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PreFinale Thoughts [View All]
Well, last night's episode contained no surprises, except how much I didn't like Michael's dress. We were all pretty sure, I think, tha
21 messages
10-10-06 01:26 PM
REAListicly -- who has a prayer of winning? [View All]
I sympathize with those of you complaining about having to look at Laura's non-existant cleavage -- yes, it's pretty gruesome, but it's a co
Sydney Rain
31 messages
10-10-06 01:11 PM
Laura Bennett in a news article about people having more kids.
Here is a link to it online [ 009-123833-4739r.htm|link] Now in Raleigh paper (for some
0 messages
10-09-06 11:36 AM
Congrats, Mike!!
A better designer could not have outdone the superb work of Mike Knight. He is truly talented and handsome, too!! I wish his FULL success and l
0 messages
10-08-06 04:56 PM
Larry King Show
A few days ago the Larry King Show did a thing on Project Runway. Tim, Heidi and Nina were there along with Jay and Cloe. The thing I thought was
17 messages
09-28-06 05:11 AM
Project Runway - Jeffrey as Winner??? UGH! I hope MIKE
I'm sorry to all the punk/rocker fans, but Jeffrey as a designer truly is BAD! There is only a very small section of world population that WO
9 messages
09-28-06 05:05 AM
Spoiler - Internal Investigation Rocks ‘Runway’
I guess you can call this a spoiler since it is about something that happens on the finale. Don't want to ruin it for those that don'
4 messages
09-27-06 02:20 PM
First Images from Final Four runway show on 9/15/06 [View All]
Some may consider this post a spoiler, so proceed with caution. I have only glanced through them, so I don't have any opinion yet. But, it a
30 messages
09-21-06 02:03 PM
Interview with Jay McCarroll backstage at his fashion week show
I got to interview Jay before his big debut. Watch a clip:
0 messages
09-20-06 02:43 PM
Has Jeffry Paid Off The Judges?????????????????????
Why is Jeffry still on the show???? It is obvious that when it comes to design that his mind is limited and one tracked and is better suited f
2 messages
09-15-06 05:04 PM
I don't get the judges comments about Jeffrey...
OK, they give him 2 wins in a row, and when he comes up with another punk-rocker themed garment, they diss him for doing the same thing over and
11 messages
09-15-06 09:53 AM
Season 3 Dirt and Spoilers [View All]
I figured we needed a thread for general Season 3 spoilers and/or dirt on contestants and even models. To kick things off, I found something inte
28 messages
09-14-06 02:54 PM
When is the Finale?
Does anyone know when the finale might be scheduled? (Is it live from NY Fashion Week? or the week after? that might help...)
9 messages
09-12-06 11:50 PM
Ep 9 - Couture du Jour
Au revoir, Paris. After a whirlwind 2-day haute couture design challenge, we're back in NYC. Our designers had 2 days to create a haute coutur
20 messages
09-09-06 11:16 AM
Was That Really Angela's Design?
Other than the "signature" granny roses, I mean? It didn't look like the so-called sketch. And she could have at least MENTIONED Jay Carro
19 messages
09-07-06 10:41 PM
I liked the trip to France idea. Nice break from the every day show. So glad to see Vincent go. His model looked like she was w
1 messages
09-07-06 03:34 PM
Vincent [View All]
Am I the only one who absolutely hates this guy? He's completely insane, and not in a good way. During his fight with Angela last night, I was
35 messages
09-04-06 12:42 PM
Has Vincent been on TV before?
My friend and I think that we have seen Vincent somewhere else but can't figure out why he is SO familiar looking. Does anyone know if he has had an
18 messages
09-03-06 10:00 AM
Another piece of the puzzle: Designing for the "everyday" woman [View All]
OK, I will admit I, too, was floored when the challenge was revealed to design for the "everyday" woman, and that these everyday women wou
32 messages
09-02-06 03:30 PM
How does Vincent keep escaping! [View All]
I don't get it. Vincent is still in the running. Although I thought he would be in his element because I think he's stuck in the 60's I was so
26 messages
09-02-06 01:22 AM
Michael's Recycled Outfit [View All]
LOVE Michael and I actually hope he wins... but did anyone notice that brooch pin on the "muslin" wrap? did he find that at the recyc
Cooking in Sicily
22 messages
09-01-06 08:39 PM
Episode 4: The Mystery has been solved
Well, last night I was sitting on the edge of my chair to see who was asked to leave the show prior to a judging. Is anybody surprised th
13 messages
09-01-06 08:17 PM
What did Heidi mean...?
What do you suppose Heidi meant when she said that winning a challenge now might have an unexpected benefit later in the competition?
3 messages
09-01-06 02:34 PM
Rate the Designers [View All]
So, we have had 5 eliminations and 1 cast off. So of the 9 remaining designers, who do you think are the most talented? I have to sa
23 messages
08-25-06 04:10 PM
Unseen Project Runway video?
"No, BROWN is the new black!" [link:www. cast/project-runway|Project Runway vide
3 messages
08-23-06 12:11 PM
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