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EW's "Inside Season 6"
[,,20281399- 20281436_20281420,00.html|LINK] It's 5 pages. I haven't really looked at it
0 messages
06-01-09 09:25 PM
Project Runway Canada - Season 2 [View All]
Project Runway Canada returns on January 27th. Iman is back as the host. They are moving the location from Toronto to Ottawa. http:/%
53 messages
04-16-09 01:16 PM
Project Runway Season 6 Spoiler
>>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>
4 messages
04-01-09 07:42 PM
Kenley is a Kitten Tosser!
No, really, she got arrested for it. isky-kitty-tosser-all-cuffed-up/ and http%
4 messages
03-20-09 07:52 AM
Auction Items
I am wondering if anyone else out there has had difficulty with the Auction Items...? Last season I purchased Jillian's coat. I was th
0 messages
01-27-09 05:32 PM
PR 5, Finale, Part II
Please discuss the finale and the winner in this thread, to prevent spoiling the results for those who have not gotten to watch the final episode ye
13 messages
10-27-08 06:28 PM
Kenley's wedding design
To me, Kenley's dress was much much prettier!!!!
1 messages
10-25-08 03:20 PM
PR 5, Ep 8
Double O Fashion Reminder... will be spoiler info below. We learn that Stella does not know how to make coffee. Recap of la
17 messages
10-22-08 06:16 PM
Kenley's Ripoff Designs Here
I would love it if someone could attempt to post all of Kenley's suspected ripoff designs here. She said they accused her of 4. I was shocked at the
2 messages
10-16-08 02:48 PM
Trying to post Alexander McQueen's wedding gown
Sometimes this works for me, sometimes not. But this is a 'stable' page, not dated, so hopefully, it will come up, so you can see the va
9 messages
10-15-08 12:49 PM
PR 5, Episode 13, Finale Part I
If you don't want to know who the final three are, don't read any further, please. I'm not going to do much recapping on this epi
19 messages
10-13-08 12:27 PM
Spoiler information re: Bryant Park
For those of you who were as disappointed as I was tonight, I just wanted to post a web page that I found that made me feel just a TAD bit better ab
11 messages
10-08-08 10:48 PM
PR5, Ep 6
"Good Queen Fun" Girl, you know there will be spoiler info here, so if you don't want to know, don't read any further. *sna
17 messages
10-08-08 11:02 AM
PR 5, Episode 12
"Nature Calls" Here we are, down to our final four. If you haven't seen this week's episode yet, and don't want to know who g
16 messages
10-06-08 05:58 AM
PR 5, episode 11 [View All]
Rock ‘n’ Runway Just a heads up to everyone… this thread will contain spoiler information for this week’s episode. If you don’t
23 messages
10-05-08 01:16 PM
Need something More
OK so I'm getting a bit bored of the show.. Don't get me wrong I love it but it seems like Its the same thing over and over again.. I feel Like i
9 messages
10-02-08 06:26 PM
PR5, Ep 5
"Welcome to the Jungle" This is where I post filler information so no spoiler text could show. So here's your reminder. This post w
13 messages
10-02-08 10:44 AM
PR 5, episode 10
Arkie wants to remind everyone that Arkie's post has spoiler information. If you don't want to know what has happened on tonight's episode, p
19 messages
09-22-08 08:11 PM
PR 5, ep 9
Reminder that there will be spoiler information in this post, so if you're one of our peeps from up north, and won't get to see this episode f
17 messages
09-14-08 10:30 PM
Project Runway: Power Rankings and Bryant Park Thread (Final 8)
These are my power rankings, based mostly on their skill and a little on their personality. It is considering heavily who has done the best work so
3 messages
09-13-08 10:44 AM
Project Runway, Season 5, Ep 2 [View All]
"Grass is Always Greener" Just a reminder to everyone that my threads contain spoiler information, so if you don't want to know who
21 messages
09-09-08 10:06 AM
July 17 - Talk to me! [View All]
I've never watched this before. Was surfing last night ans saw it so thought I'd give it a shot. It had already been on for s bit so I don't k
21 messages
09-09-08 09:00 AM
Can anyone tell me what charity it was the designers were
working for on this weeks' competition? I thought Heidi said "CFDS" but nothing was ever explained, and every time I plug in anything close
2 messages
09-05-08 03:11 PM
Project Runway Power Rankings/Bryant Park Thread (Top 10)
OK, we're six weeks in and have seen a lot of each of the designers so far, with every designer being "featured" (Top or Bottom Three) a
6 messages
09-03-08 11:02 PM
who got booted?
i missed tonights episode of project runway. who got the boot???
2 messages
09-03-08 10:14 PM
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