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Ep 6 Hell's Kitchen Official Summary
[font color=blue size=6]Science Doesn't Allow It.[/font] Ep 6, aired 7/11/2005, from 8 to 9 PM, EST %5
5 messages
07-15-05 11:10 AM
I would enjoy this show much more if they only had people with restaurant cooking experience. The competition would be more fierce. Michael is the o
5 messages
07-14-05 01:06 AM
Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares Revisited on BBC
If you're kind of liking the Ramsey thing (well, if you are watching in a fascinated, kind of horribly compulsive way, because no one really
6 messages
07-08-05 02:53 PM
Final Six! Who's Next to Go?
I want to know who everyone think should be next to go. I think it should be Ralph. He tries to take to much leadership and just ends up messing thing
1 messages
07-06-05 12:40 PM
This just hit me. There are three peeps on each team. So, if Ramsay pics the best performer...the other two are automatically nominated. I wonder ho
4 messages
07-06-05 09:17 AM
Hell's Kitchen Official Summary For Episode 5: Michael Isn't Being Michael
It is with great sadness I must inform everyone of the demise of the [font color=orange][b]bleep-o-meter[/font][/b- ! I charged
5 messages
06-30-05 12:09 PM
A few more helpful suggestions
for you kitchen grubbies. [b]BlondieSpike:[/b] Please find a church for your sad confessionals. No more bathroom blubbering%2
1 messages
06-28-05 04:13 PM
Hells Kitchen, Episode 4
Lets disuss it here. I know its 3 hours before the show but I am sooooooo ready to see the next episode. http://community.realitytvwo
18 messages
06-23-05 09:18 PM
Hell's Kitchen Official Summary Episode 3: Look At My Kidney Stone!
Let’s all take a minute to thank Webby for creating a forum on this little part of the Internet we have come to know and love. I sort of
14 messages
06-23-05 01:44 PM
Opening montage shots...
Is it just me, or is Elsie wearing a Blue Team shirt in most of her shots in the opening? Sure looked like it to me last night. I'd say that F
Draco Malfoy
17 messages
06-21-05 06:40 PM
Hell's Kitchen Speculation Week 4
So we’re coming up on week 4 with the teams now evenly split 4/4 after we lost 2 more lightweights. (Thanks for the heads-up on that Vols!)
probably clueless
17 messages
06-21-05 07:35 AM
You call this a forum?
You've managed to serve what, eight threads before this? Look at all that DAW hatred just piling up at the counter, completely unattended to%
20 messages
06-17-05 03:40 PM
Hell's Kitchen - starts 5/30 [View All]
[font color=teal] Who's gonna watch? [ les/story.php?s=3521|Hell's K
74 messages
06-15-05 09:30 PM
Hell's Kitchen Episode 3 June 13 [View All]
Discuss episode 3 here
46 messages
06-14-05 01:38 PM
Hell's Kitchen Speculation Week 3
Its Thursday and the show was Monday so allow me a few mental lapses, feel free to correct me. Someone from the Blue team will be going o
probably clueless
14 messages
06-13-05 11:50 PM
FREE BOOZE!...that is the only way those people would stay for 21/2 hours without food. Heck, I would stay until they kicked me out. Did anyone
6 messages
06-12-05 00:11 AM
Hell's Kitchen, Ep 2 Official Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-11-05 AT 09:26 PM (EST)[/font] [b]Hell's Kitchen, Episode 2, aired 6/6
10 messages
06-12-05 00:08 AM
Official Summary; Hell's Kitchen Episode 1: Blueberry?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-09-05 AT 10:41 PM (EST)[/font] This summary is rated http://www.timewarnercab
10 messages
06-10-05 05:17 PM
Hell's Kitchen Episode 2 June 6 [View All]
Tonight they are replaying episode 1 and then running episode 2 following it. Discuss episode 2 here
43 messages
06-08-05 12:37 PM
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