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Conferences Skating With Celebrities Forum (Protected)
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Somehow, didn't get this recorded. Was it good? Who won?
9 messages
07-10-16 04:38 PM
Does anyone know the name of the song that Deborah Gibson skated to? Or who that was singing with Dean Martin? Thanks in advance
2 messages
04-08-16 01:21 PM
Official RTVW Summary: Skating with Celebrities - Episode 2
[font color="blue" size="6"][center]Skating with Celebrities: Episode 2[/font] [font color="blue" size="4
10 messages
04-08-16 01:20 PM
Lloyd And Kristy on Tyra Banks Show
I have been informed that Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler are going to be taping the Tyra Banks show on Tuesday Sept 12th. I have not heard the date
2 messages
02-23-16 05:11 PM
Thanks Webby!!! I think this show is going to be good. Too bad I was too preoccupied IRL to remember to set my VCR (oh, the tr
2 messages
02-23-16 05:10 PM
nobody is ever going to read this, I won't post anything
3 messages
02-23-16 05:09 PM
Battle of the Blades - Canadian Show
Anyone interested in this show that pairs former NHL hockey players with former Canadian world class female skaters (pairs skaters and ice dancers%2
11 messages
11-17-09 09:57 AM
Lloyd and Kristy
I thought that this couple made a HUGE improvement this week. I actually think that I liked them the best. http://community.realityt
8 messages
08-07-06 06:08 PM
Need copy of Episode 6
Does anyone have Episode 6 still on their DVR (or other media)? That night was a power failure at our house, and now my wife (who is a skati
0 messages
03-23-06 01:49 PM
Kristy & Lloyd
I`m so glad you won!! I have loved watching skating for years now, as the sheer poetry of the moves, & the music touch me very deeply. I
1 messages
03-06-06 02:25 PM
Lloyd & Kristy pair off IRL
Maybe the off-ice hookup accounts for the on-ice improvement? [i][ rack/
17 messages
03-01-06 07:09 PM
Summary Update
Since the final show isn't until Thursday (when did they decide that? I thought last night was it? Now I have to watch this again?), a
2 messages
02-28-06 04:44 PM
Aren't there any spoilers?
If this taped several months ago - which I have just come to learn that it did- I am really shocked that the winner hasn't been leaked out. Or has
2 messages
02-28-06 11:17 AM
Official RTVW Summary: Skating with Celebrities - Episode 5
[font color="blue" size="6"][center]Skating with Celebrities: Episode 5[/font] [font color="blue" size="4
6 messages
02-24-06 11:14 PM
Reminder about Finale Show
[font color=blue]Remember, the finale is NEXT week on February 27, instead of tonight![/font] http://community.real
7 messages
02-22-06 10:55 AM
Be the Skating Celeb 1.4 & 1.5 & Finale
(Dialogue game. Everyone can comment.) Aw, looks like we've lost all the more interesting (as in, inept but fun) couples and
8 messages
02-17-06 00:03 AM
dorothy's dress(es)
the last two weeks dorothy has worn these beautiful dresses - especially two weeks ago - a small empire waist with two panels coming off - spaghetti s
3 messages
02-16-06 12:54 PM
Tai and Bruce
Just thought I should not leave out Tai and Bruce, I would start a thread for them too!!!
8 messages
02-14-06 07:15 PM
Skating With Celebrities, Ep# 5
Down to the final 3. Tonight the judges have picked the music for the pairs. The pair that receives the highest score advances to the final 2. The
19 messages
02-14-06 02:54 PM
Skating with the Celebrities, Episode #4
Am I the only one watching tonight?
14 messages
02-08-06 08:13 AM
Nancy and Dave
Just thought I would start a Nancy/Dave thread, I have always loved Nancy and I hope they win!!!
11 messages
02-07-06 07:29 PM
Bad news...
My DVR died (after having it a week, and Sony wants me to pay for shipping to get it repaired...ummmm, something about that seems slightly wrong
2 messages
02-07-06 08:47 AM
Be The Skating Celebrity 1.3
Since Scott is out enjoying his mal crush on Bruce I thought I would bring up a great injustice. Why is it that a has been actress falls an
5 messages
02-05-06 12:00 PM
Official RTVW Summary: Skating with Celebrities - Episode 3
[font color="blue" size="6"][center]Skating with Celebrities: Episode 3[/font] [font color="blue" size="4
9 messages
02-05-06 11:02 AM
Skating With Celebrities Episode #3 East Coast Spoiler Thread
I keep waiting for parts of Bruce's face to crack in the cold.
20 messages
01-31-06 12:23 PM
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