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Tim Gunn "May" Not Be in the next Project Runway!
We can only hope Tim do come along for the ride!,- 6334,1567267,00.html %
Palm Tree
12 messages
04-06-07 07:29 PM
I LOVE JEFFREY!!! i thought his collection was Amazing, and you could look at it and get hundreds of ideas, it was NEW and different and did
0 messages
01-16-07 00:43 AM
SHOCKED! [View All]
I am -- shocked. My favorite designer? Michael. But, I found his collection at Bryant Park disappointing. My favorite collection
67 messages
12-11-06 02:47 PM
Laura has her baby,- 6334,1559491,00.html and Nina is pregnant. http://community.real
0 messages
12-04-06 01:03 PM
NPR give Project Runway a Halloween challange.
Assorted designers from various seaons of Project Runway do Halloween costumes. .php?
1 messages
11-29-06 09:40 AM
That gal had another one with Seal!! They should boot that broad off the show. Damn disgrace she is
4 messages
11-27-06 08:22 AM
Jeffrey's Pants
hey everybody! know the show ended a while ago... but i can't find pants ANYWHERE like the ones jeff. made for himself during the jetse
0 messages
11-24-06 06:37 PM
MAD TV Parody of Project Runway
It's official: Project Runway has entered the social consciousness. Host Heidi Klum and mentor Tim Gunn were parodied on last night's episode o
0 messages
11-05-06 07:56 PM
UGHHHH!!! Jeffrey WON! [View All]
I can't stand him. Angela sucks as a designer and deserved to lose but after the nasty way Jeffrey treated her mom, his gloating was really too m
38 messages
10-25-06 10:48 AM
Laura Bennett & her birds
Hi, Wondering in anyone here knows what kind of birds those were that Laura Bennett owns? I think they're finches, but not sure???
4 messages
10-25-06 10:31 AM
Love it
I really Love it. Can't wait for Season 4. I like all 4 designers. I thought they were all good.
0 messages
10-21-06 02:30 PM
sucks when jealousy dictates your behavior
the only reason laura even mentioned jeffrey had help is because she is jealous. it is so ridiculous that she has to accuse jeffrey of cheating just
17 messages
10-20-06 11:53 AM
Anyone know when the Elle spread is coming out???
I just ordered a subscription to the magazine, but wanted to know when they will be showing off Jeffrey's winning designs, as well as his model.
0 messages
10-20-06 10:23 AM
Does Anyone Else Think This Season Was Lame?
After watching previous seasons, I think this was the worst. I didn't particularly like any of the designers or their fashions. I lost interest we
16 messages
10-20-06 00:06 AM
ULI ...
:( Am I the only one in the world that would like to see Uli win? It sure seems like it. She is last on all the fan votes and all the polls. Ju
10 messages
10-19-06 10:15 PM
So, after much anticipation, TONIGHT is the night-any last words?? [View All]
Anyone out there care to wager who the crown will go to this time? I'm throwing my 2cents out to Jeffrey-mostly because he's so diffe
79 messages
10-19-06 02:50 PM
The Real Winner? BRAVO!!
And if you don't win the Emmy for Season 3 of PR, there is no justice! Great scripting, great editing, fabulous casting (including both c
Sydney Rain
1 messages
10-19-06 01:47 PM
Anyone have the link to Jeffrey's website??
I'm dying to see if he has anything to say about this whole "Laura" accusation thing. Actually, it isn't just her, all 3 of them are back
5 messages
10-18-06 10:05 AM
If any of you have been monitoring the is what has happened (AND TONIGHTS EPISODE ALONG WITH THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THIS SEASONS WINNER,
12 messages
10-17-06 07:38 PM
A Pinch of Gossip
No idea if true, but cute couple if it is: From the SF Gate, which pretty much pastes stuff from AP wholesale: Bra
5 messages
10-15-06 12:16 PM
Uli Needs Some New Design Ideas
Is anyone else sick of Uli always designing a dress that basically looks the same? Wake me up when it's over!
14 messages
10-12-06 10:33 PM
angela's face of excitement
what is up with that womens fly catching smile everytime she was excited. i am so glad she is gone. that wide open mouth smile was a little ridiculo
2 messages
10-12-06 10:21 PM
After the Reunion show & hearing that Malan showed at Bryant Park my curiosity was peaked. I HAD to see his designs. Malan is a bit bizarre, esp
7 messages
10-12-06 08:56 AM
The Reunion Show [View All]
A few quick thoughts: Keith is more sociopathic than I thought. He actually believes that the books were planted? I think the produce
22 messages
10-10-06 03:40 PM
{/Marcellus voice} hidden text follows as it is a during show spoiler [font color=DDDDDD size=6]NO NOT VINCENT pleasepleasepl
17 messages
10-10-06 02:22 PM
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