and that Henderson helps J
26 messages
05-21-06 09:41 PM
Column in the paper today
This is from a local columnist who spends most of his time commenting on Chicago and Illinois politics. Occassionaly he strays into other subjects %2
4 messages
05-14-06 00:50 AM
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