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hi there,
Hi there I live in the uk, and we love Gordon Ramsay, I have just watched the first show if the american HELLS KITCHEN, and boy does
2 messages
09-10-05 06:20 PM
How do I apply?
Can anyone tell me how to apply to the next season of Hell's Kitchen? I found an application online, but there were no instructions for where t
0 messages
08-27-05 11:59 PM
Hell's Kitchen Ep 10 Official Summary - Finale [View All]
[font color=blue size=6]Dogs and Lollipops[/font] [b]Previously on HK[/b] 9 weeks worth of recap, endi
26 messages
08-26-05 03:22 PM
Hell's Kitchen Picks To The End (PTTE) [View All]
OK, so the season's half over, we can still have a little bit of fun by playing Picks to the End. Your challenge? To determine the order of
32 messages
08-23-05 05:41 PM
So who gets the damn restaurant? [View All]
After all this build-up about the winner getting their own restaurant, Michael goes and gives it up to go work for Gordo in London. And w
22 messages
08-17-05 04:11 PM
A link to Gordon's reviews
[font color=blue] I guess I have been spelling his last name wrong. Here's the [
10 messages
08-12-05 12:54 PM
hells kitchen
that was a setup if you seen everyone he never got on mick and when he did it was as if they knew each other i dont care what u think that was a shame
0 messages
08-11-05 04:46 PM
Hell's Kitchen Finale-Episode10 Discussion! [View All]
Please keep all discussions here until the west coasters gets too see Bleep-O-Meter Ramsey choose a winner. http://community.realityt
53 messages
08-03-05 09:13 PM
Official Summary Hell's Kitchen Episode 9: Oh! That Kind Of Girlfriend
The series began a few weeks ago and can you believe we are down to the final three? It has been a [b]bleeping[/b] ride with a few gold nu
9 messages
08-02-05 05:23 PM
Foreshadowing of winner...
Did anyone else notice the editing in the opening credits which alluded to the fact that Michael was the winner? Let me explain.... Each
1 messages
08-02-05 12:21 PM
Hell's Kitchen (finale)
Next week's finale looks like it will turn into a great episode. The two remaining contestants, Ralph and Michael, will run seperate kitchens t
11 messages
08-01-05 08:01 PM
Jessica [View All]
Was anybody else completely floored last night??? I guess I am just the dullest knife in the drawer, because I didn't have one clue that Je
29 messages
08-01-05 04:53 PM
Hell's Kitchen Episode 9 July 25 [View All]
Discuss episode 8 here until midnight
29 messages
07-29-05 00:13 AM
Gordon Ramsey on Jay Leno, 7/28/05
[font color=blue] So he is busy making the talk show rounds, and I am just trying to keep up. Jay announces Gordon's
1 messages
07-28-05 01:57 PM
who else sees the blur over Ramsey's left ear?
last night was my 2nd show. and the 1st time i saw the same thing. there is a blur that is hiding something in Ramsey's left ear which has to be an
5 messages
07-27-05 02:04 PM
Hell's Kitchen Cleanliness...
This has been driving me nuts and last night I just couldn't stand it anymore. Would you want to eat ANY food that comes out of there?
4 messages
07-26-05 05:39 PM
Gordon Ramsey on Regis, 7/25/05
[font color=blue]I thought I would post the summary of Gordon's appearance on the Regis and Kelly show this morning. I liked seeing him
2 messages
07-26-05 12:48 PM
For those who can't get enough...
BBC America has a show called "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares Revisited". Basically, it's the same premise as shows like Nanny 911, where an
Draco Malfoy
8 messages
07-26-05 11:24 AM
Hell's Kitchen Episode 8 Official Summary
[b]Hell's Kitchen, Episode 8, aired 7/18/05[/b] [font size=6 color=blue]Mom's Chicken Soup[/font]
5 messages
07-24-05 10:54 PM
Episode 8 Discusion [View All]
Lets discuss it here. Lets see what Ramesey does too the peeps this week. The drama begins at 9.
34 messages
07-20-05 08:48 PM
7/18 episode
How incredibly frustrating. Elsie tried to do right by her team by not admitting they alienated her, but she should have thought of herself. She sh
2 messages
07-19-05 09:52 AM
Ok, I have to admit, I do watch this show and yes I am a realty TV Junkie. This is not my favorite but not my worst. I have to say that Ramsey i
5 messages
07-18-05 11:17 AM
Episode 7 Hell's Kitchen Official Summary; Has anyone seen the fillets?
SilverGirl did a great job with episode 6 and I am looking forward to this one. Yesterday I wrote the summary for [link:community.realitytvworld.c
5 messages
07-17-05 11:12 PM
Who were you the happiest to see leave?
I'd like to know who everyone was happiest to see get kicked out. I was happiest to see Jimmy go. He was a distraction, and every time Ramsey said
18 messages
07-16-05 05:10 PM
Episode 6 and 7 Discussion 07/11 Episode [View All]
The double drama continues tonight. Let's see what happens now that Chris is gone. ds/U
22 messages
07-15-05 02:40 PM
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