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Favorite "24" Cast Members?!?
Iíve been a loyal "24" fan ever since it started. They just have an awesome cast. My favorite actors are Cherry Jones (President Taylor) and
8 messages
01-17-09 03:11 AM
24: Redemption- Sunday Nov 23 FOX 8pm
Finally! Jack is back! Someone make the popcorn- I'm getting the comfy couch ready from now!
14 messages
12-12-08 01:08 PM
24 Postponed for Strike
TV Guide Online is reporting that Fox is postponing the next season of 24 until they can provide a full 24-hour season of the show without interruptio
16 messages
02-14-08 10:55 AM
"Chloe" is preggers in real life ry-lynn-rajskub-pregnant-16265.aspx htt
0 messages
02-01-08 09:36 AM
Kiefer arrested for DUI rrested-on-dui-in-la/news/2671 http:%2
5 messages
12-16-07 10:47 AM
Janeane Garofalo joins 24 cast
not sure if I will be watching now- I can't stand her s/Entertainment/Detail?cont
3 messages
12-11-07 01:38 PM
The dead have come back to life!
Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) will be back, in 24 Season 7. But we saw him die! ke
8 messages
11-26-07 03:57 PM
Meet the next President of the United States. erry.jpg
0 messages
07-23-07 10:37 AM
24: The Animated Series.
This should keep y'all busy for a while: [font size=1]Just getting past the Degree For Men ads migh
0 messages
06-13-07 02:42 PM
S6 E23/24 (4-6 AM) -- 5/21/07
The recycled mess of Season 6 apparently ends with a high note tonight, as Bill Buchanan becomes a field agent with Jack ... and Jack reaches the %2
10 messages
05-22-07 07:35 PM
Season Finale Marathon on NOW on A&E
The A&E channel is currently airing each season's season finale. They're currently airing Day 2.
0 messages
05-19-07 07:52 PM
S6 E22 (3-4 AM) -- 5/14
You're Jack Bauer. It's 3 in the morning. Your [s]nephew[/s] half-brother has been kidnapped by the Chinese, and your evil father wa
12 messages
05-19-07 06:08 PM
S6 E21 (2-3 AM) -5/7
Once again, CTU is porous. And Miles dies as a result. Philip Bauer has made a deal with the Chinese that involves Josh. Does anyone st
18 messages
05-10-07 11:39 AM
E20 (1:00 am - 2:00 am)
Poor Chloe. Her acid tongue has caused her problems again. This doesn't bode well for Morris in the 24 kinda way. As soon as we had a teary goodb
4 messages
05-02-07 11:04 PM
24 S6 E19 (11 PM-12 AM) -- 4/23 thread [View All]
filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler fil
J Slice
24 messages
04-27-07 08:47 AM
24 S6 E18 (11 PM-12 AM) -- 4/16 thread
Tonight Wayne holds a press conference that would interfere with the start of Letterman and Leno, which doesn't go so well for him either. What s
9 messages
04-19-07 02:21 PM
24 S6 E17 (10-11 PM) -- 4/9 thread
Wayne plays poker, after receiving lessons from Daniel Negreanu. He wins, but Jack and Doyle wager poorly and Jack has to recover the funds that
18 messages
04-13-07 01:35 PM
24 S6 E16 21:00-22:00
Jump the shark episode? Four days later and nobody has started a tread to discuss the most recent episode. Chopping off Gredenko's arm
5 messages
04-10-07 11:40 AM
24 S6 E15 (8-9 PM) -- 3/26 thread
Jack is back. Discuss. ds/User_files/3e70cef10fe19e18.gif [font size="1" color
14 messages
04-06-07 03:48 PM
A body here, a body there, sooner or later they start adding up... ds/User_files/452ab88675fd7ccc.gif [font
5 messages
03-22-07 03:21 PM
24 S6 E14 (7-8 PM) -- 3/19 discussion
The title of this thread is starting to look like DoD jargon. Speaking on which, according to the great and mighty Czar on the [i]24
11 messages
03-21-07 11:42 AM
3/12 (6-7 PM) discussion thread - Ep. 13
Jack gets to hide out in an embassy while the VP lies about Assad's involvement in the bombing to justify an attack on a foreign country. And Marth
10 messages
03-16-07 12:05 PM
3/5 (5-6 PM) discussion thread - Ep. 12
Halfway through after tonight, and we've got another president down and Jack headed into another embassy. [i][b]A LETHAL COMBIN
11 messages
03-12-07 05:13 PM
2/26 (4-5 PM) discussion thread
So, is Philip really a bad guy if he's giving Jack leads to find Gredenko (even if Logan is the lead)? Of course he is. But what
16 messages
03-11-07 12:47 PM
I will never doubt you guys again. Yeah, I read all the hype, and I read how much you all loved this show and I just let it roll off my back. (
0 messages
03-09-07 02:40 PM
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