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Episode 3: Going to the Dogs [View All]
Designers attempt to make a woman [b]and[/b] a dog look good together. First, I loved the idea only because the objective of the chal
25 messages
07-29-06 09:25 PM
***Completely Unofficial (But I Couldnít Resist) Project Runway Summary - Episode 3: Iím Going to Style You, My Pretty, and Your Little Dog Too!***
[b]***Completely Unofficial (But I Couldnít Resist) Project Runway Summary - Episode 3: Iím Going to Style You, My Pretty, and
3 messages
07-29-06 00:27 AM
Episode 2 challenge and Miss Universe
Did anyone see the gown that the outgoing Miss Universe was wearing? It looked similar to the gown Uli designed, IMO. It was in different colors
13 messages
07-27-06 04:26 AM
Season 3, Episode 1: Wall to Wall Fashion
I am excited about this season! Some quick random thoughts: Malan = Austin Powers. I mean the teeth, the accent, ewwww!
11 messages
07-24-06 06:05 PM
Road to the Runway
If you absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Project Runway (like me), it looks like this season will be even better. Road to the Runway was on on Br
9 messages
07-17-06 10:48 PM
the new season
i dont like it so much (so far) even though it only been one episode. i loved santino he was hilariou. no one could replace him
1 messages
07-13-06 10:45 PM
Project Runway 3 cast announced -reveals-identities-of-its-project-runway-3-designers-4192.php Looks like the Bravo websi
11 messages
07-11-06 12:28 PM
Will there be another Project Runway
I enjoy this show
5 messages
06-14-06 07:42 PM
Pictures from 2/10 - Fashion Week- SPOILERS [View All]
Hi! I have been watching all season. I am more into this show than I am Survivor! Anyway, there is a Project Runway thread over at
21 messages
04-13-06 01:29 PM
Fashion Fix on Project Runway 2 website
How many articles/interviews/videos are there on the Project Runway 2 Fashion Fix website. The archives do NOT contain everything, so if anyone
0 messages
04-09-06 12:52 PM
Santino got gipped!!!!!
I totally loved his collection!!! The whole season those dumba@$ judges said he was too over the top, he does somethind beautiful and won
14 messages
04-07-06 01:50 PM
I could not believe that Daniel did not win! Was the reason for him not winning was because of his age? Did Chole win because she had her own bu
1 messages
03-13-06 03:39 PM
Thoughts on the Finale? [View All]
This season was solid but a bit underwhelming, as Michael Kors would say. I felt the finale was satisfying. After the photos, I thoug
23 messages
03-10-06 07:48 PM
I can not believe he did not win the other outfits where ugly. Even my husband was shocked. The judges are blind the show really let me down this ti
1 messages
03-09-06 10:40 AM
Finale: Part 1 of 2
Hmmmm.....from the way Tim was talking he seemed to be more excited over Santino's line then Chloe's and Dan's, especially Dan's. I kind of
16 messages
03-08-06 02:40 PM
Reunion/Project Jay
The reunion was fun. Random thoughts: 1. Why is it so cruel, in Kara's opinion, that Santino made fun of Diana's voice, but i
15 messages
03-04-06 11:10 AM
Guadalupe was wasted during the reunion show!
What was wrong with Guadalupe during the reunion show? Her answers to Tim's questions were unintelligible! What the heck kind of drugs is she on
2 messages
02-27-06 06:43 PM
Olympics versus Runway: Heidi or the Ladies' Final???
10,000 gay men and I ponder the affordability of tivo. ds/User_files/41d441435f
10 messages
02-24-06 02:18 PM
Makeover episode [View All]
The designers are given a unique challenge. To makeover their fellow designers and to act as models for competitive designs. To be honest%2
29 messages
02-17-06 06:14 PM
Evening Gown Episode
This is cut short a bit this week for a couple reasons. First of all, when Nick left, he took a little piece of my heart along with him. Second of
11 messages
02-17-06 02:58 PM
Has anyone noticed how bored Santino seems with the whole show...designing, sewing, runway...the only time he doesn't look like he is going to t
2 messages
02-15-06 02:30 PM
On Thin Ice - Skating costumes [View All]
Our very one Project Runway forum...wooooo hoooo! Thanks so much to the powers that be! This week the designers are forced to wear chee
29 messages
02-13-06 05:17 PM
Question about elimination?
I was just wondering is anybody aware of how long the eliminations really take? I know that on Survivor they say tribal council can take several hou
4 messages
02-10-06 05:54 PM
Santino Survives Again!!!!!!!
13 messages
02-09-06 10:07 AM
Tim Gunn
Where does Tim Gunn fit in the show? I do not think he has a say in the judging process at all. Atleast that is my impression. Despite the fact that
6 messages
02-05-06 12:47 PM
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