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Christian's designs
Thanks to Arkie (and Geg) it was pretty easy to pull up all of Christian's designs so far. Episode 1 http://community.real
3 messages
02-13-08 11:42 AM
PR 4, Episode 10 [View All]
Let's discuss it here. Sadly, there won't be any pictures of the designs unless someone else can post them. My internet service is out at home
32 messages
02-12-08 03:13 PM
Auf'd Victorya is showing at fashion week
Looks like despite her aufing, Victorya got herself a showing: l2008/designers/na
4 messages
02-07-08 04:20 PM
Task Spoiler for Final 5
You know I find it very wierd that someone who didn't really watch the show found this spoiler, and in the most unusual place as well:
6 messages
02-04-08 10:55 PM
PR4, Ep4, 12/5/07
Yes, there will be spoiler information in this post. Please don't read this if you don't want to know what happened. You've been
4 messages
01-31-08 02:21 PM
Why the rerun tonight? They didn't want to go up against the Lost rerun? ds/User_f
5 messages
01-31-08 10:16 AM
PR 4, Ep 9 "Even Designers Get the Blues" [View All]
And then, there were 7. Reminder - there will be spoiler information in this post. If you haven't watched this episode yet, and do
27 messages
01-28-08 11:54 AM
So, now that we're in the thick of this, who is your pick for Fashion Week Designers?? ds/User_files/4784d313632edd85.jpg I know it's a ways away, but time goes quickly o
11 messages
01-25-08 09:13 AM
PR 4, Ep 8 On Garde [View All]
Filler * * * Filler We all know the drill, right? There will be spoiler information here. If you don't wan
24 messages
01-23-08 04:46 PM
PR 4, Ep 7 What a Girl Wants [View All]
Yes, there will be spoiler information here. Do not read this thread if you don't want to know who was auf'd. Christian'
29 messages
01-16-08 11:52 PM
WHAT?? No comments about last night's show??
I'm totally suprised! I know that I'VE been waiting a very long time to get this show back on the air, and I couldn't wait to see this!
20 messages
01-08-08 10:26 AM
Next Season Starts Wed Nov 14th, 10pm est
They announced it during yesterday's episode of Top Chef. rdnews/2007/09/cast_of_
4 messages
12-28-07 00:13 AM
Sad to see Jack leave, our very best to him! Also... [View All]
Steve, IMHO, you had one of the WORST EVER tasks to date! Who, in their right minds, brings in a wedding dress to have it made over?? W
24 messages
12-27-07 10:51 PM
No new PR last night? Writers strike got their tongues or holiday specials??
I was SO disappointed! They were running several re-runs on their station, but nothing new. Anyone know WHY?? I would think that th
3 messages
12-21-07 10:12 AM
Any speculations on Kevin's big reveal to Tim next week??
By now, we all know he has HIV, but is under good control. At least at the beginning of the season, anyway. I'm hoping and praying
8 messages
12-13-07 07:40 PM
Oh Arkie wherefore art thou?
Your empty episode recap is waiting for you to fill. See below :) ds/User_files/47
2 messages
12-13-07 07:16 PM
PR4, Ep 3, 11/28/07
Spoiler information at the bottom of the thread.... That was some serious ugly going down the runway tonight. The producers really threw a
17 messages
12-05-07 05:07 PM
interview w. rami! thought?
0 messages
11-30-07 02:56 PM
Did anyone see this poll about Nina vs Michael?
Did anyone see this poll about Nina vs Michael? oject-runway-who-s-opinion-matters-the-mo
2 messages
11-29-07 11:32 AM
PR4, Episode 2 - 11/21/07
I'm guessing everyone has been too busy with Thanksgiving to talk about episode 2. This week was one of the "team" projects. The des
5 messages
11-27-07 11:51 AM
Project Runway Season 4! Who do you think will win?
I am so excited for the season 4 premier tomorrow! Who do you guys think'll win? I think Rami's going to sweep the entire thing! How can he
2 messages
11-15-07 02:56 PM
Tim Gunn's new show
Just read in this morning's paper that Gunn has a new fashion make-over type of show. It starts tonight on Bravo. http://communi
3 messages
11-01-07 01:30 PM
PR Season Next: the casting call.
Received through a Bravo email and also posted on their website: 'Open casting calls will be held on the following dates in the followi
7 messages
09-12-07 11:50 AM
Re: Any Simalar shows out
I have heard of Split Ends. I actually just tuned in last Saturday on the Style Network to watch my first episode. The show basically features 2 hai
1 messages
07-12-07 07:43 PM
Any similar fun shows out?
TV is so boring without Project Runway right now!! Does anyone know of any shows that are similar and as entertaining? My girlfriend told me abo
1 messages
06-27-07 08:25 PM
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